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LOVE. Accessing the centre of your soul.

Pour your heart out  

Sometimes you need to pour it all out, in order to fill up with the juicy, gooey  cheesy language of the heart.

Are you powerful enough to let your heart ooze green goo? Truly, love is a simple equation.
Let it love out= Allow love in.

Meet your emerald green and barbie pink frequency friend!

Hopefully by now you have met your true match. You just gotta be ready ;) 

Anahata (Sanskrit: अनाहत, Anāhata) 

Meaning anahata means "unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten"
Anahata Nad refers to the Vedic concept of unstruck sound (the sound of the celestial realm). Ananhata is associated with a calm, serene sound devoid of violence.

As you read this, you may choose to listen to this 

The journey to the heart. 
The purpose of human life.


Or is it a bittersweet symphony? 

The music of the symphony. Notice the word phoney in there? 

Who is looking for real love? 
Who has had their heart broken?

I will tell you something that you might not believe. 

The heart cannot be broken. 

Your heart, is the universe. 

It loves to give, and receive endless infinite love. In giving from the heart, we are centred in the heart of purpose. Allow me to share a little piece of my heart with you! 

Once upon a time. I had not yet had my heart broken.

Because I am extremely loveable. I am also extremely loving, and I give everything from my heart. So it was not hard to manifest love. By the age of 28 I had been in love a few times already. Never madly in love. Just once, was I mad. In love. That simply does not work.

I realized that I was looking for love in all the wrong places. 

Once upon another time, I was engaged to be married. Although I had a fiancé who deeply loved me. I yet had not loved myself. The way he loved me.

I followed my heart, I packed my bags, and I left. 

I wasn't looking for love. I was angry at men. Men that were not "right" in my eyes. 
I was mad that I was not with the right guy for five years. So I was convinced. Not only did he not know how to pick the right wine, or to decant this fine creation, let alone know that sometimes you need let it breathe. He preferred vodka. I was too disappointed, feeling jaded, like I was not being treated how I deserved. 

Does that sound bitter?

That in it's self was a good reason to move on. Leaving him was difficult, but that? Is an old story. 

I found love, again on a deep journey I took, but I didn't see it. I didn't want to.  Apparently, at the time, I knew everything.

Inside I also knew something else. Although this this knowing was hidden in my subconscious. 

On this guided spiritual journey, I experienced some major post traumatic stress. Triggering buried fears, sadness, anger,loss. Many things that I figured I had dealt with, had  suddenly surfaced. Did they ever! All at once. Gift's I had ignored, words I had never said, music I had never created. I had been so busy spending so much energy on everyone else, that I never looked deeply in. 

Although, I felt like my heart was wide open, oddly I knew that there was something I needed to find. 

I could hear a quiet, silent beating heartbeat calling my name. So I listened, or didn't. To a voice. Then I did what I knew I had to. I followed my heart.

This path lead me into major revelations. A psychic awakening that shook me up so profoundly I could not ignore it. Everything I had held in deep within my soul, had once again blasted through the door. Like a puppet show I had never seen.  A circus of past life recall, present life illusions, future potentials being shown to me like a quickly moving slide show. Too much too fast. 

Exactly what I needed to face all of my fears. To truly dive right in to everything I had ever put off. I realized that I had not yet found my ideal partner, for two profound reasons. 

1. I had not ever been vulnerable enough to be fully free. Fully open. Fully awake.
2. I had not yet, truly found myself.

Too cliche? The heart speaks the best gooey truth.

When you follow your heart, and speak your truth. You're passionate purpose will find you. There is no other way. 

After a few once-upon- a- time stories, I thought I was finally ready again to put my heart on the line. With my eye on exactly who I thought I wanted. Throwing all caution to the wind fairies, I dove right in! With all of my senses, only I was not using any of them. I found out too soon, and knew for the first time ever, it is true what people say. Love hurts. I did not want to believe that.

Sense? Perhaps love does not make any. Finally, one thing did make sense. 

Love transcends the senses.Beyond time. Beyond space. I knew that! 

It is true. 

All the lyrics, all the music, all the wine-ing, all the suffering, passion and pain that people speak of, I never really got it. What the hell was wrong with all these love gushing romantics? Everyone clearly needed to toughen up. Who knew I was such a softie.

