Margo Denay Bereska - Weaving Quantum Core Essence Into Your Awareness

Enlighten! Lighten.
Feel the energy that is here to move you. Are you ready to amp UP your energy?

I know why you are here. 
Your soul and mine have a date!
I know what you are looking for too!
Specific clarity
spiritual balance
clean energy
answers AND mostly, centered solutions that work! Not just ordinary kinda stuff!
Powerful, life-altering shifts that come with the yummy spiritual SHIZAM you're looking for. As well as the practical tools to take your life up a level! Because we can never truly be too ascended!


Why wait to master it? When NOW is WHEN. 
You know it too. 

What will you get out working with Margo?

1. You will gain full access to your life's blueprint to access the places that need to be tweaked. What deeper beliefs govern your success and what subconscious clutter could be blocking you.
2. You will re-ignite your most positive soul qualities which will powerfully assist you to align into your best-possible-self! 
3.This high soul-level work will insist that you move toward and STAY on your happiest, healthiest path. 

This is where all the good stuff happens!
Gain clarity, answers and SOULutions that work. 

All you have to do is make the call

Ready to weave some quantum core essence into your soul?

Need a speaker who will absolutely move an audience? Are you ready to step into your bold, expressive purpose? Do you want to learn in a super positive space how to be a spiritual facilitator?
Margo is who you have been looking for.

Guess what? You have landed exactly where you need to be!
Now is when!

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A little bit about me.


"I have been to many, many psychic's in my life. Margo is not one of them! Margo is an angel herself, and through her and personality brings clear knowledge and wisdom beyond what a psychic has ever offered. I have brought my whole family to see Margo, and I have been present for many session's. In these sessions I literally watch people transform in front of my eyes! " Dianne. S

" Margo. I just wanted to say thanks so much again for today. Being able to feel my brother and mom and chat is an experience I will never forget. I can honestly say that I feel relief and happiness for the first time in a long time. I also want to thank you for the word longevity and new beginning and the puzzle pieces coming together. I trust your outlook and for the looking forward to the future rather than being afraid thanks to you. Lastly. I hope to see you again in the near future and God bless"  D.T

"I cannot say enough good things about Margo and her work, I highly recommend a reading if you are seeking truth and divine guidance" JW

"Thank you for today. I feel renewed and to have the confirmation that I clearly needed just makes me smile. Your a truly talented lady, a gifted spirit and a person to boot !! God bless p.s. Holy high energy since I saw you!" Sharon Wheeler

"Money well spent!"

"Best money I ever spent!" Harry from Edmonton. 

"Thank you again for the session.  Although the visions and thoughts were a bit overwhelming the first couple days, the feeling of contentment - almost pure bliss really - that settled in is astounding.  Things feel so clear and so easy for a change. And the writing block is cleared with a vengeance"  Amanda

"You have given me and my children many gifts. Thank-you a precious soul" Tatiana 

"She is everything good, only a super deluxe version" Oliver

"I just wanted to let you know how great I am feeling after our reading yesterday! I feel like I have managed to let so much so that I can accommodate more love in my life. Very wonderful and profound. Thank-you! Thank-you!" Jamielee

"Margo is the real deal" Paul 

Life is not easy. BUT it can be simple.
When you are balanced and standing in your own power,
you are activated into your highest soul potential.
The true trick to life is in learning to transform the duality of paradox, into the most powerful frequency possible.


What does Margo do?

"She is your guide to becoming one with yourself and thus guides you to becoming one with your surroundings, thereby exposing your hidden for all to enjoy..."    Steve W.

Having an ancient soul contract of the heart removed was like having major heart surgery. Holy! Just another day in this awesomely crazy journey of life (no straitjackets required yet). Thank you  

"Margo has intense compassion and the ability to see the raw beauty in people. She is very real. And the real deal. Margo is down to earth, humble and is a very wise, old soul. 
Her ability's to counsel, motivate, comfort, heal, rectify, and inspire will tRANSfoRM you. With her words, her magic, and boundless energy, Margo will In the old school sorcery way -you never thought possible!! " Angela W

"Things for me are going very well since the clearing, with the most significant changes being in my relationships. Very shortly after our meeting, things heated up between myself and a guy I’ve known for two years. He was always interested in me, but I was always pushing him away. Well, I finally just surrendered, and things with him are going very well. From him I’m learning about passion and love. He’s brought out feelings that I didn’t know I’d ever feel again. I’m very grateful for him in my life and I’m grateful for your work to help me reach this place! Thank you Margo, you are an angel helping us mere mortals on earth" ;)

" you just feel like a million bucks every time you leave after seeing Margo!" Sylvia 

"Margo, meeting with you has truly changed my life. Since I met with you so many doors have opened and everything in my life is now falling into place. Before I felt like I was in a holding pattern. Thank you from the bottom of my heart"   Anon

"Well, you wonderful woman, what can I say?  
THIS:  From my heart, I THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  I feel as though I've been waiting to connect with you for a long time, the deep resonance of your words to me.  I (finally) feel understood and more for the first time in...well, perhaps EVER  I am so grateful for all the energy and CLARITY you've given me today. THANK YOU, I feel a sense of peacefulness that I've been longing for.  I trust your knowledge  feel giddy and light with joy and (more) excitement. Thank you for your enormous kindness and care" Ross

