Margo Denay Bereska - Weaving Quantum Core Essence Into Your Awareness

No mater where you are in your career or your life these classes will empower you, inspire you and help yourself and others to heal and expand.

I believe we are here to play. We are here to learn and many of us are here to be in service. You have gifts that you were born with, gifts that are meant to be used. 
Life is a powerful soul-altering journey! Imagine all of the souls that are seeking your wisdom.

I know that part of my purpose of being is to help others to access the energy of the collective soul, to communicate with spirit and put some SHIZAM into it!

I was born to teach. Through the many classes, retreats, workshops & events I have facilitated, I have collected countless testimonials from graduates. Students turned pro's who are now rocking it as divine messengers.  

You too are a catalyst for change! If you are here, you already know this. let's take it to a whole new level!

You are indeed a messenger. Trust that. 100%.

Join me in the rise with many other like-minded souls, igniting your highest potentials in this powerful Earth experience. Now is when.

i-Sense Intuitive Course
10AM with 10:30 Start time - 4pm

What we cover

Intuition is the key to living a fruitful life. We all have intuitive abilities which guide us through the course of life. This helps us with EVERYTHING. From our family connections to shopping and manifesting a life partner. This course will help you to open and trust your own clairvoyant messages. This is a fun, safe and very supportive environment to practice and hone your skills. 

You will learn how to give accurate card readings with psychic insights.
You will become proficient in giving clear, concise readings for yourself and others. 
This class is a wonderful opportunity to be fully present in a real-time environment which is the best way to learn.

You will have the chance to activate confidence in your abilities. With a focus on group clearings to release any fears associated with being a messenger/ spiritually minded and/or business-focused individual. No matter what you decide to do with this course it will help you to develop your intuition in all area's of life. 

You will have lots of time to practice, in order to define your own unique way of giving spiritual insights.

Your present skill level not important.  You will go up a level regardless of where you are at presently. This class guarantees that no matter your reason for coming, whatever you are doing in life, this will help you to excel and find a more balanced pace.

Margo has completed many levels of training with Doreen Virtue (pre-2017, when Doreen was the most qualified and adequate teacher of new age tarot/oracle card reader course) Margo is a certified Angel therapist, who has given thousands of readings to people from all walks of life, all over the world.  

You will choose the most appropriate card deck(s) for you to bring to class to work with. Please do not bring the original tarot deck. Any other deck will do and we will discuss why in class :) Looking forward to connecting with you!

How do you know if this class is for you?

- You automatically felt guided when you saw the post
- People always open up to you
-You always know the answers....if only they would listen! ;)
-You've likely been clairvoyant your entire life but perhaps you had shut it down for the many reasons we often do
-You've been feeling a pull to take yourself and your spiritual practice up notch in a safe, supportive environment
-You already own a set (or three plus) of cards and feel attracted to all things woo-woo & cosmic
-You may or may not already be in the wellness business and want to offer something a little deeper in addition
-People have asked you "How do you know that"
- You often feel that others seek and that possibly your elders get annoyed at your wisdom
-The list goes on and on! Even if you have three of these, that is a definite YES.
See you there!
PS. Your ego will yell and scream at you that none of this is true, it will also likely tell you that you cannot afford/don't have time/you're not clairvoyant enough...blah blah blah. Shhhh that voice. This, of course.... is not true.
Hint & clue :)
-Ask your angels to help you manifest this, and watch the magic happen!

What comes next?

Take any personal situation OR your spiritual-business
a whole new level with this course.

The BASIC course is the prerequisite for the CERTIFIED i-sense intuitive class

Would you like to become a certified i-sense intuitive?
An additional three-day certification course follows the basic course.

Scroll down for more info

Mediumship basics
October 20 & 21 2018
$700 Early bird pricing
$800 After Sep 30

Private Mediumship class
Date TBE (to be established once one person is committed)
Work with Margo one-on-one
OR with one other student
$999 regular price

This is a class for those who feel extra sensitive and overwhelmed with too much energy. Other students have given excellent feedback with feeling very safe as there is a lot of extra time for individualized learning as well as time for clearing as we go.