I knew that the man I desired, at the time was like a walking bomb of unbalanced energy. Ratteling to explode. A dangerous, instant attraction that I could not deny. The healer in me perhaps knew I could help him. So I proceeded with caution, but not much. For me, this was actually going way out of my confort zone. But I did it anyway, I put my heart on the line, like clean laundry with stains wanting to dry. Taking a yellow risk, entering into the most wild, passionate, weird, romantic, and most puzzling situation I have ever created. All the lyrics of every song that I had ever heard finally made sense. Especially the super cheesy spanish ones. Fluently.What hurts to the musicians that belt out their heart and soul to make us see that we are all connected?

My love was not received. 
It was terrible. I can bet that has happened to you as well. I felt destroyed.

I mean, how could someone not let me love them? Was I ugly? Fat? Not good enough? Not pretty enough? Surely I was a goddess. Maybe not petite enough for a giant closed off heart? Big hearts love boldly, and sometimes that shows us another pathway.

Little did I realize, that in the act of having felt rejected, over and over by someone, that I was actually looking in the mirror. A perfect version, showing me the truth of where I was actually at. An exact replica of my own illusions. I opened up as much as I possibly could, throwing endless love bombs. As each one came back at me, I learned. 
As I had to. To catch them. Then become shattered. Wide open.

Pouring tears into wine glasses, love letters into fire, and water into purification, I danced this heartache out, until I found the love I had always been looking for. 

A little shake takes you back 
to the heart of the matter. 

I found a love that I had never truly experienced. A love that never treated me better. A love that brought me flowers every time I needed them. A love that sent me to the spa, and brought me loving gifts, a love that wrote poetry and created music, a love that cooked for me, even when I was exhausted. A fun loving creative soul that threw surprise birthday party's, and helped me create recipe's. A wildly loving romantic, very giving soul, one who made me soup when I was unable to sleep. One who showered me with luxurious trips away when I became fed up with the world. And yes, a powerful loving spirit, who saw the true, infinite, imperfect piece of creation that I am. 

Was it him? Was he the one?


It was ME!  

If you look in the mirror long enough, you eventually see past everything that is an illusion.  

Serious perhaps. Sassy. Sincere. Hardly ugly.

Within part of this journey to finding myself again, I had a photo shoot done. To face the beauty I had hidden. I saw that I was more than duality. I was not just black and white. I was much more colourful! 

Cheesy alright. 

The open heart looovoes cheese! With a little less wine-ing.

I became my very own loving partner. My heart? Was it broken? Or had it become found again? After all of this time.

Unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten.  The sound of the celestial realm.

Associated with a calm, serene sound devoid of violence.

Unstruck sound.

The music of the heavens.

The heart? Cannot actually be broken. 

It can only feel that way.

Do you know that there is a PROFOUND happy ending to every soppy love story?

Guess what happened in this process? An old story that seemed so torturous? 

My most amazing fairytales unfolded. Like the movie frozen, or Maleficent. The new story's are not so much about the prince. I founds precious gifts, all along this pathway. Many of them!  

Amongst many, many revelations, lessons of empowerment, and lots of fun, I met my best friend. A wide-open hearted soul, who I trust with my life. Another gushing heart, the first heart I ever saw that was WAY too-open, like my own. A wild heart in a precious soul. One that I have been lucky enough to meet again. The only person I ever did a healing on, where I actually had to say:

 "Uh, I think your heart is a little to open"

With a laugh, and some owl wisdom. I realized I was now reflecting my truth in other people, loving people, that could mirror the true parts of myself that perhaps I had not seen. I started casually dating again, slowly with boundaries, allowing really caring more balanced men to reflect my own giving nature. I learned to ask for help, to be clear with my needs, and to allow others to nurture me when I felt broken. I had someone walk right into my life with a giant bouquet of roses, and someone who knew exactly how to get the stubborn kinks out of my neck. I was attracting what I had given myself.I won a trip to a journey through the heart with Deepak Chopra, and became discovered for my skills. I found great music for my soul! 

I came back into my own heart space again, determining once and for all, that I would never again expect someone to make me feel so un-happy, or expect anyone to be responsible for my own happyness. That no one else could actually do that for me.  I was the only one, I am the only one who can love me the way I want to. In this power-felt truth, with the full power to feel joy. No matter what. All the time. 

Go yellow go green!! I am full frequency! JUST like you! You have this power too!

