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Kryptonite or Purpose? A Guide.

Who is your scapegoat? 

We all land here with a purpose, a passion and a mission. Yes, much like in superhero movies.  Perhaps you have experienced moments when you felt like you did not belong and that no one really "gets" you?
You are not alone.  

A sense of purpose is an internal drive that pulls you back like a magnet when you attempt to do something outside of this purpose. An inner anger may be stimulated when others speak of your purpose as if it is not important. Or they may smother you with their own opinions and beliefs.  It could be that an unjust action, a mishap in the system, or a person who uses their power to manipulate circumstances really triggers you. 

This is good news! With every mission comes a scapegoat. This could be your ally or your enemy, depending on your perspective. A scapegoat can be a personal theme, or a specific person who seems to have an ability to tick you off, and by even the slightest sarcastic remark. They may seem to have an invisible electric wand that out of the blue can seem to destroy your sunny day. Please note that I am using the word "seem" here. A scapegoat can be a boyfriend, a mother, a father, an employee, or even worse, a boss, or an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. A scapegoat can also be a place or even a situation, or even a governing body or an enterprise. 

Today I am working with a powerful team of motivational beings, as well as a team of nurturing angels, and both teams have created a cocktail of wisdom to reveal the truth behind scapegoatism. We have all had one, a scapegoat, at some point in our lives. We are here on a mission, and there are obstacles on our path, and part of this mission is to overcome these pesky circumstances. 

So, let's expose a few common examples where you can honestly assess the opposing force that you may be allowing to obstruct the speed of your accomplishments:
  1. "I am too busy to: write my book, create that album, write that song, get appropriate training"... and so on.
  2. "I can't afford to _____________ " Fill in all necessary blanks.
  3. "My husband and family require too much attention for me to start my own business, start a fitness program, meditate, find a hobby" etc.  
  4. "My boyfriend and I have different goals, and so I put off doing what I love. We don't want the same things anyway." 
  5. "I can't quit my job because I have a salary. Even though my boss is quite abusive toward me." 
  6. "I can't pursue a career in _________ because I don't have the education, or know how."
  7. "I live in a place that does not support my ideas."
  8. "I have been hurt. I am wounded. Broken. Sad. Sick. Tired. Unmotivated." Or even worse, "I have given up."
  9. "They need me here."
  10. "I might look weird if I…" 

So those could easily be the top ten reasons that we create drama around a situation. Or perhaps you are an "over-achiever," and towards the other end of the spectrum where you have become so intent on completing so many projects that you wouldn't even have a second to stop and feel where you are really at. This issue is for another team - for another blog.

Right now we are discussing scapegoats. 

Compassion first... Alright, life is tough. The weight of being in a human body sometimes feels limiting, other times like you are a fully-charged rocket-ship, and then…..crash. Scapegoat comes along and BAM! Back into the human emotion of suffering, drama, pain, chaos, confusion or self-doubt.

Perhaps it is quite true. Perhaps you are a very busy mother, working in a job that you don't actually like. Maybe your bank account is tight, you have had a major heart break, been in an abusive situation, or your relationship feels like it is squeezing you. These are all fair observations, but certainly they do not feel like fair situations.They are, however, situations that you have created. Initially, it is quite possible that any of these scenarios was the juice that propelled you forward on your mission to planet earth. Then what happened? You ask. I am going to tell you -  so that you can see it, feel it, and then get on with your purpose anyway, by using these scenarios as fuel. What about a launch? A powerful re-birth of your existence? You are here for that reason which I spoke of: to create something, to build, to perform. Whatever irks you is actually a perfect design, an inner prompt to point exactly to where you are ignoring your true knowing. 

Society can be a fabulous scapegoat - actually, it is one of my favourites! It is way too easy to follow the leader... Sure, go work 9 - 5 and get all the cozy benefits that go with the hypnotic engineering of a modern North America. Did you know that our aboriginal societies had no 9 - 5 jobs? They somehow managed to live quite happily. Peacefully even, with no wars for quite some time. Then an industrial revolution took over, as did religious wars, acquisitions, slavery, you know... the past - scapegoat. 

