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Deep discussions. Defend or Don't ?

Deep discussions. Defend or Don't?

Hey there, all you deep, love-oozing peeps! How is this season treating you so far? I have been entertained by so many articles floating on the web, and the common broad topic that many people seem to be writing about is how to keep the peace during the Christmas season. I have to laugh at all the irony; it keeps everything light and luscious, instead of stressful or conflicted.

So, I was at a really fun party last night with a fabulous and eclectic group of characters. I found myself in a few profound discussions; this tends to happen to me at parties. When I am in social mode, I don't always want to discuss the aura of the party, or people's past lives, or answer questions about Grandpa on the other side. Even though I really try to turn the switch off, no matter what type of event I attend or what type of people I am mingling with, I do find that people love to quiz me on the metaphysical realms. The truth boils down to the fact that my life is 100% spiritually-based, so once the switch has been turned on, it is not so easy to just turn it off. I do feel that I live in an in between realm everyday, a fine line dividing two sides, two sides that are actually one, in truth.

Healthy energy exchange
As I spoke to a man who is deeply spiritual and very much hiding in the closet with it, I could sense his fear around speaking openly about his wisdom. Interestingly, we spoke for over an hour. While I did most of the listening, I watched as his throat chakra danced in beautiful hues of unfurling energy; brilliant blues and indigo started coming out of him and wrapped gently around me, lighting up my own consciousness. Seeing these ribbons of colourful light frequencies was like watching an artist create a masterpiece - and with no LSD on the menu.

I could sense that he was relieved to have someone to open up to so deeply, without fear of being shut down. By the end of the discussion he was beaming with confidence as he stood in the power of his own true knowledge. This particular conversation brought a different vibe to the whole party, which suddenly became much more intimate. Later on I witnessed a complete contrast to what I had just experienced with him. He began to speak to someone else who was obviously not agreeing with his open-minded beliefs. I watched the same spiral of brilliant energy come out of his throat and move down into his solar plexus where it was stuffed down, almost like he was protecting the wisdom in his gut. As he continued to speak to this person, I watched as his energy field became depleted. The person became dominant while he completely drained out the vibrational dance that was going on! I see this WAY too often, and it kinda rubs me the wrong way.

Dominating energy/hanging over head 
This observation reminded me of a happily-attained mastery within me, and a lesson that I thought should be shared. I woke up early this morning feeling so passionate about it that I wrote a two-line post on Facebook regarding the right to speak your truth. This quickly became a paragraph, and has now become this blog.
I recalled a recent comment from a soul-mate of mine, who I am certain travels with me in my spaceship in our no-time-no-space reality; or, surely we are neighbours in the cosmos where we actually reside when not in mission mode here on earth. He is a genius healer who is now working within the realm of energy medicine, and is having profound results with people, while seeing major spiritual progression within himself. He recently attended a gathering of rather main-stream people. He got himself into an argument and the next day he sent me this note, which cracked me right up:
"I ended up in a big... argument.... at a small Christmas party with a menopausal and highly drugged up doctor's wife! Yeah, great choice, preaching the ways of natural healing... to exactly the wrong person."

I couldn't help but laugh, remembering the many times that I used to defend myself. That defence has created a protruding third-eye frown-line resulting in a permanent expression on my face that says, "What do you mean you don't get it?!" 

Who needs botox when your face can speak without words? 

So this brings me to the topic of this blog today. I say save your money for things other than botox; earn your lines of expression by accepting the fact that just maybe you do actually know a thing or two. However, please understand not everyone will agree with you. 

Have you ever found your self defending your spiritual beliefs?  One of the most life-altering understandings you can ever have is this: you don't have to waste your energy on defending your spiritual beliefs! Do this just a few times and you will (hopefully) realize, very quickly, that it is not worth it.

 Unhealthy/dominating projection
Now, as a "beyond-the-cusp" type of clairvoyant, every single day I am able to discuss deep topics that could be considered "way out there." I really had to let go of caring what people think about me a long time ago. When I tune in to someone I really can't be thinking or wondering what they are thinking about me. I must put all of that aside and see through their doubts and into their truth. If I couldn't do this, I would not be good at what I do. I have also learned to speak in a very simple, down-to-earth way about what I know. Sometimes, some people are ready for the really profound lingo, and that is the only time that I actually offer that, because I respect that we are all evolving at different paces. Not everyone is ready for the truth. Discernment is key. You must be able to intuitively tap into someone's comfort zone. Then gently open them up without tearing them apart, if you know what I mean. When I give a reading to someone I see all kinds of things. Do I project everything I see? NO. I give what the soul is ready for. That too is your job, as a messenger, knowing how to discern what someone can comprehend.

So for the sake of peace-keeping, I invite you to read on. If you do find yourself in a heated discussion over the holidays or at any time for that matter, I'm going to describe a few tips to remember when your belief systems are a little or a lot beyond the oh-so-boring norm.

Remember that you are expressing for the purpose of expansion. You do not need to "win." Let go of the need to get someone on your side; this completely defeats the belief system that you are discussing. Think about it, if your belief is "spiritually-based" then you must let spirit lead. Step back and allow spirit to do the talking. Spirit knows better than to argue, to judge or to project with force. Ego will want to "win." So give into spirit, show respect and see where the other person is coming from. At some point in the game, you were likely a non-believer too. Maybe a few thousand life times ago, but you get the drift. 

