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Beyond psychic  

Margo is an experienced para-psychologist who can see into the many dimensions and layers of your soul! In this space, you can gain full access to your life's blueprint and alter it as drastically as you see fit! 

What served you before most likely no longer does. That is the case for most of us. But it doesn't have to be! 

Your future? Is truly up to you! 

Margo is an enlightened, awakened, psychic-medium and intuitive healer, using activated gifts from spirit which awaken your own unique sense and reason for being. Margo's purpose is to help you re-ignite your most positive soul qualities, which will powerfully assist you to move into your best possible self! This high, soul-level work will align you into your happiest, healthiest point of attraction. All you have to do is make the call and TAKE ACTION! NOW :)

Things to remember:

Your soul is not wounded.
But maybe your spirit took a hit, or perhaps one too many. 
Maybe you're feeling stuck, maybe you're ready to get out of a bad relationship, or attract the love of your life? You're ready to create something amazing, heal something that feels broken. Clear and process devastation. Let some crap from the past go. Attract a lover? Re-vamp your business and life? Or just simply get a pat on the back of your wings, for doing so well!

Remember in the hard times when life seems the shit, it will NOT last forever. I promise. You are truly unbroken. Deep inside you have infinite access to understanding your very own life's purpose and even sometimes understanding why awful things happen. Sometimes we simply forget why we are here, we lack the tools or ability which help us to remember .

You are already healed in truth but guess what? You ego self does not want you to believe that. SO, let's go into all of that. Tapping into the great wisdom of your soul. YOU know why you are here! Life only sucks when our blueprint mismatches our expectations. How can we get those into alignment for fulfillment? More simply than you have been trained to think, feel and operate in an overly structured being of existence.

You may be loving life and simply need some guidance, positive cheer-leading from your own highest self, your angels and your guides or a pat on the back to get you moving in the right direction. Whatever it is, spirit always knows what you need. If you're here, pay attention and feel if there is any resistance. Then, I challenge you to go a bit deeper.

Surely this Earth journey comes with a guarantee of a few ups and downs, some bigger than others, I know.

If something could be even better than it is right now, why wouldn't you take action?

This is your personal invitation :)
I invite you to come on over and get working from beyond the veil.
I can promise you, it is where all the good stuff happens.

"Margo is a teacher from the heart. I could listen to her for hours"

Margo's Education and Training
life experiences, and beyond......

Margo is an awakened, clairvoyant medium, with profound psychic abilities to communicate with many realms. Her work is in bridging practical wisdom with knowledge by bringing in soul leadership to individuals, communities, soul groups, as well as corporate and community sectors.

Margo has had profound spiritual gifts since she was a child, able to see beyond the veil to assist humanity in re-structuring collective perceptions, accessing truths and re-structure imbalances. The best education and training has come from life experience, working in the world of manifested energy!  Everything is energy and some energy is GREAT and other energy just plain sucks. Can we change that? YES.

Experiencing a profound, somewhat scary awakening in 2009 that lasted a very long three months, I saw much of my own, and others futures, angels voices became clear as day, as well as deceased strangers and loved ones, who started to appear everywhere! Terrifying and simultaneously and miraculous, I must admit. I was loudly led, and gently instructed by spirit to hear the call to follow my heart home from a ten year happy life in Mexico. Told and shown there was some work to be done. So much has manifested in true reality since then. The many prophecy's that had been shown had indeed showed up. It was only then, that is was so very clear that "time" is very much is an illusion. What does that even mean? Book a session ;) I will be happy to share! 

Essentially it means that when we are aligned and often even when we are not, we truly can 'live" into the future! The future that we see and choose for ourselves. This all goes beyond "destiny" as we know it, and gives us the power of PURE potential to co-create,
down to the detail what life has to offer! We do not by any means get to control every detail of our desires but we certainly can learn, or rather re-learn how to align ourselves into them with more ease than we believe collectively. WE DO, however, need to be present in order to do this. Yes, we do even need let certain people/places/beliefs go.
The best part? This is ALL WAY EASIER than it sounds. 

