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Some questions, you may have.
Some answers may surprise you. 

Welcome to the best of you!

Q. Why do I need a session?

AA clairvoyant session with an energy healer is like taking your self for a tune-up and an oil change. Just as our cars, homes and physical bodies need maintenance, so does our soul! Right now, the world we live in is very fast-paced, and can be quite loud. Inner peace comes from self-nurturing. Peace of mind brings awareness. Awareness brings enlightenment, which is what will intimately heal family ties, friendships, work situations and, well, the planet! What other reason do you have?

Q. Why is a reading so expensive?

A. I have actually never had someone ask me this question. However, I am aware that it comes up for many people. I am happy to provide you with this link that answers this question in detail should you require the logical justification:

Although I agree with what is written in the article, I do like to simplify everything:

My answer is that you are worth the investment!

Some readers are charging $600 for a half hour, and up to $1500 for an hour. Just for a basic reading. All the power to them! This work is not easy, nor can you do it full time, everyday. I do my very best to keep the cost as accessible as possible to be able to offer sessions continuously. I like to offer more than a reading, as I feel it is my gift to help shift the energies as well as provide information.

This is not a service that gives you temporary fulfillment, like shopping or eating out. This is a "soul-deep" healing that will change your life for the better. Everyone that I have worked with is happy, shifted and uplifted after a session. I do find that a session soon results in a divine return of investment once those blocks to abundance are cleared, which begin as soon as you choose to make the call.
The truth is we are all rich. We all have a birthright to abundance, which comes in many ways. Too often, a lack of belief and trust is the only barrier to that door swinging wide open! It is a journey to your best self. You must get on the train to take the trip.

Q. What can I expect in a reading or session?

A. First of all not one soul is the same as another. So each reading is very unique. We all have the same collective goal, which is peace. So what is peace to you? That is what you can expect.

Also this session will be highly motivational and deeply inspiring.  

We each have our very own energetic structure, encoded with the profound wisdom of why you are here. This wisdom includes a set of instructions on how to make a living filled with abundance, and how to fulfill that purpose.

Q. What will a reading help you with? 

A. First and foremost, a reading will confirm what you already know. 

Why do we need to have one then? 

Well, there are always two voices: the ego voice and the angelic voice.

One is the voice that talks you out of all your dreams and highest calling. The other one is the voice that knows your worth and knows your purpose - this voice also has ALL the easy answers. 

The intent is to keep you clear, on purpose and on the path to get all the muddled energy out of the way. That's not not to say you still won't hear that ego voice. You will be come more clear on how to hear the more inspiring voice, making it easier to heed divine guidance which is always available to you for free!

My intention as a healer is to tap into your real wanting, in order to activate your best potential, not just see it and send you on your way. Here, you step into the power to attract that which is within your wanting. Wanting is a great thing! 

The ego voice will pull you way off track, it has an intention. Sabotage! The ego's purpose is to make everything more confusing, more painful, more difficult and more dramatic than it really is. 
Are you ready for simple, concise and clear empowerment? This will only get better with time. The great part is that after this type of reading, the healing is done. You can only accelerate!

Q. Are you a psychic, a medium or a healer? What is the difference?

A. A good psychic/clairvoyant can access your soul's path and give you information about your self. He or she usually accesses your past, looks into your themes of the present, and sometimes your *potential future. 

*potential future - the thing with potential is that it is far beyond the "psychic realm." Psychics access the psychic realm which is true information, but can be limited. 

What one psychic can see one day, could change the very next week, depending on your choices. Pure potential is beyond the psychic realm. This is what I call "soul potential" or what Deepak Chopra refers to as "infinite potential."

Far beyond what we can begin to grasp, this is where the dreams activate!
Activate, what do you mean by that? 

Information is important. Information brings awareness which activates potential. Activation is much more important. 

Activation aligns awareness.

A medium has the ability to communicate with passed-on loved ones, as well as other spirits. These are beings that have existed in a living body on this planet at some point in time. Since time is an illusion of this earth realm, this may be hard to grasp. In actuality, all souls exist in another frequency - even after the body has died. 

So, YES, there is life after death. Very much so!
There is nothing fearful about this place whatsoever. I have talked to thousands of amazing people who are at home on the Other Side having a grand old time. The Other Side is our real home.

I believe that we are here visiting a school to learn, to grow and to make a difference on a planet that needs our help. 

Trust me, your deceased loved ones are doing great, and they would love to specifically connect with you, as they do not like to see you suffer in any way. They will show up in a reading IF this is the most important thing for you. If not, just ask for that connection. Pets will show up too in many cases. Oh, dogs are fun! Even parrots, once in a blue moon.

A healer is someone blessed with a gift to channel or transmute divine energy. The healer becomes a conduit. Working through the hands and body, in order to assist someone else to have a release, restructure, or to bring balance on a physical and/or energetic level - usually both. As we know, mind, body and spirit are deeply connected.

A clairvoyant healer is gifted with both the ability to bring through this energy and be highly aware of "knowing" where the blocks are stored. They see or feel where energies are not flowing properly. A well-practiced healer can make a huge difference for your state of being.

If you imagine a flowing river, representing the life force in your body, when something prevents that flow, then floods, droughts or damming can all occur. This leads to physical and emotional issues including addictions. 

Not all psychics are mediums, not all mediums are psychic, just as not all psychics are healers and so on. Still with me? Luckily, I have been given the gifts of a divine multi-tasker. Lucky, of course, depends on the day (laughs a little). Luck is far different from intention, which is connected to manifestation.

I do love the symbolism of the four-leaf clover. I have found two in my life. I let the superstition be an emblem, representing four directions, one of nature's designs. I am grateful for the messages the lucky clover has brought.

