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Mastery in the morning TIPS on recovering from co-dependency

April 12 2013   Mastery in the morning  (not short and sweet, just like the process)

Today I woke up haring a bird chirping. Singing a song of freedom, I felt great, because last night I fell asleep in my power, and woke up hearing my angels clearly. 

They were floating on the edge of my bed, suggesting I also include some tips for anyone seeking support for co-dependency. 

My angels showed me how well I had done in this process, laughing with me in truth, that I had been a bit of a drama queen at times, but that mostly I had carried grace and dignity in my hands, even when they were full. 

As many divinely assisted messages came in, I heed the prompt. 

Today I see a very strong glass door, reflecting the sun, reflecting inner power and peace, divine love, all of life’s joy’s and treasures. I see and feel bountiful, with plenty of great adventures, which are fun and deserving! 

This old metallic curtain of the past has crumbled, the rebuilding of the other person is not up to me. The glass door is closed, with grace. I can see through it. Now, I stand looking out as a light house. Dancing flexibly, in service. 

Not paying any attention to the man who used to be………..or the hurt child/broken child who I was. 

Thank-you for being part of my journey.    


Tips on breaking the mirror 
Freeing yourself from a co-dependent relationship   

Mirror mirror 
In any un-healthy relationship with anyone, we are mirroring each other. 
Often said that what you see in someone else, you see in your self. 
This is only partially true. 
However the truth is, that if you are stuck in something abusive, it hardly means you are abusive. Rather,It may indicate you have unresolved issues where you are allowing a hurtful situation. There is no one, more fair, in an abusive cycle. 

So the first step is to see that you are looking into someone’s deep pain and if you stay, you are taking a big risk to become sucked into that pain as well. 

Sure it will show you what you need to heal your self, sure you may feel like you are responsible, or like you can help. This all may be true in your head. 
YOU do not need to suffer.

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” 
The mirror gives many answers. Do not be confused. Write your own test and give your self 100%

Answer key:

A. “We are all equal, divine, wise personalities. We all have some degree of pain and hurt to look at. No one is better than anyone else.  
You are the one in control, you have choices” 
B.  “I see many guides, and angels around you that you may not see. They are here in loving, gentle support. 
If someone is beating you up mentally, physically or emotionally, please tell them to beat it” 
C. “Life will show you profound experiences and draw in the true support you seek, you simply need to see that you deserve this, I will show you your truth and brilliance, not anyone else. Look deep” 
D. "All, of the above! Clear all pained illusions, and see your self as you truly are, inside of all of your perceived flaws you are exploding with aligned potential.     
Turn it around 
There will come a time when you feel stuck in hell. You may or may not want eat/you may not want to get up or do anything. You may need to stay home and sleep or cry or not answer the phone. DO not stay there very long.  

 -Admit that you are in a very unhealthy situation say it to yourself in the mirror
 -Seek support from a loving group of people. This is crucial.
 -Look for signs that you are supported 
 -Get out of your illusion and go walk in nature. Often. 
 -Drum, dance and scream if you have to 
 -Process. Write, paint, create. Express.
 -Look in the mirror and talk to your self lovingly
 -Make a list of all the things you like about your self, and include things others like and love about you. (even if you don’t believe it now. You will see it again I promise) 
 - Look into yourself, not them. Be your own mirror.      

Shattering the mirror 
Let go of the secrets. Reveal them.
-You will want to protect your co-dependent and maybe even defend him/her/ or his/her actions
You will be more comfortable keeping it all in 
You must talk about it to someone, anyone, You may not feel safe and that is okay too -  Obviously if you are physically threatened, Let someone know if you are scarred. Go to a shelter if you need to 
Make the call. Ask for help. Allow the help.
Literally put a mirror outside of your door, facing outward
-  See this mirror around you in all directions as if it is protection at all times 
Let them see what they are doing and try your very best to see that it is not even about you.     

