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Twin flame Union Scientific? or Divine heart beats?

The twin flame union   

A search. Vision. Feeling. 


Each one of us is born into a body, a clear slate of amnesia. 

As a perfect or sometimes not so perfect system. A physical design of a miraculous structure we call physicality. 

It is there at birth that we begin our search for the other half.

From day one, the programs begin to create themselves, emotions develop, the need for safety, security, food and shelter. The creative force is planted, the power centre established, organs, arteries, veins and vessels, a heart beating, lungs, everything connected with a need for oxygen. Vocal chords blasted into a crying song, blurry eyes. Pure consciousness. No thought of the unknown. Simplicity in perfect, present being.

Each step after birth becomes but a series of experiences, accompanied by an inner wanting, a desire to know why. Why we are here, why the grass grows, how the birds sing, why the bee’s sting. 
Around the age of three, we know to question what we have been taught, as if something fresh in our soul is something deeper waiting to be discovered. Like a distant memory of something we once knew. Innocent eyes that looked outward beyond what others could see. Eventually these eyes find focus in a world hypnotized by ideals. 

Overly romanticized ideas. 
A journey becomes the path of liberty, the freeing of a soul. A knowing. The one thing in common we all seem to agree on. Something is missing.

By twelve or thirteen the sensual needs have developed, a curiosity toward, the opposite sex. A pure heart, unsure of its innocence becomes a participant in an unknown scheme. 
Through the many stages of programmed evolution, we begin to ask with deeper questioning. 
Who am I? Why am I here? 

By that stage, comes the frantic notion of having to find Price Charming, get married then “Start your life”. A collectively established geyser of pressure, more like a martyred intellectual goal.

Some of us find safety in norms, others rebel (against) them like an inner charge. As if to defeat what has become normal, boring, or common. 
The misunderstood need for society’s approval, the big question “Who is my soul mate?” becomes the soul’s biggest quest. “Who will make me feel complete?”   

When relationships have failed us, part of us becomes broken, tricked by disillusion, disappointment leaving us bitter or in the search of revenge. Often left overprotected by what didn’t seem to work. So we wash our hands, get up and continue the search.   

On the rare occasion we find that person who sparks a fire deep in the soul. All perceptions seem to silence for a mere second. As if time never existed, an echo, like a blade on frozen ice. A familiar wind passes by, that whispers to your soul. 
A whisper, that tells a tale of unknown secrets. A heartbeat that sparks a story you never dreamt you would live.   


One is the gas the other is the match, both an open wound.  
Two languages, as one is foreign, the other spoken in sign. 
Chemistry? Attraction?  A reaction? 
Two different properties, as both act as intrinsic photons. Matter in manifest, behaving like a particle. 
(The strangest thing with photons, they have “dual identity” which some may call original schizophrenics ; )   

There are some really “strange” laws what photons/waves can and cannot do. And even though we can count on them, and know them very well in some ways, the real reasons behind their behaviour is still open for questioning.      

The heated debate amongst scientists is how protons interact. What happens when two photons collide? Or do they? Since there is no particle present vacuum (yet) to mediate photon-photon interactions this is tough to determine.    

What we do know, and agree on is that light can certainly interact in a medium. Light interacts with things like glass, water, silver, wood, etc. We see it refract, scatter, reflect, (sometimes favouring different colours like the reflection from Gold)   

So what can science teach us about ourselves? 
When atoms of gas or vapour are excited, by heating an electrical field, electrons are able to move from their ground state to higher energy levels. As they return from their ground state following clearly defined paths according to quantum probabilities, they emit photons of very specific energy. This energy, corresponds to particular wavelengths of light and so produces particular colours of light. Each element produces a different colour of flame. Gas excitations play a major role in flame colour.   

When atoms of gas or vapour are excited, by heating an electrical field, electrons are able to move from their ground state to higher energy levels. As they return from their ground state following clearly defined paths according to quantum probabilities, they emit photons of very specific energy. This energy, corresponds to particular wavelengths of light and so produces particular colours of light. Each element produces a different colour of flame. 

Gas excitations play a major role in flame colour.

So, going beyond science, matter/antimatter and all of that left brainy logic,  we warp into an easier translation.  

Would you like to warp with me? Into the heart of quantum? 


Stay tuned. Dora, needs to go have some fun, I intend to post the rest of this within the next 24 hours. 

Witting inspired by Deepak <3 
logical content inspired by  flame tests 
and The Naked science forum

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