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SUPER HERO'S Genetically Modified? Human codes, what are you eating?

When the truth makes you boil do you run, or jump in?

Sometimes I envy my brother and my stepfather. I hardly ever deal with envy in the realm I reside in, but sometimes my perspective changes. Both my brother and my stepfather are mystics in disguise. They are the ones who just "get it" on some deeper level, with no need to explain, seek, understand or unveil. It's as if simplicity is enough, with the joy of living through humour, and the ease of not knowing everything and being perfectly okay with that. I suppose I was like that once, and if so, I do not recall when. I was always analyzing something philosophically, quoting the great geniuses of all time, making my own quotes, reading and ordering Nostradamus books when I was twelve, and digesting Leo Buscaglia's books under my social studies text book as the teacher's voice became a light murmur. 

Tonight I got home to my own sacred space after enjoying Dad's famous BBQ salmon and steak, a meal I always looked forward to anytime I was far from home. Now, when I cook for myself, I prepare everything with open eyes, and use organic, non-GMO ingredients when possible. I love to present food in an appealing, artistic way. I do truly believe a plant-based diet is best, although I admit I do not feel ready yet to make the change. I'm a true Alberta gal, but an attempt to become vegan is a possibility at some point in my life. For now, I have to say that there is nothing quite like a grilled meal made by Dad - a simple preparation of food that reminds me of growing up. We sit in the yard making light chatter infused with the memories of childhood and funny stories of what we used to be like. From what I can remember, for a long time I always felt overly misunderstood and very misread because of my intense energetic outbursts, and always a character that could make the family laugh. But it wasn't rare to have them all shaking their heads wondering what I was up to when I was not at home watching TV. Most likely I was out, overdosing on coffee and good conversations about anything less than normal. My family didn't get me for a long time. Then I moved far away to Mexico. For a long time I think I had to become "cool" with who I was, and this was only possible a few thousand miles away from my family and their perspectives. I often fought my inner need to set myself apart. I observed, and then detached from who I thought I "should be." Ten years of living in Egypt and Mexico surely unveiled many parts of me that were so deeply hidden that I had no expectation of finding them.

It has been an endless journey that has made me quite aware.

When I say "aware," I have come to realize that there is a small hint of truth in the phrase "ignorance is bliss." There was a time not so long ago when I ate, drank and consumed almost anything I desired. I also used expensive products without a thought of what they contained. That was until I saw "Catwoman" with Halle Berry and realized  how true it was that many of the things we put on our skin are highly toxic to the nervous system. Since going through a major spiritual awakening and being propelled through a jet engine of truth-medicine, many things have shifted in my life, including my awareness of products that I use and food that I consume. I can sense energy around everything, and toxins do have a vibratory frequency that is not of a natural-looking form at all.

While sharing in a very Canadian spring-time meal of corn-on-the-cob, steak, salmon and salad, a discussion was triggered between me and my mom, brother and stepdad. We discussed world issues, spiritual concepts, and my latest passion about educating people about the truth of our food situation right here and now. We got into a semi-heated discussion about GMOs as well as some of the deeper  "conspiracy theories" that I have come to see  - and being highly psychic I can say they are not conspiracies, they are true.

I have learned to speak in new ways with my family.  Before, a much more heated argument would have arisen and I would have had an emotional tantrum, or more commonly, I would have held in my opinions and mutated them into sick humour or extreme hyperactivity. Now, I have retrained myself to get along, and so with much practice under my belt, I can transform such opinions and that results in a more mature discussion, by spewing my passion more softly, with patient wisdom, and backed up by experience and examples making them easier to comprehend. More and more often, I do not seem to need back-up data when I speak with my loved ones; after they have seen so many of my prophesies come true, they now trust me more and have little need for me to explain where I get the inside information from. That took about thirty years of replayed games of show and tell, as many have come to realize that sometimes I just know things. There's no need to explain how or why. So now, I am grateful that they listen to me like I am not crazy and that maybe I am onto something important. YEY! 

