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Twin flames continued....

The Twin Flame Union                

A search. Vision. 



Each one of us is born into a body, as a clear slate of amnesia. As a perfect or sometimes not so perfect system. A physical design of a miraculous structure we call physicality. It is here at birth that we begin our search for the other half.

From day one the programs begin to create themselves, emotions develop, along with the need for safety, security, food and shelter. The creative force is planted, the power center established, organs, arteries, veins and vessels, a heart beating, lungs, everything connected with a need for oxygen. Vocal chords blasted into a crying song, blurry eyes, pure consciousness. No thought of the unknown. Simplicity in perfect, present being

Each step after birth becomes but a series of experiences, accompanied by an inner wanting, a desire to know why. Why we are here, why the grass grows, how the birds sing, why the bees sting. Around the age of three, we know to question what we have learned, as if something fresh in our soul is something deeper waiting to be discovered. Like a distant memory of something we once knew. Innocent eyes that looked outward beyond what others could see eventually find focus in a world hypnotized by ideals.

Romanticized ideas. 
A journey becomes the path of liberty, the freeing of a soul. A knowing. The one thing in common we all seem to agree on. Something is missing.
By twelve or thirteen the sensual needs have developed, a curiosity toward the opposite sex or in an evolving world, an attraction to the same sex. A pure heart, unsure of its innocence, becomes a participant in an unknown scheme. Through the many stages of programmed evolution, we begin to ask with deeper questioning. Who am I? Why am I here? 

By that stage, comes the frantic notion of having to find Prince Charming, get married and then “Start your life”. 
A collectively established geyser of pressure, more like a martyred intellectual goal. 
Some of us find safety in norms, others rebel against them like an inner charge, as if to defeat what has become normal, boring or common. The misunderstood need for society’s approval, the big question, “Who is my soul mate?” becomes the soul’s biggest quest. “Who will make me feel complete?”

When relationships have failed us, part of us becomes broken, tricked by disillusion, disappointment leaving us bitter or in the search of revenge, and often left over-protected by what didn’t seem to work. So we wash our hands, get up and continue the search.

On the rare occasion we find that person who sparks a fire in our soul. All perceptions seem to silence for a mere second. As if time never existed, an echo, like a blade on frozen ice. A familiar wind passes by which whispers to your soul. A whisper that tells a tale of unknown secrets. A heart beat that sparks a story you never dreamed you would live.

Opposites. One is the gas the other is the match, both an open wound.  Two languages, as one is foreign, the other spoken in sign. Chemistry? A reaction? Two different properties, as both act as intrinsic photons. Matter in manifest, behaving like a particle. (The strangest thing with photons is that they have “dual identity,” which some may call original schizophrenics : ) 

There are some really “strange” laws about what photons/waves can and cannot do. And even though we can count on them, and know them very well in some ways, the real reasons behind their behavior is still open for questioning.  

The heated debate amongst scientists is how photons interact. What happens when two photons collide? Or do they? There is no particle present in a vacuum – yet – to mediate photon-photon interactions.   
What we do know, and agree on, is that light can certainly interact in a medium. Light interacts with things like glass, water, silver, wood, etc. We see it refract, scatter and reflect, and sometimes it favors different colors, like in the reflection from gold.
So what can science teach us about ourselves? 
When atoms of gas or vapor are excited by heating an electrical field, electrons are able to move from their ground state to higher energy levels. As they return from their ground state following clearly defined paths according to quantum probabilities, they emit photons of very specific energy. This energy corresponds to particular wavelengths of light and so produces particular colors of light. Each element produces a different color of flame. Gas excitations play a major role in flame color.

To the heart of the matter:

Going beyond science, matter/antimatter and all of that left brainy logic,  we warp into an easier translation. 

Each one of us has a unique energetic “finger print” and is a vital part in the creation of a brilliant rainbow spectrum.

Much like science, the twin flame union can be tried and tested, explained, or more commonly, limited to a belief. The truth remains by pointing to what is true.

“You can change what your mind thinks, but you can not change what the heart feels,” and that, my friends, is way beyond the senses. It takes us into the heart of the quantum soul.

Why, you ask, do bees sting? They actually work as a fascinating team, in the realm of creation, crucial to the planet’s growing crops. They do much more than just pollinate flowers and create honey.

Whenever you doubt the connection you have to nature, doubt less and then watch how nature teaches us. Mama Earth gives us everything we need to sustain our planet, just as the frequency of chirping of birds helps the grass to grow. No different than human relationships.

The twin flame union is a divine creation, a program within the Matrix, which even science could question, maybe even answer, but can never prove. Awareness is an enormity of possibilities, which are dictated by our very own freewill choices. 
To even attempt to prove the type of love that is created when twin flames connect is ridiculous.

