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Golden and Naked: The Grid of Life Force Activation.

Last fall, I took an unplanned journey to Toronto and found myself standing at Niagara Falls for the first time. It was a gorgeous time to visit this part of Canada. The guidance had come in loud and clear, as I tuned into a train in the distance.

"Get on that train and go to Toronto."

I am a modern gypsy to the core, so I have no problem taking off when I feel the need to, often at the drop of a dime. In total trust.

I found myself in the presence of this divine water and began to unknowingly release some emotional baggage that I no longer wanted to carry. Taking a boat ride into the mouth of this powerful waterfall was utterly transformative. That adventure alone is quite the story of spiritual adventure with a few twists and turns!

When I got home after a mind-blowing train journey, I experienced an ever more profound new activation method, a new tool for healing which has taken my own life to a whole new level. My sessions with people are quite different and much more powerful since I have received this new ER operation technique - a technique that takes the emergency out of any room!

This energy is a grid system that was shown to me boldly, and then activated on a quantum level. 

So if this gets weird for anyone, just imagine that sci-fi is actually a truth-filled reality.

I had read before some information about grid-healing. But more importantly, when I was little, I actually saw a grid in the sky when we were out at the lake with my family. I saw it as clear as day. It looked like plaid lines, criss-crossing in a dome like structure, filling the whole sky above and around me. I have seen this in various dreams as well. 

I enjoy reading from time to time, but as an empath, I have learned not to become overloaded with other people's information. I enjoy getting my information straight from the source, and sometimes I use books to oracle read: this comes in the form of confirmations as I flip randomly to certain pages as intuition instructs me. Often I will order a book, and before it even arrives, I get the download of the teaching. I admit there are very few books that I have read from front to back. I am very choosy with what kind of material I ingest.

We all would benefit from learning how to intuitively read. I do admit that sometimes I think I need a good old mystery or an entertaining novel to get out of cosmic space. Like taking a break.

But I do love my realms, always simple, loving, fun and brilliant! 

As far as universal knowledge goes, I often prefer to experience things for myself. I need to get the full meaning and understand what is given to me, and why. 

Staying on track with the grid...

So, after that trip and as some visitors left, I was clearly guided to lay down on my living room floor. This was not like a meditation prompt (I try to meditate every day at some point). This was more of a "lay down to receive something" kind of command. Usually my clairvoyant prompts are gentle, but this was loud and clear. So I listened. I am glad I did.

I was laying in the middle of my living room, in a ray of sunshine, breathing deeply. As I opened up to see, I was gifted with an intense feeling accompanied with a vision and what some may call an out-of-body experience (or an OBE). Beyond the planet, there was a huge radiating sphere of light. If I have to put it into words, it felt golden in colour. And very, very warm. Pulsating.

To give a bit of background information, four years ago I clearly saw two golden streams of light flowing into my hands after a forgiveness meditation I had participated in with a group. I was shown and told that this light was divine in essence, and would be used to assist others. I felt quite blessed with this powerful, loving energy. I have seen that golden light appear when I cut cords for others, with the intention to heal auric fields. I am thankful that at the time I was in a safe environment with other psychics, with a very clairvoyant teacher who also saw this and was able to confirm it to me in a very cool way!

I was aware of this golden energy as I had been working with this in various sessions and noticed the ability it had to transform energy fields very efficiently.

So the activation starts......

I must record this. It sounds quite entertaining when told in person. For those of you that know my voice and character, it would also be wildly funny. At the time, this was very serious and so incredible, and amazing to feel!

So... I am lying on the floor, in Da Vinci "starfish" position. With arms out and breathing deeply, suddenly I see "the grid." 

Divine drum roll........

Let's just make it clear, I was not on LSD or in any state of altered perception, other than just returning from Toronto, dumping a load of emotional turmoil on a major tourist attraction, leaving all my heaviness within a waterfall which could handle that type of load. 

I am sure it was the wise spirit of Niagara, Thunder Goddess. She had something to do with this. Go there and get on the boat! Seriously! Or join me for an adventure! 

(See Adventures with Dora in the menu page.)

Okay, okay, so on with the Golden Grid.....

Btw... I had an image pop up on my screen roughly ten hours after I had written this post, and I have also placed it at the top of this Q&A page - I adore Synchronicity! 

I watched this amazing, bold and brilliant light come from a powerful source, a geometric shape that resembled the sun (but clearly wasn't) with other bands circulating the energy field, moving around it like endless power. Tube-like energy vibrated beautifully through the bands, as if the lines of longitude and latitude were filling up with threads of golden light. Full of clean energy.

If Lois Lane could put a title to this, it would be,

"COSMIC BOOM! Superhero goes wild in pure state of relaxation and clear seeing"

My hands get very hot when I see spheres of golden light activate in them, and then in the bottom of my feet, as well as in my solar plexus, in my heart and above my head. 

So, now I am now holding balls of light that only I can see and feel; no one else is in the room obviously. No fret, my plants got this all on film! 

