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How Ten Paragraphs and a Letter Can Change Your Life Miraculously 

Holy cosmic shifts, Batman!  

Gotta say I am absolutely astounded with the power of energy fluxes these last few weeks! Everyone's readings have been very INTENSE, moods have been intense... What a great word: intense. The word itself actually spells tense, as well as the word in. Well that makes sense. What are we in? So then what the heck is going on you ask?

This intense sense of tense is the energetic whirlpool of duality being shaken up! Oh yea baby, this is in fact a cosmic martini, in which the layers are musing together with a whole lot of help from our star systems. I love asking a lot of questions, specific questions, because when I do, I receive fabulous answers, which unveil beautiful flight, profound truth and a recipe to my wanting. Wanting is fabulous and a necessary propulsion guided by a higher knowing; wanting creates momentum for your intentions. I must admit, I spend so much time looking upwards when I am asking, wondering in the mystery, that I get most of my awareness from a source that always answers in a simple, loving, and quiet order. 

I have had really hot hands and I think my computer is having to keep up with me! There has been so much to share that I hardly know where to start. Writer's overwhelm is SO MUCH FUN! So today, as I was asking what to open, my consciousness became flooded when I saw a dam of pressure burst, like a forceful geyser shooting water upward. Now if you are on any type of spiritual path, which you are, regardless of your level of conscious awareness, you will be aware that everyone is always talking about intense shifts. It never seems to end. This is because we are accessing new levels of ourselves, just like at Christmas when everyone is opening gifts like crazy! It is about time! 

What has been guided today is a method, an activation, an intention, through inviting you to read about some deep parts of myself/your self, since we all have similar wiring. I share this in order to assist you to complete a major step - if you choose to. Commit to a 30 minute minimum of clear, focused intention and watch how your life will vibe higher!

I have so been so excited about typing today that I have yet to access Deepak Chopra's meditation, I invite you do check out on line. It is a free 21 day meditation experience. It starts today! 

I have a background blog in the works which describes a rare form of vibrational healing, and which I believe is the gift we must access to reach higher realms of consciousness. By doing the work that is easier to put off, when we commit to healing relationships with the people we encounter, we should stick it out even when we want to run - because something miraculous happens. 

Each one of us has a golden nugget in the middle of our bodies, an energetic seed waiting to shine. Our emotions cover this up, as our deepest memories act as microchips in the slice of bread we call life. In our time-space reality all these slices affect the whole loaf! So if you have a little piece of mold at the end of the loaf, you don't just cut off a piece and eat it, do you?! We are not talking cheese here. Cheese is the goo that is yummy even when it is old. Bread, however, is a special creation. We can't just butter it up, it must be made fresh. Next week I will talk all about this and reveal some powerful, simple explanations of why we need to create new slices. Every experience carries a positive or a negative charge. Both have purpose, yet one has the creational ability to create new worlds, and the other? Well, the power to destroy and conquer. Love is the invincible cheese that accompanies your platter, your buffet of opportunity here on this planet. 


They've ordered a complete re-vamp over the next series of time fragments, and are giving us divine opportunities to stand up to the plate and hit the cosmic ball. If you don't show up to hit what the universe throws at you, then how do you expect to make a home run?  

We know that a full moon has great power to release heavy emotion and create chaos. Proof of this shows up in many ways, including the tidal change in the ocean's rhythms. Is this not absolutely phenomenal?! Yes it is! Alright, so what about a little simple math equation? Multiply the power of three around any equation and let me tell ya what can happen. Do that once, then allow a guaranteed map to assure that you have another chance to step it up again. You surely would want to co-operate with the universe if it gave you a map and a few keys?! YES? You have the authority, and only you. But to activate your own soul codes, sometimes you need help. That is why there are seers on this planet, as well as prophets, and that little golden nugget inside? It is magnetic. Extremely magnetic, it attracts every single situation, every single person and every single event that you need to have that nugget work for you!  

I had an unplanned meeting in San Fransisco with a whole lot of ghosts. Man. Some heavy shit went down in the big city of SF. I will elaborate on this in my next series of blogs which are going to be dedicated to methods of healing, detoxing the realms of you, as well as empowering the purpose that fuels you! I am creating a new level in myself, and I invite you to join me on a spaceship ride! We have so much work to do! THIS IS THE FUN juicy work that is a dream job. So get your applications ready! 

Alright, before I go on and on I am going to give you a specific guideline to follow. TONIGHT and the next three days are CRUCIAL to your personal growth, which can affect an entire planet, and beyond, in truth. NEVER underestimate the power of wisdom when you fuse information with action. 

So we are in a sense intensely dumping the trash on the hard drives - and the first big dump is tonight! Multiply the power of a full moon times three, then push repeat four times! 12 loads of dumping will happen over the next year. You can assure that every time we dump our energy to the right place, we are fueled with a replacement, an upgrade. Trust me. This works, or I would never consider spending my life to teach it. I never sell or preach anything that I have not applied or tried myself, ever. Basic business.  

