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Bank on 8.

Choreography of the 8 dance 
Class was boring. Structured into pages of repeated history, tidbits of information brought about by the past. EEEEIIIIIIIIKKKKKKK!! 

With my flowing ink, I would draw 8's, paying attention to the thoughtless flow of connecting them all together precisely. Line upon line for pages.Sometimes, weaving the energetics of writen design to come alive. Energy. Dancing in a geometrical pattern above my page. A pattern that no one else could see. 

Love? Or drowning in it?


Simplifying relationships.
Can it be the fantasy?

This depends. 
What is your reality?
What world are you creating in your present situation?
Recently I have seen dear friend struggle. Struggle a little more that I see necessary. 
As I pondered what to answer the angels would give, as she explained her torment, I realized that what she is going through, is far too common. As angelic words ran through my conscious state of balance, I heard clearly. 

"Your dear friend is fighting for love" 

Pearls Of Wit, Turned Wisdom

Pearls Of Wisdom  

You knew. The day would come. In your still clarity, based in your inner sense of silent understanding, your 'Aha' moment would arrive, then pass. Beyond the stretch of life's natural cycle of rejuvenation, your full frequency rainbow would shine brighter through a tormenting storm. Flying through passing specks of coloured lessons, the pot of gold would be found - a moment where you wake up in a world of stillness.

Rested eyes live in a clear view of what stood so boldly in front of you, a passing glimpse as a small thought leaves you with a simplicity of nothingness.

The Golden 8 ball Part deux

I know you are saying "MARGO, I wanna hear about my connection. I want to know about this 8th chakra!" Okay! Lets get to it!PartONE of the Golden 8 Ball. A series of energy, climbing up the ladder. Sink that ball and go up to a whole new level! 

Wow! You guys are keen! Web analytic's hit a high today!! Although when we were in the heart, I saw the biggest spike of all! Which happened to be on 07/07/14. Cool sequence of energy! 7 is all about pathways, divinity and well, of course, seven before 8!

The Quantified Golden 8 Ball

The 8th Chakra 

Meet Your Quantified Golden Self

A template to accessing source, the ultimate power tool to ascension. 

I have yet to find the sanskrit meaning.

Any information that I have found on the 8th chakra is not in the clearest alignment with what I have seen myself. From what I know, when I accessed the energy I speak of. 
I simply saw it, felt it, and then vibrated into it. With a whole sequence of events which propelled me to seek something more powerful than any other modality of healing that I have ever experienced.

Jewels Of The Crown

Accepting in honour, the jewels of the crown

Meet your wise, white/violetfrequency friend!

Sahasrara (Sanskrit: सहस्रार, Sahasrāra), or Sahastrara
Sahasrara, meaning thousand, is the "Lotus of the Thousand Petals"

Here, is where divine ease is found. Our connection to our spiritual, non-physical selves. Where the pain body of emotion, sadness,suffering and sorrow does not exist. Here we stand in our true power as compassionate, caring and loving beings. Evolving back into the centre of creation.

Eye Ball Laundry

Aliens have three eyes! Or do they have one?

Okay, okay. You don't have to be an alien to have three eyes.

Meet your Indigo frequency friend! 

Anyain Sanskirt is either a word meaning "inexhaustibility" or a pronoun meaning "other" or "another person" 
That is right! The third eye never gets tired! It loves to see!
Even when it sleeps. Which is never. 

Your third eye can definitely close up, or become "clogged." Not usually a good thing.

Frog in your throat?

If there is afrogin your throat? Oh no! 

Well then kiss that little green guy goodbye! With a whole lotta love, sayKrrrrrriiiiikkit!really loud! 

Clearly if there is some shadow in your heart, you will have to shine some BIG light, so he won't have to hide in there anymore!

Are we ready to move onward and upwards?
Are you ready to truly express yourself. Of course you are!
Now, we ascend into the higher heart of speech, clear seeing, knowing and spiritual understanding! 

Your heart transforms everything into the higher realms of being.

LOVE. Accessing the centre of your soul.

Pour yourheartout  

Sometimes you need to pour it all out, in order to fill up with the juicy, gooey  cheesy language of the heart.

Are you powerful enough to let your heart ooze green goo? Truly, love is a simple equation.
Let it love out= Allow love in.

Meet your emerald green and barbie pink frequency friend!

Hopefully by now you have met your true match. You just gotta be ready ;) 

Anahata (Sanskrit: अनाहत, Anāhata) 

Meaning anahata means "unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten"

The human Powerplexus Of Solar Energy

Who said yellow is Mellow?
Are we feeling activated by now? I sure hope so! 

Meet your
frequency friend!

Sanskrit pronunciation: Manipura (meaning lustrous gem)
Element: Fire
Colour: Yellow
Shape: Triangle (downward-pointing)

If you're not feeling activated, just wait! 
If you are fully participating, you will definitely be feeling changes, discovering more about yourself, and experiencing energy shifts.

How is it that Marvel Comics have not yet created a YELLOW Power Superhero?
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