What we cover

The gift to communicate with those on the other side is indeed divine. Not everyone has this ability, and will good reason. This gift comes with many ups and downs, but mostly up's!! If you have ever felt the presence of someone on the other side, you have mediumship abilities! If you or your loved ones have experienced scary or fear based energies of those passed on in your home, this is also mediumship. When this gift opens it can feel very terrifying. We have had many fear based ideals attached to what it means to communicate with the dead and sometimes those who are unresolved will appear as they know you can see and help them. In this class we bring light to the surface to enhance the gift of being able to communicate with those on the other side. The grief that is healed when we can be messengers for others is profound. In this class we cover all the basics of mediumship. You may or may not choose to be a medium professionally. Either way this class will assist you to honing and honoring this gift. If you do choose to go pro there will soon be other more advanced classes offered for those who would like to offer their gift to the world.

-Learn to clear and open space so that you are sure to connect with only loving spirits
-Learn how to discern who wants to talk and why
-Practice how to discern messages so that your delivery of messages is clear and concise
-Get any questions answered that you are uncertain of pertaining to life, death and the after life.
-Clear past life or present fears of seeing spirit
-Gain confidence of your journey with this gift and maybe find out why you have it
-Apply practice in a safe environment with supervision and clarification of what you see
-Apply which abilities you have and amplify ones you may not be aware of


To book any of these courses privately in your home/business or retreat space please e-mail

Each course that I offer is specific to the soul's group point of attraction. Meaning that every course or seminar which I create is specifically unique and impossible to duplicate! You are invited to join souls are powerfully loving. We come together to learn and to co-create from a high vibration space, to heal the old and activate divine perfection. Looking for your tribe? Welcome home!


"Even better than I expected! I learned more about myself and am completely intrigued by all of the connections. The instruction was bang on! I love " Dianne

"I had no idea a reading good be so concise without having to memorize the deck! Clear, concise, outlined instruction, and very entertaining! WOW. Thank-you!" Dawne

"Incredible, in-depth course with a lot of work Margo's instruction was AMAZING, overly competent and a great communicator. 
I gained confidence, spiritual growth the tools I needed to employ my abilities. I am so grateful to have experienced this course." Britney

" Margo is very open, bubbly, with a great personality. I enjoyed this course very much" Unsigned

"I found this course very uplifting which took me to a new level in mind, body spirit. I learned valuable skills for and intuition. Margo is amazing. A fantastic teacher, a light, bright energy. Amazing course! Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!" Megan

"So beautiful! Clean. She is magical!" Unsigned 

" An amazing instructor- Margo had a perfect balance of light and love" Maria

"The instruction was very organic and not which was just perfect for a highly spiritual course" Elise 

"OMG I received a tonne of healing and guidance" Jen 

"So insightful and amazing! Extremely helpful with life decisions. Powerful. Margo is very gifted" Unsigned

"Very thoughtful, patient and explains everything so well. Margo is a wonderful instructor" Ginny

Every course and retreat has to assist you to:

  • Identify the root of any self-defeating perceptions, and release any toxic emotions or experiences that are currently holding you back from living a life of love, purpose, and passion
  • Receive techniques that give you life-long tools to get to the heart of any emotional experience that comes your way
  • Practice heart-opening breathing, which brings you automatically into alignment.
  • learn to energetically activate yourself and others.
  • Connect with other like-minded individuals who share your desire for healing, abundance and greater happiness
  • Learn practical take-home tools
  • Get your groove on, put on a corset, a costume or some glitter and glam!
  • Dance if you choose, or mingle with your muse
  • Life is good when you make space for brilliance!

What makes these events different?

Margo's spirit is somewhat rebellious by nature. Never one to fit into a mold. Since I was old enough to break all the rules, I did! I am not one to follow any cookie cutter modality, I trust my divine connection to communicate moment-to-moment with spirit. In my retreats and I allow to show me the way in each and every course. This way, you personally, as well as the group will always get what you need and more!

Because everything is constantly changing, the ways in which we can heal ourselves and others, I know that it is crucial, helpful and easy to be up-to-date. each event has a purpose and intent so if you are here to learn or add to your light-worker tool belt, then you are guaranteed a very entertaining, spontaneous, and powerfully inspiring journey to go up a notch!

