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Brave: How to deal with the dark night of the soul

I write this blog today from a place of deep understanding, which always leads to higher consciousness. I type for the collective, as well as for a friendly stranger. 

A tribute to the powerful man behind the sheer curtain.
With loving dedication to the good witch. 

Four years ago today, I boarded a plane. This would not usually have been a fearful event for me. At the time, I was terrified. 

Two weeks prior I had a flight booked, that I did not take. Due to a very very fear based intuition that I had to not get on the plane. My psychic energies were wide open at the time, I did not know how to deal. I was in the midst of what some refer to as "Dark night of the soul"

I had been experiencing a profound cold in my body, produced from trembling fear, and everything around me was surreal. I could no longer distinguish what was true, what was an illusion, what was real and what was not. Stuck In extreme paranoia, causing intense confusion. At the same time, I was sensing many energies, especially collective fear that seemed to be around everyone. 

Thankfully I was also seeing and speaking to spirits, beings of light and communicating with Angels. I was in and out of my level of trust, so contact with these helpful beings, depended on my ability to control the fear that surrounded me.
Fear dislikes control, so it was huge inner battle at the time. Surely why this process is called the dark night of the soul.

My guides and a specific angel, had guided me to fly on the 29th of April, at 4:11pm. 
This came to me in a dream sequence, where I had a visit from a trusted, little, and wise loving fairy God mother, who had a wand. 
At the time I had no idea why that date was safe. I just knew it was. SO I booked the flight home, and felt protected on the journey. 

I was leaving a place, I had once loved in many ways. A place I had returned to alone, to look for answers. Many answers came, so many that I was overwhelmed with confusion. I was between worlds, I had many apparitions from the spirit realm appear, to speak to me. Including a wise native chief who was pointing for me to go back to the rockies, I had spoken to the spirit of Christ, as well as many different Angels and others. 

I believe that I also had physical confirmations from other psychics at the time, as I was learning so many mystical topics, that we don't learn about in school. 
Including the truth, beyond our limited perceptions, of what life really is about. 
Mainstream wisdom these days, when you look in the right places.
I was getting messages and confirmations from other psychics, with out speaking to them, that part was quite interesting. 
I get it now,that, that is kind of how we roll.
As if there is a messaging system in the ethers where we can connect and leave messages for each other. We all have that ability. 
It was freaking me out, as well as, keeping me together all at once. I guess I was practising for the real thing!

When you experience the dark night of the soul, on any level, it can be cold and very, very terrifying. Nothing makes sense in this space, eventually it all comes together. In truth, this process is an awakening, a program designed to shatter your old beliefs, and I know very well that it is not always pleasant.

I have experienced two of these "dark night spells'. 

One all by my self, alone, in a room for an extended time period.
Another, in a world more physical which triggered similar energy, only the second time I was much more equipped with the spiritual tools to deal with it. Both were very shape shifting and both altered my life to understanding higher truth. The second one was shared intimately with some one I care for.

That day, four years ago, I took a flight into something unknown, into a realm of make believe, that is so very real. My life has never and will never be the same. I thought getting on the plane would stop all of this once I came back to my home town, it did not. 

I do not regret taking this flight, Not one bit. 

I am glad that I am brave.

Four years later, to the date of my flight, here I am. Able to write about it.Openly.

Yesterday I had two X men sorts, cross my path. Relationships seeking healing.
Both messengers, one who fathered a child of mine, who died 12 hours after birth.
over five-teen years ago.

Yesterday,was also a very empowering day filled with truth and expression on many levels. I am thankful for all it brought, but as I write this, I am Looking forward to a healing sleep. 

On days that are busy shifting a planet. Everyone needs a yellow bath! 

It will activate and balance the solar plexus with a happy frequency that brings confidence, wisdom and personal power!  
I also recommend a meditation by Doreen Virtue (Stand in your power) that goes perfectly with a yellow bath! Check out for organic bath color.

I had pulled a few oracle cards yesterday, including the Positive change card which felt great! 
Later on, the Ego card from the Angel Tarot deck jumped out. 
Another beautiful and artistic deck! created by the fabulous Radleigh Valentine and Doreen! 

