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Aloha readers!

I am happy to be back into blog life - with a happy, fully functioning, brand new Mac as a sidekick. I’m feeling enough cold right now to keep me indoors doing something I love.

I was going to write some profound article about “How to Preserve Your Tan,” but I figured since we all wonder about life so much, I thought it was time to come back to this wintery wonderland, and then write about life - since I am blessed to receive so many good answers.

A recent divinely-guided and life-altering move to Hawaii has transformed into a glorious, seven-week, life-altering vacation.

Of course, since listening to inner guidance by what my practical side would call "making a responsible decision," I have come to a marvellous conclusion. Since I love to share, I invite you to join me in this new perspective.

I have never really lived a conventional life, because rarely has that worked for me. As a non-conformist type of person, I openly admit that that is not always easy. Yes, I have an inner rebel archetype. No doubt. So this is not the first or the last time that I have caught myself in an attempt to justify my modern gypsy lifestyle. I also have a deep belief that we spend way too much time draining our precious energy reservoirs when we attempt to justify personal life choices based on someone else's belief system. Certainly there is a moral code of how to act as a decent human being, like when one really should be questioned, or if one is hurting another. However, I have seen far too many people not complete their major life goals due to the programmed response of what the greater realm of the whole considers to be the right thing to do.

Life is not always a simple game is it? Or perhaps it is. Perhaps the majority of players are the ones directing the traffic when really each one of us has an inner compass that is randomly fogged up, or out of whack most of the time as we attempt, almost viciously, to "fit in."

Life is like a video game in 3D. Or like a painterly masterpiece of art, each stroke a seemingly simple piece of colour that somehow creates a bigger picture. It’s not art that you could hang on the wall to admire from the couch, but art that is an actual moving reality, a picture that changes all the time. You are in it, hands on. And you’re with a whole lot of other's who also influence you on a greater level than you can imagine.
Since I can recall, I have had a deep and internal dislike for video games. Even as a child I could see the drawn-in skeleton of my brother’s energy being pulled into a box; frazzled lines of wired tubes appeared around him, the product of something very strange. The game seemed flat in comparison to the "real" version of life. Even to this day I have never comprehended why someone would choose to sit still, a kind of paralysis actually caused by a series of buttons.

Why on earth would you sit still, when you could be DOING things? Fun things. Like building forts, polishing shiny things, getting your hands dirty, baking something, or better yet, pestering someone? Maybe it is karma that I feel pestered today. Or is it an inner need to justify knowing no one else but myself;why I am not sitting on a beach right now? Call it opportunity.

I didn’t fully comprehend my own questions, until recently. This is why I love acting on guidance!

More than a few years ago I remember being alone in a room in front of a great ocean, which is where I get my best soul-searching done. I was clearly channeling some other profound form of intelligence as I scribbled out words faster than my human brain could comprehend. Two chapters flowed from me and I finished off a book that was now almost ready for publishing. All of this universal intelligence poured out of me like I was a re-born genius, in awe of who we are. Less than a month later, after ignoring guidance to back up my book on a hard drive, my computer fell out of my bag and shattered all of my precious time and all of "my" precious wisdom. I now know that the profound wisdom I had scribbled had not actually come from me - at all.Hundreds of words. Delicious, immaculate words. Hard-to-grasp concepts. Answers to all of my questions. Profound answers. I was asking what Planet Earth was all about. Why am I here? What is UP with humans? Why am I one? What the hell does "we are one" actually mean, anyway?

I was never able to read those wonderful answers again.More than three months of profound Q&A, with elaborate and yet simple answers that clearly defined the physical and metaphysical reality between "non-realities of reality" as well as "realities beyond reality" were all gone.
Are you still with me? Of course you are!

In a simpler sense, I was beginning to comprehend at a quantum spectrum level of understanding. This was alarming, outstanding even, considering I was just a "normal" gal simply curious about the human existence.

I am not normal.No one is.

It was fabulous to have such communication with another intelligence for such a lengthy period of time. What an explicitly placed fraction of life, during which I was quite aware. It was clear to me that I was not living in a reality that the rest of the planet was.
No big deal. I was used to that. Such a level of clear awareness was enlightening to say the least.

So, have you ever thought of it like this, that we’re in a land of digital recreation, a video game? This was all explained to me, and luckily I still have access to those answers when I get quiet enough to hear. 
So do you. Supposedly the last few years up to now have been the application of what I was being schooled in. I really needed to live into it, to fully comprehend as well as to live the experiences that would allow me to put some new principles into practice. I created a video game on a very subconscious level, and I see now that I have been playing it my whole life. I also learned some profound lessons jumping through various stages, on up to the next level.

This time… I save my work, three times. I also publish as I go.

So here we are. One day you are eating cherries along the path, and you step up to the next level, and you have graduated to oranges. Battling your very own dragons. One day you are the princess, the next you are saving her. In one room you find yourself as the warrior, the next level,the chief. At times you are the employee and the next year the boss. Sometimes consciously, other times not, you are creating a realm of soldiers to join you in your feat. What character do you need to be to get to the next level?

After collecting mushrooms and magic stars, you crush the little green men, or... they crush you, determining who goes to the next level. As you move ahead through other realms where bizarre noises destroy brick walls, somewhere you manage to reward yourself with magic powers, powers that seemingly defeat the next monster that comes along to blow death dust in your face. So serious?

And so you find yourself dead, or on an entirely different level. Or maybe you pick a whole new game altogether if that one became boring. Perhaps you entered your name on the screen, maybe not. 