This is where conditioning comes in, a strong point to the reality show that teaches us that it is okay to be a victim to the situations mentioned above. If you are still reading, this is where the shit gets real. So take a deep breath, hold it for four seconds, exhale and let it all out. And as you breathe out, add the parade of little men or women that may be held in your conscience as a file called "Blame it on the rain". It is all just lip-synching anyway.

The raw truth is this: 
  1. NO ONE is responsible but you for creating your reality; this gets easier with practice. 
  2. Your scapegoat is actually your biggest ALLY.
  3. Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY. Period.

Believe it or not, we all have a form of kryptonite that can bring us to our weak point. This kryptonite acts as the scapegoat's gatekeeper. There is always a weakness in every superhero, as well as a joker, a riddler, and a Doctor Doom. And do you know what is actually quite a marvel? Everyone always wants the superhero to win. If there were no enemy, then there would be no reason for a superhero to exist. So what is your kryptonite? Who is your scapegoat? Maybe it is an addiction? Maybe it is fear of success or failure? Lack of self-respect? Lack of confidence? Procrastination? Maybe love is your weak spot? LOVE? A weak spot? Can that even be true? YES, it can. If love is taking too much of your energy and preventing you from completing your purpose, it can certinly be true!  Love can also be the biggest fuel source, when we are getting it from the eco-friendly gas station. Sadly, other humans are not the true source that we must plug into.  Certainly, partners help us see our weak spots and this is my point as I write this blog for you. 

I am going to give you a personal example with the intention to help you identify your own scapegoat so that you can define your own purpose.  First, what is your kryptonite? What brings you to your weak point? Where is your most powerful place of resistance? Who, or what, has become your scapegoat? 

I am not embarrassed to say that my biggest scapegoat is actually love.  I am a lover. A lover of life, of people, of purpose, of passion. Like you, I have looked for this my whole life, and found it it many corners. I had many amazing men fall in love with me, and I thought I had fallen in love too. Every single one of these men treated me like gold - until their addictions plowed me over. I was addicted, and addicted to addicted men. I was in love with the idea of knowing how to make them better. And I did, over and over again, and each one of them became a better man. Then I felt like my mission was complete, and so I would leave. My kryptonite was seeing behind the demons, a truth behind every curtain. I could see the "good" beneath all the unresolved issues they couldn't see. I did not do what I wanted to do in these relationships, because I gave so much energy away to help them on their path. Sure, I was learning as well. However, I had a huge realization when I finally allowed myself to be single for a long-enough period of time. I was so badly looking for someone to complete me, knowing it was not possible. Then I sat alone wondering who I was. Why was I not creating the business I dreamed of? Why was I not writing my book? Simple: I had created a habit of making everyone else more important. When I sat alone, I came to terms with the fact that my biggest scapegoat was a person that came bacon-wrapped with an ideology about relationships. 

How did all of that actually help me? Well, once you clearly define your biggest scapegoat, your whole life will change - drastically. 

Not only will such wisdom become a new awareness, it will actually become a guideline, a template for you, your own clever puzzle that piece by piece puts together the reason why you are here. You were and are so divinely intelligent from the standpoint of your higher self. The full version of you (which is nothing but energy within the cosmos), knew prior to making your initial warp here what contrasts you would require to actually propel you into purpose. You yourself, with another team of wise ones, chose each character in your life to wear the mask you would need them to. 

In fact, they are your allies; love them, hug them, honour them, thank them, even when your ego has a trigger moment and you feel like you go backwards half a step. They too are perfect souls, like you. They are produced in perfect sequence to act as the kryptonite you need to see through. 

Once I was able to see that I had an ability to love unconditionally, to see past the imperfections of someone's troubled personality, through the wound, into the heart of an unwounded soul, I realized I had a "staying" power beyond that which I ever thought I could have. Like a fighter in an endless battle, I finally learned how to allow this energy to be put into other things: art, writing, exercise, and a lucrative career that allowed me to travel and enjoy a lot of "me time." I looked at this as a gift, rather than a curse that often comes with being too loving. When I knew that my purpose was actually to love, I saw that love was actually hurting me. I was not using this as a purpose, but rather as a scapegoat. Shame on me! I was even using the person to blame everything on! Yes, everything, from my own inner anger, inner pain, rapid, unhealthy weight loss, then, stubborn weight gain, money issues, procrastination issues and power struggles; I even used my own wisdom as a little stabbing tool. This person or that person, and the whole situation around such relationships, all of it was actually consuming me. It was like an ugly, dark virus eating my personal power away.  