The ego card is one  we all need to look at. Since we all have an ego.
When old feelings come up, the pain body wants to remember patterns. 
My sidekick Me"i"got (yes I named my ego voice) was attempting to take me back to the past. I was eagerly tempted to go there. Oh Meigot, she is a sneaky one, but I know her very well I have asked her kindly to be quiet. She is of little use to me. Also a great actress. 

I took a deep, wise breath inward, then did what I do best! I called in the angelic teams. Of course! Well they are a hoot of fun and very wise character's! 
In asking for help, after my meditation I knew how to respond. In a way that was more aligned with my true intentions. Music from the heart, and some cooking. That would be part of the easy breezy remedy!

As I was walking in natures rain shower, heading down the street to select fresh ingredients for dinner. On my way home, as I passed the video store, I loudly heard my guides say the word "brave". 

Turning around half way down the block, I knew I was to rent the movie. 

For those of you familiar with my personal beliefs. I do trust that when we listen to guidance without fear, the messages come in all sorts of ways. Including listening to specific radio channels, watching kids movies, fairytales are always the best way to go! Of course all movies have teachings of the human spirit and give us perspective of our connections to each other. Best when we know which ones to choose! I love my angels recommendations, they always keep it real. 
The movie was aweeeeeeesome!
My kind of story! Based on a true story of course! Representing the collective unveiling, a shift in the  freedom in uncovering hidden secrets to the divine feminine's past. Where princesses choose their own fate. A corset , now an option. The wisdom encoded in this movie was Celtic rooted, going back to an era which many of us recall. The magic within Stonehenge.

It specifically resonated with a chapter of my soul that I have been aware of and healing for some time. A past life, where my (present) Mother was a queen and I was her daughter. I connected to the rebellious character of Merida. As a child/teenager resisting conformity, arguing with her mother as she sought her freedom to make her own choices and casting spells from a place of intention and inner knowing. Merida's relationship was very similar to the relationship I have healed with my own mother in this life. Meanwhile her father is teaching her how to hit the bullseye and hunt bears in the forest. 

When a spell goes wrong, the mother and daughter are made to come to a place of compassion and heal the past.

Four years ago, at 30 years of age, I had come home like a terrified little child, home from a world that never scarred me before. My mom hardly knew how to respond to her highly independent, rebellious, adult child, who now could hardly leave the house. My mom cancelled a business trip to stay home with me, as I went through some things that no one understood at the time. I recall my mom tucking me in one night with a teddy bear that seemed so real. I don't think she had tucked me in since I was five or six. I am conscious of that time and in gratitude toward what took place because of it.

At 30, for the first time ever, I insisted to sleep with a stuffed animal. At the time I also had many instances of bear symbolism come up for me. As I got of the plane, the Edmonton journal had a highlighted article about the return of the Canadian bear. If you know anything about shamanic healing the bear is a divine totem to work with. At that moment, I had so much going on in my head, heart and soul, during the "psychic awakening/dark night) experience, none of it made sense. I just knew it had reason.

The movie Brave, had endless messages and connotations, as well as many divine symbols that would resonate with many people I am certain. 

The other day I came home from my trip to Vancouver to a walking stick an older friend had left behind. It had a bear on it. I knew that this was of importance somehow, and trusted I would know what that meant at some point. The bear teaching is profound medicine to a healer, and I understand the symbolism associated with it. 
The dots always connect, sometimes it takes time to put the puzzle together.

Now, four years later, I am healed from many past life traumas, I am completely out of the spiritual closet, in my power as a psychic medium and healer. 
Aware of my gifts, and centred in knowing how to use them.
I am a trained and certified Angel therapist, which was a course guided to me, through a sequence of events during my "awakening". 

When I found out that my Spiritual Mentor/teacher Doreen Virtue has a Birthday on April 29th, I knew that that flight was a connection to many other things that have since connected in my life. I am in deep gratitude to Doreen and her teachings, which have taught me well, in a very safe environment, how to "deal" and serve between two worlds.

         Happy birthday Doreen! 

Sometimes things don't make any sense. Often they make perfect sense. When we are in tune with all of our senses!

Each one of us is connected. Each flower, a petal of life.

Sometimes you just have to "dive in" and grab the key! It is always hidden in a safe place. All spells are broken already, but often they are healed with a stitch of divine thread, that is offered from the heart and with a hand full of light.