The feeling was one of the most euphoric feelings I have ever experienced, as well as one that I had to share with Astroboy.

Inserts connected information:

The first similar experience was during an OBE, while floating between here and home along with my son who had briefly come and gone in a physical body - he lived a short life of twelve hours. My water broke at only four months and so he was a miracle, making it as far as he did with virtually no amniotic fluid to sustain him. He was born at twenty-six weeks, very prematurely and with underdeveloped lungs. What happened in that space was intense, serene, beautiful and very very safe. The experience has forever changed my life, including my perceptions of the world beyond Earth. Appearing like a teacher of spirit, a comet from a star in outer space, he touched me deeply, as well as my family.

I love that super soul. He visits me from time to time, after he had telepathically told me that I had important things to do and that he would be around assisting me with many things non-physically related. Astroboy of course! In his passing, he took me with him for a minute, to what I can consider to be the vortex that takes us out of this reality into the unknown space of our essential soul. Home, on the other side.

Fifteen years later so much of this experience makes sense. I did have A LOT to do!
Although it was difficult, I feel extremely blessed by this experience.

I share that with you, for some gentle hope that even death has great purpose.

Since his visit, my psychic senses became much more profound. Something in me changed. I know. My awareness and sense of "seeing" were greatly enhanced.

So, let's time-travel back into the future, into the golden grid.

There in my living room, as my "super spheres" lit up, my heart was being lifted as well, and I could feel a major release that felt so incredibly amazing, and so profound, that tears of joy streamed down my face. Divine in every way. Just what the cosmic medic team had ordered.

All of a sudden the connection-activation started when these streams of light started to flow into me, connecting through energy spheres in my body. They were filling me up, through tubes within this grid system. Radiating all around my body, they lit up the whole building.

Obviously this shifted my aura, but it went way beyond the aura; it connected me to something way bigger. It activated a whole other part of me. No doubt.

I don't know how long I was on the floor for. No idea. Time did not seem to exist.

When I returned from whatever that little journey was, I had to let the events absorb until I could stand up. When I did, I felt like I was floating. Very light. 

That very second, my perceptions of situations, relationships, and other human dramas with others became altered to a new level of understanding. 

I had been asking what "my thing" was with respect to healing for quite a while. In that space I was told that I was being activated in order to activate others into this system of energy we have become disconnected from.

"You are the golden grid activator."

Ego was like, "Well who the heck am I to be that?"

"That is part of you, like a spirit chef, serving up a whole new menu."

Alrighty then! As my enlightened buddy Jim Carey would say, with a mighty twist.

Stay tuned for a really great interactive website, which will be a fun way to connect to some seriously divine content!

I saw that I, along with many others, was disconnected from this grid - and many remain disconnected from this grid that connects us to the bigger oneness of universal energy. Of course we are part of that energy, but this grid seems to be an operating system that works like a download, or rather, an "upgrade" from beyond. This I now know is part of the power issue on the planet, with our search and need to control each other, and our search for oil and gas energy... all to sustain our needs.

Perhaps you have heard of "free energy"? 

This is it. We already have it. Now I get it. I really get it.

Why? This is always my question. And its almost always answered.

How is it that this is an energy source, so profound in many ways, that is not being utilized to its full potential?

I know that others have access to this in a way that can work in a physical realm, and to solve our issues on the planet. It can be applied for emotional fulfillment, or even in an engineered system that can be used to fuel our cars, homes and personal energy fields.

So, I needed to work with this a bit before I could write about it. I needed to see some results. I trust what I see happening. 

But come on... I am human. Kind of. I need results. Answers. Proof of some kind, at least.

Oddly, or not so oddly, I had thirty-two appointments with clients scheduled in Edmonton three days later. I was also told that these souls were "predestined" to receive this activation. And by divine coincidence, a woman I did not even know invited me to stay in her home, quite out of the blue. She already had the clients. 

Note: There is a blue energy grid too! Interconnected. Just when you thought things were simple! Well, it is actually all very easy to comprehend after a life-time of psychic experiences.

I meditated on this for more information on what it is designed to accomplish. Being the natural entrepreneur that I am, my first question was:

"Can I teach this to others as a modality?" 

The answer was that not everyone has this ability. There are many people teaching grid activations (since I have done some research on the topic), but unfortunately not everyone can do this. Obviously many others can, so use your intuition with grid connections, like with any healer or clairvoyant you may seek.

I was shown that cord-cutting is very needed and very important, but I had seen that as I performed this on people, often the ego voice would override and sometimes the cords would come back - this depended on the level of deserving the receiver had. What I saw with cord-cutting was a way to release the "old" and bring in some light. 

Well, the golden grid activation is that light

Once "planted" in the energy body, it grounds in like a divine anchor to hold the light coming from beyond, and is meant to be harnessed to the core of the planet. We become the receivers and the givers to assist Mother Earth in recharging. In turn we also benefit in miraculous ways!

I understand that for someone who does not see energy, that all of this can sound very "out there" and I attempt to explain this in a way that is easy to grasp. I feel we can all relate to this somehow. 

