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Wind Ruffles In My Angel Wings

The Ruffled Angel

OMG does anyone else feel like they are time-warping through lightyears at a time, only in months?

Where have I been you ask? Sorry, it's been a while. To be honest, I don't know! 
I have been all over the place, literally, bouncing around like a starship, waiting for somewhere to land. What a journey the last six months have been!  I know many of you have been wondering where I am at, where I am going and where I will be. So I will give you my personal update with some innuendos about recent life experiences to the best of my ability. I love to share this life experience with you!
I just have to say that I have felt everything and anything but normal in the last few months. With that, I must conclude that as I evolve between my internal dualities  intertwined with my connection to the world, the more I see the middle place between black and white. I am turning grey! I am not just talking about a fancy little streak in my hair to prove this awareness. Each step I take in this wild life I live, I think I am finally getting closer to normal. My insides almost explode with laughter as I type these words. Normal? I have yet to discover what that is!

Stability? Structure? Focus? Goals? A home? A home that is bigger than a suitcase with four wheels? Honestly speaking, I am likely the most found I have ever been, at least with the aspect of really knowing who I am, but as the old paradigm shakes and shimmies within me, I cannot help but think that I am not in anyway normal. Are you? Probably not. 

I wonder if it will take a miracle to live within this knowing. Apparently there is no black and white anymore. Yup, being a medium. In the middle. Two crispy chocolate cookie wafers, what? Is it not true? The cream is the best part, no? A little twist in the perfection of creation and poof! Does anyone even eat an Oreo without breaking it apart? 

Shaken and stirred by enough profound awakenings, it is correct. Once you wake up you don't go back to sleep. You simply can't. Is it that simple you ask? Not always in a world that is dusting off sandman's little crusty treats, sleepy tears left in the corner, hardened by the oxygen that keeps us alive. Where are you going with this? Good question, let me gather my thoughts…
If I skim back to a certain time, I asked loudly, "God, where do I belong?" I wanted to know where I should live. All I heard back was, "Wherever I send you." So this was a thrill. A little miss, all grown up, on a whim to the next place, and pretty sure I heard a pretty loud voice say Hawaii. Questioning over and over to be sure. I had put my toes on the ground - in one place! - for almost four whole years in my home town of Jasper. The last place on Earth I thought I would return to for that length of time. Holy intense batman! Some major soul-healing, some major lessons of empowerment, facing some tough stuff, and learning how to bond with winter made me remember how much I love Jasper. It was also a reminder that I need a lot of salt water in my life. 

So I happily followed the prompt to get rid of all my stuff and go to Hawaii. When I got there, I landed on the beach in Maui. Restless, it took me a while to become still. After enough time floating in the waves, I perched my more relaxed self in the sand, when my angels whispered in my ear, "You will not be here as long as you think." 

"Well why the hell did you send me here then?" I protested. (It's not like it was difficult to be floating amongst the waves.) So, I spoke to the island as a mystic mermaid does, "Show me what I am here to do, then you tell me when to leave." Sure enough it happened, as it always does, and leaving was slightly more chaotic than even I would like to admit, throwing my things in a suitcase, rushed as if running away. Only this time I knew I wasn't, perhaps I had finally understood. Staying in one place very long is so clearly not in my gypsy blood. 

Clue by clue, I followed the lead of where the next crumb lead. I found myself back in Alberta, in Whitecourt and random towns like Leduc. Knowing what I was there to do, I couldn't help but throw in a complaint. -
"Can't you send me to LA? Or maybe Paris, France?" Good god, why am I here all over again? I questioned and then received my answer.

"Well Alberta needs some light surely you can see, this rich abundant soil being dug up for worldly glee. Although it is part of a master plan, there are other remedies. Look at all the power lines, holding up the wires. If you look close enough some are held in the ground, posts to hold up lines, where communications can pass through." Answers always seem to come written like a rhyme. And I did what I came to do. I just wish everyone could see the way I sometimes do. I guess that is why I am working with this passion I have inside. Following a purpose, trying to detach from pride. Whatever normal should be.

So I guess for me what is normal, is finding light hidden behind shadows might, since what I know is that nothing is truly dark but sometimes you let it in. When you sit too long in a dark room, it becomes apparent that there is no shadow left to see.
The world is waking up alright - it is not really up to me. The best part is unfolding, like a rehearsed luminous show. Everyone is wondering what will come to be. I hate to give it all away, the secret is no longer safe with me. Everyone is shaking up, confused, up and then down. Everyday brings something new, a personal defeat. With all the lines in communication we learn that it is up to us. Yes, we get to choose. Information is coming fast, old ways about to blast through into an open field of brand new consciousness, our whole system of beliefs. What once felt safe kept us sober and now we all feel quite drunk. Now we go to yoga, seeking something true, this grand awakening I speak of is not left for but a few. Everyone is coming around, searching for what has been hidden. If you are feeling ruffled in anyway at all, let me tell you, you are not alone, you're learning to live in the grey! Duality has caused us strife, looking for what is right, causing a plethora of fights. So here we break down resistance, everyone in their own shoes, as if they are scattered about, as you look for the matching pair. It was safe when it was that simple, now our view is a little more broad as we begin to see the light. There simply is no right or wrong. The Earth knows what she is doing, the people not so much. Who is feeling amused? It is not a bad way to look at things, a reality show alive. Something like a romantic comedy, but you're the one who drives. Pick a show, flick the channel, there is always something to see.
Don't worry too much about it, just go with the daily flow. What is that you ask, in truth? It is only you that knows. 

