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It's Happy hour! 

Imagine a huge antique store full of brilliant lamps. All shapes and sizes, different colors tall short all completely unique.

The lamps are gorgeous. Of course, they are very purposeful too! You can light up shine much brighter when plugged in! 

Triple helix activation is a term that was given to me as I was working on a client one day in 2012. 

As I saw her field enhance boldly, her aura lit up profoundly as her whole energy body expanded outward and upward. I saw a golden, triple helix weave go into her body, and since that day I am able to access this quantum energy. I often wondered what to call this type of energy transmission. I asked my guides to give me a logical word for what I was seeing happen over and over again. 

Often I have seen and felt a very profound shift taking place in the people I have worked on and often this is in the very quick energy activation that takes places at the end of a soul ceremony. 

Of course, once I was told about helix activation, I looked this up on the google God right away. I had psychically perceived this incredible energy within the actual DNA structure, and did not find on google what spirit was explaining to me. So, I trusted what I had been told. With time, all sorts of new discoveries have taken my sessions to a brand new level! 

Of course, when you come for a session, a good portion of it will be psychic channeling,angel messages and perhaps messages from loved ones. I have to say that to me, the best part will be the activation that takes place. What is that you ask? Well, a few years ago when I was doing readings. It was very clear for me to see your life path, as well as certain events that would play out according to your life theme. As time has evolved, so have you! Yes, you as well have experienced a profound shift in human evolution. Those of you that are highly sensitive are very aware of that, and many are not. Everyone is on their own path to evolve spiritually. However, after this shift that did in fact take place in 2012, the board game of life somewhat changed.We moved way beyond the psychic realm to a higher access point that becomes more important to tap into. This access point if you will, enables us to be more free, more carefree towards those who harm us, lighter in our approach to dealing with others,more capable of compassion, able to operate at higher vibrations which allow us to step more fully into the joyful path of fulfilling our purposes. It does not take away the experiences that we are here for, including the painful ones but it does connect us to a more evolved way of dealing with them.

A psychic can access this life path energy in order to get glimpses of past, present events. To illuminate marking points, connecting the dots to how they connect to the lessons you are here to learn. The sooner you grasp each lesson, the quicker you evolve beyond suffering. The ego loves to suffer, so the timing is always up to you.
When you are ready, whatever you are ready for shows up for you.

Each time that you receive a powerful upgrade in your own personal evolution, this most definitely contributes to the bigger, collective grid energy around the planet. We are all here to restore this. It must happen eventually with each and every individual. See.You are very important! This evolution is what eventually allows the not-so-fun karmic cycle to stop playing out over and over and over.

Psychic healers are very aware of energy, planetary influences, magnetic fields and hopefully quantum essence. Which tremendously affects our time/space reality. Activators are coming out of the woodwork to re-connect the threads which create the fabric of a peaceful, woven world we can live in.

So what changed?

Fortunately, now when I do a reading it has become very clear we are the masters of our reality. Although you do have a certain unique path that is completely unique and tuned to your soul group. Nothing is written in stone. When I connect to your essence  in a reading I do get a clear vision of your "3D illusions" Please bear with me as I co-create a new lingo here. A 3D illusion is the energetic being or circumstances of your perceived blocks. As an example; This would be relationship issues, addictions, job or career changes, and regular family/community stress that surrounds us. Now, beyond all that, which is actually the first thing I see, is an indescribable dance. Your own sacred geometric design which vibrates above your head- or sometimes way off to the side of you, which is when you really feel off. 

This non-physical self is your connection to the infinite divine, which many of us have become disconnected from. The truth is, you can never be disconnected from this source. It just feels like it. That is why we need activators, healers, energy workers, and earth angels more than ever before! 

We all have a "higher self" which knows its purpose, its power and its endless ability to create. This higher self does not see it self as wounded at all, this self had a great plan when it incarnated here. Within your own brilliant unique design is your very own unique code, which, in a more scientific understanding are the codes within your DNA structure. I could get very technical here, but that is not my purpose on this page. All I can say is that I know my job, which is not about me, or about convincing you of anything. Rather, my purpose is about you, assisting you to connect back into the source energy that creates worlds.

Why would you want to do that? 

I will start with the most simple reasons, then let you make the call. 

1. Greatly enhance your ability to be guided clearly towards your own life's choices. From the small things, like manifesting the perfect pair of pink shoes, to larger missions, like creating a more abundant business, a loving balanced relationship, or career that you actually love.

2. An ability to access your own records, which can help you to know important things. Not just facts and my that may guide you to your favorite place to eat, but profound knowing. Knowing that puts you in the right place at the right time, what doctor or specialist you need to see, what healer to connect with, or what vitamin/supplement/injection or prescription you actually need. Imagine the money you can save! This connection will help you develop your innate skills to access your own body's order to access brain, body and cellular make-up. Enabling you to identify and become closer to your own needs on every level.