I understand that it is safe to live in a place where we are allowed to daydream, where we can fantasize and play, without looking deeper, without looking past some of the illusions that correspond to our daily lives. 

I have asked to see the truth my whole life, and I always expected some easy answer like, "You have a soulmate, go find him and settle down." I am certain my lovely folks pray for that for me everyday :) I guess that was the easy answer I hoped to hear as well. After opting for the other life, of being a gypsy and avoiding at all costs any "normal" expectations, I was led on my spiritual journey, where I did in fact see, sense, feel, taste, touch and hear the truth. The realization that the divine connection we all have to absolutely everything that exists here in this realm and way beyond hit me like a ton of bricks; I completely and utterly blissed out, sustained by a joy-filled awareness of the world we live in. 

Living in complete simplicity, something awakened in me, and suddenly I paid attention. I heard the music, I saw the people, I felt the beauty of life. Everything became more alive, more so than ever. I was feeling so elated that the energy of just looking at the ocean made me feel complete. Seeing myself and everyone as part of a greater whole, I realized that very few people were slowing down to see this, to actually look outside of the common inward hypnotic perspective. I recall all this clearly, while on a ferry to a remote island in Mexico as I watched and observed people, all senses wide open and listening to a band that played passionately as everyone hustled about, excited to begin their vacation. Even in this state, of attempting to calm down from a busy life, no one was noticing anything really. The talented band were making sounds of happiness and loud music, the smell of tacos wafted in from the background, and in the distance a local family were catching fish. Blissing out on being fully present and simply in my physical senses was amazing and wonderful. I could have stayed in this state forever. Maybe that is the key to happiness here, simply being present in the senses? 

My psychic senses opened up to a broad spectrum of knowing, and this was surely the result of being so very aware of my body's sensations for the first time ever. At the same time, I had an overwhelming amount of information come streaming in. This information went way beyond the senses. Suddenly I could sense the truth. Now, I do realize that what is true for one person may be completely different for another, based on many variables. However, I do trust that there is one common truth that we all possess. And I mean every single being present on this planet. No matter what. The truth of something that we can all connect with. This "something" is completely indescribable in words. 

Words are usually what makes that understanding so complicated. What I did become very aware of was the fact that there was a lot of BS going on in the world. This has been the case for a long, long time.  After this awareness came, I really wanted to stay on a beach, alone, sustained and blissed out. That would have been my first choice - but the pull to come back to Canada was so loud that I could not ignore it. Skip ahead a few years and so much makes sense. After paying much more attention than I did before, I now saw the province that I grew up in, so rich with agricultural and energy recourses, being brutally raped by the majority. I now saw a province that has crops growing right under our noses, crops which have been taken over by companies with the intention of making LOTS of money, at the expense of the consumers' health.

Feeling is one thing we can agree on. Some things feel good. Others don't. When we do something "wrong" we feel it. Whether right or wrong is a program we have been led to trust in is another story. More than anything, deep inside all of us, is a feeling or sensation when we have done something like lied or made a decision that was not based in truth and integrity. This is the deep-seated conscience that we all have at birth, our intuition, our inner-knowing.

If we are attuned to a moral conscience, when something is "off" we can feel it. This does depend on the many factors of what we consider "moral." 

So, as I explained to my family, it is the importance of being aware, and being simply educated on what is going on under our noses. Interestingly, and even for myself, the truth in the upset caused by something that rang "untrue" triggered a response that made us all somewhat passionate in defence. It obviously stirred a passion that no one was comfortable with. The discussion turned my insides out at some point as I tried to explain why GMOs were unethical. I realized my frown lines were louder than my loving intent to bring forth a message. I tuned in and calmed down to listen to the other views openly. I give myself credit for learning how to do this, and less than ever do I feel that I need to be right (even though I usually am LOL). Honestly, even though I have little need to win a debate, I do however also see and feel the truth on many matters on a daily basis - it is what I do. And i do this not just to make a living, but to fulfill a purpose, by using a gift that I know I have for a reason.

