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Changing addictive habits

So our western New Year has come and gone. You have had a good reason to review yourself, your habits, and the cycle of 2013, which is now left in the dust like history. Are you sticking like tape to the old you? Or are you giving yourself a big pat on the back for intentionally manifesting your true desires, and not looking back?  

Remember when your parents used to give you an article to read? Or a tape to listen to? I do. It used to annoy the hell out of me. I was a wise, know-it-all kind of teenager; weren't we all? I had a very good, and a very legit reason to put all the wisdom aside and do it all myself anyway - too often the hard way.

Returning from a walk in the woods, I ending up passing by my folks' house today. I was guided to go make an impromptu visit, and minutes later I found myself at the old dinner table with my parents, in high energy discussions about life. I found myself explaining the energetics of brain programs while enjoying some of my mom's home-made soup, and I delved into the fascinating neuroscience associated with our habits and patterns. I couldn't help but appreciate divine timing. Just the night before they had been watching a CBC program that ended up being an article I had requested. It was in no way pushed on me; this time I had psychically requested it in the morning when I had meditated for a few minutes. My intention today was to have fun and collect magic stars. I love the truth of fantasy and, to me, magic stars are the result of your intentions manifesting! No one needs to know your wishes but you and your inner genie for them to appear in the real world. Most of the time. 
When they don't it is because you are not in alignment with your desire vibrationally.

Eventually your parents, become your friends and have no idea of how helpful they are actually being. Everything is vibrational!

With a brand new year ushering in collective pressure to form new habits, are you using that energy to your benefit? Or are you finding yourself somewhat resistant in your attempt to be in the 40% group?  Here is a link to a program about this >  link . The 40% group is representing the portion of people that actually stick to their new year's resolutions after a six-month check-in. This is why I am a big believer in daily resolutions, rather than the big pressure ones that tend to act more as a hard ball in the real game of life: when thrown too hard and too fast, it could potentially hit you in the face causing a concussion, or worse a coma, as opposed to a home-run. 

I love that I speak to angels every day; they are so loving and gentle toward our human nature. Actually, I am going off topic just for a second as I recall a question I had asked them last night. I directed my question to the creator source, asking God, or whatever name you would like to give him/her/us, why this world exists. And why we had to deal with pain and addictions, and why we put so much pressure on ourselves to break habits anyway - especially if we like them. I received many amazing answers that led to a major revelation while I was standing in an empty field looking at a massive totem pole, standing straight and bold in front of one of my most loved mountain ranges. And I looked into the vastness beyond the mountains. The answer was playful, fun and light. Who knows who answered me, but it was a loud, clear and very loving voice that said, "Well, spirit walker, you see, all the angels were unemployed. They were finding things so easy and wonderfully bliss-filled, but there was no one to talk to or anyone to guide. So we created a place where the angels could work." So when you think the angels are only here to serve you, think again. This goes both ways. We need them. More than ever before. They need us too. And this way, a dual purpose is always served. Win-win is heaven's way!

Alright, so back to healing negative habits. 

I love it! I have been studying the human psyche my whole life. Just like you. We are all in psych class 101, learning as we go, in a live version.
I recently finished a long practicum in which I was given an opportunity to deal with hundreds of situations, involving people and organizations. It has become blatantly clear that we are in fact a society that functions on patters, habits, rituals and addictions. All kinds of addictions. Emotional, mental, physical and yes even spiritual addictions. As a psychic clairvoyant I am more than aware that this is the reality illusion we reside in, and if it were not for the physicality of our living existence, the whole purpose of Earth would not be so important. You would not be here if your soul had not intended to expand through means of experiencing major contrasts, contrasts that would come in many forms including abundance vs poverty, light vs dark, love vs hate, happy vs angry and all of the other, seemingly conflicting vibrations we deal with. 

When life stress taxes your system, the first thing you actually seek, aware of it or not, is solace.

I will tell you why.

Peace is the way of the human make-up, in truth. This is is not an airy fairy affirmation, it is our nature. What has become a very prominent, collective issue, especially in North American countries? It is our need to fill empty space. Hence our major addictions influence our endless search for fulfillment. Addictions like smoking, shopping and over-eating to name a few. They create a stubborn cycle.

