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Vintage pages of wisdom

A vintage reading brings clarity.

"Let go. Move on. Get over it. Release it."

Have you heard this often? letting go is one of the most difficult lessons to learn here. We all will have to do it at some point, over and over again. I feel that this process is often rushed by our own psyche, as well as in new age modalities which proclaim the importance of letting go. As a healer I very much agree that letting go is extremely important for balanced emotional,.physical and mental health. However, it cannot be done as quickly as we would like this process to be.We must remember, that everything has a process on this plane. Everything occurs first on an energetic level, which then becomes a mental awareness then a physical reality.This can be wonderful when positive occurrences happen,creating an energy that beams you up into the glee of living. On the contrary, when a negative emotional experience passes through, these very same stages,we often look for a band-aid to heal up the wound. This is seen in main-stream modalities, which as a society we have accepted as okay. Wrong! 

Just like when you consume a meal, there is a process in the creation. First you pick and choose your ingredients, then you must wash, cut, chop, iron, bake, blend,simmer, boil,prepare and plate. Even after you enjoy a meal, there are still dishes to wash. All of this as you too quickly try to digest your food. Just like emotional experiences, we try to digest to quickly. Food must be chewed very slowly for proper digestion, then pass through the long process, of a brilliant digestive system. Only then, can we take a seat, and flush it all down the tubes ;) 

We must fully go through a process of sensing, feeling and living the experience. Then we need help from others to see another view, to allow in compassion through means of emotional digestion, only then can we come to terms with what we fully need, to actually move on. Only you will know when you are ready, and only then will it be so.   

We are all unique, and all exactly the same. 
Emotional experiences are a given chapter in everyones life.People come and people go, so who, or what needs letting go of? Take your time with the grieving process. Write letters, express, dance and purge. In healthy, constructive ways. You will feel free again, if and only by allowing the process to do what it needs to do. Here are some vintage pages of wisdom, to assist you in moving on. A much more acceptable way to look at letting go.

card pull: 11/11/1213 2;11AM Hawaii. No time no space. Wisdom for the now.

The pink Lotus Fairy 
This card represents, what you need to do. It may also represent the recent past.

A time for spirit

You may love your guilt free rants, staying up too late, and happily behaving badly, but you are about to balance all of that out, with some very powerful new spiritual teachings and connections. You are to meet other wise one's who seems very still, very slow and peaceful. She will be tranquil and serene and immersed in the path that until now has felt too slow or "foreign" for you. But this teacher who is represented by the Pink Lotus Fairy will assist you in finding more of your souls true wisdom. But in this time of inner discovery you will commit to disciplined new  training in the mental realms; study and physical movement that is unfamiliar to you, all of which helps you to naturally choose thoughts that are empowering and enlivening, yet completely authentic and real. You will learn to be still and to listen to the beat of your heart without giving in to restlessness, or the critical voice inside, or the cliché's the ego loves to trip you up with. After you have learned more discipline through peaceful practice of meditation or exercise or mantras, you will nurture yourself more willingly,without guilt, and you will again return to a place of tranquility, self love, and peace. You will bring into balance your own shadows and light. Don't worry- you will be happier and more peaceful, but you won't be boring! You could never be!

The pink Lotus very speaks
Divination message

"On your journey, on your quest, there are times when it is worth finding a very heavenly place within the soul where love resides. In this blissful state, this nirvana you'll be nurturing, some new, very enriching, and exciting information and guidance will come to you. Go within, look deeply into your heart, and find the love that overflows and in secret quiet places, not found in a loud world.Your love is rich, and warm, and flowing still, this time is for you to renew your connection to the source via the teachings you will be introduced to soon. When you patiently learn from a good teacher, with pure intent, your powers of focus, telepathy, intuition, and inner peace, no matter what the outer circumstances, will be greatly amplified."

More then often, a spiritual quest, travel, calm relaxed yoga poses, self-love, and self acceptance is required. In a beautiful place of stillness we remember the true calling of the inner soul. When we open the crown chakra, all wisdom can be recalled. Each one of us is connected to the universe, with ability to receive universal love messages. As we are connected to the earth, peaceful flowing energy in the body become tranquil, bringing us spiritual moments of connection. This deep part of you is the true part of yourself that has long yearned for acknowledgement, fulfillment, and the nirvana that is on the way.

The snow angel
The signs are with you already!

This angel is one of the many beings assigned to humanity to carve out signs in the most stark and lifeless of places; She leave signs for those who cannot see, and shapes them again and again until one day, those who deny she is watching over them finally wake up! It is at the moment she can now move onto another charge. By acknowledging her protection, you set her free and release her many blessings so that others, too, may benefit. Look around you now for signs of her presence. Even in the snow of winter and in harsh dessert sands, she has made her presence felt. It is in your blindness, your unwillingness to see that hold you back, not life itself. Open your eyes to the presence of snow angel – and all of the angels! Feel their blessings and begin to live life anew! 

