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The Root Of Addiction, Another False Premise

Let's fly together, outside of time and space. 

There is a pause here. Intended...

...because you get bombarded by emotions, tackled by your thoughts, and overwhelmed by scenarios that have been created in your mind. The world is loud. Yes. Somewhere there is silence, a voiceless sense of belonging. You too, no matter what, know of this space. From the moment of your birth you have looked for it. You've looked for this sense of belonging anywhere you could find it. Sometimes you did. In those moments where you felt on top of the world. Where everything seemed huge, expansive. Like you could breathe with ease, and perhaps bathe in that space forever. It did not last, perhaps as you thought it would. So you shut it out, thinking that sense had left you.

That sense? 

Laying on the sofa seemed so real while a shaman worked out the energy sequences built over time. Amongst the suffering of thick and twisted clouds, appearing as wires all tangled in time. Oh yes, it was clear something was leaving, but above all of that was a knowing of something much more real. Above all of that mess was an eternal flight, a loud laughter. A pulse of such lightness that no word could portray. Another dimension that knew the truth, that beyond all those stories, now being pulled out, was a better reality. This sense of self beyond, floating not far above, was completely unharmed, undamaged. A deep desire of playful harmony was and is a truth. The unchangeable, seemingly intangible.

What was all of this scribble then? How did such pain feel so real, so heavy, so thick? Where had it all come from?

Someone else surely could see it, it must then exist.

Oh no.

Beyond was a brilliance much greater. 

So you looked for it. In a substance. A liquid you could drink, taste, explore, dance with. A purchase you could make. A space you could feel. So then, just for a mere moment, you could get a sense of that place where the noise would stop. Where the ease would weaken for a moment, less bombarded by the emotions, less tackled by your thoughts, less overwhelmed by scenarios that had been created in your mind. The world became less loud. Yes. Somewhere there is that substance, and a senseless sense of belonging. So you ingested this mask of something harmful. A false creation that did the trick. For now.  

But, it did not feed the space that you seek.
That place that never left you.
That place that is the promise.
That you are here to recall.

Nothing else.

When you forget, when the world is loud, you search to find what you came here to discover.

There is no addiction. There is only the search for the sense of what you truly seek. So yes. You came to play. When that game gets tired, and you need something more, when you do not find that sense, when it does not last, you will know. All is yours to create.

There is only love. That is what you seek.
When you vibrate there, you know. 

You ask, so then what is all of this? 
All of this is simply an experience. 
The substance will feed your desire. For a moment. But what you seek is eternal.

What appears intangible is unchanged. Solid. Grounded. Presence.

You are not addicted. You are looking for that part of you.
Which is always and forever there.
And this? This my friend is a fantasy in the making. Or your nightmare? Depends on what you choose.

When you feel burdened by all of this noise, be still and know yourself.
The world is loud. Yes. Somewhere there is silence, a voiceless sense of belonging. You too, no matter what, know of this space. 

Once in a while, the glass that covers the light shatters. Into tiny pieces. As if from out of nowhere.The brightness of the bulb has become so full of heat. This must, then, be enlightenment. So you sweep it all up. Then continue to shine, with no restraint. With no need anymore for a substance that cannot fill your need.

You find the way where there are others like you. A whole planet full of souls reminding you that addiction is the search for your own self.

You are not addicted. Your body is tricking you. You have all the tools. If you believe you don't, even then, eventually they will find their way to you. No one but you can override this need to inject whatever it is that seems to fuel you.

Sit within the light of what you really seek.
That place that has never left you.
That place that is the promise.
That place which you have come to recall.

That is the "how to" guide.
Put simply. How it is.

Face the music: Getting a grip on addiction. 
Steps: See through. Get to the root. Take action. Believe in your self. Change the cycle. Repeat.

A few links:,31813,1640235,00.html

"Toleration is the greatest gift of the mind; it requires the same effort of the brain that it takes to balance oneself on a bicycle." Hellen Keller

"Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment you perform better when your thought, feelings, emotions,and values are in balance" Brian Tracy

The page was bookmarked. For nothing else but a memory of something else that was only good.

You can find what you seek. Because what you seek is also seeking you. 
Rumi Knows 

Bold blessings to you, on your path to higher love

When you are ready to see your light, all put back together. Give me a call.

(780) 883-0348

with love.

Beyond being 

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