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Mareigot had a brilliant agenda. A crusade. A fiery built up energy that wanted so badly to be worded. A genus stir-fry of feisty and furry,a hot handed reaction to entertain emotions voice. Brilliant words scripted into blogged pages for everyone to see, loud clear. Bold.To the extreme.Straight to the point with pained resolve.A plan.The truth. Blurted in a way that was only just slightly evil.Hot and heavy, passionate, conflicted, bursting at the seems with bubbling heat, ready to implode a plan. To shake the inner five year old and expose the voice that is far to close and way too loud.

I had gone to bed asking God...or Goddess....the balanced, powerful source of creation "How shall I deal with this once and for all?" This plan has got me no where so far, and so I know better than to repeat it. In my peaceful state as a twisted pitch of frequency's continued as they hollered through my ear drums. A third person entity, yanking at a stitched up wound, which sat perfectly in harmonious cauterization. Just slightly outside of my heart chakra. Getting ready for launch.
I knew I needed to sleep on it. Mareigot was getting control and almost winning. 
I had to shut down her down and rest the voice of my well known ego self. Sleep does that. Thank-God.

When I woke up she was still there, along with an annoying knowing, tormenting a small fire, like gasoline ready to be ignited.

Apparently, Mareigot wanted a replay of the same old reality show, as she sat down and started to type. Words activated from the wrenching feeling in the middle of her pain body. Click click click click click click click went the MacBook as red sparks flew out of her finger tips. 

"This blog is on fire! I am loving it!" 
GRAAAAAAAAWL. If it had had a sound that is what it spoke, truth,of course woven with wisdom, in thin threads. 

Crap. I thought. I have a client coming in twenty minutes. I really must stop this blahhhog so I can go line myself up here, this energy is way to fiery to hear angels! 

A sure sign I needed to tweak the blog to some degree. MMMM. I wondered. Is this not the answered prayer? I asked for solution, this must be why I woke up so passionate to create this? Okay five more minutes......I am on a roll. Click click click. 

Time to switch the channel. 

Although I knew Pele was beside me, I have been working with her for a while. I invited Pele to stay with me, certain she was here to transmute what ever clients were also going to benefit from this energy. I also asked her to take this an transform it and somehow show me a sign it worked.

Ten minutes later, I sat it quiet stillness as I burnt some mushroom fungus around my head. Surely this mushroom medicine, infused with the wisdom of the willow fairy's could help me burn away this, perhaps too fiery aspect. Why now, again was this brewing inside of me as I wrote?

Sitting in lotus for a few minutes, l needing to review this agenda, laughing at myself. Breathing deeply I looked up. High into cosmic wisdom. I knew I needed to go there. "Focus on service Margo" I directed my intention.

It has been a busy two days! What am I saying. A busy month! 

I like how the universe works. Especially when I tune into it. It knows how to keep me busy, always a divine schedule! 

Mareigot, my ego side has had sometime to look at Margo. The pearl of polished wisdom- who has come very,very far in showing Ego who is actually boss.

The actual meaning of my perfectly appointed name vibration.

With enough deep breaths,a few hundred sprays of Neroli essence, some sweetgrass, and of course a few perfectly played game of cards a trained wise woman can tone down any bombs of ego's nonsense. Who is playing cards? Not that game! Oracle cards of course! 

Straight messages of heaven's extension always gives you the proper answers. There is a perfect reason why I spend many hours in my week talking to thousands of Angels,Masters, Chiefs and to cosmic Goddesses. A huge team of peace ninjas.

You truly cannot, possibly stay in Ego when you focus on service, assisting others in harnessing their highest truth of reason for existing.

The truest of truths is that right now in my life I have let go of an old habit and activated a new frequency, I didn't need to go back. Although I can sense drama from a mile away, I am not Mareigot,I am Margo. She is almond sized in comparison. I know well how to say NO to her, because the truth is this:

The vibration of truth beckons at my everyday.Propelling me forward like an unstoppable rocket of light. A comet of expansion. I love my life. I love who I have become. I love people. I love what I do. I love what I have learned, how I shine, no matter what earthly lessons I have attracted to remind me of my giant my passion to love is.

I feel so good with the way I have created my reality. I absolutely adore the wonderful people that flow into my life, who inspire me to continue evolving as a creator. I am overjoyed with energy when high vibrational friends who are wanting to co-create within my presence, because they are also wanting to evolve into their own biggest self.I know with out a doubt that every single person I have attracted has been seeking the same evolution. That is why they have come in to my vortex! 

Since 98% of my life is butterfly's,unicorn magic and the witnessing of endless miracles. I really, legitimately, no longer have time or interest for anyone or any situation that intends to contribute the the old vibration of deceit, secrets, drama, and hidden agenda. 

I am blessed that I get to see, hear, feel and speak of conflict free solutions everyday. It allows me to live this truth of simplicity. Sure life happens, and I am no fluffy Pollyanna thats for sure. I am however someone who knows what I want and has no problem saying "Flock YOU" fear. I am going for it anyway! Now so, more than ever!  I mean what is the worst that can happen? The worst can be pretty bad. I know. But we are all still here right? At the real end of the story, happily ever after is this; Every single one of us has had some major MAJOR nasty things happen. 