"Wow! I was just thinking about how thankful I am that I came to see you. I really appreciated my session with you, suddenly I see everything from a completely different perspective you so much

"Beautiful Margo: I wanted to send you a note to share some very exciting changes that have happened since I worked with you! I have experienced profound, positive movement forward on my journey! I want to say thank-you for blessing me with the tools to conquer my fears and make major life changes. I feel so happy!" Cori 

"The universe has been kicking my butt... I think I have learned enough lessons already! At least for a while. I so glad I met You have helped me get control of my inner soul and energy. I am getting better at reading the situation before it happens" Anon

"My reading with Margo was amazing. I was a bit reluctant before the session wondering about the of these angels and whether they could see the parts of me that even I didn’t want to acknowledge.  But Margo is an angel herself with only positive words of encouragement, love healing.  With and gentleness, and very accurate information, Margo’s message from the angels filled with only love and encouragement. I was introduced to my own guides, where I was able to see how I was creating blocks for myself in my life, and what I needed to do to remove those blocks. The best part was the healing at the end, I in a powerful healing.  I walked away feeling like years of burden had been lifted and I still feel much lighter.  Thank you for the incredible work you do and the kind and loving way in which you do it!" Alice

"After my first session with my life opened up to such positive energy. The very day after, helpful information came to me about working on my own psychic abilities, without even having to look! The clarity of where I needed to be and what to do came within a week. Margo helped me break an unhealthy connection to my ex-husband so that I could move on and find love again. As Margo suggested, I wrote down all the traits I wanted in a man for my next relationship, and within a month he came to me. I feel a new power within me to move forward and was astonished at how quickly things changed for me. I connected with my Dad who had passed away and I was reassured to know he was with me.  Thank you !"   Julie Kereliuto 

"Margo is my spiritual adviser and I must tell you that she is the most tuned-in, amazing clairvoyant healer I have ever been blessed to have worked with. Her sessions are extremely insightful, deeply healing and literally change your life for the better"   Jody Wilson

"Just what I needed. Exactly when I needed it" Laura 

Wow! A little note to let you know that I am still feeling "Margo-" You have an amazing gift and I'm going to be SO curious to see where it takes you next. 
Margo has a true gift. If you've been thinking of seeing a psychic medium, and want to be sure you can trust the experience, Margo is choice. The session is extremely clarifying & comprehensive.No matter what your questions, issues or concerns." Janet

"I wanted to let you know, that things are going great here, now that we have moved. My daughters are very happy, at the elementary school they are in, is amazing and perfect! The daughter you spoke of who was suffering in her school situation is now so happy! I Had to tell you the reading you gave was bang on! Thank-you!"  Anon 

"Margo's readings are little blessings, literally like your prayers being answered in front of you as she humbly relays heavenly messages. Not only do you gain incredible amounts of insight into the inner workings of your life and the universe around you, Margo's readings leave you feeling healed, and emotionally and mentally recharged. I cannot say enough good things about her and her work, and I highly recommend a reading if you are seeking truth and divine guidance."   Anon

"Greetings from Panama! Wanted to let you know that I recently finished an Ayahuasca journey and some of the things you introduced me to during my angel reading reappeared during my journey. One of the spirits you introduced me to was there throughout my journey and things you told me about past lives all reappeared. Thank you for being a part of this journey for me. I feel so alive, reborn and ready for this adventure of life. See you next month in Jasper. Much love..."    Wendy

A note from a client a few months after her reading:

"Good morning!!! I just thought share how delightfully happy I am :)))) what a fantastic day! I hope is super sunny too! Thank-you to you, and your angels for the reassurance that led me to where I am at. WOW! Just so happy!!!"

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"Incredible, in-depth course with a lot of work Margo's instruction was AMAZING, overly competent and a great communicator. I gained confidence, spiritual growth the tools I needed to employ my abilities. I am so grateful to have experienced this course." Britney

" Margo is very open, bubbly, with a great personality. I enjoyed this course very much" Unsigned

Testimony for business consulting/ team workshops and readings for staff parties.

"We keep asking when the dream team is coming back"    Kyla  

"Margo did her initial evaluation, asking me not to tell her a thing. She started by walking around the office doing a clearing while no one there, on a weekend. After a good 45 minutes of investigating the "energy," she sat down with me as she told me about the problems and what "we" needed to address, where the issues were, and which departments were functioning and which ones were not. No time was wasted and the initial investment turned into a contract where Margo worked one-on-one with all of my staff, which places abandoned indigenous children with their adopted families. Margo respected and intuitively worked in alignment within our cultural beliefs and continued on with us completing a massive transition"   Darin K. 

"Margo, I just wanted to thank you for attending our staff party. Everyone was extremely happy their readings gave us all wonderful, positive energy. Most of them cried, but it shows how good you are at what you do. Again, thank you very much for being part of our Christmas party!"   Wendy Torres

"Loved having you at the office yesterday! Even some of the skeptics were reformed after your readings!"   G.M.

"Life is good! It's like a song that is meant to be played out loud, as well as listened to in silence, and then danced to with genuine rhythm and marvelous soul!"
Margo Bereska

Please feel free to explore my website and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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