Snow Angel speaks

"Hmph! There. If you miss that sign, I really don't know what will convince you! Maybe I should just stand here a while, and wait till you notice me, point to the sign, flap my wings, and then you believe that it is really a sign! I leave signs for all to see, clear indicators of my presence, and even make my shape in this cold snow, but again and again you ask, where are my angels? And here I am! You have received so very many, and none of them will be seen or acknowledged  until you're willing to believe that we are always here with you."

Divination message
You have already received very definite, clear signs, ones that you have asked for, over and over again. It is the message you were refusing to hear- not her presence that is denied you! It is your own fear and attachment to hesitating that keeps you on "pause". It is time to see what has already been shown to you and take action immediately, without hesitation. The snow angel has shown you very clearly that you are protected and cared for: now it is time for you to do exactly that for yourself. And yes, you can! Open your senses up to angelic guidance.

Pay close attention to the next card, which holds your answer.

Shallow grave
You miss someone
All about the shallow grave
This beautiful young woman is missing someone deeply, and she knows, perhaps for the first time what it is to actually lose someone. Missing someone can be very hard. It feels like a physical ache, and our hearts can indeed be broken, because we humans have the capacity to connect like no others in the universe: we love, and we love so deeply that that love can continue even when the form we loved is no longer with us. If you have received this card in the reading, this is the time to acknowledge  just how deeply you have yearned for someone's return, and how much that person's loss has affected you. That being could be a friend, a pet you love, or a grandparent or parent who has left, and missing this person is so strong it sometimes is a physical hurt. This could be a past partnership or recent break-up with a loved one, or even a career you enjoyed.
There is a deep sadness here, and it cannot be eased by denying its presence. And once this is done, you can put what's missing to rest, your emotions may visit from time to time, but know that you have been truthful with yourself, and that your sadness will change and be part of your life's beauty, not it's pain.

She speaks

"It is time to let something go, but before you do, let's take a moment to acknowledge what this was for you, know that this meant so much, and that the returning it to the past, rather than yearning for in the present, you are creating a future that has a greater freedom to it. There are opportunities for fresh start all the time. Every day, in a sense, gives you a clean slate. For you, this sense of starting over is immensely important after you have grieved. You need to feel that something has been laid to rest and will no longer trespass on the present. Life is kind of like that – so much of what happened isn't about what's actually happening – but thankfully, you will blossom and grow with fresh relationships and love after morning this lost one"

Divination message
Sentimentally, holding onto the past, idealizing the past, refusing, not allowing yourself to "get over" a break up with a friend, a move to a new town, a faded romance, parents have who have divorced, or something you are convinced that you must have back in order to be happy again. Mourning for what was, and what you feel should have been. Very deep sadness, and yet this experience has been of great value. It is time to truly move on, to place all of that to rest. Working with the element of earth is most beneficial when this card and fairy come to visit you. You may wish to plant a memory tree or something earthly and growing, that changes, to commemorate your lost love. As it grows and changes, you too, will heal, and memories will be sweet and sad, without bitterness and pain. The earth takes forms and changes them, and gives back to us what we let go of in new forms. It is time for you to stop hanging on so sadly to that which has long passed. Mourn and then come back to us ready to live again.

Lantern fairy
A clear solution

12/19/2013 The outcome card
This sweet fairy is showing you away through a barrier you have reached your life. This may be in any area of your life – but it does feel that you have come up against a very solid obstacle. This gentle fairy, with her bright Lantren, can take you to a place in this wall that has  already come down, so you can move through this obstacle without force or fear. You're only requirement is to trust this fairy, and then to take down several bricks after you have moved through, so the wall between this world and the next, your love and your life, becomes slowly less and less solid. The wall is coming down: this is the fairies role, to help you move beyond the wall. Trust her. She will guide you.

The Lantern Fairy  speaks
"Sometimes, people say you should be cautious about where information is coming from. And that is indeed true. I am simply holding up the lantern I carry and gently letting you see the likely outcome of the decisions you're making an offering a clear solution to the problem at hand. Something has come to an end. A true end, and you have, as they say hit the wall. You could try digging under it, or climbing over it, or you could try taking down the wall brick by brick. But if you follow me, I can show your place where the wall has already come down, and where you can move through the obstacle without pain. Do not think this is cheating: There have been others who have come this way, and while you can tread the path the way you wish, I can help you make the breakthrough, find the passage were looking for. My guidance is safe, clear, and gentle. I am not here to send you in a false direction. I am here to clear the way and like the path. It's up to you whether you make it harder than it needs to be. I'll show you the way. Trust me"

Divination message
Away through a life challenge will present itself: stubborn thinking can be changed. Old patterns of being removed, little by little, but will need trust. Old shielding against certain energies needs to be replaced and reworked, it is no longer in line with what you wish for and in fact maybe proving to be a barrier, which is keeping you isolated instead of protected. Trust where the light lead you – go where you can feel true Love, kindness, and freedom. Avoid all that comes from anger, hatred, judgment, blame, and ridicule.

To book a reading with Margo Bereska A clairvoyant healer, happiness agent ,and energy surgeon. Please make contact on this page, to the right. Or call now. (780) 883-0348 to book a time/date.

    Credit: Each card translation was taken out of the book in the Tarot Deck
                 Oracle of Shadows & Light by Lucy Cavendish &
                 Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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