If you cannot let someone in who truly loves you how you are, you surely cannot even let yourself in. How can you possibly let someone else in fully?

So lets get to the heart shall we?

I am really proud of you! I know it is not easy to go deep. And you are going deep. 
I know you are reviewing these words, and that certain truths are coming up for you. What a group!

We have come through the fears now, we have come into creative energy, we are standing in our true power now. And how is that precious connection to all things loving?

How is your heart? Do you know it is the space where we access divine love? Eternal, always present, unbreakable heart energy. The true source of energy that we are all looking to fuel us.

Yes we need balanced primal chakras as well as balanced spiritual centres to even feel our heart centres at maximum capacity. If we do not feel safe, or creative and powerful, with good self esteem, then how can you begin to even expect a good relationship with someone else? 

The best way to balance the heart is to OPEN it. As wide as you can. Then have boundaries with your heart space. Don't let people in who are not willing to pay rent or at least do a little cleaning from time to time. 

Unconditional love is universal. In our spiritual alien selves, we can be fully unconditional. Here? Well, we work towards that. Heart step by heart step. 
But we are human after all. That is the reality. 

So how do we become unconditionally loving? Is it possible? You tell me. 

Are you able to forgive and let go of the past? Can you see through your partners illusions? Do you realize you are a mirror, and what you see is looking back? Can you move on, and let yourself trust again after an illusion of heartbreak? Are you ready to balance yourself, and let love in? Can you forgive yourself and your partner? Can you love yourself enough to be happy and single? Do you allow, and expect the kind of love you deserve? Do you know that you are loveable and capable? Yes you are. 

The heart cannot energetically break. Ever. It can be closed, really closed, and it can be open, sometimes a crack, sometimes too wide open. Simple. right? 

The Heart Chakra is the wellspring of love, warmth, compassion, and joy. Located in the heart centre right in the middle, it's energy is the most powerful and radiates beautifully when balanced. Anahata moves love through your life at all times, every waking moment, as well as in dreams. It is the very centre of your deep bonds with other beings, your sense of caring and compassion, your feelings of self-love, altruism, generosity, kindness, and respect. 

The higher heart is only positive. This is your perfect, quantified self.

Let's shed light on the negative aspects, then get to the heart that matters:

Over-active Heart Chakra
If your heart chakra is over active you will be ruled by your emotions; sadness, anger, grief, despair, greediness and even happiness will come over you with no or little control. You may be manipulative, over critical, and judgemental of yourself and others. Your love may have conditions, “I will only love you if you are this way….”  you will lack interest, more likely, you are not in any way  “people pleaser”, or you have tendencies to over exert, afraid that you will not be liked or accepted by others around you. You may find yourself in a relationship with a partner where you are always giving but not receiving, always forgiving, and “cleaning up” after them, whether it be emotionally, or physically. Co-dependancy can result from this, and you may find it hard to let go, of any relationship, that no longer serves your Highest Good.

Under-active Heart Chakra
When your heart chakra is under-active you will probably be very negative in your thinking, and may find it very difficult to keep a positive out-look in life. You may feel unloved, unworthy and unappreciated, and this will manifest in the world around you, only confirming these “beliefs” about yourself. It is very likely that with an under-active chakra that your choosing the people you love, and the people you do not love. You have a hard time trusting others, and may have a difficult time “letting” them in, keeping yourself at a distance. You may hide your true feelings, not truly wanting anyone to see the real you.

Physical issues such as heart attack and chest pain ore one of the many physical symptoms that can manifest when the heart is not fluttering.

Positive aspects of a balanced heart space:
The heart is the ultimate healing force.
-Allowing us to recognize that we are a part of something larger
-Understanding of  interconnectedness
-Knowing through feeling that we are an intricate web of relationships extending through life and the universe. 
-Living  life with loving kindness and compassion towards others. 
-Others can feel your love and warmth. They feel loved and accepted unconditionally.
-You listen to others words, allowing them to say what ever they feel, even if part of you doesn't like it
-People feel at peace around you
-There is no judgment coming from you
-You know when you need to say no 
-You know when you need self care and self-nurturing.
-You go to the doctor, the nurse, the spiritual doctor, and for energetic tune-ups
-You keep your energy in check

The heart space needs a happy secure loving home to live in. You know that home is your planet right now, a source of heart love is found within all the things which you deeply love. Even when life is not going well, you find that space no matter what.
Most of the world's spiritual traditions recognize love as the unifying force, the energy that is the most fundamental part of the universe, and of ourselves. To open to love is to reach to the deepest places and connect with our true essence, our spirit, and our soul.