I found it entertaining and perfectly co-incidental, that Brave is written and directed by Brenda Chapman. Which is also the name of my Mother. Sometimes I truly feel that in the past she had to be a feisty, determined  mama bear, and also, my mom is a very gifted woman, in many ways. Who, has taught me so much about being a woman in the world. My step Dad actually calls her "Queenie". Well that is just hilarious. I do admit, I have a bit of a princess thing going on too.( From time to time) 

We all have a set of story's and a set of Archetypes, connected to each other's souls. We all have a past to heal, and none of us is separate from that truth. These story's simply help us to understand the bigger picture.

Are you experiencing the dark night? Maybe you are past that part already, and now it is an awakening? It always is.

If you can say yes to more that five of these, you may consider the following wisdom from someone who has been there. More than once. Do not worry, be with it. This too shall pass.I promise.

Signs you are experiencing the dark night of the soul

-Physical sensations of coldness or trembles
-Rigid jaw or tight mouth clenching
-Stiffness in the body including the need to stay flexed or tight
-Fear of reacting the "wrong" way
-A deep need to "do something right"
-Overwhelming guilt that may of may not be yours
-Paranoia that the whole world is  "on to you" or aware of your story
-Confusion that feels like a war in your stomach and head
-The feeling you do not want to eat, or a need to consume certain foods
-The need for drugs, including marijuana, or anti-depressants or other downers
 uppers usually less common but still usually craved on some level
-The need to respond to events/coincidence with out knowing how to. Often with feelings of guilt or sense of duty
-The need for help, with a fear of who to ask or who to talk to
-A sense/fear that you are dying
-Noticing coincidence in everything
Btw You are not dying. Just part of you is
-Loudness in the mind and inability to slowdown and look in
-A feeling you are going crazy
-The feeling like everyone "good" in your life is abandoning you
-The need for comfort and safety 
-The feeling life is throwing you a major test as punishment (it is not)
-People or situations re-occurring or leaving your life
-fear of a demonic presence or a dark energy surrounding you
- The feeling someone is watching you (they aren't)
- lack of appetite
-like your "safe" life is crumbling before your eyes
-a great need to hold on to what is safe and understood
- the need to shower and cleanse obsessively (soak in a hot tub or steam instead, sweat)
-You may or may not sense voices, that are fearful/scary or hopefully ones that are comforting and assuring

Like the prince, stuck in a dark cave under some illusionary spell, covered with arrow's all up in his back. The anger takes him over, until eventually he is transformed!

These are a few symptoms that may occur in this process.This is the ego's fear of dying. 
Please do not let fear take over. 
It may happen more profoundly if you are in the wrong types of environments, or mental status is overriding your life. That too is part of this process, and this will also pass.

The only way to beat the fear is to call it on its shots and stop letting the illusion get the "best" of you. You are not trapped. That is what the ego wants you to believe.
Look it in the eyes and call it on it's shots. Fear and hesitation is the biggest illusion which keeps you from trusting what you know inside. 
I get it. I have felt it, boldly. 

Yes, fear energy does exist. But fear has NO power over you. YOU are light. Bright and powerful. 
You must be like a care bear and shine love. Then the fear will want nothing to do with you at all ! 

The best way to do it is with great love that you already have, activating within you. 
This love is in every single soul ever created. Build that up and the fear will become warmth, truth, humour and honesty.

The truth is, this is something we all go through to some extent on some level. 
In the past people were put in the crazy house for this type of situation. Hence the fear around it. Now it is happening on such a huge scale, the government can not afford this as a priority (interestingly). Government agencies are spending money on other things like tampering with our food supply. Just to mention.
Too often therapists and doctors are trained to prescribe the "feeler killers". 
I do not claim to be a doctor and I do not suggest going off Med's with out professional guidance and second opinions. There are many holistic remedies but they may not be enough if your system is used to the artificial, enhanced versions.  Dosage is key and I feel that this is something intuitive more than anything.

In my personal experience with this. I chose to face the energies on my own, even through my terror and trembling. 

I obsessively listened to positive teachers in the fields of energy and "new age" (ancient) medicine. I listened to positive music, including gospel and flute music, or classical, with no words, over and over and over. This helped calm my soul. As hard music such as rap or even hip-hop  was not a good frequency. 
I had to cut out news, sports, alcohol, and drugs, to get myself in order. 
I do not for a minute regret doing that, as I saw that it made me very open to negative energy.

