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The man behind the curtain

I just got in from watching OZ The Great And Powerful  

I have had an intention to watch it since it came out a few weeks ago, its been a busy week of good work. 

My first introduction to the wizard of OZ was when I was child. Sitting in the basement, of my parent’s house. Bewildered by the fear of the flying animals and dark witches. I was more adept to a fantasy realm, which was often configured in my head or in the heart of my imagination. Refusing to watch TV, unless in was Hercules or care bears.   

 When I became aware of the spiritual essence in my life, the movie had much more meaning and divine connotations. For some reason, I could not bring myself out tonight to dance with friends this eve, so I opted to take myself on a date. Where I could sit in the back of the theatre, happily alone. Mowing on a big tub of popcorn.  

I intuitively knew it would have messages in it for me, as I believe it would for everyone. With an unusual frown and a busy head I tried to enjoy the film in 3D. 

Of course it had many messages and quotes that pertained almost too closely to my life in the real 3D realm.  

I had been twisted into a co-dependent relationship for almost two years. A wild story that is too long to tell on a blog, and one that is somewhat heart wrenching. Which has made me a brilliant, yet humble healer for anyone dealing with any co-dependency. Now. I truly get it. I have been there. Deciding to not go back to that space.   

A million times I have walked away, cutting him free from my feeding tube of trust and copious love. With any co-dependency it is an addiction. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. When I first started overdosing on trust filled hope for someone, whom I was warned to stay clear of.   

 A man I fell in love with at first sight when I was a teenager. The only man who ever made me nervous, the only man I had interest to actually pursue as an adult, the only man that really got to know sides of me that no one else had really ever seen. The only man who ever had the power to break my heart.   

Much like in the wizard of OZ in the re-make, a magician on stage. A con man of sorts lifted beyond. Oddly, sucked into a realm of fantasy reality, of flowering, color filled truths. Far beyond what his imagination could have fathomed prior to landing after his stormy tornado. 
Jumping off of a cliff, from the darkness into the light. Trusting a witch in her own bubble of flight.    

Surrounded in a bubble moving too fast. Equipped with his witty, box of music, a keen ego and a bag of tricks- to fill the falsely roll. Along his path he finds his heart, as he pieces together a china doll. Realizing that the good witch really does have a wand, and a heart that never stops believing in him.   

Secretive, in his own fear, where he believed he was not actually the wizard in the, prophesy.   
As three versions of different witches, teach, taunt and threaten him. 

Not realizing his decisions effect more people than just him. He finally realizes his true power to make a difference. In finding that yes, people are counting on him. Not fed by his, own guilt, but by a heart that softens as he tucks a fragile doll into bed. 

After the fight for peace, the good witch continues to believe in him, despite the fireballs combined with the frazzled energy of the green electricity coming at her, in all directions.

Handcuffed in belief between her own inner voice of truth, confused by the happenings of her confusion and anger.   
In the real world, a typical narcissistic personality of a man stuck within his own illusions, of ego’s convincing tricks. A warm heart so badly wanting to birth, as the good witch confronts him with his inner responsibility. In her attempt, for greater peace. Knowing he landed for a reason.   

When it gets hot, he tries to escape in a hot air balloon, she realizes yet again that dishonesty never comes on time. She continues to hope, and with some help from the much-kins he creates the foggy smoke, an image of his true powerful voice. An illusion.

Made with great purpose, to scare the evil witches, two versions of her own ego’s shadows, yet the good witch with her wand casts them both away. She prepares for when they come back to haunt her peaceful ways. Knowing that, regardless the truth must be spoken, as any fear that comes up is not really hers to defend.   

The movie, always finishes with a good ending. 

In the real 3D world, one learns to keep hope anyway, but realizes that no love can be given to someone who doesn’t let it in.    

 “Bubbles are just for show”  

But only a real wizard can face his own demons.     

Not ever with a bag full of tricks, or by hiding behind a curtain.  Only through the true softening of his heart and listening to the voice of his very own truth.   

Just like the witch who has a wand, which never ceases to be fully charged with light.

Every wizard is eventually sent to a place, where he must face himself at some point or sometime.  Leaving behind his old story by just simply saying:  

 “No you are not crazy”   

 Even if inwardly accepting the silent voice that says.   

 “I am a true wizard under my very own disguise, it was the part of me that was truly scarred of the bad witch within you”   

 “With good reason, she would laugh” or maybe cackle a bit.   

 Click-kitty click. There is no place like home. Where we all deserve to belong, in comfort.

To say that in the end, we are all human, trying to be better. Little by little, simply, with no good need for cyber tricks.  Or even red shoes that click.   

 Only wands that work well, in a world that is in fact quite real.   

 Who are you really?  In. The. Real. World.   

 Infinite belief.   

 The good witch 

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kamia shepherd on March-20-13 6:19 AM
bravely written
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Fabrik on July-20-13 1:06 AM
Great post and right to the point. I am not sure if this is in fact the best place to ask but do you guys have any idea where to get some professional writers? Thank you
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Curtains on July-23-13 12:12 AM
praisable is the word for this psot, I must say that your thoughts are compeltely go with mine and your efforst are easily shown in the blog above.
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