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Six Simple Things The art of not looking

A man found himself in the desert, a vast arena of nothingness. Far off in the distance, rippled by wind, he was followed by the rising sun. Walking for days alone he was thirsty, and increasingly hungry. Originating from the depths of his seeking soul, a vision appeared: distant pathways led him to that which his soul was asking for. Sensing the essence of clear water, he was brimming with excitement and advanced to retrieve what his body was requesting. Upon his arrival, when he put his lips to the water, his thirst was not quenched. Within those seeking eyes was the illusion of an oasis. Falling to the ground in surrender, he was exhausted from the long journey. How could an illusion lead him to drink water that did not cure his thirst? 

In exhaustion, he was held up only by the earth beneath him, and he listened with a potent compassion to his body’s insufficiency. He stood up, continuing on his pilgrimage, all endurance, to fill the emptiness within. Each step turned away from the fading sun, now behind him and passing into the night. Reflected were the treasures of cosmic illumination. Stopped, inside of footsteps standing still. A value admired, his soul recognized in statue within his soul’s own recess. Earth’s breath whispered but nothingness in his circumference, all around. Travelling in dream, he approached once again the brightest star. Awakened. Awakened to a view over crimson linen and a mighty feast, the abundance of nature’s flawless fruits. She reached out deliberately, a sense of taste dissolving each distinguished bite. 

Each of us resonates with this oasis. Have you noticed? The vast desert represents our walk of life, seeking to fulfill the needs of the soul, and, never seemingly enough, we see something we think we want and then when we come close it appears as something else. Within there is the disappointment of the illusion that we ourselves have created. After the need to lie down and rest, we give in to the dream that is true, the one that supports us fully, endlessly. 

Before a flat-line within our perceived starvations, by looking out and into something bigger than us, we surrender, and harness peace - in distraction of life’s brilliance. Just like the man who is also a woman in the story, first comes a search, followed by a need, then a feeling of receiving, the realization that perhaps we had to first experience through illusion or vision. Which is real? Every single step through experience is prominent and equally important for actual manifestation. Journey, desire, asking, followed by seeing, feeling and then the experience of our desire. Stillness after the illusion becomes the void needing to be filled. Perception of illusions we have created suddenly becomes wonderment - do we go back into the emptiness of a false sense of fulfillment? Of living the illusion and never becoming full? Or do we go into the other void of the unknown potential that seems to sustain something far beyond physicality? When the man/woman stands still in awe of cosmic beauty without the need to look, to search or even to find, he/she simply stands still - and then everything is given.  A feast provided with very little effort.

This would all sound so ludicrous to many an evolving human, with loud mental patterns insisting, “You must work hard.”

If you want to live big: work more, save more, buy more, do more!

Or what about this: if you want to live big, just live big! 

Look away. Work smarter, not harder.

I always back up my chat with real situations that have worked in my own life.

Less than five years ago, I was more miserable than I would like to admit. I had everything I thought I wanted: a career, a spouse, a custom-built home, a beach lifestyle, all along with an emptiness that was very busy and very vast all at once.

At the time I had no idea of how to get to where I wanted to be. All I knew were six simple things. So I wrote them down:

1. I want to work less and make more money 
2. I want to have time in my day, and lots of it, to do yoga, to go for walks, to write and do whatever I want 
3. I want to travel lots and stay in nice hotels 
4. I do not want to go back to school and I do not want to have a boss 
5. I want to do what I love 
6. I want to know what that is                  

Quickly please! : )-   

That was my scribble on a Post-it note.

Well that all seemed “nice.” Let’s be honest, considering the situation, it also screamed more loudly “Impossible!!!” My partner at the time seemed very happy with a 9 to 5 job, and working six days a week. This posed a bit of a problem. There was a whole HUGE list of other factors piled on top of that, of course. There always is.

Well, even simple is not simple 

I recently read that on Twitter, so it must be true. 
I am fully convincing my belief systems that simple is actually the simplest truth.

Looking back to six simple things, I would have to concur that my oasis was quite complicated. I had put together a BIG business plan of how to make all that happen. I would need big teams, the right investors, training programs, marketing campaigns, press releases, amazing people, and a whole HUGE list of other factors piled on top of course. Familiar? Oh don’t we all love big lists?

Getting overwhelmed for roughly three years with my plan was not so much fun. So I let that plan go. I looked inwards, and then simplified. I prefer to have fun!

