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Life's modern and simple pleasures

 Life is plentiful of simple pleasures  

I am digging. With a big silver spoon. Into the bottom of a frozen beer mug. Chasing perfectly- cut, mini--squares of chewy golden and chocolate brownie, swirling around in sticky sauce.

Outside, fresh snow hovers over a frozen lake, created layers of ice. A white blanket of natures fluff covers summer colours, shades of turquoise blue, to be revealed in time. I know what is underneath, but it seems far away still. 

I wasn't supposed to be here. Eating the worlds most delicious sundae in March, surrounded by winter. Sounds of a piano carryout any ghostly frequencies, keeping the air moving, dancing in spirals that I can see. A fire crackles near by as white wine assists digestion, resemblance of divine alchemy, a perfect serving of steamed muscles in my tummy. Oh I mean mussels.The ones that people catch in the sea. Spell check. Hard to believe that under these giant rock structures called mountains, there was once an ocean. That is where I intended to be this winter. Near the ocean. Perhaps my higher conscious knew no difference upon my return.

My wondering imagination drifts, like flow from a volcano as I peer into oozing chocolate sauce, digging for brownies in a sauce that resembles lava. I come back from my roaming fantasy, into reality, the fantasy of the moment. The only one to really be in. 

I woke up today with a profound sense of boredom. Unusual for me, a rare emotion stimulated an antsy stillness. Should I write? Go for a walk? Answer some e-mails. Nope. Nothing came. Nothing wanted to happen. I was bored, and fighting it. "DO something" said my mind. Write. Brain storm. Excersize. Make something.  UUUUUHHHHHH. I had been given a whole free day, with nothing on my agenda. I, quite legitimately, did not feel like doing a thing. I could not simply just stay put iether. There was no sun outside, nor colour, just perfectly white sparkles of snowflakes falling from the sky. Winter. Maybe I was supposed to be here.It was at least, somewhat pretty. Just monotone. White. Everywhere.  

I could bake? Nope. Kitchen renovations. No sink, no cupboards, no space to cook, or bake. My roommate has sat in a make-shift kitchen for over three years. I temporarily moved in, and told him that it couldn't possibly be so. Obviously sitting in a un-finished kitchen meant unresolved emotion. That he was terrified of change, holding on to the past, avaoiding the new. He absolutely must decide to finally just do it. To re-wire the electric outlets, to tear down old walls, let go of dusty intentions. Then. It happened. As if in a silent snap. Suddenly the only organized space I had in the world disappeared. A living room that was cozy and finished, needing just a woman's touch, was now a room full of stacks. Stacks of dishes, tupperware,containers, drawers, chairs and toppeled tables. I looked through the french doors, peering in. A vision of what it would look like when it was all done. I could not possibly sit down to focus in such a mess. Although my own room resembled something similar for some reason. I needed space to breathe in. 

After pondering the scenario for a few hours, I decided I had to take action. I jumped out of bed. Throwing my hair up, tossing some runners in my gym bag, I headed out to the fairmont at Jasper Park Lodge. A winter wonderland with an outdoor salt pool, that is exactly what I needed. To emerge my body in water, to put my head in salt, I stepped in, slowly and with deliberate pace, diving effortlessly into heated flow, pulled by the current of my own strength, closing my eyes as bubbles escaped my lungs. Rising above into fresh air, arriving to the surface automatically expanded my relaity. Silence filled the air, I had a castle all to myself. Right. 


Was I bored with life? 

That would be a complete and utter shame. Look at the sheer beauty! Automatically I was transported psychically. 

Aboriginals of the past, started to speak, floating in through air like breeze, as if nothing had ever changed. I could see them, as they too recognized me. Although there was not a soul in sight, I still peeked around to make sure, as my head peered upward to greet them. Beautiful spirits, one's that once resided here. They spoke to me in visions mostly, showing me what life was like in this place before. This is not the first time I have communicated with elders of the territory, although perhaps the first time that I sat and listened more closely, with more interest now. Floating, looking up letting imagination muse with something ancient, floating in observation watching as if viewing a movie of evolution. Where we have been, and where we have come to. Astounded, yet again by stories that not everyone can see. 

Spirit had definitely called today, paying attention is always worth the adventure.

Finding it easy to relax, summoning up spirits as I sweat away. Beads of memory, in a very modern steam room, that perhaps at one time could have been a hand made sweat-lodge, imagining life here years ago. It seemed it was more a memory than a story which I was being shown. Long ago when we lived in ti-pi's and relied on cutting holes in the ice to catch fish. A livelihood which is now illegal.  

I am a definite modern princess, although there is no doubt in layers of my cellular recall, that once upon a time I was also a very wealthy business man who built resorts, and train tracks, with a vision of an easier trip to the Rockies. One that did not require battling winds, building fires and maneuvering ice capped rivers. That life was surely one that might have been closer than the aboriginal life time. A woman who knew how to hunt deer and build a fire just as well as any man, as well as create smoke signals. 

I am beginning to love all the elements of my existence, as time passes through clear seeing time frames. I have been spending so much time lately just viewing, in awe of  the timelines that are here, as clearly as the ones we create everyday in a new world. With each veiwing of the past time lines, more and more do I begin to appreciate the luxuries of new-age living. Now days, you can be a mystic, a seer, a prophet, and psychic a re-incarnate aboriginal, all at once. With no fear of survival, although it is clear that we, as a civilization still carry that essence quite close to the heart as well.  

I look around, my tummy is full, I am lounging. In emptily chairs, I sit looking at ghosts of the past, who loved their life here. People who reside here even still, as a memory in a place they once knew. Not asking why they are here, enjoying the space as it is, with no time restraints, deadlines, or agendas. Simply sitting, dressed nicely, enjoying the music, watching, as I eat my sundae. Remembering now, as I see through them, that this is not boredom at all. But life. A life we came to experience, to taste, to touch, to feel, to see, too smell and to create.  

Apparently, I am not bored at all.  

Sometimes we forget. Life happens and we sense a need to strive, in order to survive. Battle harsh winds and cut holes in ice, we make it harder now, than we used to. As if lost in creating abundance, we forget what abundance actually is. The need to sit back, to float. To eat a sundae that was mostly imported. Okay. Completely imported. To not have to think about making parka's, and moccasins, or the need to have to catch precious deer, with cold hands to skin them!  Although the quality of our existence was surely more spiritual, and more meaningful, we are now able to just stop for a minute, and let ourselves be bored, emerged in the joy of being alive.  

A french press awaits, as a strong brew of fresh ground coffee delightfully creates the dance of modern life. I take a sip, and remember why I am here, knowing fully that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Always.
Life is good.

About the grid lines: OH man! I have promised to write about the grid lines…..I am so enveloped in this, that I could not possibly dictate the information in a blog. Wisdom coming in all fast and furious, and full of love too! So I have been archiving insights in files. I figure this is information that will be for the book that I am finishing. Far too complex and fascinating, to type in a few pages! I have a deadline to meet and so I am focused on meeting that goal. As I juggle a few projects in the making,I am super busy, as I am also partaking in a brilliant online study course right now. Please bear with me as my availability is limited for phone readings and private sessions. Do feel free to get ahold of me, and I will be happy to create a space for you as time allows. Book in with me, for a divine chat that will keep you centred, and on your most fun and fuelled path, to intense inner joy and wellness!  For now, relax, be bored and then create a life of dreams!  

With deep love.


What does 
define us.
Defines us.
           Or perhaps is can blind us. 

           Above the snow we trek on. With gentle steps, we hesitate from         falling through.

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