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Galactic Salad & Earth Soup.The First Course.

Shizaow!! Can you say SHIFT?!

Well, I am just thrilled with life today! I am stoked that today I hit over 4000 views on my blog from all around the world! I am so grateful to connect with you. I love sharing my experience as an earth angel - a truth-teller of the great unknown, a knowing that we all connect to on some level. I appreciate your input, because I am happy to know that my words are helpful. I can't claim all the credit, given my guides and light beings whisper in my ear all the time. I received so much feedback on my last blog on relationships and sacred union. 

We are looking deeper now at our connections with others, and beyond what we think we know is "out there" and which is changing the world as we know it.

I just finished another intensely vibrant session today so my awareness stream is wide open as I type this. I would be all ADD-wild-child if I had nowhere to put all this energy - so I will share it with you so that "I" can go chill at the beach and slow it all down a bit :)  

There are some major transitions happening in the cosmos, so this is a kind of galactic weather report. Just as we are affected by the weather, the moon, sun and planets totally have an influence on us as well. Paying attention to the activity that drives this planet, life along with its moods and fluctuations becomes much easier to monitor. When we become aware of energy, including our innate sensitivities to our surroundings, a cosmic weather report can be very helpful. 

What is taking place right now is cosmically profound, and so of course impacts us in an Earthly sense on various levels.

For those of you who have followed any writing in the past where I speak of my Mom, the lovely soul who carried me here, you know that I sometimes tease her for being "type A practical."  I do not ever want to judge my Mom in any way anymore because she is an expanding love bomb, who has been a busy, busy, non-stop kinda lady. Someone who is extremely passionate about many worldIy issues, Mom has been an advocate for change in a political sense, as well as in a motherly, queen-like way. Being highly sensitive to rushed energies, I do have to breathe deeply around her, and at the same time remind her that it is okay to chill out sometimes. We all need to learn this, myself included. My Mom and I do have lots in common, even though we joke that I am adopted, since I look nothing like her. You can imagine that raising a child who saw the world differently than most people came with some ups and downs.

So when I woke up the other day, and in reading a text from my Mom, I could not help but feel some exciting confirmation about the latest energies supporting us. This was the night after last week's full moon (which I am certain my mom was unaware of) and she texted me this:

"Good day lovely daughter, when you are up and about would you pull a card for me? Feeling a shift. Wondering where it is coming from? XO"

HUH? YES! Of course. Did my mom just say "shift"? My heart fluttered. This is a very new language for my supermom. I also tuned into her text tone....."When you are up and about..."

In the morning, it always takes me some time to land back in Earth space, coming back from wherever it is that I go after a cozy night's rest. So, as my puffy face was landing back on its bones, finding its place again within gravity, I was giddy to see this message. Checking in to see if I was dreaming, I knew I was awake ;) Good thing Mom knows I won't be sufficiently coherent to speak to anyone for at least a few hours.

When Mom is feeling a shift, and even using that lingo, my light-worker spirit knows something (maybe the light?) is working. Right away my angels suggested that part of this was in fact the full moon release I did the night before. This always involves another stage of forgiveness and a release of the old patterns, and includes everyone who I am or have been connected to in this lifetime and in past lives, some of which may have been turbulent. Sometimes I release for other people too, if I know they wouldn't be doing such a thing as burning scripts and sending them down the river on fire in the moonlight.

What I am more excited about is that this is not just about me and my Mom creating a lovely relationship after years of swimming in emotional turmoil; this is about collective lifting and centuries of karma-connected energy, personal energy that is interconnected into other people's karma as well. I currently live in Jasper, Canada, and it is a place I refer to as Karmic Soup Town, because, knowingly or not, so many people are attracted to this place to heal and clear old karmic dramas. This place can keep people stuck and moving in circles, and create a sense of stability or shoot them out periodically and then welcome them back from time to time on assignment. It's a magical place to grow up, protected by an ethereal bubble for sure - which is also why so many choose to just pop in for a visit. Life here can be breathtakingly beautiful or interestingly intense in this deep bowl of soup! The surrounding Rockies actually create the feeling of being in a huge ceramic bowl - with snowcaps melting! 

