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The reward of the Golden badge continued.......


What does the fear have to hide?

Going down into the basement, beamed up and ready to face a demonic entity. I let go of any trace of that idea and opened my third eye wide and bright. No squinting.

What,I actually tuned into was much more innocent. 

I clearly saw two very mischievous, somewhat playful, yet serious looking beings that I know to be hobgoblins. Resembling little dwarfs, seen in a midnight summer dream or in Harry Potter movies, or other folklore movies. They can be troublesome when offended. 

So I talked with them for a bit, asking them what they were doing there. They told me, they were connected to Karen, and were part of her teachings when she was in her power as an alchemist, medicine woman, and shape shifter.

They were angry that she had been stuck in a victimized pattern for too long and that her own desire to reclaim her power, had to be shocked into action.    

I felt quite honoured that I was there to learn this.   

So as any good light worker would do, I asked her to come down into the basement with me, asking her if I could use her medicine, which is always an honour amongst healers.

Carefully choosing herbs and resins, as well as working with many beings of light, we went through each and every corner of the house. To lift and clear any stagnant,fear based energy that was lingering. Surprisingly, there was one room that was totally clean. The place she was storing all of her creative trinkets and festive art materials. Nothing negative in there, at all. Actually there were some tucked aways fairy's, and happy butterfly spirits just flying out into the new SPAce. They were set free into a bigger space too. I was so giddy to see this! Of course those happy little assistants wanted to stay! They just boomed out all of the stagnant energy, seemingly thankful to come out and play again.   

Using her own will, and our clear intentions equipped with a big team, we worked upward to a big window of her main floor. Finally then and there, I saw these two child like creatures on each side of me. I asked them if they were ready to move on and if they were done with bothering her. 

At the same moment with out even seeing what I was doing (so she claimed)   

 “Please tell them I will follow my purpose if they stop tearing down my pictures, and playing with my hair and fingers”   

They looked at her with trusting eyes, and funny giggles.   

As I saw them fly into the other side, a whole new light and wonderful energy entered her home. Instantly her cats came around me, meowing as if to say thank-you or maybe to connect that they knew all along. I saw the prison like fence disappear as her guardian angels and arch angels now stood boldly at each entrance to her home. A much more welcoming, loving vibration!   

I then did her personal energetic clearing, cutting away a whole bunch of energy chords, cellular memories, and victim energy's around her body. I never leave any space empty.  So I fuelled her up, by channelling in her higher soul and soul essence, rooting it in by stabilizing it her core. I then connected her to the golden grid  (more on that later!) 

When I, finally saw her aligned into herself, I saw her whole soul connection amplify.      For an instant I saw her vast and powerful energy, it radiated a perimeter around her and the whole complex where she was living ! A "Big bang" that boomed with light! 

I knew my job was done.

We hugged and shared a happy tear, and chatted about the new energy, and what she intended to do with it. Exciting!    

I left, a little tired, as I allowed the team to do some work on me, enjoying the therapy with the unsuspecting driver getting a good dose of it too. I came home (away from home) to a professional chef mama who has hosting me on my last few visits. To a warm meal made with a lot of love. So tasty!

I just have to give credit to Didee Devine, a former restaurant owner in Edmonton. Didee is a magical spirit chef! With the perfect last name!     

Her “Devine” meal grounded me in a minute.   

I was so filled with love, gratitude and new awareness. Completely elated with how my own journey had taught me so much. Always attracting what I need to see as well.   

After the magic, the miracle follows 

A golden badge   

Two days ago, roughly a month later Karen and I met for a follow up session, honoured again to give her a reading. Although, this time, she had come to see me. 
Even in my clothes that had not been washed five times. ( I am quite pure in my options of detergents, as well as I too am sensitive to chemicals)
this time after some enlightenment, I was wearing no perfume and all, and toxic free. So I was happy to visit with her in my own clean state.   

Right away, I knew her reading would be much lighter this time. I could see instantly that her aura was like new!   

Starting her session, with beautiful deep breaths that had much lighter release. 
Instantly, her huge realm of spirit guides and angels came in. They were so supportive and happy of her choice to heal/shift/and allow. 
They were having a major celebration for her this time! It was so fun to have a little spirit party with her!    

In one month. Major shift!   

Again, I have seen what the power of intent with energy medicine can do. 
I am so impressed at how she decided to take action on the guidance and make very simple changes and really see such results! 

