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The balance of Practical Magic

The best magic is far from practical   

However, I will to do my best in wording the wonderful world of Magic in a somewhat practical manor. It works!  

The outside of the of the box, version as opposed to a limited view of our common image or idea of magic, like cutting women in half or pulling yards of rainbow material out of someone’s ear. 


First thing to always remember and never dismiss:  
YOU ARE A MAGICIAN. Believing needs to come before seeing, (in most cases) Once you remember, and act accordingly the stream of magic supports your every move in life.   

How to open the divine stream of magical gasoline? 
First of all, know you need NO tools. There are many tools available on the physical realm. Which have the potential to enhance your intentions, as well as a laser beam your work or to show a more practical seeking mind, the proof of the unseen.   

You CAN perform all sorts of shape shifting feats with no tools what so ever. Such tools could be crystals, wands, tarot cards, amulets, geometric shapes and various elements of earth and spirit to balance and ground non-physical wisdom. These help and I recommend them but a magician or sorceress only needs him/herself. Balanced in the ability, aligned with magical source.      

Surely by now we know, with little doubt that everything is energy. Everything is energetic vibration moving at various speeds and frequency. The true source of all magic is completely non-physical. Just because you don’t “see it” doesn’t mean it does not exist. Just like various form of the electromagnetic light spectrum, as well as beta, alpha, delta, and gamma waves.      

Magic, then is the musing of the non-physical into the physical.   

Clearing up some ideas   

Keep in mind: This has nothing to due with religion or fear based ideas of Magic.(please feel free to read my last post where I give  more practical idea of magic)
There is no big man in the sky who punishes you or gifts you based on your behaviour. That is crazy. Consciousness has evolved beyond that. Our minds have expanded. The divine magic is not contained in walls, dogmatic programming, in sin, or in control dominated teachings based on the power of someone deemed more powerful or more worthy than the other. I do believe what goes around comes around in another form, and       sure, some magicians, or some spiritually practised people have worked in balance to harness their powers, but no one is limited in any way to the access of divine energy, wisdom and creation.  

That is the truth. 

Magical energy is not about a man made structure. Nor does it have to do with tricks. That is stage magic, which is the art of creating an illusion into a visible form. Fun entertainment, to the observer, just as the staged magician, reveals to an audience of the truth of form. How an unsuspecting eye can perceive an illusion as a visual reality. Which is actually, simple, yet wise mockery of the artist’s own ability to perform as an actor.

That is a false form of truthful intention for entertainment purposes. This is seen often in leaders who misuse their power in order to control the masses. Seen in governments, systems and dictatorships through out the times. 

God forbid the lost wizards continue this form of mockery, when there is a world full of true magic to create and transform!  Do you agree?   

Bless them for their attempts, by adding flavour to a bitter dish with some divine sweetness and continue creating some love sprinkles with practical intent. Without getting sucked into abusive illusions. Keep your magical mind afloat!   

Here, I speak of working with universal, divine, non-physical creation. 

Energy shifting: Seeing into the true source of creation, the non-visible part of the behind the scene force, or source. Which is really the true operating system, of everything that exists in our physical reality.   

Also as a magical person, you must be aware that there is always a critic in the audience. Looking for the string that holds up the floating (unseen) factor of the truth.  If you let that person get in your way, you are not working in the realm of truth. When you focus on someone else’s disbelief you give them your power, which enhances their own illusion of disbelief. 

As the magician, you choose which illusion you want to participate in.   

To be a good magician/or sorceress, your energy needs to be centred in trust and focused in belief. You may or may, or may not fully be aware of what powers you have to create. SO there is no need to convince the critic of your powers or of the source of your powers.   

If you are a cutting edge magician, you cannot care about the critic. Even, if it is the part of you who is your own inner critic. You must only focus on creating, and attracting other cutting edge magicians. Sometimes you will be on the stage, and sometimes in the audience. In either position, you are contributing to creating the final magical outcome of the group. 

So all tricks aside, lets get to practical real life tips! 