Game over! 

But…Then...Lo and behold!
You have a magic bag of crystals that lead you into the future where you can completely recall why you are playing the game in the first place.

Now, do not let me be misunderstood. In this instance, I am clearly not talking about some online-pay-as-you-go-or-don't, cyber-group type of nonsense. As I said, I have never really been into video games. I still despise them, and have no intention, ever, of attempting to "play" in order to understand the fun behind any type of remote control device that can actually fry my brain. This device is called a remote control for a reason you know.Let us not be remotely controlled. Dear god.

So who are you today?


Last week, I was an unchained mermaid by day, a glamorous gypsy by night, flying by on a moped when I had my fins tucked in. Planting seeds, meeting new super hero's, collecting magic dust. Less than ten days ago, I was a beautiful solo bride marrying myself on the beach, making a commitment to myself. I captured it all through a glass lens, now a memory.

Then poof! Just like that, I warped through a time zone or three, and landed in a winter wonderland, with enough magic sand and sunshine in my pocket, and found myself hanging angels on a pine tree. Swallowing down a few potent elixirs too many, I realized that someone named Glenfiddich had somehow managed to bottle the devil into a liquid form.


This week, I am a recovered, sensitive empath, and one that knows better than to play with Scotch! It really is all about balance and learning to say "no" in this game, eh?


Finally today, I am a multi-dimensional, fully empowered snow princess! I’m on a mission to the castle of balanced, self-exploitation.
So how is everyone else doing?

I missed all of you!

The truth is that I really, really, needed a long break from the game. I, like you, needed to just simply step out of it for a while.Clearly, it was time for my higher self to do whatever it needed to do. With wise guidance from above, it was time for my evaluation, to determine my level; perhaps it was time for a clean slate. I needed to sit with the mirror for a minute and really get honest with myself. Often we need to sit in a room all alone for a while and just shrink a little. Then we open the medicine bag and sprinkle some dust to grow again. In the magical and powerful place of this game, when we get quiet, that’s when we get to go to the next level.

Maui?A great place to retire.

So I did that. Who knows I may even do it again, if and when I need to. I collected all the magic crystals I needed to. I wrote in the sand, swam in the sea and regained a power within me that I had lost for a while. I went to a whole new level. Completely.

I am so lucky to have so many warm, passionate, intense souls on this journey with me, that even when I am alone, I am not. Even when I think I want it that way. The funny thing is I love, love, love alone time. Of course the Earth game comes with humour, so the really funny truth is that "alone" is not really the game we intended. Certainly we require some of that - everyday in my humble opinion.

The ultimate truth is that we are all in this game together, working as each other’s make-believe characters. Nobody wins or loses in this game. Believe it or not we are all equal players, assisting each other to reach the highest level, to eventually move into the bonus round. The thing is, because we are a collective consciousness of souls with our own controllers, we have agreed to assist each other in getting to the level of human ascension, which ultimately leads us all to the same place - a warp that the human brain cannot yet comprehend.

Fortunately I know who I am, I know why I came here, and why I am human. There is also a lot that I do not know, which is truly quite fantastic, or I would not actually be here.

In truth,

It is not always how fast you went.
Rather, the miles you covered sitting still.

I know why I came here.

I came here to open doors, open wings and open hearts. I do that wherever I am.

In the past, when I was at a less evolved level and in the justification stage of my life, perhaps I would have found myself defensive and would have defended my actions. Am I biting my lip doing that here? No.
I know my own archetypes to the point of complete self-acceptance. I know there is no failure in the game of life. There is only experience. As individuals, we each contribute to the growth of other souls. There is actually no right or wrong in truth. Certainly there is a morality code, and that is of a very profound order. We are creating what we need to in order to evolve for our own personal theme in the game.

Too often other players in the game have become comfortable on a particular level, not always willing to jump to the next one. As the main character in your own life, you create your own game. So if you need to sit for a minute and be still to play, then be present in that moment. Finish the level, and then graciously go to the next. Once you have gained and given what you need from a person, place or thing, move on if it takes you to the next level. Once you have learned and come as far as you can with an endeavour, accept the level for what it is without fighting the flow.People will wonder and people will ask. Remind yourself that the truth is in every single experience that you have created, and each experience is exactly what you needed to get to the next level. In truth, if you know where you are and where you are going, there is no need to justify where you have been. People ask because they care, because they want to see you progress to the next level. These characters are chosen carefully by your subconscious self to assist you in reflecting on the level where you were at, and the level you needed to get to. Some of us are each other’s mushrooms, some are magic stars; we’re all part of the same make-believe game that we call reality. So which characters have you created to play with on your ascension through the levels?

Bless the level you are at. Be present. You don't need to justify your path. Ever. You simply need to be exactly where you are, because that is the level you are on.

What I do know?

It is totally okay to be an empowered, multi-dimensional, Earth-roaming, gypsy-princess.


That is where I am right now. I honestly do thank you for asking ;)

Breathe, save a breath, and be.I love you. God loves you.I know because He told me so. Oh, and He also said to make sure to have fun! 

Stay tuned for the story Behind The Dress. A commitment to self. 

With great love,


Living the dream.

Blond hair, black hair, red hair blue.What you do is up to you.Alive and full of sparkle.Sand messagesShips ahoy!
Magic stars

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Kamia on December-08-13 7:33 PM
thank you for sharing your wisdom, spirit and joy galactic mermaid princess
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