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Practical Magic gets real

A child's magic dust is of the most potent!

Do you remember when you were a child? I bet if you go back, you have a story. Maybe you believed in the tooth fairy? Or the easter bunny. A time when Magic worked in your favor. What were your dreams? 

One spring day I clearly recall a magical manifestation.

At eight years old, walking by a storefront window in my home town. I noticed a HUGE stuffed panda in the window. An avid collector of teddy bears at eight years old. I was ecstatic when I saw this happy panda, was a prize for a raffle draw.   

A granted wish from a star, I grew up with the most amazing step dad a girl could ask for. Who also seemed to marvel in the world of make believe, fantasy and the world of positive thought.   

That particular day, as he noticed my excitement, he took me in to enter the draw. Looking back, we were both kids that day. As I wrote down my name, he held the folded paper in is hands and asked me to make the wish, a wink and then to drop it in the box with a sprinkle of invisible, magical fairy dust.

Keeping the magic alive, he explained, would be equally important. He instructed me, that every day at least three times a day that I would have to think, and see in my mind that I had already won the teddy bear. Enthusiastically, I obliged. Which was a rare occasion! It was because, I knew. 

I was In total trust, that I would be the winner. 

Each time, as I walked by the store, I would visualize myself walking home with the giant panda. Totally distracted in school, and focused on my intention to win.   

Surely not less than a week later, the phone rang at dinner time. Usually a time where we did not answer the phone. I looked at my wizard instructor, without word. Asking him to answer the call. Surely enough, I had won the Panda bear! 

The next day I was so thrilled, as I walked out of the store and buckled in my new friend, in the seat beside me. At eight years old, with little doubt I was convinced that magic was real. 
 I have no doubt that this was a powerful, positive lesson, which stuck through out my life. Encouraging me to always believe.     

As adults, we come up with a million reasons to stop believing. No matter what happens in my life, I refuse to do so. Because I still see the power of “magic” everyday.   

There may be people in your life that become characters in your script that don’t, so much believe in this form of magic anymore.  Your own fantasy realm may not always work the way you want, but just maybe there is even some hidden magic there. Even in those situations?    

So if any fear came up with reading the old school description of magic, (in my last post) it could be because you are in fact a true wizard, magician, or sorcerer who has become lost with your trust in the powers that be! 

What force is controlling your magic wand?   

Looking back to what has happened to the magical ones in society it is no wonder we get frightened, or forget how to use our powers sometimes.  

The only enemy of a magician is his own process of belief. Resulting in his ability to create, destroy or re-create a true illusion. The power of the mind is the best potion that exists. The magician’s recipe to alchemize a poison or a potion is crucial in his/her ability to be clear on his/her tricks.   

Emotion can, not be a factor.   

When the wand is out of control, lead by a negative emotion, any magical being no mater how practiced. Can create a disaster of events. I love to think of the scene in Cinderella where Cinderella is creating her ball gown; happily whistling and singing as all the creatures are helping her. Everything is coming together perfectly, until she becomes disturbed by one of the stepsister’s rude comments. All of the sudden her beautiful ball gown starts to turn to ruins as her focus changes from happy, to angry. Everything goes very wrong, as she watches her beautiful creation turn to pieces, scattered on the floor.

Thankfully as divine miracle would have it. Her fairy Godmother is a more, practiced magical creatrix who comes along just in time to wand up a new gown. Equipped with a pumpkin chariot.   

Creatrix: New word.  Female creator   (credit given to my magical friend Gretchen) 

Do you have a real life version of a similar story?   

Not too recently I thought I had attracted my own prince, a result of a childhood spell, I had done in my mind. Asking to revive the spell as an adult, of course he appeared in my vortex of wanting.   

When the wand got out of control due to his own freewill choices combined with a few, behind the scene characters getting involved. I watched all kinds of earthly dilemmas go down. In a very, disastrous way!     

As the laser beam of focus turned into a series of frazzled electric volts, I saw that my own frequencies were quite wired. I had to go into deep meditation, various times to reconstruct some damage. Eventually having to put up a big, huge water wall between us. I then became very frustrated at the distance I had created between us. Well of course! There was a huge water wall there! Powerful enough that he did not dare walk through it. I likely had a ring of fire around that wall as well. Which did a wonderful job of keeping other men out as well, until I dealt with that. Having to reconfigure the wall to a more welcoming door.  

Looking back I can laugh, but at the time it was actually the most terrifying and painful experience of my life. As I watched something very innocent and playful turn into a mess of ugly, scenarios that, were way out of my own control.   

Talk about magic gone wrong!   

The true blessing in the end was in remembering, that I do in fact have an invisible wand. Just like you do. In the process I was re-connected with some powerfully magical friends who did help to help me undo the spell! I have also learned the intense power I have to create, or destroy a situation. The most important lesson is the reminder that more often than not, the magic is out of my hands when it comes to the freewill of others.   

So, you as a magical being, a true powerful alchemist that you are, what are you creating? Or what are you destroying with your magical wand?   

The good news is this: When any magic spell has gone wrong, we are always provided with a solution. A miracle happens when we allow it. Which is why as magicians, healers and wise ones, we need to let go of trying to control the illusion's of others. Not all spells are meant to work, because every wizard, and every witch is remembering how to use the wand, to properly focus the hocus-pocus.   

More often than not, it is better to make a wish upon a star, and let the dust settle where it may. Trusting, that when you truly release your spells, the miracle is given with little to no intent at all. We also must remember, every good magician has an assistant. 

That assistant is the big guy upstairs. Source energy.

We can create all the tricks we want, but the true power is not only left to the magician.  We need to channel the right energy stream in order to work in the divine will, rather than in our own will. Which is always the same as our creators will, and ALWAYS, WAY easier anyway.   

So yes.You have a wand. Are you charging it properly and are you using it for the higher good?   

Practical in my service, what I do see very often in about 80% of the clients I attract are people that have very unique gifts. I also see that time and time again these gifts have at some point been manipulated or taken away.Or the "belief" has been torn down over time.Too many people are stuck in a 9-5 job, not creating from a place of passion. Why?

This is shown to me in a few ways, often it is shown as key of wisdom that is meant to be used to open old information that may have been a secret in the past, other times a scepter of healing energy being re-charged, I have also seen hands being activated with light, or a peace pipe being given. Vissions come in many other ways. As I am shown how to assist in taking down these blocks. The ethereal vision shows this as a means to empower the person back into who they really are. To align them into their true power as a creator. Always with reassurance, that it is now safe to use these tools again. Which are in fact very real, very practical and very important to activate. There is great purpose and logical reason why we have been given these “powers”.   

 Are you ready to work some practical magic? 

Do you need to empower your wand, or maybe find your truest gift? Your own unique gift, which can assist you to serve the world in a meaningful, abundant, joy filled way?   

You came to the right place! 

Watch for the next post, coming very soon! I will give you practical magic tips of how you can easily: 
-Transform energy from illusion to truth 
-Tips on how to magnify your sacred SPAce with magic 
-How to release energy to make room to attract what you really want
-Accepting things you cannot change and how to alter the pain associated with what you can not control.
-Magic for accepting your powers to create! 

Stay tuned! There is a magical frequency that surrounds you! 
Remember to surround your self with magical people who are creating what they love!   

In the meantime, check out the movie Practical Magic, a comedy starring Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock. A must see!    

A magical tea party with a modern day hero.

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