I am inviting you

Understanding the illusion of Dark energy and light energy. You must know these two vibrations and be willing to see past the duality of each.   

Illusion of “dark” energy:  Fear based emotion. Old stories of betrayal, mockery, trickery, deceit, guilt, pain, anger, jealousy, greed, lack, victimization or any other “not so comfortable” emotion. 
These do exist here on this realm. Yes, we have created this vibration here, and it is a very real illusion of misused/misread energy. This energy floats around waiting to penetrate the field of truth and become believable. We all have some form of this “heavier” vibration to some extent. What you focus on grows. That is magic. Some may call this negative manifestation black magic, or refer to this as the devil or evil. This named illusion truly has no power unless you, as the magician give it power. Period.  It only deserves a quick paragraph. Love the darkness.  It shows you light.  That is its purpose.   

Light energy: I have no problem being in a dark room. Do you? 
I have little need to stand in one, but if I chose to, I know how to shine my internal flashlight. It took practise. When you turn on the light the illumination cures the darkness. Only by embracing and loving the darkness are we able to transform the illusion.
If you are fearful of fear, you will be full of fear. 

If you become a practised light worker, you can begin by shifting your own energy, then with practise, you can (help) shift others, then rooms of energy, then bus loads, then towns, then City’s! YEY! Isn’t this great to know? 
Your neighbour may choose to feed the fear. The light is always there. Just as, the “perception” of the darkness is there. Which is really lights shadow. No big deal.

Clearing the table: Before any good magic can happen, one needs a clean SPAce. Just like if you prepare a meal, you start with a clean board. IF your field of energy is wired by too much noise in your head, or too much magnetic attraction of someone else’s energy or heavy illusions, your clarity will be off. Remember the KISS rule. Keep it simple superstar! 
Your divine source will always be there, but your own creation of thought forms may become cluttered. Ask for a clearing and breathe deeply. See a vortex suctioning all the “lower” illusions up and out. Then bring in the “light”. What ever that means for you.   

Align your intentions 
What are you attempting to do? Are you trying to release? Trying to attract?  
Always best to release something in order to create space for something else to come in. The law is always about giving and receiving. The harmony of the divine is infinite. 
There is usually so much to be received, when we are in trust. 
Centre your self, in deserving.  
Remaining open to allowing BIG magic to support you. Know you are a magician, a transformer. Become a receiver of good. You will be given what you need. Always. 
Give away the lower based crap and let the true good, light energy support you.
Seeing the illusion
Activate the light body. Your heavy pain body believes it hurts. It tells you all kinds of stories. 

Example: I once had a woman client come in for a session. She had all kinds of physical issues. Major stuff. She was very stuck in that story. She had written me about five or six pages about her illnesses. 

When I work on people I am less interested in the story, as I am in seeing the truth behind the story. I do a cold reading and give no attention to the details of what the person thinks they need to tell me. The less I “know” the better. 

I gently put the paper beside me, then rested her hands on mine, and I asked to see her truth. When I looked in I saw many stories and beyond all of that I saw that she was an amazing, vibrant, healthy, funny, artistic creator.  

Under all of her stories, a very powerful magician who had created a monster of diseases, accumulated from her “heavy” stories. Ones she had held on to since childhood and beyond. She was crippled, by her own belief. Which stopped her from doing and being, the person she wanted to be. Seeing past her illusions I told her who, I saw. Who, she really was.Instantly her energy lighted up. Instantly I saw major healing coming in for her, right away as she shifted. 

Thoughts are energy. Are yours heavy or light? 

After the session she took the paper, folded it up and put it in a cup of water.  
She let go of her illusion and became truthful in her actual energy of being a powerful creator. Two years later, you should see her! She helps people in amazing ways now, to shift peoples spaces, creatively and not too much stops her. She has healed a good portion of her health issues. The rest is a mater of her belief.   

Seeing behind the curtain
Behind the curtain of story’s that can be very painful, she saw a new story and it became her new truth.  

Paying no attention
Has someone tricked you? Is someone tricking you now? Or were you tricking your self into believing something that was true? What is true? Do we know?   