Usually when people are non-believers of spirit, it is simply because they have not had the spiritual experiences to lead them to such conclusions. Stories are easier to absorb; let's do what our ancestors did and speak in story, like you were telling a fairytale to a child. Make it fun, and this way you allow them to take what they are ready for.

My suggestion is this: don't sit on the sidelines with what you believe. If you are on the fence, then you will fall off, meaning that if you are not voiced strongly in your words, then anyone's doubt will knock you down. Again, this defeats the purpose of expression for the purpose of expansion. Know what you are talking about, how you feel about it, and relay an experience that lead you to your belief. People relate to experience much more than to words, and so limit mumbo jumbo descriptions unfamiliar to them. Of course, conversations are meant to open up the psyche and to create an exchange; they're not a tug-of-war.

Avoid setting yourself up for being bullied by someone's lack of understanding. Stay grounded in what you are trying to say, then relate it back to something they can personally relate to. If you are talking to a PC guy and you are a MAC person, then you know what I am saying here.

Know when to give in. Don't let someone plough you down, but don't plough them down either. Think of a Jehovah's witness knocking at the door: it's annoying, overwhelming even. It's an invasion of privacy. This is so past life!  When you notice that your body becomes tense, your jaw is clenched and you are white-knuckling your wine glass, this is a clear sign you have entered into the energetic tug-of war that I am talking about. Why participate when this is clearly a no-one-wins scenario. Cut off the energy supply that you are allowing someone to sieve from you.  Hint: do this by reclaiming your energy field. Stop, take a deep breath. At this point if you call on your angels it will be easier. Ask your invisible guides to help you stay out of ego. You can visualize a downward pointing pyramid from your belly button down to the floor. This can actually protect your auric field from being sieved by someone's tug. Give yourself permission by reminding yourself (silently) that you know what you believe in. Even if you don't, that is the reason you have attracted this discussion in the first place. Chill out. Find something in common, change the topic. You have to keep your reservoir of energy full! If you leak your wisdom, there will be more that comes. But why bother. Save it for someone who wants it, for someone who is interested, and for someone who is excited by your theories. This may be a good time to excuse yourself for a bathroom break, or put in a silent wish for your really fun and crazy friend to come do something silly, this works 90% of the time when angels are about - which is all the time! 

Realize that you are activating your right brain and your intuition when you interact with someone, and you are changing your own cells every time. So, no experience is wasted no matter what the outcome. Take what you have learned and be grateful for another experience.

When I first became very open about speaking my truth, it was not accepted by all of my friends. I lost one or two I think, which was a blessing in disguise anyway. I attracted at least ten new ones immediately after. There you go! I also had those lost friends come back a few years later wanting to know what animal totem they were working with. We all seek the deeper truth, this is a fact. So it is just a matter of time before we all become more open, more compassionate, and more available to learning what we don't know.

So here is what I recommend: go big or go home! Why not come WAY out of the woo woo closet? I am talking like fly out - with twenty different wigs on, a pair of striped long johns, one sock, shaved eyebrows and a turkey head on! Then, as if some powerful brew of magic has been activated, you will attract the people that love ALL of that unique playfulness within you! Sure, you will get some looks. Without question, you will get resistance from closed-minded types. Who cares?

The best way to re-birth your endless, creative spirit is to set it free! Let the genie out of the bottle! If you are cramped up in there, don't wait for someone to rub you the wrong way, polish up your shine and set yourself free! Be a leader not a follower - that is why you are here! 

One thing I do know for certain is that there is a whole new vocabulary being produced. A new language must be created around the cutting edge reality of our evolutionary process. If we keep speaking ABC's, we will all stay in kindergarten. The world HAS shifted people! We all need to wake the bleeeeep UP! Monkeys can monkey around, but astronauts need to enter space. This is why you spent a good portion of you childhood looking at the sky!

I am sure that there are a few people in my life that cringe at some of the things I might say. But do you know what's awesome? I don't care. And that's also why they love me. I am not afraid to dance outside of the box, because I know that all of this will be a common discussion in twenty years. So I say be cutting edge - instigate a discussion that makes people feel uncomfortable, and let people refer to you as the quack-job at the party. Then wait, and see what happens. By the end of the party, those who are still there are staring in awe up at the sky, standing comfortably around a fire, making jokes, deep jokes even, and remembering something, something much bigger than them and something much bigger than that which superficial discussion can bring. When it's not just the booze that made them feel comfortable, it's the fact that everyone was cracked wide open and into an understanding that we all have one thing in common - vastness. 

Be authentic! People will seek you for what you know, when you allow yourself to be confident in what you believe.  Not everyone is ready to accept the vastness beyond that which can be seen or proven. All of that is changing. Just be patient. Breathe. Allow for your own expansion by being who you are anyway!

Judgement is a silent killer, just like holding in your vastness can harden your arteries, cause throat infections, contribute to back problems, neck issues, headaches and ultimately lead to you becoming a hunchback - for real! Open up, sit up, shoulders back, voice strong, playful and... most important? Be detached from the outcome of your intention!
The world needs believers. Especially ones with a voice. Santa said so! 
Ho ho ho! Merry is for all the year. 

Love ya! 

Love Margo


 Keep your aura clean! If you require an auric tune-up, give me a holler!

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