If your spirit needs some healing or simply rest, pampering, recognition, and/or some extravagance then one of Margo's retreats is the way to go!

Travel in style! Learn activate your potential, have a blast and receive the vibrant gifts that spirit is guiding you toward.

Let's start with empowerment courses...

To book any of these courses privately in your home/business or retreat space please e-mail

i-sense intuitive activation course

This card reading course will help you to open and trust your own divine messages. A fun environment to practice and hone your skills. 

You will learn how to give accurate card readings, and psychic insights without cads, to give readings to yourself and others. Being present in a real-time environment is the best way to learn.

Activate the confidence of your abilities, and clear any fears associated with being a messenger/healer or business minded individual.

You will have time to practice and define your unique way of giving spiritual insights.

Your present skill level not important. Here, we will go up a level regardless of where you are at now.

Take any personal or your spiritual-business
a whole new level with this course

Why not become a certified i-sense reader?

Beyond Senses Clairvoyant training
Five days total *offered as two separate classes* 2 & options.
Become a professional reader!

This course is for those who have completed the or anyone who is interested in opening their psychic skills, a wonderful way to add clarity and ease to any healing practice. Also great for personal empowerment!

Awaken your natural gifts to help and to heal others. Connect with your own soul guides, learn to enhance your clarity for specifics, gain tools to tune into Powerful tips, tools teachings to assist yourself and others with divine knowledge to guide their individual life path.

We will spend one full day on the spiritual-business aspect. Including websites, marketing, space leasing, promotions and confidence to move forward.

Your divine connection to spirit is the fuel that is designed to propel you forward. Hear the calling of your soul, align to activate the powers that support your journey, and find out what spiritual guides are you working with. These powerful courses will completely support your field of intention to assist your highest soul's potential.  


Do you have a dream? A vision? An idea? An imbalance? Of you do!
Here on planet Earth, everyone has an ego, a voice that sits on the shoulder, yapping away. The goal of this voice is too steer you way off course best way to quiet that voice is to identify the tricks that ego plays on you. This course is designed for you to take back your divine voice, the one that has an easier plan. Once you know how to override the defeating joker within you, all the doorways swing wide open! This is a very fun and funny way to propel those dreams into action! Hear, see and  

This is free and included in every course!

Energy Management

This is the next step uncovering the defeating self. After we have become good friends with the fear-based voice we really go deep to heal old wounds. Here you will learn how to read your own energy in order to re-direct it. I am a firm believer that when you master energy management, you become the receiver of the many spiritual tools that you will forever hold. The sustainability of spirit is a stable constant, often the only constant in this world. The true mastery is in learning how to see past worldly delusions without becoming trapped within them.

When you master the use of your energy, the whole game changes. You are the bold creator of life's journey. This session is highly recommended as a pairing with ego therapy.

Six simple things

Imagine a silver tray with all of your wishes on it, right in front of you. 
When the physical manifestation has not presented itself, there is a simple reason. Specific clarity is crucial, specific allowing of alignment is just an important.

What do you really really want? The truth is that everything is here already. Here, we eliminate the clouds that are creating frost on your windshield! Start anew with a clean, enhanced vision!

Margo works closely with you, to muse profound group energy which will guide you in overcoming your mind's perceived blocks. This is a co-operative, supportive space where we take action steps that your expectations. You can expect to see that promises results right away! Take home a whole new view and a manifestation map that actually works!

This course includes a free, one on one, personal follow-up session with Margo.

This course is offered as a three day 'close to you'
or even better, as a full week in a warm, luxurious location! Even better for manifesting! will vary depending on location.

Ask for details.

Recommended reading:
Six simple things blog 

(Materials are included)

Journey to the Enlightened Self 

Access the joy of living in the moment
How to activate your high-self fully. One dimension at a time!

Open SPAces, sacred ceremonies, and approval for flight take off! Travel into the awakening of your soul's calling. Activate individual soul codes. Horseback riding, fire flames, all food for the soul. 
Landing. Empowerment. Advancement.


DANCE TRANCE REVIVAL - a weekend of dance, SPA & shaking it up!

Here, spirit roots in your body, nourishing the dance of life, which is then taken to the next level! Profoundly!

To book any of these courses privately in your home/business or retreat space please e-mail

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