She is completely full of her happy essence, and in her power. The sticky fear illusions had been blasted through the water like a torpedo turned firework. 
Forty years of psychotherapy helped her be able to find the last step and run with it! 
Two hours, a few tricksters in her home and a whole realm of spirit friends, shifted her into purpose! She literally is a new woman!
Energetically, physically and mentally. 
Her scars are about four or five shades lighter, her own ability/intent to cure herself, with some help of essential oils, archangel Raphael and her huge team of spirit healers, whom are all, totally chemical/pharmaceutical free of course!   

She has been going out of her house and finding classes and seminars where people are willing to be as chemical free as possible to attend, hows that for purpose?
I love it!   

It was one of those readings that I love to give. A big, huge, five star, thumbs up celebration! 
I clearly saw her angels put a big huge golden star beside her heart. She had a new spiritual tattoo. Just like a badge of reward! 
I was told by my angels that this spiritual badge of honour will turn into a form of abundance in the physical realm! Serving two purposes, to keep the vibration intact to fully support her in this new life that she is actively creating!   

She is extremely happy, that she has been able to hang up her pictures, with no little invisible friends playing with her fear.     

You see. Fear is a grand teacher.   

When you look it in the eye, and call it on its shots, clearly, it is doing exactly what it needs to do, in what ever form it manifests. Every single character in the real world and in the spirit world is here to help us evolve. Even the troubling, difficult "real" life relationships that we have with others. These mischievous  players that poke us (ha poker players! get it) Couldn’t resist. 

My angels are funny! 

They say, let the chips fall where they may. The truth is, that everyone wins in a truth filled realm. In BIG ways.  

We have very minimal need to expose the poker players in life, rather a big message to spread. Bless them with infinite love! Remember that they are simply wearing a mask. They do it, to remind us, and show us to stand in own power encouraging our voice!  
Our ego says that they push us out to annoy us or reject us. NO way! Poker players sit at our table, cloaked in hidden wisdom and they push us to be who we are, fully. These grand souls sometimes join us in various life times, repeatedly. Sadly, too often repeating the same old games.

How is that for committed perspective to ascension?   

Of course, just as the hobgoblins, we MUST set them free and ask them, with respect, to stop poking and throwing down our pictures. We need to forgive them so that we do not have to keep re-living the same old boring painful cycles.   

What they do is up to them. In truth, we are all connected to the same source regardless of the level of awareness. 
Keep in mind that you too, are teaching them but not at your expense! That is the new age difference! 
Let them play their cards, and you just keep reading yours!  
If they aren't willing to sit down in a mature way, let them know that you are no longer willing to feed their ego's energy in this way. Which of course their ego will not like. This, is not your problem.

Attract cutting edge assistants, friends and co-partners instead.   

I am very compassionate, as a psychic medium. 
I know it can be very easy to override spirit's messages, to me it is very obvious when someone is throwing down your pictures when you are so acutely aware.We are all predisposed to forms of psychic attack from others.
Invisible or not, to a “seer” EVERYTHING is visible energy, and blindfolded or not, everything is felt.   

So you do get me. Just like I get you. 

As a healer, I refuse to feed the old energy by getting suckered into it. There is too much fun to be had! Really. 

The reincarnated earth angels are needed like never before.  
So then, when tricksters trick, boldly and clearly thank them for doing their job, politely ask them to leave the tricks alone, then follow through by doing your part! Follow your end of the deal, by following your purpose by doing what you do.  
Be honest and true, stand in your real power, and centred in heart. Do what you do, with conscious behaviour. Follow your purpose here in a gentle, loving way with balanced action.      

That is your true essence. Be the inner dog that people love. Or, like a mild dyslexic may say, be your inner god!   

Only by facing our shadows, can we uncover them. Projecting ego's illusions helps no one. Break the mirror and be the flame of light you were put her to be.

Thank-you to Karen for being such a grand soul, for taking on so much, so that others could see!   

The best shifts happen when we choose to take the guidance and follow it! 
Without any need for approval from any other human being.   

We are all. SO. Very. Supported.  

And so very very powerful!  

With great love, and respect 

Margo Denay Bereska 
Psychic healer/Medium/ Happiness agent and Shape shifter/ Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner      

For more information on earth angels and to find out what realm you resonate with, you may want to read Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue. As well, I recommend choosing a deck of  her tarot cards that can help you, to remember your own inner wizard through gentle honest reminders, coming from timeless, spiritual teachings of universal wisdom. You can find her work at or through    

If you feel you need some training in the psychic realm, trust that you are 100% psychic and I would love to work with you, to assist you get on your path to your purpose!  
I offer one on one training as well as group classes.

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