I have been boiling and simmering a divine soup for a while here - actually since I was born, and returning off and on to the cauldron as I needed to. Having dished out little spoonfuls of me here and there, I am now on the salad course, while others are on the golf course :) Okay I am playing around.... focus.

In general on our planet, for several years we have been building up to what I call a major swipe of the karmic plate, or a tipping of the bowl in this case - HOORAY! 

Now, what is happening on a bigger earthly scale? Very similar to Jasper's soup, we have moved through the thick, simmering mix of flavours and into a more colourful presentation of fresh, crisp ingredients. We have matured into using a fork, and the bites are small enough that we don't need knives anymore. There are quite a few options pointing in several directions as we choose which flavours in the salad to munch on. Whether you believe in woo-woo spirituality, astrology, science or metaphysics, or are on the cusp of any of these, this "shift" is without question affecting you. 

What is happening in civilization's kitchen right now, is a time that scholars, prophets, astronomers and ancient books (including biblical texts) have spoken of for centuries. The word "shift" has become one of those perky ad words that companies are using to sell anything from credit cards and bank loans, to vacations and tupperware. Aside from all the sales tactics, the truth is that the human form is changing. Not everyone can grasp that, but if one pays attention, one can see it every day. As a psychic channel for some pretty amazing beams of consciousness I actually seem to vibe up most of the time, high in the excitement for the changes that are contributing to some collective shakiness. As the world sees some frightening changes in the government, financial, religious and heath sectors, the universe is throwing us some divine kitchen helpers, who come in to fix sloping floors, re-frame the windows and give us new recipes for peace.

I love tapping into the truth of our existence and the possibilities that are beyond all of that which we think we know. This wisdom and having this sense of knowing has completely knocked me off my rocker, and put me on a tightrope at times, walking into the unknown in complete trust of all that is.

So what about the bible? What about predictions, science, religion, belief and biology?

Now, for some reason I feel guided to mention that I have never studied the bible, nor was science my favorite subject in school. I loved the experiments, but I could see beyond the structure. Quantum perhaps? As far as religion goes, my Mom was raised Catholic, and with some not so pleasant experiences, she decided to let us explore our beliefs freely. She did not make us go to church every week, nor did she instil a belief system on me and my siblings, other than to follow our own hearts, and this I do feel is a great religion in and of itself. My step-dad, on the other hand, gently bribed us with doughnuts and ice cream after we were given the choice to accompany him to church, but only if we wanted. I consider my stepfather a spiritual man, but perhaps in the closet about it and with no need to make it known. On a few occasions he gave us a buffet of different churches to explore and take what we needed from the experience. I am thankful for this as an adult because I feel I have been less exposed to brainwashed morals and collective beliefs (which I was never able to swallow anyway). I have also inherited my psychic gifts from both sides of my biological parents, from 3 to maybe 7 generations (I am still researching this).  

During one of these outings, when I was about five or six, I had my first experience of angering someone who was teaching biblical stories. By this time in my little life here I had started "using the Lord's name in vain."

"Oh God" was a common, sarcastic expression as we played in the neighbourhood playground; I clearly remember using this expression that I had surely picked up from adults. I said it aloud at some random churchy event with no thought of doing something wrong and instantly I had a woman look at me and say, "You know, if you use the Lord's name in vain, you will be punished in the afterlife."

I looked at her clear as day, right in the eyes, and said blatantly, "You're lying. That is not true." Needles to say, I immediately did not feel very welcome for sharing my view, and so, like a true indigo spirit, I caused some drama around it, and then somehow ended up escaping class and walked down the road. I crossed the tracks to a quieter place, where I could explore more freely, beyond the confines of the church walls. Soon after, as I sat there looking at the river, I felt a deep guilt come over me, and asked silently if this was in fact true.

