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So you want to know who you are?

This morning I approached my computer. There is was no reluctance. I had sat in silence for about 20 minutes. When I quiet the mind it is always worthwhile.

After scanning my own aura, tuning in. Seeing shards of crystal like monuments. As piled up thought frequencies around my head and shoulders. My inner goblin has been too loud lately. Good thing I can see that. No matter what, I insist on quieting that voice in order to float upward. Where I find all my better answers. Far outside of the goblins realm, abandoning all the self made stories. Although this ego goblin serves me well. I know, have deeper things to see. 

As I saw all these crystal shards in scattered about jumbles, trying to mess with my ability to connect. The gift of deep breath reminded me. I am able to deeply tune in to tweak my thoughts, into a lighter frequency. At will, towards a more discernable knowing.

Immediately I saw white light, as a divine crystal, coming in a as a straight line of clarity. I was able to channel all that loudness up into some type of vortex. Happily allowing the ethereal vacuum to vaporise them, if not just for a mere second. This way I could ask from a place of quiet understanding.

"What am I to share with the world today? Out side of my own thoughts?" 

I asked.

The blog I wrote last night is all about my thoughts. Valuable, I have been shown. SO I will post both. Yet, as I slept on it, today I asked for something more profound.

I loved the vision I was given, as I was gently instructed to put all those thoughts aside, which I had "thought" I had already done. Inward guffaw at my attempt. Well, here I was hearing the voice of the divine. Good.

I saw that beautiful thought stream metamorphosis, transforming into a heavy book of scribbles on the table. Instantly it piled up into more books. These books lit up brightly, being dazzled in ribbons. Brilliant colours, falling amongst them in tumbling curls. As if they were gifts to be shared. 

In a second I realized the message.

"Your thoughts are gifts. To be transformed into the tangible world. Put them all aside just for now, with a sticky note on top."

Participating in my instructions, I mentally wrote on the sticky note. 

"To do. At your own time. Have fun with it"


I separated from the books, upon books, which represented all of that tangible information that came in through thought forms, into the real world. All the books I had to write !

Where I floated to next was much more quiet. 

Staying there, in this place I have seen before. A place where I call home, away from home. Is my very own planet floating in oneness, lightyears away from duality. Vibrational in essence. Indescribable really, yet easily visualized. An expansive open place with a water like ocean that is endless. An intense sky, many moons and a wide eyed view within some galactic core. A beach that is warm, filled with aromas of flowers, endless greenery, divinely luscious, highly romantic. A place where I float in a boat peacefully, in the luxury of no worries. Anyone can visit me there at will, so there is no isolation or loneliness ever. Unless I so choose it. I love this place. Maybe you know me from there.

So as I drifted toward the beach, when I saw the word  "YOU" written in the sand. My question was answered.

In my attempts to be humble. I questioned. 

Write about you? Me? I asked again.



"You are that, and they are that so write about you"

SO then, I guess this is my first real introduction. Nice to meet you !

"I am" called Margo Denay Bereska, but I am not.

A physical body, lots of hair and lots of curves, with a witty, dual personality, a fun, strong, courageous, creative, playful, intense, passionate psychic healer. 

"I am" and I am not, a terrible speller, grammatically incorrect. A clean cut version of perfection, encapsulated into a minimal conscience of beliefs or thought forms.

Or maybe am I just perfect in all of that? 

"I am" not the daughter, the friend, the sister, the lover that I think I am. 

The ego struggles with this even as I write this. 

Good thing I also know this aspect of me well. It has no good purpose, so I tell that goblin to stand back. I have things to say!

So yes. Although my present, self created reality lies in a physical form in the now. (have to love the play on words there) I am living here. On earth, experiencing the physical. I know with out a shred of a doubt, that truly, in essence I am a non physical being. 

Just like you.
When I shut myself out from the world for a three month spirit quest about four years ago. I was tired. Tired of the wrong relationships, tired of reading books looking for answers, listening to tapes, tired of a search that seemed to have no end. Tired of chasing materialistic dreams, tired of "humans" destroying the world. Even mad at myself for being one. Tired of all the lives I knew I had lived, some wonderful, and too many lives that were actually quite painful.

How did I know all of this? 

Not because a psychic had told me. I was not interested in paying for that wisdom at the time. So I stayed on a beach, alone for three months and asked to be shown, free of charge. We all have access to that.

"Who am I?  What do you want from me, and why am I here?" 

I wanted the truth. Not knowing if I even believed in the guy upstairs. I felt ready to hear the answers and I remained very open. Maybe too open.