So just like good protocols are required to run a smooth sailing ship, we need templates. Templates help us complete any mission. If a template allows a negatively charged energy to shift into a positive energy, we create a circuit, a conduit for change, as well as a new application for your hard drives. It's a rewrite of all of your stored information. We have chosen to evict certain patterns, but before that can happen the tables need to be flipped, so service can go smoothly for everyone! The table is set, and people are lining up. Are you ready?

Relax. Everyone has a different version or what ready means. The raw truth is this, you are on the ship, sweet beans. Ready or not, you go with the flow, or you swim against it. You and only you choose. We are a party on rafts floating downstream, and everyone is helping each other out, but no one can row for you.  


We have learned how to play tennis, basket-ball, soccer, and we have been ridiculous with wrestling too. If you read my last post, now we are not playing. The layers of the Earth game is a little more serious, as the ping pong ball took some time to float upward. We have learned to take full responsibility for our own actions, and many of us have made powerful intentions to change certain elements in our life. Full circle is a tough walk, but when you get there, the rewards are too big to even get into. There is no more need for back and forth, it is simply one beautiful arrangement that even the sky can show us.  


Timing is perfect, and even though clocks are weird (the date today is 04/14/2014) THAT alone is reason to celebrate! Essentially you are a re-incarnated pagan. This is not religious dogma, but wisdom, earth wisdom, cosmic wisdom, innate wisdom, all coming from heart alignment. Today, we collectively enhance our own powers to something much greater than us. Our part is easy. We simply need to be willing. We need to stand with activated golden nuggets, and allow the power of the sun to create a shadow that passes us, wiping our slates clean - in many directions of time. Don't worry if you don't get all of this lingo. Simply follow the template, you don't need the details, you just need the example. Mine is written with a serious, but light, humours tone, since most of my readers really get me, I have no doubt you will get a chuckle......

Here is your homework assignment. This can be completed tonight for those of you keen, but is due in the next few days, if you would like to access your collective power point. It is just for you, you can burn it,keep it,burry it,freeze it, microwave it, put it in a potion, squeeze it, or, do what ever you figure feels right. I do not recommend, to put it back in the capsule and walk away.

Have you ever wondered if you have left an instruction for yourself in a slice of time? 


I share with you a few of my many journeys on this planet to hopefully inspire you with my perspective that has brought me through leaps and bounds as a fully rounded person, a gifted healer, and a joyful being, one who can manifest like no one's business! Getting to this place, where I am now, took some deep digging. I'm in a very happy place in my life now. I feel this because I decided to play with my own shadows of existence, although I knew it would be a challenge, somehow I knew I would be helped, I knew I would have to do it, and so I took what I could, and then found the deeper meaning. When we have meaning mixed with understanding, we create a new charge, a new pattern, a new life, full of profound enlightenment - this sets us free.  


In all ways. If you do not feel free, if you feel trapped, burdened, dark, cold, angry, frustrated, sad, unable, doomed, sorrowed, victimized, tortured, tired, selfish, guilty, suicidal, punished, likely you are not reading this page because the charge here is of an extremely high vibration. But IF you are? You are exactly where you need to be. If any slice of these emotions exist, it is simply because you are not operating at full potential. Somewhere, you have a slice of a negative charge, caused by a past event. This template, from my own example, will give you an idea of what I am attempting to say. This is the gluten in the bread my friends. Everything is held together by something, but we are needing to knead a new loaf! More on this later!  


It's your game. The universe is your team. I am hitting for a home run, luckily I am psychic, so I have done the work early, and already landed at home! So tonight is a celebration! I would love for you to join millions of others as we send an ethereal yet physical cleanse over the entire planet. Give it all up. This is the map. I followed the stars, exploring for a long time, and I was given a map! What a journey!

Access to your time capsule...

You may not be aware of the details of your past incarnations; and you don't always need to know the stories of what happened in order to be conscious and allow the universal swipe that will re-boot your magnetic field. It can help for sure, to become conscious of why you do what you do, however the intention here is to confront your own ghosts of the past and set them free so your habits change. This is the way to a very happy, simple life, that flows in abundance of wishes and profoundly loving experiences, with an ease that we all ask for. It is done! 

Please feel free to book a session so we can really get nitty-gritty on a personal level. I have deep trust that all souls make the call when they are ready, and I know that you are. The paths will cross when it is time, and only then.  

So write a letter to your self tonight, to all the yous of you, even if you don't know them all. Your intent is enough. Anyone willing is part of the greater will, which asks us to release and recharge! YIPEEEE. 

Have fun with this, and do take it a little bit seriously. You want to be in a place of full power when you release and re-charge. 


See you on the flip side my friends!

I hope you enjoyed this taster. Welcome aboard the ship to your destiny!  Stay tuned for my recent blog: Swimming Through the Gravity of Vibrational Healing: how to activate an ascensional meeting to the higher vibration of you.

Love Dora. The earth explorer. The playful, illuminated inner child. 

Posting part two very shortly: Are ya feeling this? 

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Kamia on April-15-14 7:48 AM
Tis the season of growth
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