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Twin Flame rubble

Why a twin-flame connection will be the most profound connection you can ever experience 

To be completely honest, I used 'profound connection' instead of profoundly annoying, which are the words I wanted to use. So I dug a little deeper, I had to be more genuine to swallow the taste of truth. I have to admit, what is supposed to be the most intense and passionate love affair of understanding, recocniton, bliss and glory has twisted and turned past hope, into victory of a lie. Viewing a real picture, this union looks more like the most gut-retching heart-aching, mental agony that could possibly exist. Seductively painted anguish known to the human psyche, clearly as a sick, yet more accurate definition of an un-balanced pole of reality. If I were looking at a pie stuffed with emotional profanity, it would obviously be wrapped in a delicate pastry of reckless embezzlement. Running on, making no sense. A big slice of this pie would be classified as annoyance. Loud, unruly shouting, of mental mokery, displaying a infinite plethora of questions that never get answered. Spiked thorns of an ever blooming rose grows beside me as if planted into the depths of earth, in a garden of solid rocks that never leave your side.  

Seriously? I don't even want to utter another word of anything having to do with flames, twins or opposites ever again. Strangely, I JUST CAN'T HELP IT! Something inside of me shouts, lashes, begs and squeals like a blind-folded victim, slashed and bleeding, chained to a cold bed as a distant memory. Reminisce torture taps like drops of rusted water onto my frontal lobe. Why? Why? Why? Won't it just go away? This feels more like a mental illness. That no professional in any industry has been able to confirm. Can someone please just tell me that there is a cure? A solution, an awareness that can tone it all down?  

I am not alone. This I do know for certain, if anything. A solitary example of understanding, gifting to me with an inkling, if but a drop of potential sanity which sits in the middle of chaos. An impossible varible that most people allow themselves to at least experience, in the physicality of release. 

The truth? Is that a twin flame relationship will teach you more than life itself. This connection will absolutly test your every boundary, push your every button and drive you to the very edge of insanity, leaving you to question every single belief and moralistic program that ever danced within your psyche. It will not matter if you are in a committed relationship, married, single, or in a vow of celibate renewal to yourself. A magnetic frequency will dismantle any sense of safety you share with anyone else, attracting you into a vortex of resonance that cannot be denied. No matter how hard you attempt to do so. The more you try to deny your feelings, the worse and more destructive they will become. Your world will crash, because it will seem that nothing will ever feel the same again. You will dance with this person in anyway necessary, all the while fighting like a caged panther as raw steaks, drip in front of your eyes. All of this will be blurry, as you attempt to discern what is real and what is not.  

Too broken, is this illusion which sits on the borderline or rule and regulation. Lost and particularity destroyed in the impossible variables by stories, of ego's trickery. A shattered mirror, you look into the same soul, as you pick apart your similar differences. Beyond all justification of what resemblance's you can split into parts, nothing makes sense. You just know, so deeply that there is a written code that pulsates through each beat of your heart, pumping tainted blood into every vein, into ever cell, every essence of your being. Every voice in your head will taunt you into opposition, changing opinions from one degree to the next, one side of you will know how right this connection is, how rare, how riveting. The other side of you, will fight you to the ground, tooth and nail, using the same nails to board up layers of walls. The walls will alter structure every time, sometimes bricks and sometimes thin curtains. Ego's memory will remind you of danger, as each time you come close your body will demonstrate it's own denial of something so real. Everything you know as right, will be thrown to the wall, smashed into a million pieces of yourself as you attempt to piece them back together. 

A thousand justified reasons of why you can't be together, a million of why you should. Suddenly, everything practical falls apart, what you knew before has no focus, as your world becomes distorted,consumed by a fantasy built by barriers. Tunnel vision creates clarity beyond rhymes which taunt you, slicing like scissors through the net you landed in once you jumped. Telepathy, understanding, conscious and sub-conscious discussion leading to hopelessness where you plead to end the narratives.  Yet when you dance together in the storm, the part of you that knows, finds it's ability to create an oasis. The ripples of winds torment, creating a space which is only feeling, you can see far away past horizon all of the hidden steps. Endless clouds reflect over water where two pathways part, because you walk together in false premise under reason of minds eye. A love so boldly deep runs beyond layers of time. The only thing you know is that you could put it back together if you weren't so terrified to try. So you lie again insisting on the one who is first choice. But the hand is up, as you push away every disguised claim you make. One run's, and, one run's in. So all of this becomes nothing, but temptation where a portal holds a key. The hand is up, the head is turned, darkness lies under always wanting to win, completing an immaculate job to pull you under. A serum of your biggest fears, you run, fast steps seem easier than to sit in flooding waters together.  Part of you knows this is not real. Don't you know? You just have to look into your own eyes reflection, then tap to break constricted glass.  

Look long enough at the same repeated story, eventually you see clearly, what the cards are trying to say.  

Fuck. Life.

I have no time for such opposition of what consumes me everyday. Fuck love. If this is how much is hurts in a world tricked by fears. My heart is on fire. My legs are burning with every step I take toward getting through to you. Because I know, what you think you have shattered. What you cannot see, is something unbreakable. The only place broken is the truth behind eyes staring back from out of that vase, one that sits forever. On a shelf outside of your mind, thrones of vines within a maze. 

Life says; "Darlin, stop wasting precious time. Right now look at where you stand. Shrunken within the vase somehow feeling small? Like a rose you have grown taller outside looking up into wisdoms grace. A thorn becomes your fighting truth, of what you know so well. He is not ready, he will not be. Not this time around. Turn your head the other way. Let him dance with someone else, stop looking at his face." 

I hate that voice but I know its true. So strength I steal from you. Not to take anything away, except for what I have gained. My new world? I view through lace. 

I know what pulls you under, what you need to keep you afloat. Obvious once again, that even in infinite possibility, this time it can't be me. Blocked by your own rejection I have done nothing but love you. Beyond an innocence you refuse see.

That key I keep held to my chest no matter where I am. It is not yours but mine, to open a door to sanity. I need it for myself to see through lies of love. I cannot any longer see myself inside that place of you. These parts are not the same. I risk everything by sinking under, where you are safe in games. Since clearly you have decided, that you cannot hold me up. Too many risks. I am left empty. I will turn my head then let you pass by, pretending that I don't know. I will not become hard, or sunken down past the unbroken parts of me. 

Here I can float above. Alive in my surrender. Vulnerable I am free. 

I will always love you. Exactly how you are.

Phase surrender:

Do not let the pain fool you. There is an untouchable truth to the separation of a soul

The sheer beauty of all of this? A twin flame masterpiece is a divine design, an underlying truth. Ultimate reflections which show you of your ability to love, your creational ability to express, to forgive and to see past all of the pain and suffering that we put our selves through in the name of suffering. Ordered to break down a system, programmed by beliefs. You have intended this for your own soul's evolution. Let it then, be a joy like fuel that propels you into the duality we call life. When you have completed your journey, I will meet you there. Where new places have been created as a result of lava's   river. 

The pearl.

                       Some things. You just know. Beyond reason.

Remember. Keep it light. Even God has a sense of humour. Don't be so hard on your self. Every mistake is a gushing piece of art.

                            Talking about it helps. Thanks for listening.


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