Oh I got the answers alright. Loud and clear. 

The truth was allot to handle. It was not an overnight experience. Nope, these answers came for three months steady. No stopping. Even when I slept. I had to be shown the past, the present and the future. At the time, I never believed anything that was not somehow prove-able somehow in my waking life. Although I still enjoy truth, coming from experiences and signs.

Well at that turning point in my life, I was not living in one of those time frames of present, past or future. I was actually living all of them simultaneously. It freaked me right out.

As I saw all the pain, and suffering, hardships, Crucifixion , wars, conflicts, and terrible things that our world had endured. It was no wonder I had some fear to extract. This went on for sometime as I healed what I had stored as memories from lifetimes of of harsh realities.
I was also shown many, many planets beyond earth. Huge, incredible vastness of life beyond what we think exists. I was shown my original origin. An infinite soul, that was a mere fraction of what I really was here on this planet. 

So what ? I am an alien? Couldn't wrap my head around that until recently. 

Well think about it. If we have an origin from beyond this little blue school of life which I know we do. Then that would make you "extra terrestrial" As well. Would it not? Simplifying that term as you will, with out the instilled fear that secret society s have placed on our perceptions. 

Ehhem.Clears throat.
From this place of knowing. I was shown some conflict with the seeding of this planet. 

How at one time it was in fact a very very peaceful, lush, abundant, machine free world that was only peaceful and loving. What the hell happened? I needed to know. 

Skip ahead four years, this short version of my spiritual awakening kicked me real hard in the ass. Into the Now. Of why I was here and what I needed to do. Suffering aside.

Beyond all of my "earthly titles" of my fun physical personality. Which I very much am, is just one aspect of the bigger picture. I know that with out question, that I am here to help heal the past. To usher in a welcoming of the energy we have been asking for. Praying for through out the ages. Yes prayers are answered. Many of us are masters in disguise sent on a mission to assist in answering prayers. Sometimes we hear them too, so we can act as messengers, and act as beacons of this truth. If I take off my face, I am a brilliant, vibrating, form of energy. Just like you. I see this everyday in my work.
I look past all of your titles, beliefs and perceived imbalances. Right into the essence of your soul. Then, I plow through all of that chunky stuff you have been holding on too, so that I can reach in, and grab the light inside. Then bathe you in it. So that your eyes can glow again. So that your soul can choreograph the dance which it really really wants to. With out all the fear  or stage fright blocking you. Using some very incredible tools that I have been given from source energy. With divine assistance, "we" are able to do this in a way that works. Easily. With out so much pain and "story telling". 

I can see what many others don't. The seeing that we ALL have the ability and birthright to tap into. The truth that we have all been so scarred to see (in the past). Let me promise you, it is the least frighting thing you will ever know. The truth is awesome. Fun and very very happy.

Yes you are here to experience wonder, bliss, joy, sadness, and even hurt, by means of being in an emotional body. 


The true reason you are here, is to go beyond all of that.

To realize that all the pain, all the fear, hurts, doubt, suffering, and voice of the ego is actually just trick that has been created over time. A very believable little goblin who sits in the middle of your head. Who needs to be evacuated so that the true eye can see.

To awaken to the fact that really, now is the  time to get through all that earthly muck of the past. Because after we clear that old memory, the real you becomes much happier, much lighter and much more aware of how fun this world really is.You helped create this world. You create it everyday that you live in it. How about a jump start to a new future ? A present now, that feels so good.

You are here to do something grand.
YOU. Are a portion of who you really are. And so am I.

There is a force so amazing that supports you completely. That wants nothing more than to give you everything you have ever asked for. When that does not happen. It is simply because you have forgotten who you really are. 

Want to know?

Get connected.
Give me a call!

It will be my honour to read your soul and connect you back into your own truth of why you have chosen to be here now.

As we get to know each other, you will see I often post, regardless of spelling mistakes, or with great lack of grammatical corrections. Sometimes randomly as I feel guided, sometimes late into the night. Sometimes this is a voice of higher guides, sometimes my own goblin voice. That is me. In the now. Yes. I am many people. I have and will be many people, constantly changing, yet steady in my truth. I am thrilled with all the men's of me. And totally content with the soul of who "I am". Loud in my voice and strong in my will. I am free! Full of copious amounts of love. It is my joy and purpose to share that with you ! 

Thanks for reading !
Would love for you to join in any positive thoughts you have to share.

Dance on my friends! 

With great love, from the higher me of me. To the higher you of you.

In Lak'ech Ala K'in


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