I do not consider myself perfect by any means, nor are we expected to be perfect. I am aware that it can be difficult to avoid chemicals and additives that are effecting our health, and I see that many of us do not even know what a GMO is and that most of our food is actually produced and created from genetically modified organisms. This is a false version of an authentic seed that good old mother nature would produce herself. These are foods that have been designed with lack of moral, and we don't see it because it has been done in a very sneaky way. It is also very damaging to our evolving cells to consume the toxic substances required to grow these modified seeds. I could go on forever about the misuse of toxins in every product that we use, from toothpaste to topical creams, and of course the food that we consume. The point is that we have the right to know what we are consuming and that we have the option to make decisions about what we are exposed to. Thankfully with the internet these truths are out in the open. This is nothing new. People have been trying to unveil the truth about the unethical production of goods and services provided by corporations who really couldn't give a rat's tail if we all became sick. Further, if people fall ill, and people seek medical help, the pharmaceutical industry gets their gain too. Ever wonder how these systems connect? It's a harmful, vicious cycle that most people have been trained to looking away from, and to actually count on. I am all for medical advances and hold respect for so much research in these fields. I am also fortunate to live in a country that provides healthcare when one needs it, but like anything that needs balance, I worry when I sit in the waiting room and watch people come out with full prescriptions after a two-minute evaluation. Especially when I know and have seen alternative methods doing miraculous healings on many types of physical and mental ailments. 

With respect to toxic foods, products and overuse of pharmaceuticals, i have to ask you, would you willingly hold a loaded gun to your head? Would you pull the trigger in a few years, or even a few decades before your time, so that a corporation could make a few bucks? Seriously. Ask yourself this question. And then see it from that perspective. That is what is happening. Really. 

Sure, I would like to close my eyes at times, but when you're driving on the highway of life would you not rather have your high-beams on to see what is coming? Or would you opt to drive blindfolded because it felt safe? 

We are geniuses with answers. We are drivers with high-beams imbedded into our conscience.

The conclusion is that, yes, it is easier to shut the door on the truth. The truth is that the current systems are over-riding our ethical morals to respond to something clearly out of place. Sure we need to pick our battles, and make a difference here however we can, in our own backyard, but I am left to wonder… I see how programmed we have become, to the point that when a discussion becomes truthfully open, something internal is triggered in the collective conscience that seems to anger us naturally. But rather than pay attention, we clear the table and walk away. We walk away into the living room where things feel more cozy. That was the end of the discussion on GMOs. Once there was a conclusion that signing petitions was not enough, everyone was done. My mother, also a political agent of change in many ways, has seen some powerful associates out in the field attempting to make a difference. We stayed there at that table and continued to discuss. I also have come to see her perspective as a passionate politician. 

The way I see it is this… I see the systems in place as a huge tree overgrowing the planet with rotten roots. There are many politicians with good intent, and others with no good intent whatsoever, and all are flowers on this tree. All try to bring change to blossom. I see a whole lot of ants within these rotten roots, being told how to run the colony. Above all the many ant nests are the people - partially blindfolded, working hard to sustain the ant colony which continues to pollute the rotting tree. 

So what if this tree takes over? What would the world look like with trillions of money hungry warrior ants continuously poisoning the roots? I can promise you that a good portion of the ants have no idea they are working for the poison-planters. Or do they? What about the politicians trying to bloom new ideas, great ideas, that always seem to get pushed out? Do you know we have the blueprint to FREE ENERGY? We have the knowhow to create a sustainable planet. We have the answers already.