The truth is that there is no one to blame. It does not actually matter what someone has done to you, how they victimized you in the past, perhaps terribly, and maybe over and over. It really was actually never about you; that was about them. You were just being the character they needed, a personality that would also assist in helping them to become who they needed to be. This always goes both ways. Certainly if you look at it, one was the victim, one was the superhero. Perhaps you took turns? 

So what is stopping you really? What is your actual purpose? How can you take all of your stories that aren't actually you anyway, and divorce them and marry the truth? 

Don't you think it is time? It is only up to you! 

Now is always when.
Life purpose readings: The truth in the game is that our cellular memories record events. These events trigger a deep part of you and have the potential to become a weakness if you don't take a deep look at them. Often your scapegoat has worn a mask for you, and possibly for many lifetimes. There is a much deeper root than what we feel on the surface. Are you tired of it? Close the deal! 
Do whatever it takes to do that.
You are not a victim.
You have had enough with the blame.
Take back your own energy! 

What part about all of this is awesome? Read on!
Everyone is a teacher, just like everyone is a guru when you know how to listen. We each have specific gifts to assist each other in getting to the next level. My gift is to see the light in you and to help you identify your scapegoat. I give that scapegoat a little bit of love and nurturing, and then amplify the truth of your divine purpose on this planet. It could be as simple as being a source of love, or as big as shifting the world into a new reality.

Ignore your scapegoat for a minute. Give me a call today. Right now.

(780) 883-0348 

Or book now by sending a time request to

Swallow that Kryptonite, transform it and soar into your fabulous, drama-free life!
With deep love, compassion, and a swift kick in the ass!

A commitment to self...  the "story" of the dress. Coming soon!

Note: "Divorce your story and marry the truth" is a quote I came across on twitter.
The Daily Love
Mastin Kipp

A few years ago, perfectly timed, I had a book jump out of the shelf. A Chopra co-creation called Spiritual Laws for Superheroes. I admit I still have not read the book completely; I have been living it though! This book defines coping mechanisms for superheroes and I do recommend it, even as a flip-to-as-needed kind of oracle message! Earth Angels or any book by Doreen Virtue can help you identify your gifts, as well as Archetypes byCarolyn Myss.

What about the orange that was squeezed?  

I was at the I Can Do It Conference last spring, and was inspired to tears by many Hay House authors, including Wayne Dyer, who spoke of an orange. This completely resonated with me at the time, and he said it a little something like this: 

"What happens when you squeeze an orange?" Giving us a moment to make a mental picture, Wayne went on to explain, "When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out. Not lemon juice or lime juice. Orange juice. The meaning of this points to a bigger question. What happens when someone squeezes you? Or, you squeeze someone? And you're in a relationship or scenario that creates an annoying pressure, what comes out? Whatever is inside. If someone squeezes you, what oozes out? Love? Joy? Compassion? Understanding? Laughter? Wisdom? Or maybe rage? Anger? Sadness? Frustration? Confusion? A bully? Or a voice?"

The real illusion here, is that people will come along and squeeze you. That is what we do. We squeeze each other. All the time. So love the juice that comes out. Remember it is not about them or what they did. It never is. It is really about what is inside of you. So give them a big huge hug instead of letting your inner acids become your own kryptonite. Find your purpose, live your passion!

Really, you are an entrepreneur of self-exploitation. Every single one of you has a gift to offer and a service to prosper from! 

I mean, if this guy can do it. You too, can ride a bike with a brick wall in your hand!

Your purpose?
Why put it off? This is the juice that will fuel you 

                                           For your term here on this planet. 

Your tank will never be emptied again once you get on it! I promise. 

With love,
On my hot tamale!


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