At the end of any of our drama series, which we ourselves have created. We need to re-direct, apply what we have learned. Not repeat it. Life is like riding a bike. You really should do it with no hands on the wheel, riding down the centre line. Open your arms as you go down hill feel the wind! If you get to a steep up-hill or and intense windy road, well obviously you put your hands back on the wheel and take control.  You have a fall? Get off the ground and patch up the wounds! Then look up at the sky laughing and get back on the bike of life! Don't keep creating a fall. I mean seriously. Think about it. You know better. You are a wise, powerful creator. That is the truth.

Ego always has a slightly evil plan, it loves to start explosions and stir up confusion, anger, it likes to be a trickster and this creation is is a damn good one. It loves to be dramatic, and keep you addicted to repetitive stories which get you no where.

Thing is we all have one. Even this so badly ego label has great purpose, the reason we came here is to override it so we can heal karma and create a new, more playfully easy reality. You really must know this side of you by now. The reality is, if you are still up in it, you cannot, I repeat, just cannot contribute to that new reality when you let ego win. It is impossible. It is the only contrast. The amygdala in the brain. Imagine this like the implant in the matrix, or the spider on the heart, like in the recent movie, Wolverine. You must calm down the voice that prompts you to react.Trust this guidance and have a really deep look inward. Get to know your own shadow or it will control you. 

This creation that is nothing in truth, but the inner coward.An almond size trigger in your brain. That is all. We all have one. No one to blame. No one to shrink it. BUT YOU.

Mine has a name cus I am funny that way.

I wrote a brilliant, feisty blog the other day, with good intention to share with others, and to fully release a story that I am dying to expose. Cancel. Living to expose.
Scenario is, that you cannot write a good story when you are still in it. Just like overriding the ego, you must step out and reflect. Then the story will unfold how it may, and it does not truly matter if others like it or not. That is why we are here. To express. 
However, words are strong. They can be blessings or weapons. Each word has a frequency, as well as a form that is unseen. Many words just like many people can create an actual vibration. You may or may not see it. Words can cause wounds, and they can scar people. When you come from ego's will, in a place of reacting rather than giving lower based energy some time to transform, you can do more harm than good. So as I once was shown very clearly, the power of the written word and spoken word is strong. WAY stronger than you could imagine, or think. 

As a wise teacher once said, hear no evil see no evil speak no evil. When you do you are creating an entity that is allowed to exist here. So wake up! 
WIth love in your face.

Well what about if we intended to see love instead. Even when there seems to be so much evil? What about instead we choose to hear love instead, to speak love instead. Sure sometimes furry and feist is crucial to transformation. Our higher selves have no intention to cause pain to others even when the truth hurts.There is alway a better way to say something. We all have it in us to be real meanies, and I could pull it out if I have to, I just don't see the purpose, even though some people seem to want to make sure.

The truth of the past is that yes, there were actual chains that kept us locked up. Often in harems, in prisons and in torture chambers. Those prisoners and slaves usually comeback with a new look and a lot more energy and power! While the ego keeps it's game on.
The funny thing is, the wild ones alway broke free. Somethings never change! 

But most things do! That is after all
Why. We. Are. Here.

Really though...the world is life bloody wonderful! 
Life is fun! We are not here to soup in nasty emotion and play life's video games over and over,pointing guns and using harshness to perpetuate the fear here. My God!  Get over yourself already. Let spirit come in and stop waisting time letting ego win. It will not get you anywhere that you truly want to go. I can promise you this. 

As the almost full moon approaches, it is harvest time! Equinox is coming! Let the leaves turn colour and fall to the ground. In harvest we reap what has been grown, to set the feast and enjoy with people who have been contributing to the changes. Choose people wisely in your life. People that can look you in the eye and smile, invite in the strangers if they can wave and say hello. If not don't give them your attention. I love seasons so much and I have loved being in Canada again to feel what the Earth has been saying to me all along. I have come to peace with long cold winters and I adore the romance of Christmas. I appreciate so much all of what I have come here to see, teach and learn. I also miss the ocean, the tides and the fresh expansion of vast ancient lands. I have chosen to go into summer a little longer and free my soul into it's true wanting! Following a vision I had when I was nine years old. I honestly have no idea where I will end up, I am being present. In this moment. Proud of myself for teaching myself the importance of not looking back, burning everything old, getting rid of clutter and toxic situations feels great!

What I do know for sure is that this planet does have cycles that seem overly repeated, to the point of exhaustion sometimes. I also know that nothing in nature repeats itself the same way. Ever. Nature is far to wise.

The universe never pushes anyone out. The wisdom is gained for expansion, then transmuted into healing wisdom, let go of and then recreated into a higher frequency.Life is always changing, shifting and calling you into the truth of who you really are. Happiness is simple and always easier than egos plan of repeating the same old story. 
Activate something new with out the old habit of ego tripping you up. You can do it!  
It is so very,very time for the universe to support you in your spiritual growth. Let the universe do her job and keep your ego out of the way.

You are eternal life, and forever free.

Since I really love good music and good movies, as well as divine wisdom straight from source, here area few links for you to enjoy, produced and transformed with motivation from the last few years of my life. I am certain you can relate. 

XcjcbppUD74   <-----------  Worth a watch. Some midnight flowers.  Worth a listen, some feathers.

It is our responsibility to choose with wisdom. This is the key to all of your happiness! YEY for the new realm of light! How can I help you get on board? Keep your truth up and your ego turned on low! Be empowered! You are love.

"I am pure positive energy, I am appreciation, I am love, I am upliftment I am a teacher of wellbeing, I am running around spreading love in this world........" 

I am free!! 
I sound like a spinner dolphin! 

Love and brilliant light to you. Always.

Good night.

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