Check out The Work, by Byron Katie. I saw her speak once and that is all I needed to know. Every single drama we attach to is an excuse to blame someone else for our own pain. If you have attracted on either side of that scenario, there is a part of you that thinks you deserve pain. This all seems to serve a great purpose when you do the work. 

Also means you need to not allow your self to be mistreated by anyone. In the past I have had someone play me in very dishonest ways. I could see clear as a bell. In my attempt to bring truth to the table, I was so upset with this person hiding under a mask, asking me to come close, then pushing me away. Maybe I was doing that to myself. Hiding under a mask less powerful than me, pushing my true self out. It was my painful illusion and it was also his. 
Same wound. Different story.  
I can only see now, that we were both a disaster of frazzled stories and perceptions that were true for us at the time. We had a lot in common, to work through.   

Those story’s, are now in the past. They are no longer true.   

Now. Is now. 

That road is clear and there is no good reason to walk that same old road. We, cannot repeat mistakes or lessons. We can only create the moment we are living in presently.
Looking back it is like a fiction book you read. That is a heavy story of the past. A thick and dusty book with scrambled, Greek letters. 

As a magician I do not need to read Greek if I speak English. Sure I tell the story over, and over because it is a great teacher of the curtain, the story, the ego’s illusion and the final truth. It is also away of letting the same old story go. Soon I won;t tell it anymore.

The real story, in truth under the perception of the “darkness” created by the story, we are complete opposites, and in highest truth, beyond the physical is only complete harmony.

Under the masks, in the truth of perceptions, I believe we get a complete kick out of each other. We have pushed each other’s “truth” buttons beyond limits, we love to get annoyed at each other, and we have hurt each other over and over which was never the true intention, and we have also inspired each other like crazy.  

We both seek balance, with totally different ways of finding it.   

The truth under all these stories is a divine love. Appearing “too good to be true”.  The brain remembers the pain in order to protect the pain body from repeating an injury. Too dangerous to admit that the past was pain filled, so the common belief is bound to the memory, which is overriding the truth. This is the pain body’s way of keeping us all separate. So we choose to stay safe and keep a distance. Until the old wounds are let go of, which is healed, released and transmuted. Only then trust can be formed. 
Timing is it’s own magic. Could be as soon as we decide, or into the next realm where we are fully in our power as divine/loving beings of the same energy.   

Here in the now, is what counts.   

This relationship description is a non-balanced, twin flame union. A design meant to be a contrast of energy, meant to be an illusion of separation. It is the painful love that everyone sings about and writes about. The typical age old common love/hate illusion. Society’s Romeo and Juliet. The plot line of so many romance novels that speak of passion, illumination, fire, ice, pain and pleasure.   

Love kept at a distance, as a teacher of how the ego operates and how spirit needs to be birthed.   

As a Sorceress of transformation, now, is where I am.It is the only place I can be. 

I see it as a beautiful and brilliant story that I can no longer allow to be painful. I cannot pay attention to the staged man, in his show or I inter-fear with what his job is here. As well as my own perception, which could easily become twisted.   

Inter-fear. Interesting word. 

The twin flame union is a bold teacher of magic and illusion. Divinely designed, physical manifestation of duality. Which is our biggest illusion here on Earth.   

Anyway, I will write more on Twin flames and soul mates later.       

Finding a balance/paying attention 
When we see the magic behind the curtain. One can pay attention to the true calling of higher vibration. Out in the field of endless creation is also endless love, miracles, friendships, opportunities and support. We do live in the illusion on this “stage of life”. A reality show, if you will. That we created, to star in. In order to remember where we were casted from. The director is you. After the game show here, we go back into oneness. Leaving behind that earth based pain illusion, out of mind out of body, is a whole new world where we all know each other. 

Living from the here and now, we can visit for periods of time to see this wisdom behind the curtain. To seek balance and get through the heavy mud and turn it into magic dust. Pay less attention to the curtain, and more attention to universal guidance. That is where all the magic really happens!  

