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Margo's winter schedule:
January is always my busiest month! Book in advance :)
Heads up: December is almost full

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December 13,14 & 15
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Jan/Feb/March line up includes:
Edmonton   Victoria BC   &  Los Angeles

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Phone & in person readings
Receive clear, concise information from spirit, detailed to answer your queries.
1 hour in-person $188
1-hour phone session 

A phone session is equally as powerful as in-person. Energy can be seen, interpreted and altered remotely. A session includes an energy check-in and re-structuring of whatever is required right now. Packed with clear, guided messages from your high self and spirit guides. Psychic insights will come through to answer your questions regarding all areas of your life path, as well as any other messages from the other side. This is extremely helpful for anyone and everyone to reconnect to!

Regarding Mediumship: Although your loved ones will generally show up anyway, if your main goal is to connect with a loved one who has passed, please be clear if your goal is communicating with someone specifically who has passed on.

Group rates for Mediumship:
$144pp/per hour in-person. For two people or more. This is a wonderful way to connect with a family member or any loved one on the other side, as a group.

Clearing sessions
SRT Spiritual response therapy altered to a whole new level

You don't need a psychic to tell you your problems, you already know what you want to work on in order to clear and heal. Here we get straight to the point! You identify what you want to clear and we get to where the root began. This modality has been designed via high levels of consciousness to "weed" the proverbial life garden. If a reading is an assessment then this is the root canal ! Only, not painful at all. You will feel different after, as difficult situations, relationships, patterns, and habits will feel more neutral. This can transform your own inner fears and reason for manifesting certain situations into your experience. From blocks to health, to your pets, family, work, sales of properties, law & justice blocks, house and land clearings, or virtually ANY situation that feels discordant can be addressed.

* More info as you scroll down

Group discount:
Get four or more friends together and pay only $140 each for any one hour session

60-80 Minutes

All sessions include soul work, to release you from discordant situations that are troubling you. If you need deeper, soul level work or you are ready for the next bold step in your evolution to JOY and true personal power, you are more suited for a uniquely designed Soul ceremony! This may include clearing of mind and body at a spiritual level, and/or Quantum soul activation as well as a one hour reading.
A soul ceremony is guaranteed to take you to the next level! One hour is never enough to cover the dynamics of your multi-layered soul.

Soul Ceremony
In-person or long distance
This is a sacred ceremony to honor the evolution of your soul.This ritualistic session includes a reading, as well as psychic healing, energy surgery, quantum weaving, and high-soul activation. You can expect awesome results. Highly recommended by Margo and by many clients, as this session allows time for the depth of clearing you are seeking.
2 hours

In person, this life-changing soul ceremony will be done in two hours. Phone sessions can be done in one, or two different sessions in close proximity. This will depend on your specific situation and personal needs.

Need some serious loving and TLC? What about a half, or full day in the full enjoyment of a complete makeover for your spirit. Hosted in the beautiful Canadian Rockies in Jasper Alberta.

NEW! See Peace Packages here

Learn with me:

Are you looking to expand your own skills as an intuitive healer or messenger?
We are all capable of receiving spiritual insights for others. We are all born with fabulous gifts from spirit. Perhaps you are interested in personal one-on-one, or group mentoring? Or perhaps you would like to become part of the i-sense community, where you offer readings and services that are advertised and connected for you? Beyond Senses is a collective environment built to help you grow, expand, enhance and put yourself out to the world!
More to come on our Beyond Senses page.
In the works for fall 2018.

How it is on Earth:

Absolutely everyone has some sort of soul-level trauma. We ALL need to seek help at times and tune into our own innate wisdom as a reminder of why we are here. Sometimes we simply need a boost, or a cheer-leading session when things are going really well too.

It is best to seek help that has the potential to rise you up into the truth, in order to transmute pain and suffering which is kinda part of the deal on this realm.

When is a good time for a session? Anytime is a good time for a session, even/and especially when life is good! But if any of the following applies to you, this is a definite the clear indicator that it is time to get back into alignment.


What is the Golden Grid Activation? Read more here

Is soul re-creation possible with multi-level clearing? What is spiritual response therapy?

Yes. Re-creating yourself and negotiating certain parts of yourself and your path is possible. Really!  Why? Because multi-level clearing is serious business.

This is where we go deep into all levels and layers of your soul. There are many!
In these sessions, we establish a very clear connection to the wise, un-wounded aspect of you. Here, we gain access to all of the root causes of discordant energy you came here to clear and transmute. We connect within the many layers of spirit, in order to neutralize those energy's that may have become programs that you are running in order to learn and grow. We all have personal and collective wounds and no one is exempt. What my observation has been is that those who are unwilling to go deep into their own personal wounds often end up being sick, or having something persistently uncomfortable come up physically.Your soul was created as perfect, but your cellular memories and subconscious programs can unconsciously cause you to create and even repeat unhealthy patterns. These patterns can go very, very deep and they cause suffering. Over-and-over until life has asked you to re-create new positive potentials and reinstall new programs. Programs that go right into the DNA! This has powerful potential to change your relationships to yourself, your family and the Earth in its wholeness.  It is never about "them" it always goes back to you and what you are allowing and why. It is however, important to investigate "Them and you" to shift yourself to begin a better and much easier way of relating to your path on this planet and beyond. Earth has a rough history. Sometimes we need to go back to the scene of the crime to repair the wounds so to speak. We can't change others, but we can change the programs that we are running that is attracting negative energies into our lives. What is more powerful than that?

When done with a practitioner who is practiced is letting ego aside, this tool is one of the biggest solutions to re-balancing the human & Earth's energies.

This is also a big part of why you are on the planet right now, to re-structure the energies of the planet! Indeed we are all connected. Here is your opportunity.

Spiritual energetic clearing can re-structure patterns to everything and anything!
Including and by no means limited to any relationships including partners, spouses, family, kids, work and career relationships, issues and imbalances within the physical, emotional or spiritual bodies, blocks to attracting abundance, partnerships or anything else that is not flowing. Others that are close to you can also be worked on. Animals and pets also greatly benefit from this work.

Although Margo accesses information through the psychic realm to assist this session, re-wired SRT is not the same as a reading. This is your high self working with spirit to alter discordant situations that might be triggered by any situation in your life path.

For soul clearing sessions, a referral is best or to have a good understanding of spiritual lingo. It helps if you have done spiritual work already and are familiar with certain terms and meanings but this is also not a must.

Is money blocking you from booking? This is ego's biggest trick in stopping you from evolution. Guess what. Money is only energy. You can't afford NOT to see yourself as worthy! This is an investment for life and will absolutely open energetic channels that assist you to tap into true abundance and flow. Ask the universe to return your investment x's 3! Watch it happen!

See you soon.

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