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  Peace Packages 
In ancient times, spiritual ritual was as a way of maintaining peace and health as well as personal and community wealth. 

What are we missing in this new world? 
The whisper at your inner core knows. 
You are invited to remember. 

What is included in these packages?
Spa snack included in all packages
Private spa suite with infrared sauna use free charge
Add a spa soak for only $25 

*Beauty, relaxation and our gorgeous romance suite awaits
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Fine art & Spirit Spa peace packages

Transcend Transmute Transform
A powerful, ceremonial release of old or stuck energy, making space to invite the new. You will have a completely private space working one-on-one with Margo.
Here the intention are set to become clear on any burdens energetically or which may be stored in the body.

Includes a reading,angel therapy,energy work,a one hour facial and visual activation to re-align your baseline frequency

A blissful ascension 
An intentional opening to sacred space is created specifically for you.  We open to the power of transmutation following the same steps as the transcend, transmute and transform package. Adding on a blissful 90 minute energy conscious massage OR your choice of a longer facial follows, closed with an aromatic mist of sacred floral waters. This package can be customized depending on your personal priority's. 
This package essentially includes a full soul ceremony, plus the TTT, in addition to the many bountiful extras which are not included in the Transcend package.
Allow 4.5 Hours. 

The enlightened Buddha
Enlightenment...  a state of perfect knowledge or wisdom, combined with infinite compassion. Knowledge is more than the accumulation of data or a description of the world of phenomena down to the finest details.  Enlightenment is an understanding of both the relative mode of existence (the way in which things appear to us) and the ultimate mode of existence (the true nature of these same appearances). 
True enlightenment goes way beyond the psychic realm. 
Bodhi, otherwise known as an "awakening" is not the western, romanticized version we often would like it to be. To come into the full bliss of being, one must first experience transcendence through the human path to understanding through evolution.  
It is not so much self-realization as it is to be at peace with what is. 

In this evolutionary experience, we will move through Prajna (Insight, understanding, wisdom) & Vidya (knowledge)

1.Insight into past lives
2.Insight into karma, dharma & reincarnation 
3.Insight into the four noble truths

We will then spend the afternoon moving Moksha (freedom) through release and deliverance. As this is a big day, we will flow gently into ease through compassionate touch into a state of Nirvana (blowing out disturbing emotions) to welcome a deep state of relaxation and wellness. 
You choose how to finish your day; an aromatic, Ayurvedic inspired massage OR an extended  Ayurvedic dosha-specific facial OR 1 hour guided hypo-meditation. 
Allow 7 hours. One hour is free for lunch (included) 

*Read Margo's Deepak story below* 

Fly away home!
 Beyond bliss package 
For those times when you really and deeply need to just float out of the 3D realm to completely remember the real God/Goddess that you are in spirit. 

Speaking of bliss.... 
This package includes all the deliciousness of each package, to offer you a taste of all things good! Completely customizable to your needs, intentions and wellness wishes. This is a full day of reading, clearing, spa love, meditation & setting intentions. With a touch of magic to help you! 
Margo also offers a private class where you can learn card readings, mediumship or personal one-on-one coaching on evolving your spiritual business. You will be sent a specific questionnaire to help you determine what is best and to choose all of your preferences. Possibly one of the best days you will ever have had! 
9am-1pm, spa lunch included, resume 2pm-5;30pm
Grand opening promo NOW until spring 2019 
only $1999

*Private accommodations available for 2 people 
add $175pr night to any package
Big soaker tub, fireplace, infrared sauna, heated floors, luxury linens.

That's right! The entire beyond bliss package AND accommodation (for two) essentially for the price of just the package! Book direct to SAVE

Please book all packages with as much notice as possible 

Margo's wish from the universe. Miracles happen!
A trip I won! To meet and work with Deepak Chopra 
*coming soon :)

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