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Cracking Magical Easter Eggs

What the angels are saying today?

" Each of you was born with a universe within you. The purpose of your physical life is to reveal that universe in order to re-birth reality"          

Leading me to question:
What if all illness was caused from lack of truth? Then maybe we would focus less on hiding it and more on being healthy.     

Magical Easter eggs   

I watched the life of Pi last night, I might have a new favorite movie.    

 A truly brilliant production, really hit my deep oooey gooeeey emotions. 

It’s funny how in my last post how I spoke of magic and not having emotion involved. There is a fine balance of finding detachment from the pain body and honoring the nature of your being.   

In the past I had learned to bottle my emotions, in order to come across as simple, or strong, thinking it was a weakness to be an emotional noodle. Maybe, it was okay to be a tall hard noodle, but not soaked in water like a piece of limp spaghetti, mushy, and full of emotion.   

The funny thing is, I am an empath. A profoundly practiced clairvoyant, clairsentient healer. Naturally. I am a total feeler. That is my gift. How could I possibly relate to others if I too hadn’t seen how crucial and how unavoidable it is to not be a mushy noodle, from time to time?   

As I have promised to speak of Magical tips. I have decided I need to re-cap my true beliefs on emotions, in an honest way first. 

I know that when practicing divine Magic, the more aware of the emotions we are, the more useful our intentions will be. When our Auric field is all bottled up with unexpressed emotion it creates a slower moving vibration which serves no good purpose at all. 

As my Angels said to me last night was this:   “Each of you was born with a universe within you. The purpose of your physical life is to reveal that universe in order to re-birth reality.”   

Then they nicely pointed out a recent physical ailment I have been dealing with for over three months, finally now starting to get better. If you have read my post about surface cleaning, and how important it is to deal with emotional issues, in order to avoid them becoming physical pain. Then this goes hand in hand, with practical magic.   

The body expresses itself naturally, by showing us pain when we have not released something on an energetic level. It also shows us clearly when we are holding on to something heavy. Just like when the body gains weight accordingly in its highly intelligent nature.   

Being a person who was always been “loose as a goose” it was frustrating for me to have extreme pain in my neck and shoulders for so long.  As an energy healer, I know that back and neck pain is always associated with past pain, and any energetic holding of stagnant energy right between head and heart issues. A physical result caused with reason, from carrying a heavy burden. The C7 vertebra is a common spot for the wise body to store a memory. I rarely resort to pain pills, unless I really need to. I do what I suggest to clients, by getting to the root of it.   

Over eight weeks of acupuncture, chiropractic treatments and some internal release work, with some help I finally cured the ball of energy from the past, which was literally pinching my nerves. The C7 is associated with life path, where old blocks, unexpressed emotion, and healing are needed which are connected with the past. Time to sew the head back on!   

So any good sorceress, magician, wizard, healer or alchemist understands the laws of the physical realm, in order to balance them and shift them, within the laws of the universe. If you have a universe within you, waiting to birth it-self, you need to reveal all parts of you. In complete, authenticity.  

So what does that mean in a practical way?  

My goal is to keep this to two pages. Bear with me. What ever is coming is important. 

Authentic re-birth seems a perfect topic for Easter Sunday.    

The true celebration is really about fertility. Hence, the associated symbolism eggs and bunnies.  

If you look back to the last year, of your life, what eggs have you hatched? What did you give birth to?  What did you learn? What did you paint, plant and create? Instead of being hard on your self for what you didn't do, be proud of your self. I bet you have come far since the last trip around the sun.   

When I see, that inside we are actually made up of a universe of light, I mean to say that internally we are very happy balanced creators bursting at the seems. At the very core of your essence you are but true balance. Really. Yet I have seen about two people in my whole life that actually look completely balanced- energetically. Wild eh?  Imagine a world full of balanced people? I love that if we really truly believed that we did have a universe inside, waiting to be birthed knowing that we did have the power to be balanced as humans. We would have a very different world to call home. I also know, with out a doubt that balance is what we are ALL looking for.   

Even in our chaotic behaviour, our true intent is to find balance. It is only our habits that respond to a world created around drama driven media, culture and relationships. Hopefully, coming from a place of peace rather than fear, in unspoken silence we harness balance.   

Energetic “magic” can birth the miracle of this internal universe that you have within you.  I would not talk this stuff, if I had not seen it in my life and in others repeatedly. As a seer of the divine light all day everyday, I know is within everyone. I don’t care how many “emotional layers” you have. That is what makes you human. Under all of that, you are a unique imprint of your very own star system. 

YES you are here to re-birth reality as we know it. I get this without having to read a whole lot about meta-physics and our connection to the cosmos, because I see it everyday all around me and all around you! It is not my purpose here today to explain it.   

If you want to grasp this concept in a more scientific way, I suggest listening/reading anything written by Deepak Chopra. He is a genius at musing the scientific and meta-physical truth and if you want a down to earth simple version of this, and how it affects you personally then I invite you to book a reading! No side effects at all!   

It is my purpose to “Look in” (with your permission) in order to assist you to bring out your own universe!   I love what I do and I see over and over and over again how this helps people with all sorts of things. From mental and physical pain, or stress, to living a happier life, creating loving relationships and manifesting more abundance.   

SO with that said I am happy to give you some basic tips on practical magic. As we are all here, together on the same path to ascension with a common goal of living as balanced beings, birthing a new, happier world!   

Since I have arrived at three pages, the next post will have to be TIPS ON PRACTICAL MAGIC I promise. It is a gorgeous Easter day, and the nature fairies are calling me to get outside!  

Happy Easter!   

Enjoy giving birth to all your new seeds, hatching your happy little chickens and chasing as may bunnies, as your heart desires!   

Easy on the chocolate!  

With love,

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