With only 48% of the population making a conscious effort to be heard by voting, ask this, who are we voting for? Do they really even have a say? I guess this could be a long topic to get into but what it comes down to is simple - if all the people with unfurling blindfolds stayed outside the living room for a minute longer and remained at the table to look at the facts, maybe there could be a collective decision, to bring in some "awareness fumigation." When we start seeing what is really going on under our feet, we can reroot the garden. Plant a new tree and eat from it. So, what was the poison apple in the often-told story of a perfect man and a perfect woman? What if the apple of evil was the GMO apple, and not the evil we have been told to believe in? Maybe it is now that we stand as Adam and Eve in the garden, being told to avoid biting the poisonous apple that could potentially fuel a whole world full of rotton trees? What if we payed attention, and chose to eat another apple? How about an apple that was voiced and produced by the people, and not produced by the ants? 

I know that if 30% of the people started to speak up about the things that are not in line with our integrity, the flowers would have the energy to bloom. People would take off the blindfold and become the pollinators and yes, we could in fact repair a broken planet. Food supply is a huge one, we need to eat to live. Water is essential to us, and a toxic water supply will be devastation if we keep acting in the same way. I love seeing restaurant owners become aware and presenting options; so many are using ocean-wise seafood and being trained in celiac-friendly methods, which is so good given many people have sensitivities to grains. I feel that these are all signs of people waking up. It is happening on a large scale, so I put my energy into focusing on the positive change that is taking place.

Sure we came here to look into the sky and watch the birds and sit back and relax. But let us look at the facts, the proof, the stats, and the reality of what we are doing and what we are allowing as consumers which fuels the wallets of the corporations.  What solutions do we have available now and why they are not being utilized?

If we have no birds, no bees, no food and no clean water, when all of these things have become toxic, running through our veins, life will cease to exist. Money really won't matter if everyone is too sick to make it. Life itself really won't matter if we can't see it around us. 

How do you feel about that?

I'm just wondering. 

Nothing is imposssible. Little things like signing petitions DO help. Starting the discussion does help as well, no matter where it leads.

I love my brother and stepdad because, while the passion stirred up in the kitchen, they kept it cool in the living room talking about golf balls. I guess that must serve as an important purpose to keeping us calm and rational. Balanced in awareness and action, still finding time to enjoy life.

But still...

Something irks me every day. Even in my silence. 

I don't know about you, but I DO have the need, to explain, to seek, to understand and to unveil. 

Sure, simplicity is enough, the joy of living, the humour and ease of not knowing everything... okay I am very good with that. But I am NOT here to watch ant colonies be brainwashed as people walk around blindfolded and stuck in a repetitive system that tells them how to behave. I am perfectly NOT okay with that. Speaking up does make a difference. I know that.

Plain Jane. On duty. Over and out.

Breathing truth into action. 


Three days later......

Midnight update: Since I typed this blog a few nights ago- I enjoyed another meal with my family. Free-range organic. Apparently I was heard. You see, being outspoken has great purpose. We also finished dinner in the living room with a less heated discusion that lead to productive solutions.If you have something to say, say it. You do not need to hold back, simply find the more gentle way to communicate. The more effective way. If you or your child fits a similar description- by all means book a session, I would be honoured to help you activate your voice and help you re-organize your energy! 

I have working away today in creative land, setting up an inner child request. An adult Super Hero party! My house is transformed, and tomorrow I will be grooving in the kitchen. I intend to post some links for further reading on GMO foods and Monsanto because I feel it is VERY important we are educated in what we are consuming, then we have the awareness to make the changes we came here to make. Please check out the Doreen Virtue Official Fan Page on face book for some highly truth filled information on many topics.

Today, black Jaguar is loud and full of divine puuuur. She may transform at any given moment! 

Certainly,Lois Lane will be reporting again soon! 

I am off for a few days from my real superhero job, and will continue to manifest goodness, from a high energy zone with friends, as I open a brand new year of POW! BAM! SHAZAM! Maybe Superman will flyby for a visit!? 

Sending superhero beams straight to your heart, sweet dreams my friends.


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replica omega on September-15-13 11:51 PM
good article! i like it!
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