When your stress becomes dominant, you are being triggered by an emotional experience. This could be stimulated by a memory, a situation, or through any other physical trigger, communicated through any other physical sense. In that exact moment, you birth something profound from within you, a desire to create. Regardless of any trigger, considered positive or negative, an outcome is always promised. This is guaranteed, based on your experience, perceptions and, of course, the actions that lead to your outcome. So, let's say that you are managing a large company and you become triggered by an employee not showing up for work. Instantly this creates an uneasy frustration, like a trigger within you that then seeks a solution. Your mind grabs a series of invisible forms that at some point have been created to solve the puzzle from a logical place, based on past experiences. Even brain triggers are habitual, unless we override them. As daily occurrences take place, these triggers continue to point to where you are seeking a balance - in whatever way they need to. That is how intelligent your body is. Now, where the program needs work is more simple than we think. Rather than looking for that solution from a spiritual perspective, or listening more deeply with the intent to get to the root of the initial cause, most often a physical habit develops instead. A cigarette, an outburst of verbal diarrhea, a need to walk away, or a big juicy cheeseburger to swallow down any unresolve... we all have a coping mechanism; have you looked at yours? Or perhaps a more important question: is it working? Are you coping with life patterns, are they working for you, against you, or with you? Those questions are an indication of your readiness to make the change that only you can make.

If you click on the link I provided, you will be shown a recent program called Slaves To Habit. I am not sure I love the title of this, yet I know that we are creatures of habit. So where do we find the actual solace that we seek? By being human, and not human slaves? 
I will dedicate another blog to this question, specifically within the next week.

I am going to be open and personal for just a minute; this is being written by someone who has overcome many addictions. Less than five years ago my past patterning looked like this: I was the life of the party okay... kinda the hard core and yet classy type of party girl. I could somehow put down a countless number of drinks at any given event, always having a blast with some other badass-fairy-type-rock-stars. I loved meeting famous people, dancing up in the VIP section and having manslaves serve cherries and champagne as I exchanged hard-earned brain cells for some recognition. I found myself highly sensitive in social situations, so I made sure to smoke enough pot to keep me calm, and when I was working during the week and needed to be more focused, I would only drink a few glasses of wine. Okay a bottle. Daily. Easily. I love wine. Even more so with a casual cigarette. Then in the morning, a strong cup of coffee was needed for sure. As I became increasingly tired through the day, Starcracks took a good percentage of my money in exchange for false energy (I should trademark that). Smart company. When you can market a chemical that tells your brain that you are actually not tired, you are obviously going to produce millions of dollars from an overpopulated planet full of tired people. Funny how there are no coffee addict ads anywhere. This leads me to the question: are we being slaves to habit perhaps? I think the better answer is not found in the media, but in the finding of self.

Now I will get just a little airy fairy. How did I quit all of these addictions? How did I let them all go, then come to terms with still allowing myself to enjoy the toxic pleasures of life from time-to-time? First of all I trained myself to reprogram a mental belief. Any changes must be overcome with the mind first. The big side-plate of guilt in my conscience came as a perfect pairing to the habits. First, I needed to stop feeling guilty about it, before I could even go to the next step. A whole process later... and everything is about balance.

What addictions and habits are you wanting to question? Where is your belief set to? Where is the root of the issue? Do you love wine? Do you know how to limit yourself? Are you addicted to social media? Do you limit your time thereby engaging in real-life interaction? Are you addicted to loving people and what is your belief set around that? Do you believe that love has to end in suffering? Is weed keeping you depressed? Why do you think you need to pollute your pink lungs with life-sucking chemicals? Do you really dislike yourself that much?

When you can distance yourself from the show that you have created, and actually ask yourself these questions, your whole world will open up. I know. In my party-girl life, the difficult part was that none of my friends ever experienced hangovers like me, even when I consumed much less than most. We were all loving the fuzzy, messy, careless world! It was so much fun! 

But I couldn't see. Then, I saw the light.

Interestingly, I have been over-sensitive to everything my whole life. So I will paint a pretty picture to give you an idea of what I mean when I say "I saw the light."  Cliche away! 

One day, after an all-nighter partying like a rock star, I threw-up quite violently, like an expert, clearing out a toxic overload. I clearly saw a part of myself leave my body. I saw my energy field swirling around, only in box-like sequences, jagged edges, like spikes, and a nasty grey colour sucking down many other colours as if into the deep, dark floor. Okay, honestly, it tripped me right out and I figured I must have introduced another substance. I knew I hadn't though. I was seeing something that I had not wanted to for a while: auric energy.

