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Orange ya on fire?

Orange ya on fire? 

Meet your Orange frequency friend!

pronounced: Svadhisthana (sweetness) The Sacral Chakra

OH la la! I love, love love the energy of orange! 
We all have a dominant, vibrant colour personality. Actually my color personality is orange so this one is super fun for me! 

Orange, is of course similar vibration to red, although it is quite different in essence. Where the root chakra is all about survival, safety and primal connections. The sacral chakra is all about creativity through passion of being. Related to pleasure and enjoyment, orange energy is the party energy! Fun, wild, talkative, social, buzzing vibration of communicating life experiences. When I go to live concerts or dance parties this is usually a prominent color in the air!

Your sacral vibration governs feelings, emotion, pleasure, intimacy and human connection. The challenge with sacral energy is the conditioning of society's rules. Wounds of collective cultural struggles over sexual issues of society are sometimes glorified and other times rejected. An example of where this imbalance comes from.We are taught to not loose control, often becoming disconnected from our physical selves, or our emotional states.

The orange sacral energy demands respect toward feelings, as well as creative passions. Many artists have a very active sacral chakra, which is also very connected to sexual pleasure. When this centre is not balanced, one becomes very susceptible to toxic vibrations. Yup, most people who smoke, party, obsessively gamble, drink, or have sexual addictions, are more than often attempting to fuel the sacral energy which becomes drained when stagnant. Produces the feeling of boredom. 

Orange energy likes to create the job more than get it done (GO RED GO!). Orange personalities become easily distracted often when they find other more fun things to do. Sometimes avoiding practical responsibilities. 

Although associated with the emotional aspects, orange energy would rather not look inward too deeply. "Everything is always good" Says an orange personality. What's the problem? This is where violet/indigo energies are needed to balance awareness of feelings, emotions, to bring up hidden hang-up's.

Playful, vibrant orange energy would much rather throw a party, or experience a wild encounter as apposed to staying home to watch TV.

A balanced sacral chakra has learned how to opt out on too many social events. From time to time. Balanced awareness activates a need  to channel this vibration into an artistic, creative project. 

I believe,  that the art of dance is all about connecting to the first three energetic sectors of our physical selves. Creative movement is definitely connected to the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. Which is a great way to connect our broader non-physical selves into the human experience.

Do you crave sweets? A good cigar once in a while? Maybe alcohol, or other addictive substances, other behaviours? Wine lovers. I am talking to you. This is a sign that your sacral chakra needs some creative TLC. Try creating/producing something instead! Everything you create, a painting, a sculpture, a website, a poem or a drawing originates from the energy of your sacral chakra. Also knowing when to take a break and just sit back, and relax is crucial to balancing this vibration Important for those with a lot of orange frequency's. Not sleeping?  Make some Peanut African soup, then try again.

Loving the physical self
Do you love your body? Are you sensual? When was the last time you walked naked, or at least barefoot in the grass? Jumped in a fondue pot, or painted your body with orange mud?

Signs of an over-active sacral chakra:
- Overly emotional with your feelings
- Creating drama over people or events in your life
- Unhealthy emotional attachments
- Impatience/Intolerance when situations don't go your way
- Sexual addictions or other substance related addictions
- Lack of sensual/sexual energy
- Negative self image/low self esteem
-Lack of appetite or interest  in food
-Attachment issues
- Sexually-related guilt
- Timidity, emotional volatility, hypersensitivity, and trust issues

Signs of an under- active sacral chakra 
- A fear of intimacy or physical pleasure
- Denial of healthy things that make you feel good 
- Stinginess or being cheap 
- Feelings of laziness, or chronic fatigue
- You feel like you are not 'fitting in' with people in your daily interactions
- You cannot  manifest your true desires because your thoughts and emotions tend to lead to negativity.

location location location!
Your buddha belly is located a few inches below your belly button. When you are balanced you feel like one happy, creative, sensual person! You truly enjoy creating, enjoying the physical sensations of being present in your body. You look forward to your creative projects, enjoying a balanced social life. You know when to say no, and do not always feel that you are missing out. You know there is always going to be another party or social event. You know that you could not possibly 'miss out' with so many options. Generally speaking people do not have to pull you out of bed to make you participate.   

Instructions for today 
Hopefully your will is strong today after consciously giving attention to your root chakra. Determined to activate new positive frequencies. Sacral energy is about letting go, as well as manifesting, which always goes back to the emotional scale. Weigh in! 

Again Go deep.

Set your intentions for today. Get creative, this charge is associated with the activated artist. The main intention is to cleanse and purify your sacral chakra. I promise you, that WILL happen with proper focus. 
Creative solution is a brilliant orange force! May the source be with you! 
Intention: To overload yourself with a buffet of frequency's that this energy centre wants to bring up for you. The intention is to become aware of where you may have attachments to other people, certain substances, including toxic energy's that may be fuelling you in an imbalanced way. 

Call on you galactic starship team to sever all chords associated with draining energies. Very good idea. Participate by allowing that to  happen. Pay attention to areas of resistance in your body. Ask to be brought into balance through divine clarity, with intention to purify any muddy energy into the lighter, brighter hues of bright orange!  Visualize your sacral chakra. Can you see it in your mind? If not, be aware of this. Allow the creative flow to pump through your hands and lower body stimulating your artistic flair! Grab your palate.

1. Have a physical, mental and spiritual conversation with the frequency of orange. Absorb the aspects of the over/under activated energies. Pay attention to what comes up for you.

Creatively communicate to yourself. 
Write it down, so you can reflect back at the end of the week. 