I admit that my instance was an extreme "dark night" of the soul. 
That became extreme light of the soul. Exposed! A photo must develop in the dark room. 

Now, I am enlightened to the truth, I usually and most always feel fantastic, I am healthy and very, very sane. I am highly psychic. We are all psychic to some degree and this is why so many people are experiencing this now. 

The unveiling of a new era. The truth, that what we have known to be true, is not actually the Truth. The actual truth is surfacing, cutting edge wisdom re-born which seer's and prophets have always spoken of. 
On a large scale, collective awakening can create a fear in the unknown. 
It IS ALL GOOD in Truth. 

The dark night, can not be healed with out your permission. 
You will do best by incorporating various methods, including spiritual teachings/healing's. 

Your level of this, is likely much less intense, but it can be equally un-grounding.

Be sure to breathe deeply and give your body permission to release hardness, rigidness and tension. 

I would recommend staying clear of violent based video games and media for a bit. As well as old pubs/building where there may be many people with addictions, like gambling or alcohol. Not necessarily forever. These older buildings often have "earth bounds" who  love to hang out and suction the addictive energies (which they are still attached too).
No fear needed, they can not hurt you, but they can make you feel tired, or drained as well as confused. 
A fun high energy environment is usually okay and less toxic. Dead animals on walls is never a good place. Just sayin. Ask arch angel Michel to "bounce" for you if you think you need a pint or some dancing. He is great for that.

There are many people susceptible to lower energies, which are attracted to fear based thoughts. These energy's surround many forms of media. 
It is true that there are fear based hypnotic programs,on certain radio stations, and throughout the cyber realms including youtube, and others. I gently suggest to be very careful with this, only because these energies have reason to keep you feeding them.
There are millions of high energy video's as well.

It sounds brutal or ridiculous, somewhat horror movie like, and it can be. (hardly as scary as we are lead to believe) 
If you are not in your balanced power, ask for some divine protection. Tell any lower based energies that they do not have permission to mess with you. Then ask the angels, god/source/ who ever feels right to you to assist you in all ways. 
Even if you are an atheist you will be granted this help. It is important to ask because they can deal better than we can, and they are thrilled to clear lower energies away. People are always praying for you, but help comes when you ask your self and do not rely on others as your source. 

You have to rebuild your house. Reaffirm the following:

1.    YOU are not crazy
2.    You are waking up!
3.     If you are reading this, the worst is over
4.     Take a deep breath, soften your jaw, and turn your body to jello angels. Get a    
        massage form an energy healer.
5.     Congratulate yourself for keeping it together, even if you feel you haven't
6.     Breathe again, deeper this time
7.     You can't control the process, but you can control the fear. With love and truth.
8.     What is "eating" at you. What truth are you denying your self?
9.     YOGA poses
10.   Follow your heart. Shut of the defeating voice. Turn up the quiet one. 
        Push the button. Visit my website, make the call. 

The rock has smashed to bring balance. You are a Prince, or a Princess, A Goddess, A God.
Or maybe simply, you are perfectly human. For now.

11. Positive gateway.
Find your true source. You do not have to do anything, that is your option.Your conscious knows what to do and your spirit needs no pressure
Remember that fear never wins, never has a never will in the realm of divine energy. 

111 Activate. You are a quantum being.

12. Bee BRAVE! 

"There are those of us that say fate is beyond our command. That destiny is not out own. But I know better. Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it" Merida 

"Fate be changed. Look inside. Mend the bonds torn by pride" 
The carving brew witch. 

Above all, know that you are loved. 
It's true that you are worthy.
You are a hero. Safety is your thing. 
Balanced power is your truth.

I look forward to meeting you! 
God speed

Further reading recommendations 
Archetypes by Caroline Myss
How To Hear Your Angels by Doreen Virtue
The Soul of Leadership Deepak
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superhero's
The Mastery of Love Don Miguel Ruiz
The Celestine Prophesy (a great intro to the world of energy) 
Rest, in the arms of angels in trUst.

I love you
Have a magical day! 

                                           Brave heart. Pumped up!


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