Inside each of us is a healing temple of truth 

-Wrap your self in divine clothing by feeling that there is love everywhere 
-Seek the love in everything and pay attention to that
SELF, love especially 
-Participate in the process by connecting with energy healers, meditations, massage therapists, or any other compassionate holistic practitioner
-Do speak with a psychologist if you need to, who can remind you that you are NOT crazy
-I suggest avoiding anti-depressants. Go with this and let all the darkness surface, the wound is a portal for light. This will pass, it takes time and it is a process. No band-aids. (I feel that less than five in 100 cases really needs med's) 
-Pay attention to your diet and make sure you are getting all the good vitamins, and supplements you need. Drink lots of water. Avoid other substances like wine, pot, or any other substance including caffeine that may trick your emotions.You can not fil an addiction with another addiction. It just will not work.
-Salt baths. LOTS of salt. A whole box. Do this everyday if you have to 
This will clear psychic attack and give you some breathing time to nurture your self 
 -Read about psychic attack, and act accordingly. Let the fear in it go, is not as big as it seems 
-Cut your chords over and over and over (see Doreen Virtue’ work for more on this) 
- Make sure you are hiring the right healers and let go of any who are not helping you, we all work with good intention but sometimes we need a keen eye and your healers should have integrity and the correct intent.
-Be gracious for everyone trying to help you, that will become clear later

- After hitting rock bottom, your walls have crumbled and you are feeling very vulnerable, maybe weak and you are likely being too hard on your self
-You have just been through a jet propeller of insanity and you have done well! 
YOU are still here. Celebrate! 
Jump up and down and let the win come in. 
The divine will help you win the lottery, what ever that means, open your arms now and let it come.
-Dust of your knees and see a few new feathers in your wings!
-Stand up, breathe and see how strong you really are 
-Brick by brick. Build a new house around you
-Brilliant luminous bricks of light, filled with butterfly's of change and transformation 

YOU can do it!   

A new mirror ( Insert: Thunder Only Happens When It's Raining is playing on the radio right now as I write this. I love that! The rain has washed me clean. I know.)

-Write affirmations on your real mirror 
-Put up pictures of your self as a child, when she/he was happy and playful 
-Repeat positive affirmations until you are blue in the face. Even if you don’t believe them. Feel them, and they will become true again 
-Listen to good music and dance, sing or find creative expression 
-Give your self hilarious pep talks when you get into a slump 
-Get a photo shoot done. Splurge on your self (ask the angels for $ if you need to) 
Make up, hair, sexy outfits, pretty scarves do something so that allows you to actually see your beauty 
 -If you want to share the photo’s do so! If not keep them for you
Others will see your beauty as you do!  

Look in, see deep
This part may be tough but it is very important 

Now that you feel stronger, look in
There will be no good reason as to why you let your self get so hurt
Fact is you are here now 
What were you really needing? 

note: In my case, I had chased a teenage dream, a crush who I always liked for his vigour, I admired his accomplishments, I admired that he could get lots of things done that he was funny, masculine and bold in his character, I saw him as successful and grounded, he was a “doer” and I saw him as a genius, a witty personality and a brilliant artist, he seemed very focused. I liked all of that 
Seeing deeper: All of that was true. He also had some serious issues of his own that surfaced, so we were mirroring the weak spots in each other. I saw that what I really wanted/needed to see was that all of the positive traits, I also had as well. I was needing to activate them within myself. 
With one attack,when he tried to beat me up by referring to me as a drag queen, my ego was offended, then I realized that was a beautiful compliment! 
I love gay men. 
They are so cool with being masculine and feminine all at once. Great balance! 
I grew up with two gorgeous sisters. I was different and full of personality. I am never going to be a delicate “pretty blond”  This does not mean I am not boldly beautiful in my own design. I can still be delicate, by simply holding that energy! 
As Deepak says: "We are all God's in drag!"

"I"identify personality type

An abuser can have all the genius characteristics in the world, a typical abuser will be extremely charming, but they are like a snake wanting to shed skin, only their bite is like poisonous venom. 
Or they can be spider like, catching you in the web to suck your divine blood. Be the spider, webbing the truth of divine silk, held strong in your walls of bricks. 
You are not a meal for a spider to consume. 

A snake is a sign of enlightenment, so you are crawling into new skin, with no need to bite back! It is crucial to see the personality default behind the narcissistic personality 

See the animal/insect this person is being. Search  the “web” for a description of animal totems. Animal totems are teachers. Check out and see how many points are valid. It is safe to open your eyes. Turn it around.