I guess there are many of us here right now, because the world needs a community. Each one a piece of the rainbow, to illuminate every storm. They will keep on coming as the systems shake us up. To all of this rhyme and reason, the only conclusion is this:
What you do here will be insignificant, but it is important that you do it. I read that somewhere, and although it is a simple philosophy, these fifteen words have kept me grounded in these nine months of flight. Takes that long to grow a baby, so I guess I have been re-born.

"You are the oracle," someone recently said. "What am I supposed to do?"  The answer is the same for everyone, it is true.
What are you supposed to do? 

Everything you feel a passion for, without guilt, you jump right in. Everyone is so cautious, doesn't that make you bored? Each one of you has a purpose in this divine game called life. Now we know it is not always black and white when you are still, and do you feel safe? Asking to make a move, too afraid to sell your home? 

Trust me, your home is right here. Exactly where you are. Take a risk and listen to the calling of your heart. Sometimes you will feel confused, remember it is not simply black and white. If life is an Oreo cookie, let the cream be your only crop. No one can tell you how to eat it, or where you are to go. Maybe you like to dunk it in a big old glass of milk. Let everything settle to the bottom, then chase it with some tea, whatever floats your boat. Don't expect everyone to agree, if you can learn to be fully present in the moment, somehow you are free.
And so I am all over the place, I guess that will have to do. Right now, my home is Earth, I am here to help you see, that in this moment of shaken changes that stagnation simply will not do. 

I know we are all feeling a little crazy now, it's true. Don't worry, you're not crazy, you are simply waking up! 

 I have been a ruffled little angel, on a quest for divine clues, got everything I need right now, because that is the way it is. One promise we were made, upon our soul's decision to come through, is that on this plane we would have everything we need, a tonne of human love, cuddly animals too, some are wild some are tame, we all have a fire inside. It is in learning how to contain the fiery flame, without burning down a bush. A plethora of fish in the sea, a bed made cozy just for me, sometimes I find a swan, or maybe it was a duck, all I know is where I am going. And the path right now? I will be honest, it is not so clear to me. One more sentence, you tell me what word rhymes with luck?
HAHAHA!! Okay I am kidding. I will tell you what's going on. 
At this moment I am typing here, that is all I need to know. In ten days from now I will be swimming in clear blue lakes, and riding my bike through big wise rocks in mountains protected by law. I have a cozy place that is mine, happily until fall. I am working on this year's projects with a few deadlines to break through, writing away on my manuscript, and creating new workshops too! I am offering divine clarity to those who seek their truth, ones who are cutting edge and on this cusp where we quickly grow. I am wrapped in clarity with who I am, grateful for all my friends, and I have a family who love me for exactly who I am. Flying high in life's mystery, letting go of my own plan, because in this winged heart of mine, whatever I need to do, I am aware more than ever, I am here to do what I can.

 Not many of us have two different paths that eventually break into a fork, but when you come to that point or if you feel confused, remember there are messengers, as well as those who know that, in that little pack of tools, you have some kerosene. With that comes a lantern, hidden deep within. When you need a little light to hold you up, or when you're feeling down, there is a whole planet of people just waiting to turn around that frown. You have to walk your very own path that leads to consciousness. Along the way are little fairies who look like fireflies, part of who you are, in this very real fairytale we refer to as life. All you little tricksters that hide behind your fear, come out, come out, wherever you are, we are not playing games of strife! 

Surround yourself with those good people, the ones who like to play. You are here for a reason alright, I will not tire to say it, life is meant to be more fun! A little trip to Mexico, you're sure to find your heart. I am going back soon, Dora says, "Vamanos!" Or in English, she squeals, "Let's go!" -
So there you have it, that is my update in a little nutshell! How are you doing? I would love to know! 

Need some illumination, a clairvoyant reading from a (now) grounded angel?  

My job is not to give you the answers, but to help you align to your very own truth. You know your answers more than anyone else! You simply need to trust them!  Yes! I do have a little bag of fairy dust, and a few pairs of sparkly shoes! I pack light if I can, but carry them through the night. When you need to feel grounded, step into one and see! Maybe you need a heel to heal? Or a flexible, light pair to run fast on flat land? Perhaps a casual encounter, so then flip-flops it will be! A stroll on a path, come take a walk with me?
It has been a very curious journey! As always, a new one is coming along, I sure hope you will join me on this path to what is true, surely we will find a clue that is left there just for you!  

There is not much fun playing small. It is time to drink the potion! A few feet closer to the stars will make you really tall!  Stay tuned for new surprises, coming in the fall! 

MAGICALLY DELICIOUS! Kinda like lucky charms. 
Maybe it's not magic, it's simply energy! But ohhhhh, it's so much fun to say Hocus pocus!  So I guess it is magic, you will have to call to see! 

Love ya oodles!
Keeping it real-ish,

<NON GMO :) 

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