Love is the one energy that can heal all things. 

Your hear chakra is full of yang, or positive energy, connecting the lower chakras to the higher ones, therefore is very important in your spiritual healing toward you evolutional development. When open fully, you have access to a channel for Universal Compassion. The aspect of your higher self. It is here where we invite this Infinite Love to flow through us, allowing it to heal ourselves and others. 

We first must Love and Accept ourselves before we can Love Others. 
When your heart chakra is in balance you will feel great compassion for all living creatures, and will recognize their amazing intelligence! You will be kind, caring, understand, and understood. You will feel joyous and outgoing, feeling completely at ease with yourself and the people in your life. You will understand others and accept them for who they are; you will not judge or be critical of their actions. Spending time alone is something you do not mind, and you are not rushing into one relationship after another, infact, you would rather wait for the “right” one to come to you – because you know it will come to you when the time is right.

Instructions for today:
Get Gooey!
Today we keep it simple.
-Make a list as long as you can of ALL the things you love. From your favourite song, to the smell of garlic and butter, or lilies and the sea. 
-Write a quick story about your most love- enhancing experience that you remember from this life time.
-Most importantly, write a love letter to yourself. The most enchanting, romantic cheesy oooze  that you can possibly come up with. This will show you right away, where you have any blocks to your universal perfection. Write about how much you love your imperfections as well. Identify why those are good imperfections.

Then determine in what areas of your life are you feeling blocked to love? Ask yourself why on God's good Earth you would block out love, go deep!! You will see there is no good reason.If there is a good reason, I want you to call me for a free session. But it has to pass my good reason test. Which is intense, and gruelling. 

Follow the guidelines from day one if you feel guided. Identify where you feel stuck with allowing human or spiritual love into your life.

Give yourself a big green heart shaped sparkle star! Take a deep, confident bright pink breath breath, with intention to purify all of your thoughts, using unconditional, divine energy. Stay in green, allow in pink! ! I bet it will be life changing.
Using all the senses, go beyond.... listen to some violin, or native flute, any classical music, or even opera .

Taste, touch, smell, hear, and see as much pink and emerald green as you can. Then GO BEYOND! Sit still for a minimum or five minutes, and a maximum of thirty minutes, do your best to FEEL the frequency of pinks, and greens. 

It is not rare to feel like you want to gush emotional tears, or feel like you want to curl up in a duvet and nap for a few hours during this portion of the cleanse.  
Remember to be fully present with what you are sensing. Do what ever you must.

This energy centre is our vital connection to miracles.
We must have balanced hearts to do the job here on this planet, and then go home.

Here's a BIG LOVING Cheers to STRONG, balanced, powerful Anahata energy!

The truth is this:
You are a very, very loving and very very loveable. You have unconditional loving energy available to you 100% of the time. Your guardian angels want to help you with this! 
You have infinite power  to activate the love that is available to you. ALL the time. You are here to expand this love, into creative ways. You always know what makes you feel loving and loveable and you take action on going towards that path. You opt for love rather than un-fogivenss. You know that you have the ability to give and to receive ABUNDANTLY. You are naturally copious.  

YOU GOT THIS! Because you are a centred and balance lover. And you know what to do! So what do you do?


You do everything your heart desires, in this full spectrum world of potentials.

You know what you love and nothing holds you back. Ever! You are in love with your imperfect-eternally perfect soul.

This is your mission:

Just love.

Sing it loud. 

Heart Chakra Affirmations

I am open to love. Now.
All love resides within my heart.Now.
I deeply and completely love and accept myself now.
I nurture my inner child. Now and always.
I am wanted and loved now and always.
I live in balance, in a state of gracefulness and gratitude. Now and........
I love the beauty of nature and the animal world.
I forgive myself now and always
I am open to love and kindness.
I am grateful for all the challenges that helped me to transform and open up to love.
I am connected with other human beings.
I feel a sense of unity with nature, animals,humans and I am open to what I cannot see physically.
I accept things as they are.
I am peaceful.

I am unstruck.
Now and always.

I am the music of life.

That's right!  Woooooey gooooey SHIZAM!  LOVE POWER! The best power of them all! 

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