"I"dentify root issues

Personal Note: I love my biological father very much. I have his blood. He is a creative gypsy soul, who loves adventure and sees the world through his own eyes. When he left when I was four, It was very hard for me. Although I had an amazing stepfather, I had not fully healed the sad little girl inside who felt abandoned. 
I did have to review all of my relationships with all men in my past and see a common thread, they all had addictive tenancy's and I had been trying to set the table like a good little girl and make everything better. This other person had so much in common with my Dad’s personality, including the classical  thought pattern 
“Its everyone else’s problem that I am who I am, It’s not my fault and I am great. The world owes me, I am righteous and deserving to do whatever I please” 

Like I say I love my father, but the truth is, just like I say to him. 
"You make the bed you lay in"
That we all have to look in, not out.
Make peace with the true issue and don’t end up with your father.
Just go to lunch with him from time to time if you need to. 
Heal the space where the wound is.Heal the inner child and seek the man you deserve.
Luckily my step Dad is a perfect example of a non-perfect man, who is a help to his wife all the time. Always caring, loving, and looking where he can be better too.

Past life healing and connections;
Very often this type of relationship is repeated with different roles through out various life times. Or you repeat cycles in relationships with new people.

My Example:
I had been searching for this man for a long time. I knew there was someone out there calling me. I could hear it. I also knew I was unsettled with something deep that I could not see at the time. My unconscious intent was to make peace. 
When we saw each other after a long time, there was a very obvious connection, but also somewhat like a frazzled electricity, of caution. 
So when I found him I was thrilled, and with time in cyberspace, I also became very angry at him, I did not even know him in real life- so how is that for bizarre?
Obviously that would freak anyone out! Cyber world has great purpose. I do not suggest this by any means.

With time, it the midst of the crumbled walls, I had a amazing experience where a profoundly clairvoyant healer saw a vision of my past with this person. It came to her early in the morning and she called me and asked me to come over, but that this would be at my free-will choice. I knew clearly I was to go.

Compassionately, she unveiled a truth. It wrang through by body like a lightening strike of truth. I could see it and feel it, it made total sense. As I released some intense energy I had stored in this process.A whole new light opened.

Showing a very painful life where he had left me, alone with two children. I was not well in this life and unable to work at that time I was abandoned with huge burden. In order to feed my children I stole a chicken from a near by (wealthy) family as I was too afraid to ask for help. I ended up being chased by the guards and then brutally murdered, then by beaten, half alive body eaten by wolves. Dramatic, I would say.

As I left my body in that life. I saw my children suffering, as well as my body cold, bloody and left in the snow alone. My kids never knew why I did not come home, and they had a very hard time to survive. My cellular memory had not completely healed from this experience, so I was looking for him, for a long time, unable to settle till I could resolve the pain. 

There were a few more past lives there as well.I was also his mistress in one life where he had a whole harem of woman at his feet all the time. Interesting to look at.  
Seems crazy, I know. But it’s true

I had to do the work to set that free.Thank-god it is in the past. 

Oddly the guy is terrified of having kids, and he is in a service driven career that supports peoples needs. Sadly I think he is carrying some guilt still. 
Funny, that I never order chicken, ever, and I rarely eat it. Once I heard a chicken being slaughtered, and I almost passed out, cold right there in the market. It was a big trigger that made sense later.
I have always hated and resented the cold, and have had some major fear with seeing myself bleed. I have aslo done some shamanic journey's with the wolf totem. This is why many of us have re-incarnated as healers!

We are all connected and here now to heal and forgive the past. 
Part of us would like to be who we were in the past, but mostly we are here to be better than we were before. 
We choose to repeat things or heal them. 
They come up to be dealt with,and only you are responsible for dealing. 
These cellular memory will trigger all sorts of things and when you see a deeper perspective, it is easier to face. 

A great read: My Name Is Memory  by 

back to the now  

Validations which heal: 
The mind always wants validation.
Get validations through a spiritual source,with your own meditations and healing processes as well as other healers 
Hypnosis and past life regression can help, but is not always needed to heal
In co-dependency you will be breaking the habit of looking for validations from the other person, who will only validate your weaknesses. 
Stop looking to the wrong source. 
This person may not be ready to live his/her own truth so let that go. 
This will be a tough step I know, but it is one of the most important.

You can’t change the winds, you can however, put up the sails!

With time you will even take part in changing the winds!  

You are beautiful
So now that you see, you are not who you were before, you were a victim, or maybe a persecutor but you are not now. The truth is that you are a spectacular creator.
The truth is that you are beautiful. All parts of who you needed to be. Once you heal that, you can see yourself with new eyes.

You are endless brilliant creation of many faces, but your core essence is only light  

You are deserving a message from the angels
In the past you have had some hardships, and you have come so far! 
You see your true beauty shinning outward! 
Congratulate and celebrate! 
You know what you want, you know what you need, you know your power to truly see, heal, ask and allow ! You DO have eternal support no matter what 
You did it! 
You deserve the best in ALL ways, you have forgiven others, your self, and the situation(s) and now, you see that you get to live anyway you choose to! 
KNOW that you deserve the best! Just like everyone else!