"Oh....God" I said with great reluctance.......... and about to ask again. Instantly I had a very clear vision that I felt at all levels of my awareness; a clear knowing radiated through me as deep truth. A very warm energy took over when a man appeared, showing me the tablets of rock that they speak of in the bible, and representing the ten commandments we had learned of. The guilty feeling I had completely lifted, "erased" from my conscious as the "rules" became an open light. Then I saw and felt a warm masculine hand press on my heart along with a finger in the middle of my forehead; a profound light came penetrating through and I was told very clearly, "Nothing you do here will ever be punished, and you are loved very much no matter what." A deep sense of peace came over me, and I felt very reassured. 

Instant relief!

"I can totally be a bad ass!!" The man himself just said so!!

I can bet that is what I thought. Although there was no actual ego voice as such.....I completely felt accepted and loved by something obviously "not human." This was just one of many experiences I have had with beings that most people do not see.

So I was given permission to speak up, since that day. And ever since then I feel I have been able to clearly discern a lie from a truth. I also have a very, very hard time lying or covering the truth. As a matter of fact when I do this, nasty feelings overtake my body and if I contain them I have major psychic attacks from all directions. This is no fun for anyone! It is like I have a truth alarm built in like a microchip. The vibration of a lie is not pleasant in any way, and especially when contained.

Humorously, I was always fighting systems, and this was sometimes challenging to anyone who figured they needed to discipline me. I had to sit in the hallway through a good portion of junior high because I messed around, annoyed or caused trouble with the boys who were my best allies and better friends when it came to causing trouble and challenging norms. When a teacher respected my views and opinions as an equal, I was a brilliant student, wise beyond their comprehension. At the age of seventeen, tell me I could not drink coffee in class as you did so right in front of me just because you were the teacher... well then I may have given you a harder time. Rebel? With a cause! 

Jump ahead almost twenty years, and here I am as a (fairly) disciplined psychic healer who is very aware of many spiritual truths. I'm someone randomly gifted with enhanced abilities, who clearly talks to angels, Moses, Mother Mary, Jesus and other folk that have been spoken of throughout history. I am a medium and I love that I get to speak to all sorts of deceased characters all the time, which of course would include anyone who feels they still have wisdom to share, including Micheal Jackson.... one of my faves, and yes, Jesus, who is actually a really hip soul. I see him helping many people, even if you have never read the bible. 

Now as far as the bible is concerned, I am shown that there are in fact many, many divine truths and teachings within the stories - true guidelines for being a decent human being. What I have also seen is so much of the fear-based, sin-induced BS that has come along with it. I am sorry to those of you who swear by every page written, but most light-workers are aware that the bible has been reproduced many, many times. More importantly, it has been known for centuries that a BIG chunk of the divine cookie has had a BIG bite taken out of it. Many teachings have very conveniently been omitted from this book of truth that so many people hold dear to their lives. This includes the teaching of the divine feminine described in The Da Vinci Code, as well as many other books. I have also been told that The Da Vinci Code is a very true story, written as fiction of course with details somewhat scattered, so that more people could grasp the story. A big chunk left out regards our ability to connect with our divine source to manifest and create - an empowerment given to us as a birthright which has been handed to men in robes posing as "men of God." These are men of God who have been tainted by the misuse of power; many have done wonderful work, but many have done the unspeakable. I won't get all pissy right now, as my energy needs to stay high. However I will write about this at another time. For now focus on forgiveness and release. 

By the way, to put us all on common ground, please know that Jesus, Mother Mary and Moses amongst others were humble humans, who lived here to assist in a shift of belief that was causing some turmoil on the planet at the time. Sound familiar? Most of them had psychic visions and healing powers that at the time seemed "alien" or extremely rare. These amplified abilities to tune into the divine and serve as messengers are no different than what many gifted healers are able to do today. Back then this was very rare and so of course this was documented throughout the evolution of mankind. Now I am told that over 50% of the planet's population are light-workers, just like Jesus. 