Please have fun and remember to play, and make light!

Detaching from egos will: 
Ego hates magic. Ego hates truth. Ego hates that we are waking up and seeing the truth. Its purpose is to keep us away from what we ask for. Its mission is to be logical, to be serious, to be victimized and to tell lies about how we feel. It protects you from being authentic and it hides under a million personality traits. It is terrified of being unveiled, it is cautious, burdened, it does not believe in you. It speaks in a voice that say’s “I am not a magician, I am a sheep, I am not qualified, or ready, I am not good enough, or deserving enough” It beats you up all day long. Would you have a friend like that? Tell that friend you know it well, and then tell it to go away. Listen to the call of your heart. 

What magic do you really want to create? Do you dream of being a professional mermaid? I have a friend who has created that magic as her career. I love that! Do you dream of a lush, tropical garden, on an ocean front home? Clean the table and make it happen. Maybe you would tour in a bus, be on a stage cracking people up, or teaching them what you know? Maybe you would sail a boat around the world? If you are happy and content at home in your bungalow, awesome! Then do that! 

Who says you can’t?   
Your ego does, or someone else’s ego does. 
Bah humbug! Little voices do little things.    

Hear, see and speak your magician voice! No matter what people may think of you.
Enhancing the intention
You have to be able to see where your stories are blocking you from your belief. Or where your belief is blocking you from your true story.   

What is standing in your way? What is ego’s voice? What is the voice of the magician spirit? Learn to distinguish the two.   

Meet your ego voice and learn to turn down the volume. 

Focus on what you DO want. Focus the hocus pocus on where your energies need to be, not where they were before. 
A good hockey player knows where the puck is going, not where it has been. Focus on the goal. Not the goalie.   

Empowering the intention
See it. Feel it. Believe it. That’s how everything is manifested. Make a masterpiece of your reality. Some people are so good at this they never seem to fail. They have little doubt. Trust, even when your magic goes haywire. You were simply practising! Next time you will do better.   

Magic words: I can. I will. I am. I have. I know. I allow. Everything I want is already done. I may not see it but I can feel it. This is true for me, and others. I am the divine stream of magic and the divine stream is everywhere. Everything that I do only results in good. This is true and I know it.   

Then throw in some KAZAM BAM BOOM BANG! PAZOW just for fun! 

Sprinkle your seeds and let em grow !   

DIVINE ASSISTANTS AND HIRING OTHER WIZARDS: You have unique powers and unique energy. Same source as the next guy but we are sprinkled about in pieces to remember collective teamwork. 

You may be a great speaker or writer and you may be terrible and promoting your self.  You could be a powerful visionary and lack practical energy in making it come about, we need all levels of the spectrum to create a rainbow. Choose your colours carefully. Then hire the wizards who do what they do, so you can do what you do.

If, like me you are a perfectionist who figures no one can produce you, like you can, get over that and let someone else do it. Just show up for your part of the show.KISS it.

How the “unseen” can assist you in the real world: Invisible wizards, Angels and mentors  I see them all the time. 
You don’t?
Doesn’t mean they are not here to help you. 
These powerful assistants know better than we do.They have no egos’. They love you and they are everywhere in huge numbers. Hire a team of angels, wizards, and anyone else you may have admired in life.  If a life mentor has passed on, ask them to stand near and send you some of their wit and wisdom. As a medium, I talk to some of my favourite personality's all the time! Including Micheal Jackson, Lady Dianna, and Marylin Monroe. It is very true that they all exist in another realm. They are still as charming as ever. Maybe more so!   

I just don’t care if you think I am crazy. We all are crazy, pretenders of normal. 
Normal is boring! 
Be crazy!   

So there you have it. Practically impractical !   

ALacadabra  alakazoo who has the magic?  It is all up to YOU!

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Kamia on April-03-13 11:42 AM
Such a gift! Thank you for the comprehensive explanation and encouragement!
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replica omega on September-10-13 9:07 PM
Thanks for sharing the descriptive moral of the story.
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