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A few weeks ago I biked out to my secret beach, I sat looking at the reflection of the water as the sun danced on a glassy surface, a reflection. A slight air of wind swept in visible ripples as I heard my angels whisper in my ear "Pay attention to what is coming, we will give you a message".

Automatically I looked into the sky to see a swirling dark cloud, coming toward this perfect sunny day. A storm! My first intellectual observation passed through my thoughts,as my fight or flight response program kicked in, which I decided to override with anticipation instead. I love the feeling of rain cleansing by body. 

At the time I was slightly overwhelmed with moving stress that had crept up on me suddenly. I admit,I tend to have a superhero complex sometimes. Once in a while taking on way too much if I feel I need to. Sure... I can book myself silly to accommodate everyone before I go, I can pack up an apartment, teach some classes, meet a deadline or two,and help out serving tables over the long weekend. No problem. Then my wise immune system kicks in to remind me to slow down, throwing a nasty cold into the mix."Mind over matter" I say, as I sleep it off and plug through. Things need to get done! The reason I insisted on taking a mermaid swim at one of my favourite lakes in the first place. Sick or not. 

Calming the mind long enough to open my third eye, a very intense vision came of two powerful, tornado-looking vortexes joining tip to tip, with Earth in the middle, as if they were two forces spinning simultaneously. Creating a thick, tar like confusion around the awakening consciousness of her inhabitants.One representing a holy realm of awakening collective love and harmony, the other more mucky, representing old systems, fear based belief and collective patterning. My guides said this is why many people are feeling off kilt lately, the world has in fact shifted. We are in the middle of an intense period of time that has some people yanking at calm energies as if they were going out of style. The funny thing is, they aren't. We simply need to dance with them realistically. 

Calm is the new chaos. The new trend, the new way. 

Ego is not liking this very much, and as always we are the ones who get to choose who rules.Unfortunately this has some people acting in ways which can make life seem like a reality drama show, that really serves no purpose but to feed the fear which ultimately helps no one, and literally solves no illusion of the suffering ego's projections.

As a misty grey, swirling cloud came overhead, the wise whispers continued.
"You can look at life as if a storm is coming, or you can look at life like a sunny day, as a gentle rain shower passes by"

That very moment, big raindrops started to bounce off of the serene view in front of me. The sun shinning through breaks in the clouds. Dimpling the sand, erasing the mirror image on the lake,leaving a freshness in the air. I noticed a few people on other beaches almost out of view, pack up to leave. A shame I thought, as I knew this would pass within ten minutes. Sure enough it did.

I felt cleansed, fresh and alive as I watched dragonfly's blissfully mating together as they flew around like nothing had happened. I love how nature responds to nature. Naturally. Everything continues on, no big deal. The rain comes, there is no need to pack up in a frenzy, just a gentle awareness, that there is a forest full of shelter, a place to retreat under trees and within the bushes. Not a week earlier a huge storm had come through, knocking down strongly rooted tree's, all fallen blocking up the trails, and sure enough less than two weeks later, everything back in order. The cycle of nature. The return to balance. That seemingly looks unbalanced.

So what about life's storms? What about real world drama? What about all the fuss and furry in the media? What about a big move that surly brings up some fear of the unknown?

Yes there are some big Earth storms shaking up the world right now, no doubt. This is how it will be in the land of duality, as we wake up and remember we are compassionate, empathetic humans, not greedy selfish fear mongers just trying to get ahead of the masses.

You can look at it like it is a big storm, or you can look at it like it is a gentle rain shower.....just passing by.

Feel overwhelmed? Take a few days off. Have some feelings of fear coming up? Check in. What is your body telling you? You can get sucked in really easily, or you can sit it out and let the breaks in the clouds shower you with something new. No matter what you choose, the world will go on, the chaos will be around you, but where your power is found is inside. Where no matter what is happening around you, there is a silence that you can tap into. An internal knowing that in truth- everything is okay. It always has been, and it always will be. 

Enjoy the rain shower. This too will pass.

All is well in truth.

Be in the uprise, shine like a light and keep your passion's fuelled. Focus with intention, then detach to the outcome. It could go better than you expect, easier than you imagine. There is no failure when you take action to align yourself with what you want. If it doesn't workout, then you know you tried. That, in the end is why you are here, and what doesn't kill ya, absolutely makes ya stronger! 

Need a positive push forward? A check in with your inner self? 

Give me a call. I would be honoured to connect with you! 

Don't forget, calm is the new chaos. 

Love ya long time!
Margo Bereska

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