Honestly, last time I was communicating with him I asked this question and I am pretty certain he said roughly 68% of the population have profound, divine gifts to assist humanity in finding peace, and maybe more. We all do have psychic gifts and various abilities and many people have simply not awakened these gifts in a conscious way - but this is all coming. Also note that Jesus was a very humble man in life and in death (where he is actually very "alive" and present). He was a powerful soul who, in a sense, reincarnated into many different people. His teachings were profound, and more than anything, he was not a judgmental soul. There was very little dogmatic, fear-based, rule-orientated teachings in his truth. If anything, he was rebellious, which is why I jive with him. There is a good reason why his legacy has lived on and is so vibrant to this day; people get it. They know he spoke of truth, but unfortunately he has also been misunderstood in many ways.

Okay so staying on track with a cosmic update... I want to be clear that I am not in any way preaching biblical predictions in a dogmatic sense of sin, terror and hell in the afterlife if you have not been baptized; that's just insane! We are all welcomed home when we die, no matter what we do here. Sure it is easier to get home when we aren't stuck here in fear of being judged on the other side. When we are not overly attached to losing people, possessions, or our earthly addictions, we do tend to "cross over" more easily. This is a reason why I always recommend you heal your relationships now - you don't want any freaky ghost stalkers hanging around you, do you?! When it comes to God and the kingdom of "heaven" in the wisdom of what exists beyond Earth do you really believe there is a big mean man in the sky casting us into purgatory for being human? I doubt it. Fully. You can poke me if I am wrong on this - in the afterlife, when I see you in heaven or hell :) 

So...  about this shift now? 

This is the time of erasing the old dusty chalk board of strict rules. It's time to reopen what we think we know, time to unwind it. Time to turn on the laptop of evolution. There's a whole new frequency that is much broader than we can imagine. Once we sent telegraphs and now we send a message on twitter....get me? There's a new set of beliefs, like a new technology, which is so expansive that we are actually like grandparents trying to learn how to operate an iPad. 

Just as there are computer connections, there exists an invisible series of tubes that connects information and energy in a second to a "world wide web" where people can assess for themselves what they deem to be true or not. Do you see how we are connected in the same way, only one is artificial intelligence and the other is a divine blueprint?

I am going off topic for a second here... bare with me.

The most popular web searches vary from country to country, and we say collective awareness is not connected... Think again. While the USA's widest search is "how to love," Slovakia is concerned with how to "pick up babes," while Russia is searching on tips of "how to be nicer" and Colombia wants "recipes for cupcakes." The UK apparently is learning "how to draw." Singapore seems to have the right idea with their top search being "how to rock" - my personal favourite of course, well, along with the USA and maybe Colombia!

I mean, if ya can't "rock love," and make cupcakes you are obviously not living! 

Okay, then there is Argentina and "how to update Facebook" - maybe I could go teach a class or two there! Or maybe travel to Brazil and learn a thing or two... "how to delete Facebook."  Nah! I love Facebook!

All jokes aside, I feel the computer and social media is part of this huge shift and it is serving a great purpose to get us all talking openly. Here we are now, for example.

So what I am most interested in (relating to this update) is that the USA are becoming aware that love might be something that needs to be learned. As a major contributing zone to the rest of the world, the USA have become an imbalanced anchor for many belief systems around the world. That's not because they seem to know so much, but because the media and the economy have put so much trust in the USA to keep the dream alive. The American Dream? Perhaps that is where we have gone a little haywire. Seems the USA are waking up. Obviously the collective heart of Americans is warming, as they begin to contribute to this shift. Luckily this sometimes over-imposed quest for spiritual enlightenment has made this shift a trend - the best trend since the rights and freedoms were written (and which are also now being revised). Meanwhile other countries tend to have deeper-seated spiritual beliefs... like cupcakes and babes? 

Oh, don't think I have forgotten Canada! I had to do a little research since we were left out of that post. Most popular search for Canadians?


You don't say? Now THAT is interesting. I would call that overly curious and maybe overly open to exploring anything and everything. God I love Canada! I have actually had to tone down my own you tube searches on a huge scale. That is whole other story to itself. Speaking of psychic attack.