It is the twin flame union that is made to poke at our psyche, to ask if there is something missing. It shows us the energetics of creation, to prove that, yes, there is something beyond the physical connections we experience.

Some say the twin flame union is the most blissful, harmonious, balanced relationship you can create. When two awakened souls meet they complete, or begin, a long, planned out sequence. 
Unified energy. One soul, separated, has evolved as two separate souls for many lifetimes. Splitting of energy, to teach beyond perceptions. This, of course is all just a theory, and perhaps limited, like many theories to a mythology of beliefs. Again, hard to determine. 

With some experience in this field, I have come to see that often in a physical world there are many factors that the ego would like to remember, which could actually make this union quite difficult. There may be quite reasonable reasons to avoid each other, a sense of loss or a feeling of danger, rejection, confusion, mistruth and even victimization. The relation can be full of steam, fire, heat and cold, depending on the particular soul contract as well as the makeup of the individual personalities. 

But, always with purpose to stimulate a sleeping part of each other. Where the impossible becomes possible, a string of enlightenment is tweaked. Often a push and pull scenario. Fusion? Collision? Vibration?

When we are trapped in the illusion of separation from each other it hurts, because it is not within the laws of divine truth. 

Yes the heart at times feels like it has shattered, but with time, one realizes that the heart cannot be broken. It continues to beat, just as it is designed to do.

Through the many stages of a twin flame union, the heart releases the need to control thought. It communicates in unspoken words. The heart knows unconditional love.The heart recognizes divine love, which never abandons and never rejects.

Paradigms are meant to be shattered but hearts are not.

The twin flame union will bring you down to your depths, and back up to your highest frequency. One is the gas that lights the fire, teaching the match how to burn, without being burnt. The match holds the memory of what is beyond illusion.

Before matches, two rocks would be rubbed together, creating a spark with simple friction.

Like an internet signal, when the direct connection is not aligned, progress often takes longer than we would like.

This fiery union goes beyond physical perception, with no need to reveal more illusions of suffering. A bee stings, when it feels aggravated. After the bee stings, then it dies. One is left to wonder if perhaps the sting is not the main purpose of a bee. I also am left to wonder if a bee, like us, has an option to re-incarnate, evolving into a different species?

Every twin flame union is completely unique, many do not ever even meet. This is happening often on a grand scale with new age communication and technology, which can only go so far. 
This comes down to a simple choice involving the free will of two people.

Regardless, of the outcome the energetics created by this connection makes a shift on some level, physical or not. Noted in both counterparts.

It is absolutely possible to love someone you do not know. I suppose that is the closest you get to divine love on this realm. Besides perhaps holding your own child.

With time in this space, passing through stages, surrender becomes a need. The inner war must come to a halt to some degree. There is no more room for judgment or even expectations, simply acceptance of something rare, marinated in beauty by allowing surrender to be exactly what it is.

In my own twin flame union, I became “caught up” with a proud man from another country who hardly spoke my language.  It was a relationship born of energetics, taken into the physicality of artificial intelligence. Odd and very profound.

After some unbalanced past relationships, I always insisted I was through with the macho type who could not handle my height or my bold and shiny light. I thought I knew what I wanted, knowing I would end up with a man taller than me. My flame? Shorter than me, he hardly reached my breasts :) 

Regardless, I continue to love him anyway, beyond his strong and hard-to-understand accent, and I see through the reasons of the wounds, past all the barriers of a language that I hardly speak. He rarely comes to visit my peaceful, quiet town. If he does, I do not resist my intention to finally meet him. Even though, for some reason he likely will not call. 
Left too vulnerable, in midst of major miscommunication, then being shouted at, I have no desire to attempt that myself again. 
Oh, those foreigners can get passionate, alright!

I know at some point, without trying so hard to make it happen, that I will manifest the true version of what I really want: a relationship with no limits or borders, unified in energy and in physicality, a different sort of collision. 

In learning the tough lesson, there are just some things you cannot control. Freewill is a factor I respect, so I choose to let go of what I think “should” happen, since “could” is an easier probability.

Love, I believe, is meant to be much easier. 

What would relationships be like if you got all of the hard stuff out of the way from the beginning?

I guess when you don’t have the need to settle anymore, everyone grows taller, as you set your standard boldly, and only reach for the stars.

Pure, unconditional acceptance closes all the stages of forgiveness.

One knows that fuel is cosmic gas intended to warm a cold, hardened heart, exploding it into light.
An inner peace through knowing that in a circle there is no beginning and no end. 

What is true may change. The truth is now set free.

Two opposites sustain each other in unexplained ways. In the justification of polarity, duality becomes harmonious.

