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Today's feature: Serving Practical Happiness, With A Side of Whipped Joy

What would you like to order today? Joy or pain? 

Have you ever felt like your emotions were a trick?      

If you were to look at them, what would they look like?   

Have you ever tried this, actually looked in to see?  

A well presented platter of yummy goodies?

Eggs of emotion, sunny side up, or scrambled up with bizarre looking, interconnected wires or tubes. 

Dazzled with frazzled lines, or a web of tangled confusions resembling steel wool?    

Have you ever wondered? Ever looked in?    

Surely you feel them.   

We all do.   

Meet the pain body. The body you know so well. A well designed part of our human makeup. The part of us fed by frustration, sadness, anger, confusion, negative thoughts and other frequency patterns. All stored within the pain body.Which loooove to linger in our energy body.      

They are the truest of tricksters.   

Very connected to where our memories are held. Acting as storage file in a computer, each file a different size. Taking up space in your hard drive.

Not everyone can “see” this. We have been trained not to.   

With a bit of practice you could.   

I believe that this pain body is not of our original nature, yet a very present being, that we have learned to really trust as part of who we are.   

Imagine for a moment if you will, a magnetic field, sweeping forward motion attracting random magnets and pieces of reflective glass. Like sticky notes as reminders of loving energies or painful ones.   

Layers in the field of our perceptions, these pieces of glass become mirror like. Reflecting off of each other, as observations in our perceived reality. Often as people, and situations we attract. Imagine now, this same hurling sphere with lead weights, chained behind this forward moving vortex of energy. All caught up in the ball of steel wool. These weights, attached to the mind as some kind of issue, problem or dilemma. Slowing down the actual field of energy that creates your truest desires.   

The pain body REALY does not want to let go. Ever. It loves to suffer. Like hot chili sauce, burning through you. Especially on the way out.

Are you having a hard time staying in a stable, healthy relationship? Repeating jobs that bore you? Not making enough money? Not selling enough? Having the same conversation over and over? Having people be hard on you? Beating your self up with guilt? Repeating storms in your reactions? Or maybe the opposite, too busy, too tired, over crowded, as everything is too loud?    

Pain body patterns.   

When you are stuck in your pain body, you will continue to re-create the same stories in different versions. Without you even knowing it, all of this is up in your field projected as something/someone you are.Perhaps, wondering why the world is out to get you?   

Now, this visualization gives you an idea of how the pain body operates, and if you became aware. You would know that all of this could in fact reflect within itself. Almost as a second person, eventually becoming a manifestation in the physical body. Displaying itself as anything, as simple as a common as a cold, or typical virus, a headache, a severe neck or back pain, arthritis or something more severe such as a cancerous tumor.   

At that point of manifestation, we would deal with all of that in a physical realm. 

Attempting all sorts of physical remedies, Doctor’s, massage, pills, injections, medical treatments, psychological reasoning, and on and on and on.   

Surface cleaning.   

These projections, and pieces of glass become cluttered material that we try to put somewhere. It’s not okay in our society to have all of these emotions. God forbid you are depressed, lacking sleep, angry or sad, or mad at what someone did to you.   

So now we have a whole planet full of sphere like hurling energies, containing millions of years of these invisible stories. Floating around, blaming each other. As if there were a bounce back layer of plastic around the planet, containing all of this sludge. Circulating it’s self in different re-created versions.   

Welcome to the karmic cycle!   

Billions of energy balls projecting outward. That sound like this:   

“He did this to me…… she said that to me…..I deserve this because….you shouldn’t be this way because…..they should be more……I am mad that you didn’t like what I served….."
These statements are what I call fire balls. We have been hurling them at each other from the beginning of time. So I want to ask. Where does all of this energy go?   

I will tell you what I do know.   

If pills, surgery’s, court cases, laws, and psychological reasoning, were in fact working. Then our planet would not be in the emergency room.    

We would not have an epidemic of obesity, failed relationships, sickness, poverty, and war. Hatred stirred over time towards our “enemies”.  Resulting in gun wars, power struggles, political, warfare. Reasonable controversy over toxic substances found in our food and in our water supply.   

The truth is, we know something is amiss.   

Sorry my friends, but this IS the reality we have created.  

We obviously need to start paying attention. From, a standpoint by acting as mature, realized human beings.   

SO what is the non-complicated solution?   


YOU are the only one in charge of your stream of data. You are the one with your very own hard drive. You are the one containing this data, holding the memory. Yes, you as a conduit of these frequency’s. Contributing to the past present and future.   

Above all of your spider-webs, that heavily float between your physical body and your spiritual body is a real version of you. Balanced, calm, happy and very playful you, that is so much fun!   

A version of you that would laugh at your self, if you could see the torture that your hard drive is repeating. Over. And over. And over. Again.   

Straight up.   

There are some holes now, in the plastic wrap that surrounded the planet for so very long.   TRUE story.    