I feel I am blessed with my gifts. I have all three of the above, which allows me to offer you a large range of information, soul guidance and profound healing. I have also been shown that I am an activator, with abilities to access realms - this is a rare skill.

I feel that with such intent on a collective level, many healers are receiving upgrades in order to assist in a global change; this requires the "waking up" of a sleeping consciousness. And there's little time to waste.

Q. What is an aura, or energy field?

A. I will give a brief introduction to the energy body that surrounds everyone. Considering we all have various energetic make-ups, we are also effected by the energies that surround us everyday, including other people, cellphones, computers, EMFs and many other forms of invisible frequencies. By now we all know that everything is energy.

Our energy bodies, when unbalanced, create all kinds of issues from simple back problems, to fatigue, disease and general disorders. Often this is shown in the personality, or how we interact with others. The energy creates a magnetic field which attracts people, situations and patterns.

A note on energy cords and auric bruising:

As a healer, I have became very familiar with energy chords, auric healing, energy medicine and various techniques used to assist the layer of energy called the aura - an egg-like structure around the body. (Please note it is very important to balance the chakras within the energy field.)

Energy cords are like hoses that become an energetic attachment to other people. This happens with people we know physically or people we deal with energetically. This includes people we make phone calls with, have internet relationships with, or even pass on the street.

Have you ever become extremely angry while being on hold? I have. I have also connected to people who have been in terrible moods and felt that through the phone, even from a distance. It can be easy to get sucked in, which never feels good. This situation actually drains me, or "stirs up" energy in my own, usually peaceful, energy field. 

This happens to everyone. I see it all the time. 

With some work, this gets easier to handle. When the cord is cut and released, all the negative riffraff is taken out of the equation. When these cords are severed by a professional, none of the "good" is taken and the heavy stuff can be let go of.

This is great news! Wouldn't you agree?

Yes, I see these cords on everyone. Some people are much more drained than others. I have seen some people corded to every single sexual union they have ever had. I have seen hairstylists, nurses, doctors and people in every service industry corded to patients, clients, employees, co-workers and so on.

Family cords can be horrifying. Do you feel like you are your mother's counselor? Or does your husband drain you daily? Maybe your own child is manipulating your energy, with or without intention. Of course you want a loving connection with your loved ones, but surely you do not benefit from the worry, fear and control aspects. This can all change for the better with energy healing and SRT.

Auric bruising comes when these cords are open and exchanging energy back and forth. Bruising happens when people think negative things about you or your work, or talk about you in a negative way behind your back. This is why it is so important to not talk badly about others. Speaking with true feelings that you have for someone is totally different than slashing someone's behaviour - let go of gossip. It is a no-win situation.

I have seen this around people getting bullied, and also around children that teachers are talking about in a negative way. This often happens around people that are overly concerned about the opinions of others. When the aura is not strong enough, this energy attacks the centre of your true power, and feels like a personal attack. This can cause you to feel tired, or as if you are being psychically attacked.

Do you feel like you are trying to serve the world on a silver tray while skating on wobbly wheels?
Band-aids, such as coffee, alcohol, and other chemically mind-altering substances, may be a temporary fix. In the long term they will not work, in fact they will cause more damage. You may want to consider a more healthy approach, involving more self-care, like a massage, a walk in nature, a bath, a sauna or steam, a soak in healing water, or a dip in the ocean.

I especially recommend a visit with a cosmic-level healer from time to time.

So how would you like to break free of all that draining business? 

Of course you want to keep the good pipes clean.

What about a good dose of divine drain-o down those tubes?
I will tell you a secret: I have some top-shelf drain-o, and some divine silver polish too!

You will feel like new. And there are no side effects whatsoever.

I will be the first to tell you, some cords are bigger than others, and the level of "energy surgery" required varies. Often one session will do it, but sometimes we have cords that have developed over lifetimes. This serves a great purpose, or did in the past, but keeping the drain plugged up forever serves no purpose. 

A quick note on negative energies:
The true fact is that there are some negative forces on the planet that have the intention to postpone human ascension. These lower energies are found in many places including the various media, and especially old dusty bars/pubs; and they love to linger. You may want to read my blog, which speaks of this in an easier way to understand and with less fear involved. Beam love and the fear becomes much less intense. 

My turn to ask you a question:

Are you are ready to be fully you again? Perhaps more so than ever?
By all means book a session. It is like putting on a set of wings! 

REMEMBER, you do not have to believe in this to have it work for you.

If this information has felt comfortable for you, you may choose to stop reading now. This will come only in the sequence that you are ready for. This is gentle work in every way. If, however, you are curious about some divine juiciness, then please continue on!

Q. What is an activator?

A. This is a new thing. Very exciting!

Due to the length of this amazing story, I will make it into a blog entry in the near future.

With years of practice in the psychic realms, mediumship and healing arts, I have come to discover a lot! In the last year I accomplished some major personal work, and having looked into some ooey-gooey shadows, I realized I needed to dump a whole load of rusty cords to heal and free up old bruises. I was dealing with major psychic attacks. The good news was that during this process I accelerated my healing powers immensely. So I am quite grateful to have suffered through the whole ordeal.

Golden and Naked: The Grid of Life Force Activation.
Last fall, I took an unplanned journey to Toronto and found myself standing at Niagara Falls for the first time. It was a gorgeous time to visit this part of Canada. The guidance had come in loud and clear, as I tuned into a train in the distance.

"Get on that train and go to Toronto."

I am a modern gypsy to the core, so I have no problem taking off when I feel the need to, often at the drop of a dime. In total trust. I am glad I listened, what happened was out of this world! Yet totally connected to it.

Please click on link to continue reading my blog: Your cosmic fuel.

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