Maybe the purpose of the twin flame is just that simple. So profound.

Human love, different from divine love, has many ups and downs, with the purpose to help us to remember who we really are. 

Innocent, newborn, babies. 
Into a whole new way to see the world, each one coming out of amnesia (the proverbial cosmic vagina) into collective, cosmic ascension.

LOVE is a language we all speak. 

The only language we all can feel, and relate to. With few words needed.

Yet we continue to find an explanation, in search of the other half.   

Since we have come here to express and experience all of this emotion. To live it, to analyze it, to express it, and eventually to warp out of our bodies into the larger, more peaceful place of non-duality. 

In the meantime, we attempt to muse both worlds, in a harmonious manner, centered in the temple of trust.

The other half is always there.

LOVE Is the other half.

And because everyone loves a happy ending, I leave you with this, until we meet again.

Do you have some questions about your sacred relationships? I have explored this realm for quite some time. I would be thrilled to connect with you!Feel free to contact me for a reading!

RUMI reborn    

Because everyone likes a conclusion we settle for nothing but a rhyme 

When the rain pours down 
over a story to wash illusions of time    
Cracked and shattered by lightening 
Or warriors of divine flame
The smell of thunder comes 
another mime undercover 
to unveil the thoughts of shame

Forgotten spectrums of light 
followed by the feeling 
 of a long and cold dark night

Three roads lifted 
fighting Gotham’s crime 
one is veiled the other angry 
dancing cheek to cheek

Bliss of nature’s story 
creating rainbows 
only hearts could seek

Taking off the veil 
secrets finally unfold 
too slowly 
by mock

Revealed truly 
one clue at a time 
only by nature’s flock 
for too long in confusion 
she had hidden her seeing eyes

So there it was 
an unvisited vintage store

A path of simple signs 
Two bracelets 
Two spiders 
both sitting in the 
same web
Then Pearls within a Clock  

Looking through the pictures 
of  abandoned family ties 
her vision awakened 
one eye yet again 
clearly seeing 
through the woven lies
her eye that sees like a hawk

Producing realization

Volcanic fire bursting 
in all directions 
the flame was burning 
as vinegar filled the wound

With reason   

Everything was so loud 
in these sequences 
out of tune 

 A pained caterpillar breaking 
of tight cocoon
Twin flame there is only one

Maybe a solo journey 
could help those records flip 
squeaky wheels 
were playing old movies 
of black and white
A journey 
into feisty water 
exhausted from this fight

Perched upon water’s edge 
looking deep deep down  
past thundery waters of might   

Down into the mouth 
to erase her frown 
she found a great surprise

Where she saw her very own rainbow
in the maid amongst the mist 
there seemed a powerful woman 
shaking a silver fist

Plummeting spirit of the land 
 feist of nature’s sound 
 pummeled into fury 
 a taste of heaven’s right hand

This was no longer hers to carry 
she must now give it all away 
this heaviness not meant 
for her to hold 

can I take part of him with me?
within your fierce bowl of transcend 
 can I clear out all his Muck?
She created an evil Sort of wave   
As if in shouting order 
screamed a voice of mighty flow 
oh she said it loudly to the broken woman   

NO! Only you can go.

For you have heard my call  

Into divine shower 
the feisty water wept 
throwing out old chapters 
of scribbled words of Pain 
seeing that the fall had 
much more in life to gain   

Released breath 
birthed laughter
once again feeling sane

Stepping off that boat 
her soul back into light 
something in fact had changed 
 she no longer felt the cold 
of night

Then came the connection 
 a pot overflowing with gold 
 full of glory 
 a higher view 
from above 
 now the other hand

A new story as music played
as she went around and around 
looking down 
upon cosmic creations 
made by hardened sand

A touch of warmth 
from sunshine 
constant glitter 
wrapped in gold

There it was as if lost 
 her heart cleansed double fold

So when you think 
you are not intertwined 
to nature in all she does 

Or when you think unseen connections   
really do not exist   
Stop thinking 
simply feel it 
See it 
Then feel again                

So then that is the end of my lengthy story
that has made me very keen
Now it is past time for a much, 
much easier theme 
because I am absolutely bursting 
at the proverbial seam   
 a mended broken heart  
Thank God the circle is done 
is much more fun!

Along I walk the river bed 
now more complete 
With no wild story In my head 
Back in the flow of life now 
Simply weaving Webs

Only love is what I am sending 

Since I am the writer 

 I do
a scribe
with a very
happy ending

Forever I will be spinning 
Silky golden threads 

Margo Denay Bereska 

Do you have some questions about your sacred relationships? 
I have explored this realm for quite some time. 
I would be thrilled to connect with you!
Feel free to contact me for a reading


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