This energy that has bounced around for so long NOW has somewhere to go. The thing is.   


All that “will” go nowhere except around in more circles, unless YOU give it permission to leave.    

The next post will be “Practical Magic” for some tips on how to do this.   

As you need to give all of this to the right place, for proper transmutation and healing.

Your pain body really does not want to take responsibility. It would rather hold on to that old, painful program. That part of you, is VERY convinced that is the easier route.  

It is not.   

SO what about practical happiness?   

How about you just tell your pain body to become transparent. The unwelcomed feelings will come up. That won’t go away. What if instead of holding everything in and hurling everything back outward at others, you just decided that you were the manager of this field of energy.   

Gave it reason, gave it attention, look in. Then just simply detach from that part of you. 

No more, surface cleaning, after the fact.   

Why are there so many energy healers here right now?  
Why are there SO many psychics, and spiritual teachers?   
Why is the whole planet speaking of a shift?   
Why is spirituality a trend?  

I will tell you.           

It is because we ARE here for a purpose. We CAN repair our broken planet.   

You knew ALL of that before you came here. You just have amnesia.   

Think about it.   

If what we have been doing this whole time actually worked, we would not be so sick and so out of balance as a planet.   

Call it “the new age” or what ever you want. We know it now. We are the cause and refection of what is happening here. This is not crazy talk. This is truth.   

If you are polluted with a vortex of steel wool spider webs, and so is everyone else. Then we are projecting this off of each other all the time. Driving through these webs, picking up on these tornados. Putting them back into our world and re-creating the same boring, harmful, stories that we have been creating forever!   

What about if we all just took responsibility? I mean personal responsibility. 

What if you represented a condo in the “world complex?”   

What would you display?  What would you contribute?   

You cannot, clean your neighbors apartment. You can only clean yours.   

Personally I have learned this the hard way, by taking on other people’s energy in the past, because I am skilled in transforming energy. My ego had me convinced I could take on that job. However I have also learned that this does not work. One cannot do this, without permission and consent. It is very harmful to the pain body and to the spiritual body and can take a very long time to repair.   

Too some level, I do believe as healers that some permission has been given because it is so very needed. Some exceptions have been granted. Too often at the expense of the one trying to help. However what I have been shown is that it is quite simple really.  

If we all kept our own personal compartments clean. The world would change. I know this for a fact.    

What I see clearly in my day job is that each one of us makes up (part) of the grid around the planet. Which is the storage unit of the earth community, and it’s production of our reality. 

Sadly the extremely unbalanced souls are the ones with a good portion of that control.  Stuck, in the “it’s all about me” mode of the pain body. When these folks personally decide to clean up their own storage units, the world will progress in a healthier fashion.

Awareness in the higher states of conscience is the only way to get there. 

We all need to wake up. The alarm is ringing.   

Beyond all of the collective (purpose filled) pain of the past is old (delusional) sadness, suffering, pain and hurt. Past all of that, is a newer version of reality. It is a really happy version of truth.   

I really needed to learn and understand everything about my pain body. Thank-fully I had glorious teachers. Bless their souls. All of the people that I allowed to hurt me in the past, my pain body remembered in order to attract what I needed to see. That is why we are amnesia driven. Just imagine you knew all the people that had ever hurt you before.  Even in all of, your past lives? Ever been mad at someone for no good reason? The pain body loves reasons, but doesn’t need them to be angry.   

Under all of my own hurt, pain, and suffering is a very, very happy version of me. I have seen this. I know that my pain body is not really, part of that happy me.   

Sometimes the mind feeds that part of me, so much ridiculous fast food crap. I have to laugh. (Usually after I walk, run, cry, create, yell into thin air, purge, heal and move on)   

With a few life times of practice, remembering that I am a being of higher consciousness. I know that the pain body it cannot be dealt with solely in a human/physical way. This energy needs to be transformed to another realm.     

Just like, I know I cannot control someone else’s vortex by jumping into it. Shame on me for even thinking that! Being an energy stalker is just no fun.  

What I CAN do is open the doors, and welcome all of the people that are serious about cleaning up their own vortex.   

I do believe that is why we all came here. We knew we could do it.    

We made sure there would be a hell of a lot of spiritual teachers and healers to poke, prod and remind us in the, most gentle way possible. I will be the first to admit. Sometimes we get need to get a little feisty to prove a point. Then write about it.   

So with that said. Whenever you would like some universal windex, a deep steam clean for your "soul" carpets, and a divine filter placed within your energy body I would be happy to do so. Feed your self with good words, happy energy and positive vibes. 

Reconnect tot he true power source of happy!      

It would be my honor to connect with you! Let's cre-ate! It is always easier to cook and clean with someone who has the tools, and the know how to do so.  

So only with your permission, when you decide to do so.  

Remember why you are here.  

Do your part here. Keep your house clean! Have fun dong it! 

Served, as a warm, heaven cooked meal. With a side of joy, topped with love.   

The spirit chef 

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