Okay then, as a whole, looking at the world beyond cupcakes and sarcastic cyber comedy, the truth is that we have accumulated major debt, overused our resources, created illnesses, fought over oil and natural gas, and enacted horrific and unjust wars that have ended the lives of millions. Not to mention our history: the dark ages of the past, apartheid, witch hunts, the inventions of mass destruction, torture chambers, and the killings of anyone who spoke openly of communication with the unseen realm. And don't even get me started on food supply and pharmaceuticals, mention the word GMO and we can go for a coffee or open a dusty bottle and I will happily give ya some insider info!

So what about all the prophets and witches who have used "out there" terms for centuries? Most return over and over to say, "STOP, this is not okay." Our planet has been begging for peace for a very long time and this time has come.

Today as I finish this post it is the 29th of July, I have been awake all night tuning into a very, very high frequency. This energy is something I feel deeply, as I am very practiced with my sixth sense. Personally, I don't need to read about it. You can search and find a million pages on what is happening right now and take whatever fits for you. I prefer to trust what I am shown then have it backed up by information that comes to me randomly, like my Mom asking about her sudden feeling, that something felt different, almost overnight. 

And just like every time I give someone a reading, I just "know" things about people. I can clearly tune in to their closest relationships, to their soul theme and to where they are holding onto issues that are influencing them in negative ways. I can no longer question how and why I know this nor do I feel any need to convince anyone that this is authentic. I just know things. And I know also that knowing these things helps people to feel peaceful - every time, and even amongst apparent chaos, deep despair, confusion, suffering or loss of a loved one. The unseen world always brings peace - no exception. What I also know is that every time I open this channel of wisdom I get all kinds of juicy info about where we are at as an awakening civilization, regarding our true purpose for existence. I also see that many other beings do very much exist, because they pop in during my readings all the time. This includes the angels, whom we all have, and yes, highly intelligent beings that we call "alien." Angels seem more accepted for some reason, but if you think we are alone in the universe, get real! Like I said I have no need to go further with this; that is not my job to convince. Ask me whatever you want and I assure you that it is nothing but comforting in its truth.

I love the scene in the newest Star Trek of a very unevolved civilization discovering the circle of life when a huge spaceship comes out of the water and shocks them all into awareness.

Yeah... Kind of like that. 

Are you ready? 
Everyone reading this is ready. Or you wouldn't still be reading.

You love the juice. 

Because you are cutting edge! 

You are part of helping the ascension progress. You have asked for peace and so then it is here for you. You know that the process has been tough work, and that most of life's best lessons come from trying times, when life asks you to reveal what is true and what is not. You know that, yes, something is deeper than what the ego likes to tell you, that maybe you do have an infinite soul that is here for a reason, and that there is a portal of wisdom and love to be accessed. You know that, yes, perhaps something that could be very true is maybe uncomfortable to accept, and that actually the world has changed and something feels different. You know that you can no longer pretend, you see that pretense gets boring, and that you attract brilliantly loving souls that cross your path to lift you out of it. You hear a whisper in the wind prompting you to be authentic and loving. It's working. You also know that something about religious structures feels "off" and that science is not answering all the questions. You are evolving out of lower conscious beliefs and moving up on the scale where your heart is warmer and more curious. Hooray! You are the creator of the cosmic salad!

Do you know why? Everything is written in the stars and way, way beyond. Sure science. The cosmic map says there are portals open, and that there are actual gatekeepers that hand you the key. They give you the choice to open doors and help you walk through them.

Coincidentally, this morning I came home from playing with a baby squirrel to a note from an acquaintance asking me this:

"Hi Margo. I do not mean to insult you; you are a nice lady. In fact, you always have been exactly that and more. BUT science informs us that astrology is nonsense and completely non-true. Could you please explain to me how you make a living from this?"

Firstly, I do not consider myself an astrologer, but I have interest and curiosity to much of it and I trust what works, and with all the wild relationships I have found myself in I can say that most of them have been spot on when I looked into natal birth charts, chinese astrology and numerology - I have no doubt we are connected to the maps in the sky. I just see beyond all of that as well. There are layers and layers of maps that we are traveling through all the time - endless planets that are not even discovered. Do you know five earth like planets were just discovered? It smells like breakfast all of the sudden! 