Very recently, I have just opened the business that was shown to me so many years ago! Divine timing really is a thing! The home I once visioned for myself here in Jasper, Alberta Canada is an actual physical manifestation of applied use of my energy, as well is the beautiful man that shares this life with me. Just as my intuitive self knew and guided me toward.

My past travels have led me on many phenomenal,magical, soul-inspiring journeys teaching about the human spirit. My understanding of spiritual anatomy has completely been re-wired, and now, helping others to connect to this wisdom is an obvious part of my purpose here with you, right now. That is right! Even you reading this right now was planned long ago in another dimensions. Some call this the past ;) but it is the same thing as now AND the future! COOL EH? The only thing now, is your choice in your future. Choose a session or choose to working with me one-on-one or  in a class or program? Maybe all of the above? Spirit tells me 75%+ of you that are still reading have the planned option and HAVE ALREADY opted-in to connect.
If you felt even the tiniest of intuitive pulls then that indeed is YOU

Me? I have already chosen you too, so book it up! Right HERE right now! Only that part is up to you, the rest is pretty easy!  :) 

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Life experience and offerings 

The who's who of the who's and why you want to take action. 

With ample experience training groups, both in professional business settings including wellness retreats, and personal retreat spaces. I have literally given thousands of clear readings to people from all over the globe and I have endless testimonials of how many peoples lives have helped to change. For the better! 

When you offer a retreat or want to amp up your team with some serious SHIZAM and energy alterations, why not go for IMPACT. How about we co-create! I find that when I attend a retreat as a speaker/reader or teacher the cost and effect of co-creation LARGELY alters the impact, appreciation and outcome of any event. What does that mean for you? A bigger return AND a bigger return of clients. I can also be booked privately for speaking engagements and group work. If you would like to offer to host your friends or affiliates in your home, town or community or retreat center. Weather it be for teaching, speaking and/or for private sessions please to not hesitate. I find a combo of all three to often be the best! 

 I often am booked six months to a year out or more, but you never know! I am also a total last-minute change junkie! If you need a commitment lets get it in my calendar! 

Of late, Margo enjoys time in her new home with her fiance and their cat Pu. As they get settled into their new home, are in the process of creating a family, happily settled and surrounded by the beauty of Jasper National Park.

Training & certifications
Starting with aura counseling in 1998, then on to some profound life teachings, after her gifts returned in 2008 very strongly, Margo attained and completed extensive, personal para-psychology training with Dr. Doreen Virtue (prior to Doreen's new system of practicing her relationship with spirit differently) Margo is a certified Angel therapist, Certified past life therapist, Certified medium,and spiritual speaker. Margo has also worked with Deepak Chopra and is attuned to the teachings of our connection to each other, to the collective and individual mind/body/spirit- which are universal to everyone with no exception. 

Margo has over thirteen years working passionately as an energy therapist, as a wellness business consultant
, healing arts and the study of neuroscience. Margo has given thousands of readings and high soul activation's, with a very high accuracy stated in endless testimonials that prove the shifts that can and do happen. 

With training in hypnotherapy and NLP, Margo is now focusing on new techniques that get straight to the root quickly! Her focus is on facilitating group events, teaching and certifying others in how to give readings/mediumship & offering retreats that spark the soul's purpose! Margo continues to offer private sessions long distance and in-person as well as spa services when time allows just for the love of it.

"Time=energy" is moving much more quickly than ever, and we need to evolve with the changes, or we suffer without need.

Margo is a lifetime student, with many teachings which have come through seeing aura's, energetic grid lines, energy fields, angels and ascended beings, deceased people, as well as cosmic energy's that are very present on the planet right now. Margo has always had a deep sense of clear knowing, of all things spiritual. 

It is time to be loved, in your own perfection. Don't you agree?

The world is your oyster! The center. Your Jewel.
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