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Psychology blobs and clockwork

Ahhhhh, life is fabulous! Surely you agree? I guess it depends on the clockwork of your psyche. Are you feeling Earth-bound, or maybe as if you have made leaps and bounds on the back of a horse into a quantum field?

Finishing up a few days of readings, I was presented with the gift of working beyond the psychic realm, side by side with a Soul Doctor, otherwise known as a real-life wizard. After about thirteen readings, I felt that a portion of information that came through from spirit was profound, to say the least. That is not unusual for me, but I suggest that being held in a lovely space had a little something to do with some new clarity as well. Ian Sheldon, apart from being my blog editor, and a wonderful host, keeping me grounded with live and tasty food, is also a phenomenal artist, is doing some profound spiritual work, and for anyone feeling guided for a new level of healing I am happy to recommend his remote healing work (see contact info below). 

As I channeled messages from the core of creation, where all knowledge re-births into our reality in every second of our existence, I came through into a new and profound awareness - one which I am excited to share! Straight from the galactic candy store into our time-space illusion!  

A fact of this time-space reality is that a simple decision (which may not have seemed simple when you made it, consciously or not) can completely alter the path of your existence, or rather, your life-path. More on that soon!  As a clairvoyant, I am happy to share this with you now, as time permits, since time is not always an easy concept to grasp. This is especially true now, in this new age in which we are beginning to see beyond the fractions of a man-made device that keeps on ticking, second by second.

While connecting hands with one of my clients who pops in periodically for a tune-up, I was shown some profound teachings which completely answered a few of my own questions, pointing to a pivotal moment - in time.

I saw a book opened widely to a page with blurred words, stacks of rambles, past, present and future. None of that mattered, a clear eye saw where the page fell open. A large black blob of ink moved off the page, came alive and wrapped around consciousness as a musical frequency, harmonic and growing upward. Information of high truth soared in like butterflies throughout the house. Something important had lifted besides the heavy story that the client had come through: philosophy, psychology, analytical poetry in structured forms of stories... What do you see in this black spot of ink sprawled through pages? Perhaps what is right or wrong defined, interpreting perspective. And after the presence of being the story, stuck on paper, printed in ink... a conclusion? 

It was clear. 

This woman had been through her process. I do refer to our present Earth as the land of processes. A lift had happened right then and there; she was no more the philosophical story of psychological analogy, like a blob on a page of a left-brain instruction manual. Her soul had phased out of that, and she was now in her power, as the creator outside of her story! As the clockwork of her essence ticked on, this was surely profound. This was the kind of thumbs-up reading I love to give.

A light went on in this clockwork of evolution, with sprockets designed to move with a circular forward motion, around and around and around again. Each sprocket represents a story of your evolution. Oddly, this design was never meant to go backwards, reaching into the past. It actually could not, unless the battery was taken out and made to do so by its creator. And why? Why then would counter-clockwise still contain the word wise, yet be counter to wisdom? I wondered. And then was answered. And on a profound level that I will discuss in my book.

As I spoke, voices vibrated through every essence of my cellular awareness. The voices came all at once, present in my focused dialogue, and yet I was taken aback to simply see the clarity of what clockwork actually is. Divine timing? Man-made hours? Cosmic sequence? Star alignment? What is on the face of your watch? Perhaps you can't wear one. When you do, it doesn't work anyway. The real watch is the cosmic sequence, we created in order to understand quantum truth, in a way that was physical. Hence powerful people not being able to wear them.

You stood at twelve, then ended up at three. Made it to six, and then nine, then back again to noon. Or was it midnight? The clock struck, and the spell broke, and some character in a fluffy dress went back to her reality? Timing, my friends, is a fascination created here as we await the final hour. Final? Is anything ever final?

Yes. Soul contracts are. Once cleared, they create new opportunities on all levels of possibility. 

Changes are promised, but only when we have completed our walk around the clock. Then a brand new day starts. Every day! Maybe it is time then. For a new watch? What do you think when your blob has come off the pages?

Do you know that every single one of us has a prophesy to fulfill? Usually it means closing the circle of older ones. Only, you must do this consciously, or be lead by someone who can help illuminate the trail, and point you in the right direction. Your higher self will get you there, you need to listen though. Then follow your guidance. 

In the realm of premonition, how does one see into the future if it does not yet exist? How can we relive the past, for when we go back into it, pain arrives far too often. Going back is like taking out the battery and challenging the next hour, as if it is not important that you arrive at the next strike, when the bells chime so that you know time has moved you forward.

Does it, then, become important to be fully focused on where you are now? What you think, say and do is all part of a perfectly created sequence, far beyond what a clock can show you. Perhaps inside, each and every sprocket of your soul's clockwork is a design. Two fresh slates a day? One at midday, and one at midnight. Night and day, every place where you have stood, creates what it needs to for the next one. Each experience is already planned, planted and evolving. Always clockwise. Wise as a clock, without so much work. If you are tired of moving in circles, you have to activate a new type of clock. One, perhaps, that is much more like a rocket ship! Yes, a time travel machine into your future, where the past has divine purpose but any parts that have been habitual and un-kind need not be repeated. When you activate futuristic energy, all circles of the old school clockwork simply do not exist - except as only a memory perhaps. When you can re-vamp the energy surrounding your memory it cannot be repeated. 

You are not the story, so much as the experience. 

Live boldly. Tick and talk with purpose, for it is always a new dawn and a brand new day. And it's a day with different music, and a heartfelt song, because it is all already written like clockwork.

It is a dance - without any need for choreography. Wild movement forward! 

I can promise you that once you get on board at the quantum level of awareness you will vibrate so high that you won't want to come down. Nor will you need to - except from "time to time" to remember you are a human apprentice. The truth is, though, you are more than what you see.

Ready for someone to show you a glimpse?  Give me a shout! I have put on some super promotions, and will be offering up to 50% off the price of my services for the next eight weeks or so. No matter who you are or where you are, you have vibrated to this page with great reason.

AND I love you!

Margo Bereska 

About Ian Sheldon: he has been doing distance healing as a Soul Doctor for several years. He is currently setting up his healer website ( but in the time being you can reach him through his fine art website (he's also a manipulator of light magic on canvas as shown below!) at, email isheldon @ His phone number is 780 439 4303 and he is based in Edmonton. 

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