Now, reflect your truth 
(Shout-let it all out! That song comes on the radio, as I ask if this is too long. I love how the divine communicates!)

Now that you have done the work, reflect your truth
You have no desire or need to be the mirror, or to jump in to rescue someone from the past.You both gained from the experience. Be who you are, which is a healed embodiment of the true you .
-Share your self with others and let go of the past
- Be you! -The other person is NOT who they were before and either are you 

Forgiveness garden
You have done a very good job with weeding your garden
-Forgiveness needs to be done everyday over and over (especially when someone continues the pattern)
Forgive your self for “playing the fool” . You are not a fool, you have deep faith.
-This process will happen on it’s own time and it may take longer that you like. 
As a peaceful person sometimes we rush this process
- Do the work by Byron Katie
-Meditate and visualize. What ever that looks like to you
-Plant new seeds. They are growing already
When you forgive your self and others, you receive divine nuggets of gold, that turn into big rays of unexplainable gifts to share!
You also set the other person free to some extent, they have their own work to do, but do yours, not for them, for you!
Ask for divine help with this
Stay in your garden of sacred SPAce.    


The old mirror has been cleaned with divine windex and you no longer see your self as a victim! 
The chord may have been less like a hose and more like its own person, filled with arteries, teeth, lungs, veins and eight arms. 

It served its purpose and it is long done!

You may always talk about it, maybe not, maybe a new story will be better to create.
You are healed, You are well, the scab is falling off !

The mind circus

Mind control is the last and final step.The brain remembered so you do not repeat the mistakes. The healing is done, so there for, it can not be repeated in actuality. 
Once healed, on all levels, you will never have to re-live this in any way! 
The past has been severed and released!  

The mind however, will enjoy reminding you of the story, the pain and the events that surround it. 
Like the past life times, the nightmare is done. Wake up and live the dream!
See this story now as passing memory that served a purpose and let it pass. See your story as a circus coming through town, be excited and wave hello, don’t pretend you don’t see the circus. Just enjoy the view from the audience. See it feel it, allow it then tell your mind a new story! Laugh, play and create your new reality.  

Less drama. More passion. 
Don’t go back to the movies of the past, there is only dust there.  

Re-program your mind.YOU can do it! 

Be free in all ways
Once, you have built your new house of light filled bricks, and come to terms with the falling apart of the old, the truth is that you are more free than you have ever been.

Focused in the here and now.
Spread your wings and fly baby doll. 
Get on the new tracks, and stay on them!

You are endless potential

I sit here in a yummy smelling bakery with a decaf, waiting for my late train. 
My train arrives perfectly late, on time, as I polish this off with some minor editing and spell check! 
Divine timing! 
As I have been typing away the last hour, in my expression and power. About ten women have approached me, called me, or asked me to book a session.
I have said yes, for when I get back.

Right now. It is ME time! Time to play!

Rocket ship

You are a rocket ship, actually!

Angels are always talking! This is for everyone!

Your UFO had been found, you have no need to be buckled in anymore, and all the cosmic, free source of energy is your fuel. Accelerating your mission here!





2 and ONE!  TAKE OFF ! The train JUST pulled in. Not even kidding. 

Pics to come later. I got a train to catch. Bound to everywhere in potential reality!


Each and every time you heal your self you heal others. 

From your experience you relate, teach and help others from a place of understanding.

If you have been there and done it, you are ready to heal others

he process will attract every client you need, who also needs you

No marketing required, let the angels take care of that

YOU just follow your healed heart! 

Perceptions are seen beyond the physical, when the voice is heard. 

Hallelujah the fat lady sings! She is hardly fat and much more than a lady. 
Stay tuned for a beautiful video, that a wonderful man showed me the other day. It spoke to my soul and I know it will speak to many of you too!

Credit/other information

I have written this from experience with no research or written source. 
I give credit to my angels for this one, and to source energy. Label that how ever you will, I know God, Jesus, Marry, and Galactic helpers have gotten me through the two years and that I am the best I have ever been! In the core of my truth, the highest part of me. 

That part that is also God, and the divine Goddess.  

And of course Cat woman!  

MEOW. Complete @ 10:23 AM 

The voice is found in the soul. 
"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." Marilyn Monroe


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