I stood still in a circle watching cosmic rocks, also known as stars. I listened to waves of the ocean, and paid attention to myself. I fought simplicity until I became tired enough to surrender, and then I just followed my heart to whatever place it chose to go.

Easy right? 

Meh. Not always. Interesting? Absolutely. Fascinating? More so! Fun? Profoundly. At times.    

Since I have stopped looking, all the answers come 
usually right in front of me. As I stop fighting, everything always comes. Every answer, every wish, every desire - but rarely in accordance with our own plans - will come. It's easier than we expect, and easier than we make it. Faster than we demand it, but only when we stop looking into the oasis, by surrendering to what we cannot control, by allowing the answers to appear how they will. Outside of our own plan. The planet will orbit the sun, that is a given. Or will it?
1 interesting tidbit to check out

Will you let the rays wake you up? When the golden light shines to illuminate your path, will you stand in your steps?

Speaking of alignment, when I recently asked why “MY” plan had not worked I already knew the answer. Alignment.

A “simple six life-style” did not align with my plan in any way. What I thought I needed to do would have created a much different life. So I chose to opt for the simple six life-style, by trusting the divine plan to show me an easier way. If I insisted on my plan, the simple six would become the “not so simple six million.” Owed. I enjoy being completely debt free. It was not my true soul's desire to become overly busy and in debt. Not to say that those goals wont become important again at some point, but clearly it was not actually what I wanted. So, kicking and screaming in my stubbornness, I insisted that I be shown somehow, for my own sake and understanding. Well, the universe corresponded as it always does. By pure *co-incidence I reunited with a special soul. Someone, who became a great teacher in helping me redefine what happiness really is. 

*divine perfection

I looked back to the six simple things. 

I looked at my life, from where I had come.

So what have the six simple things become in the present moment? In the glory of now?

1. I now work much less and make much more. Done. 
2. I have much more time and time to manage. Done. 
3. I travel all the time and stay in nice hotels anytime I want. Done.  
4. I eliminated what I didn’t want from the equation and I was already down to five simple things. Done. 
5. I now know what I love. So I do what I love. Done!

Less than four years. Total shift into what I wanted. Easy.

Errr... Okay so I did have to work a little. But not in the way you think.  I know what you are asking:


I began by paying attention to the calling of my soul, no matter where the path led me. No matter what others thought about my decisions, I started to speak, and listen to a new language that some call synchronicity. I expressed myself openly, even when it hurt to do so, or even when I felt rejected. I kept doing it anyway. I faced illusions of my pain. I learned to really love myself for being exactly who I am. More gentle. I became still, in awe with living. 

The rest all fell into place, without me looking. very different than what I expected.

Now when I ask, I no longer look. If you search too hard you come up with everything but simplicity. When you let the answers come, they do, and so does an easier plan. The truth is you do not need the map. You just need the point of where you want to end up, that point at the top of the five pointed flower. That story, too, will come later. Now I no longer need to look.


The answers always show up. It is true that what you want is given.

Beyond the senses.

ASK about the Simple Six Workshop! Change your life easily! Work less, and make more doing what you love!

The golden grid update: If you bounce into my Q&A page I invite you to read the unedited version of my golden grid ramble. It is an interesting read. Please bear with me as my editor gets to the re-vamp on my Q&A page. I was simply so giddy & guided to post the information that I did so anyway. After receiving this activation (which is truly a divine feast of golden, cosmic light) I have been working on a whole new level with this new tool - consciously for roughly seven months. Recently asking for some deeper description to offer people as to the inner or rather, outer workings of this amazing tool. 
Two days after asking, right in front of me popped up a website link which I knew I must visit. I love not looking! The desert search is pointless which is why I rarely do it. Cyber angels work miracles! They always help you will find the link you need. 
After all you found this one!

The Golden Grid information that I asked for landed in just the same way, saving me many hours of typing! For those of you who can absorb some rather deep cosmic information, I recommend this video on what others are calling "The Template." I have not examined the website yet but I do recommend the video - Become the Portal – simply absorb it with an open mind and take what you like from it. Keep it simple with your own level of awareness so that it does not feel to bizarre. 

Contact me for a simpler explanation and an activation to your very own unique code! This will assist you in day-to-day life with new helpful energy and possibility! I talk to your guardian angels and higher soul to have this transmission sink into your happy self. Life is too short to wait! 

In love and gratitude to my physical friends, my ethereal friends, my fun and funky angels, and to my higher self for guiding my simple six awareness to the next phase of simple.

Angel kisses 

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