3. A re-connection to your internal power. 
Where you may look for another person, in relationships, through job recognition, or a title that or someone else has given you. Where you may have lost this connection (or felt you had). Perhaps someone manipulated or abused you, or took advantage of loving intentions. Likely along some time frame of your life experiences, you perhaps experienced victimization that may have caused a lack,  produced by any number of scenarios. You are not a victim. However, negative charges may still be active within you. It is essential to re-program negative charges, to bring them into a 100% pure potential positive charge. This is the only way to be fully present in your own frequency of personal power!  Within you is a golden compass that knows which way to go! It is not easy to do this by yourself. That is why we all need each other.

Most of us have learned how to override this divine, perfect system of source energy, and we have been looking for it from the beginnings time. Guess what? The time is now! This is available.

Plug in. Tune-up, turn on.  

Please read my blog: The Golden Grid activation, to read a true story which opened my healing sessions to a whole new level. See link posted here.  

This golden grid is a taster of what has evolved since. I am in the process of this all unfolding more and in order to offer you a whole new level of service! Stay tuned for my new website and retreat schedule.

Are you a light-worker looking for a bigger, better, bolder career!?

As you can see, when you come for a reading, it is much more than a simple sit down with psychic information coming through. 

Ready to take action? 
Of course you are! WAY to go! Book your session here

Need more convincing? logical wise one. Trust yourself.

The stages of triple helix healing.

1. Margo connects to your higher soul with clairvoyant seeing, to determine any information that will simplify your path. 
Any unnecessary drama's that is sub-consciously being created is brought to the surface. Blockages in your life force channels could be preventing you from accelerating your wisdom and wellness. Here we weed the garden, where any disconnection could be effecting you mentally, and physically. Most usually when I am channeling messages for you it comes from your high self. Sometimes your guides, angels and loved ones.

2. Spirit talks through me to bring confirmation and awareness. This stage brings out the true energy codes to your individual purpose, reminding you of the gifts you have. A divine spread of information is put on the table, where your conscious mind can absorb down to earth wisdom that is meant to propel you forward and give you a guidance system. Answer any quires, then guide the steps. Giving you the key to open doors. Portals that harvest life dreams in the most fulfilling, healthy way. Trust the timing. If it is meant to be, it will be. If it is not, it wont.

Any questions you have are usually answered by spirit, who always hear your prayers, questions and pleas for help. By this stage you are already feeling lifted by the divine confirmations of why your life here is important and what you came here to do!

3. Activation. 
You are a walking program, a highly intelligent design of belief systems. These energies are constantly shifting, moving around and within you. As you have read, not only do you have a powerful and obvious physical body, you also have a very unique soul essence. Imagine a computer, with a few thousand tabs. Some are open and some are closed, some are functioning and some may be fuzzy. 

When disconnected from this powerful spiritual source, energetic imprints stay active, causing feelings of heartache, loss, suffering. Wounds from the past are keeping this source cut off. This can cause social anxiety, patterns of victimization, feeling a sense or lack of belonging, confusion, mistrust of abundance, or unhealthy relationships. this is all part of being human.

But do we need to suffer? Or is it a choice? Yes, we do have experiences that will force us to look at our pain body. We are sometimes faced with deep grief in order to overcome years or lifetimes of wounds.

When your energetic tubes are cleared out, you plug back in to your own unique and collective codes. These patterns or programs are re-structured to help you see, feel and hear more clearly the whispers of your soul. Less confusion, less frustration, and a deeper sense of belonging. 

For centuries, we have given our true power away to other people, to religious sectors, to governments to social structures. Too often resulting in a hypnotic existence where we live in a mode of fight or flight. When you are given back your true sense of power, your whole essence begins to repair it's self. On physical as well as subtle levels.

So then what? 

Your very own imprint becomes full of fuel, the light that you are is plugged in! Once you receive this grid activation into your higher soul, you begin to act as a conduit. Re-structuring the past, present future. Not only for the greater good of yourself, for very own family for your entire ancestral lineage, which alters has the power to evolve humanity, and beyond! 

True story. That. Is what I know.

Plug in! Now is when

This can happen in person or remotely, from any location in the world. The minute you request the reset, it begins! 

YOU are much more important that you can imagine. You are here for a reason. You are perfect, whole and complete. You know what you want, where you are going and how to get there. Plug in to divine love. An energy that will ceaselessly support you.

Margo has had spiritual gifts since she was a child, able to see beyond the veil to assist humanity in re-structuring imbalances.Margo completed para-psychology training with Dr. Doreen Virtue and is a certified Angel therapist®, Certified past life therapist®, Certified medium, aura counselor, and life coach. Margo also offers Hypnotherapy and NLP for reprogramming mental patterns.

With extensive studies in healing coaching, consulting and training - Margo is a student, with many teachings which have come through seeing aura's, angels, deceased people, as well as cosmic energy's that are very present on the planet. Margo has always had a deep sense of clear knowing, of all things spiritual. 

Margo has also worked with Deepak Chopra and is attuned to the teachings of our connection to each other, to the collective and individual mind/body/spirit- which are universal to everyone, with no exception.

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