Note to my loving, type-A mom: Sorry mama, I am golden and naked! Thanks for birthing me! 

My momma is starting to really love this stuff!  

You know why?

This golden grid, once in the body, goes through all time lines past, present and future. So once someone is activated, you become a conduit towards the healing of the whole family lineage!!! 

The future is friendly.

This activation works for everyone, everywhere! No matter where you have stepped in ALL directions of time, each place and each person you have been connected to, becomes charged with this energy - like a filtration system of divinity on this planet, people and places you are connected to,begin to receive this energy. 

It's like cosmic honey, and it coats the lines of the often ancient painful memories we store. 

Interestingly, as I started these sessions I was very excited to put this new operating tool to use. I had unusually fascinating people show up for the sessions. Of course, they thought they were signed up for a "card reading" - which they were -  as well as a golden grid activation. I knew.

As an important step, I still use my powerful techniques to cut cords and fluff up the auric wings. That actually needs to be done first. I had a woman that I could see had worked in the Pentagon, a holder of many secrets. She didn't need to tell me any of them of course. I just needed to gift her with this activation. And now this golden honey activation is all up in that domain as well... doing its thing in the Pentagon! Truth is being brought to the old systems. Sorry guys, you are becoming golden now too! No secrets.

I also activated a very prominent man who had been in the department of investigations in the police for years, as well as a woman who managed day cares around the city. And so now we have that energy lifting all kinds of old systems in those places as well!

You do need to give me your permission to be activated.

Of course, at times my human doubt enjoyed rolling in, questioning things from time to time. Now, seven months later, and after some considerable time working with this energy, I am convinced beyond any doubt of its extremely positive impact.

I have a highly clairvoyant auntie, who is also very gifted. When I gave her the activation (without telling her what I was doing), afterwards she immediately explained to me exactly what I had done to her - almost word for word as I had seen it. Which is a brilliant confirmation as well.

Some people feel this, sensing the energy as I activate them, but it depends on their level of sensitivity. I can see it clearly, so that's enough for me! 

It works at the DNA level, like an upgrade to our matrix body, much like a computer program. If you think about it, we upgrade computers, iPhones, mapping systems etc. Why do you think the creator Goddess invented the cyber realm? So we could understand invisible energy! A series of tubes. Information - travelling through lines of what? Do you see those frequencies? No, or do you? Well, computer frequencies are quite artificial in comparison to how the true vibrations of cosmic energy feels. We too, need upgrades in our DNA. 

I was in the process of activating a family of five, and I had just completed the parents. When the daughter sat down, I could see this golden energy vibrating through her, before I had even done the activation on her!  So I could see how it coats through family ties. SO cool!

What do I LOVE about this the most?
There is no contra-force. It cannot be tampered with, not by the ego or by anything. 

Once it is there, it continues to activate the person to their highest potential, also activating their own unique soul's purpose - all in a very gentle way. You won't suddenly have boots that blast you into Mars, although I tried. My "friends" on the other side, my super guides, really want me to stay here and activate people.

So, no flying home right away for me. But maybe just for little visits to receive more tools from time to time! 

I am not crazy. Just highly gifted. I promise.

So how about a dose of gold? 
No rush!

Ha! Get it?

If you are wondering, Gold is the way to go these days. There is a reason it is valuable. It has never been the physical gold, as much as the energetic gold that we really need. Don't dig! Just activate!

Then, all the rest will follow.
In divine order. Godspeed.

This, my friends, is Triple Helix Healing.  

Any more questions? I would be happy to answer them. Send me your inquiries and I will do my best to answer them.

In the mean time, stay golden! 

Here is your ticket! 

From time to time as my schedule allows, I also offer more "down-to-earth" treatments like massage and energy alignments. I enjoy the hands-on work. Using this energy promises an experience quite different than what you may get from someone who is not consciously working as a conduit. If you are a spa owner or a therapist, I also offer training and activations which will greatly assist your practice or business. 

This is the step that is coming in a big wave, be ahead of the game! There is a reason this era is referred to as the Golden Age! A new dawn never had so much meaning.

With love, and deep truth,

Margo Denay Bereska

A few weeks after I wrote this, I had asked spirit to send me more information on this grid system. As divine synchronicity exists loudly in our lives I was given the template. A website that seemed to pop up as I was guided  to open my face book account. I am including a link if you are curious about this. I am very happy to have come across this information, as it is perfect confirmation of what I had experienced in October 2012. 

I recommend this video on what others are calling "The Template." I have not examined the website in depth yet- but I do recommend the video - Become the Portal – simply absorb it with an open mind and take what you like from it. Keep it simple with your own level of awareness so that it does not feel to bizarre. 

Contact me for a simpler explanation and an activation to your very own unique code! This will assist you in day-to-day life with new helpful energy and possibility! I talk to your guardian angels and higher soul to have this transmission sink into your happy self. Life is too short to wait! 

Sending you golden beams of this frequency, in hopes that you chose to connect to it when you feel ready. 

Margo Denay Bereska

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