So as you can see, I am a bit excited and all over the place. I admit I drank a fully loaded cup of coffee today which I rarely do, so I am like Einstein on a roll. The cosmic update is a salad of many ingredients that contribute to the divine supper of life. Right now we are making the dressing. Even though oil and vinegar don't seem to mix, it does not mean that when shaken, they don't contribute to a delectable taste in the big salad of life. We can be quite harmonious as opposite forces come together to realize the illusion of duality is not as intimidating as it seems. 

On the planet we have come close to destroying each other, over duality and opposition when in truth we are the same soul. The freewill zone called Earth is set up for us in order to choose peace in simplicity and we have been doing it the hard way for too long. 


Good thing we are all still here together with another chance to do it better. To tune into this opening or "portal" is an awareness beyond common belief. We are feeling the shift. The doors need to be open, wide open, or it will be like sliding through a needle painfully. Broaden the perspective and life is easier, I promise!

By the way, today could not be a better day to boom forward!

Now, we trust the witches instead of burn them. Sure, maybe behind our backs there are all kinds of wild things going on, but when we are really seeing the truth behind all of that "ego noise" it really has no power at all. Judgement is not my business. Enlightenment is.

The cosmic update says this is the first course... What is to come is a whole discovery of what we are truly capable of creating. The only question we need to ask ourselves everyday is this:

"What takes me closer to feeling peaceful and happy? What action can I take towards that?"

Then it is our very own responsibility. Response & Able. Hmmm. What about Kane? Who is Able? 

I dunno. I never read the bible. I just know that WE are able. Kane is now keen! LOL. I need to sleep! 

Sorry, God, I am not intending to make fun of you. 

And he replies, "Well I sure hope you would be, keep writing, why else do you think you have tingly fingers?" 

So after we ask this important question, what brings me closer? The action is up to us. That is why we are here. To act on action! Like action heroes. 
Get it? Oh god, where am I getting this wit from?

I am winding this down I promise.

The answers we get are often of two sides: one will be simple and genuine and the other will be loud and confusing. The best answer will be the one that prompts you to be straight forward with your intentions. Your higher self has little will to play with people's emotions, rather it has pure intention to be loving, kind and honest even with your unique personality. Spirit does not intend for you to hide behind a curtain of ego's shadows and create further drama, it just prompts you to be simple, by being exactly who you are, a little out of your comfort zone.
The cosmic salad gives you seeing glasses with an option that needs a personal invitation, with less guess work and more authenticity. Ask for what you want. Then receive it. 

Create the outcome you desire by letting go of the need to control how that will happen (I feel the phrase "let go" is overused). We are human. Our nature is to embrace. So embrace a new thought around embracing something broader. A new vibration. Dance just a little harder. It only gets better from here - if you choose it.

The universe is completely on your side. Because it is aware that in truth, there are no sides. 


The new slate is a huge, clear, rock slate waiting to be written on! 

This is the shakedown of major changes, things are going to get uncomfortable because we are being loudly asked to be truthful. When we are not being open and truthful, you can trust that the universe will uncover a way to do it for you; the universe has a desire to heal this planet by whatever means possible. First, we are given the choice as the primary decision makers of this freewill zone, but there is also a whole unseen realm pushing us gently in a way that works wonders. But you have to give permission for this "portal" to assist you. It will regardless; it will just be easier if you co-operate.

When I speak of waking up, I mean of realizing the bigger picture, that your contribution here is bigger than what you have been led to believe. So today is a very profound day to receive, intend and act. Bigger and more important than I can even explain. I just know.

Thanks for sticking with me on this one! 

I better have a nap now. I feel like a kite in the wind.

Better grab that balloon before it floats away. Tree stump - needed. Maybe that is why I love eucalyptus sheets.

Love and laughs, peace and power, shifts and shouts! 



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Truth fantasy fiction wizard of OZ
Twin flame deja-voodo love heat flames volcanic eruptions burning truth relationships psychic con
Twin Flame relationships overcoming fear harmony love destiny soul connections spirituality cosmic
Twin flames science quantum belief beyond love inner war surrendor
When the heart hurts. Stillborn. Born still. Still born.
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