All of my favourite substances had done a great job in doing what they do: numbing the truth.

I couldn't lie anymore. I saw what it was doing to my vibrant light, to my essence of being. I saw part of me being very abused by my own choices and by my own stubborn will that wanted to keep playing in the jungle of toxic overloads. I became aware that this life-style was fun alright, but it was not the main reason I was here. Obviously spirit was introducing itself to bring the peace that I was seeking. I saw that I had abilities that may or may not be accepted and everything changed. For the better.

Since it is clear that our intentions for the new year are to form new habits, I am excited to offer another tool that can help you. It's a tool that the media is warming up to, but does not give enough attention to. 

We seldom comprehend that we are much more than our physical bodies. When I sit down to do a session with someone, I see way beyond the physical. Often I can see into the physical body where energy and imbalance has become a potential danger in the system, but mostly I see where there are holes, bruises, cracks, or heaviness, all of which appear as darker colours. The cause? You guessed it! 80% of this is caused by toxic addictions. Right away I know if it is associated to guilt, sadness, pride, burden, stress or pain in the body. However, even more clear is the hard-to-describe-beautiful! The bright colours: intense hues of pearly whites, silvers, indigoes, yellows, blues. Stunning frequencies... all dancing together, not one person shines the same as another. This is the auric field. Beyond that is a matrix system so profound and intricate, like a communication system of tubes connected to invisible frequencies both artificial and organic. I am always learning more about this system, which sadly, most people can't see. If you could, you would become a total wizard of transformation! In the meantime... don't stress about it. Just get a reading! Not all of us are meant to see. Yet.

My point, to wrap it all up, is that everyone has some form of addiction, based on habits and patterns. The glory of this is that the cleaner we keep our units, the more clearly we can see. Once we get to the root of all the things we try to stuff down, and let it surface without guilt, or self blame or victimization, only then can a major shift happen. You can't simply say, "Okay that is it. I quit." And then expect it to be done. Okay who am I kidding. Yes you can, if you want it badly enough. There is no time like the now. However, these addictions are engrained in many levels of you. They attach like spiderwebs to your legs, and then anchor into your centre where your personal power is harvested. Then they creep in and begin to take over, all areas of your physical and energetic make-up. Gross eh? Let me use marijuana as an example because it seems to be a favourite amongst so many people these days. I am not stating an opinion here, I am showing you from a psychic perspective of what an addiction actually does.

So what have you been injecting into your perfect essence? 

Imagine a huge field, or a lush, blooming garden full of flowers of many kinds. It is fed by water and sun. Put a little weed in there, and what happens? It takes over! And it'll take over the whole garden eventually. If you don't get the weed control in there (self-control and action) the flowers don't grow to their potential, and they stop producing. I have many amazingly talented friends who could be making masterpieces with their intelligence, but somewhere along the path they were not recognized for their artistic abilities. So they shut those abilities down, by covering them up. It is hard to watch, but I do get it. I can completely relate.

This is why addiction is serious. Of course you made the trip here to play in the candy store. You wanted to taste, touch, feel, and experience a whole realm of endless flirtations. You also came to remember the balance of all things: that you are a creator of sorts and that somewhere in this evolution, the wrong people put the wrong things on the table, like bad apples. Does this story happen to remind you of any other well-known stories? So the bad apples need new seeds. They are not "bad" if you face them and take back the control. You are not a slave to habit!

BULL shit media! Tell them the truth more gently! The truth is that YOU are an intense troublemaker that knew you would come here, and do whatever it would take to break the bad. 

Now, are you a victim to the sucking system? A slave to the habit? Or are you actually a creator of awesome!? 

That really is the only resolution we all need.

And so it is!
We are all healthy, wealthy, and very very wise!

Might as well face it. I am addicted to love, to joy, to balance, and to creating my purpose. 

NOW the more important question is this. Are you ready to break the cycles that are not working for you? Get to the root! One session can help heaps, but stubborn patterns require stubborn solutions. I am offering, for a limited time, an amazing price on coaching sessions. You must be willing to make changes, and be fully committed to doing what it takes. Results guaranteed, given you make the move. Click here and alter your life for the better. You deserve it. Do you agree? 


I love you!
Margo Bereska

                            Coming soon: Over cupcakes and gambles
                       When is a habit a problem? 
                       Overcoming addictions by seeking 
                       internal peace and a "how to" guide.


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