2. Make a list of your own positive and negative observations. Define your 'Don't wants' as clearly as you define your 'Do wants'. Be as specific as possible.


This can be any situation that is present in your life, past present or future, with any scenario. I do recommend a present scenario but if your sacral chakra  is all balanced, you may not have one ;) This could be anything associated with your work, personal life, or relationship. State where you feel the energy/emotion or overriding sensation. If you feel guided do this for various scenarios,the more the better!  Follow the guidelines from yesterday. Identify where you feel stuck with your physical desires/ dreams and fantasy's.

Give yourself an orange sparkle star! Take a deep, orange breath with intention to purify all of your thoughts, using big, bright, divine energy. Stay in orange! I bet it will be fun! 

Using all the senses, go beyond
Taste, touch, smell, hear, and see as much orange as you can.Then GO BEYOND! Sit still for a minimum or five minutes, and a maximum of thirty minutes, do your best to visualize orange, by FEELING the frequency of a  sunrise or sunset. 

It is not rare to feel annoyed, rushed, hyper, or agitated during this portion of the cleanse. You will likely notice cravings. Pay attention. Try something different.  Remember to be fully present with what you are sensing.

Balanced sacral energy loves to create, to play, to travel, and really knows how to enjoys the sensuous pleasures of life.

This energy centre is our vital connection to creating change on our  planet. The sacral energy is the one that creates bodies, at the same time making certain that everything is fun! 

Mucky sacral energy is the bored creator. Now, with so much to do here, how is that even possible?  

Cheers to STRONG, balanced, powerful Svadhisthana energy.

The truth is this:
You are a very sensual creator! You have infinite abundance to activate the endless manifesting power available to you. ALL the time. You are here to produce on a physical plane. You have a magical artist within you. You know it is fun for you to get wild from time to time, by going out of your comfort zone. You opt for heathy hobbies as opposed to addictive tendencies that keep you sitting still for too long. You say yes to social opportunities  because you are socially motivated! You know that you have the ability to attract everything you need. 

I can hear some of you saying that you are not creative. BLLLEP. Erase that thought. You will surprise yourself immensely if you pick up a paintbrush! You are a re-born Picasso! 

When you find yourself craving chaos, creating drama or feeling bored,  you easily become aware of  your addictive desires, you pay attention. You go into dream space to transform this energy into ideas that inspire your soul! You are happily balanced, and activated in playful orange vibrations. You are super creative so you always know what to do!

You make plans for creating possibilities!

You use hands to create a 3D boyfriend, or girlfriend.
 You make a manifestation board of things/situations or scenarios that you are wanting to attract. Use barbie dolls, or drawings, fun artsy materials, anything you want, to create a scene that you want to attract in your life. 
(This is hilarious and fun to do, think Jr/high school projects, like dioramas, and sculptures) 
You dance like a wild woman to some rock n roll! Or belly dance!  
You light a fire or throw a party! 
You go out with your friends!
You get messy with finger paints and create something beautiful
You open your hips with yoga poses
You sink into a hot, or cool creative ORANGE  bath, enhanced with quality oils and orange gem stones.
You nail Jell-O to a tree. Just to prove that you can. 
Yes that is transparent Jell-O in an orange peel.
You cook something, paying attention to all of your senses as you make love to the fruits of the earth. 
You carve a pumpkin, eat an orange and mash a yam.
Playful cuddling, caressing and creative intimacy keeps this chakra balanced when there is equal give and take. 
You make a list of all the emotional attachments you have to people, substances places and things. Then start crossing off the list. Sure, we need each other to share experiences. But neediness? Clinging or desperate acts of possession, or communication is SO OLD life.
You chill out on drinking, smoking, and using medications to dull your amazing creative potential.

Mission:Empowerment Research & playful assignment

In your quiet meditative time, ask spirit what is the ultimate Orange CHAKRA activity for you. Then trust what you feel/see and hear. We will all be focused on activating your psychic gifts profoundly this week! So, no fretting! Go inward.

Own your sexy.

Daring challenge: Extra power points for you!
CREATE something with your hands. Post a picture in the Beyond Senses  facebook comment section. Show off what you come up with! Orange energy likes to show off and that is great!  
Follow up by grabbing any books you may have, notes from a journal, or by doing a google search, or finding a video on YouTube. Your senses will guide the whole way, so follow your orange footprints and wave your orange wand! 

Clearly there is a PLETHORA of information out there, so there is no need to go into overwhelm as we are talking balance right?  I feel it is important that you to feel empowered to find your own personal best, unique to you information! 

Your inner guidance will become more and more keen and clear throughout the week! 
Have fun!!
I will be posting things throughout the day, so that you can check in anytime for little surprises! 

Happy un-birthday to you!!! 

Know you are fully supported by this group, and by me, as well as all of your fabulous invisible friends! 

Welcome to the Rainbow Brite party! 
I love you, in orange juicy oodles!! 

Enjoy creating the dance. GO! 

Sacral Chakra AffirmationsAlway add the word NOW to your affirmations to root them in present reality
I love and enjoy my body.
I have healthy boundaries.
I am open to experiencing the present moment through my senses. 
I am passionate. NOW.
I feel pleasure and abundance with every breath I take.
I nourish my body with healthy food and clean water.
I know how to take care of my needs.
I value and respect my body.
I am open to touch and closeness now.
I allow myself to experience pleasure.
My sexuality is sacred.
Emotions are the language of my soul.
I take good care of my physical body. Now .
AND so it is! 
That's right! CAZAOW!  POW! 


Orange foods and flavour. Aphrodisiacs are also in the orange/red vibration.


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