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Frog in your throat?

If there is afrogin your throat? Oh no! 

Well then kiss that little green guy goodbye! With a whole lotta love, say Krrrrrriiiiikkit! really loud! 

Clearly if there is some shadow in your heart, you will have to shine some BIG light, so he won't have to hide in there anymore!

Are we ready to move onward and upwards?
Are you ready to truly express yourself. Of course you are!
Now, we ascend into the higher heart of speech, clear seeing, knowing and spiritual understanding! 

Your heart transforms everything into the higher realms of being. Sometimes we need to take a leap, and jump out into the open! 

Kermit may not turn in to a prince, that doesn't mean we can't all be friends! So what do you have to say?

Meet your blue frequency friend!
Vishuddha (Sanskrit: विशुद्ध, Viśuddha), also known as Vishuddhi

Meaning 'Pure Place'

When you follow your heart, 
AND speak your truth,
you're human need of finding passionate, purpose will find you! There is no other way

Perhaps the fifth chakra is the fifth element? 

For some reason I was curious as to Wikipedias version of blue information, surprisingly the following paragraph is a brilliant description of what it would represent in a physical sense. 

Wikipedia was so on it for this one that I copied and pasted the wisdom word-for-word. (Speaking openly and giving credit appropriately, is the new age way of communication!) 

According to the Hindu culture, this chakra is described as having a white color with 16 purple or smoke-colored petals. Within the pericarp is a sky-blue downward pointing triangle containing a circular white region like the full moon. This represents the element of akasha or aether. This region is represented by the deity Ambara, who is also white in color and is depicted with four arms, holding a noose and a goad, making the gestures of granting boons and dispelling fear while seated upon a white elephant.

Vishuddha chakra is known as the purification center, where the nectar amrita drips down from the Bindu chakra and is split into a pure form and a poison. In its most abstract form, it is associated with higher discrimination, and is associated with creativity and self-expression. It is believed that when Vishuddha is closed, we undergo decay and death. When it is open, negative experiences are transformed into wisdom and learning. The success and failure in one's life depend upon the state of this chakra (whether it is polluted or clean). Guilty feeling is the most prominent reason for this chakra to block the Kundalini energy moving upwards.It is associated with the element Akasha, or Æther, and the sense of hearing, as well as the action of speaking.Meditation upon this chakra is said to bring about the following siddhis or occult powers: vision of the three periods, past, present and future; freedom from disease and old age; destruction of dangers; and the ability to move the three worlds.

Thank-you Wikipedia! 
More on the three worlds later......

I am excited to be here with you today! We are climbing the ladder!
let's get talking serious business. Of course in vortex of FUN creation! 

The throat chakra is super important to balance right now. For everyone! 

My angels tell me, that many of us have very profound wisdom to share. As well, a good portion of the planets population happen to be reincarnated profits, psychics, and sages. Many of witch.....pun intended. Have been persecuted, violated, incarcerated or brutally tortured for speaking the truth. What is the truth you ask? Well, it has been hidden in art history, scriptures, stone walls, and written on tablets for centuries and beyond. There have been those of us that have had a very clear communication, throughout the ages, with channeling clear celestial wisdom. Which is the ultimate, universal law that never changes.

So what about all the sacred information, information which filters through repetitively until we come full circle again. Back into feeling safe to secure to share openly? 
Wether you believe in reincarnation or not, I can promise you, what I do know, is that MANY of you have come back to say it loud! Many of you who are here, doing this.

YES. We all have a message.

Sadly the challenge with this chakra, is that if you have not yet done your deep soul- shadow work, you could still be experiencing fears that may reside in your primal chakras. Are you fighting? Or are you flighting? 

When we open the throat chakra, we learn to speak in confidence, that of what we know. 

What is true will constantly and forever change. What is the ultimate truth is universal a wisdom, that every single one of us has constant access to, all time.

What is true for you, is true for you. No one can change that unless you let them. Experience does this when we are not flexible with our wise catalysts. In truth? We are ALL each others catalysts. Positive or negative. 
Welcome to the song of life!

Having fun yet?

Physical life is the most profound expression of our own, unique, divine selves. Connected in the higher heart- for all of a blissful eternity. 

Are you have issues saying it how it is? Are you able to express yourself clearly? Without the fear of ridicule and judgement? Can you ask for what you need openly and without guilt? Do people know how you truly feel? Wouldn't that be wonderful? I know we have a ways to go. 

Remember. You are here for this.

Some of the most profound movers and shakers have been able to change the world because they learned how to harness a balanced throat chakra. The blue personalities, are usualy the writers, news castors, public speakers, journalists and you said it, the bloggers! 
I will be honest, most communication requires the hearts recognition, to be passionate enough to speak what the heart really wants to say. 

What do you mean there is a green frog in your throat? A block perhaps? In the heart? Here, is where most people need a lot of work. Our Collective past has suffered more than necessary, and it is time we take our divine purpose back, and re-write the scripts that have been lost. NOW we get to do it in really fun ways! This time, perhaps the odd nuisance, only this time thank-god. A noose? Will not be okay. Jail sentences, being bound and tied? Drown and burnt. Enough already.

DUDE. We came back as blue superhero's to bring back the balance. SO lets dig in and get talking! Seriously.

The throat chakra governs the virtues of respect. Determining how honest/dishonest you are.  It is through this chakra that we speak our choices and through this we discover that our choices, no matter how small or unimportant that they may seem, have consequences. 

Vishudda energy connects us to integrity, as well as our sense of honour. 

Balancing and opening the throat chakra. 
Located at the base of the throat, within the neck, in the V of the collarbone.

Negative aspects of the throat chakra/ Under active throat chakra 

- Easily takes offence
- Lacking in self-control
- Overwhelming sense of pride, 
- May lack in being affectionate 
- Feelings of sorrow, depression, lacking purity
- Feelings of dissatisfaction, honour and sense of anxiety
- Fear of speaking out 
- Feelings of guilt or irritation toward others
-Doubt and negative thinking
-Fear of voicing irritation (causing suffering in all the chakra's)
-Over opinionated 
-Critical of self and others
-Verbally abusive
-Tendencies to yell or raise voice
-Being wishy-washy or flaky
-Inability to be direct/ Giving mixed messages 
-Not allowing others to 'Talk-back'
-Feelings of being misunderstood/misinterpreted by others 
-Manifested physical issues;
Issues with endocrine system
-Thyroid issues
-Hormonal issues
-Neck pain 
-hearing problems
-Sore throat 
or worse. Neck cancer.

If you'r expressive channels are blocked, then healing the truth and being honest with yourself is something you probably have a difficult time with, and giving mixed messages is likely something that has gotten you into trouble before. Until you find balance within the throat chakra, your life will remain the same – and nothing will ever work out in the way you would like it to.

Sometimes, speaking the truth is harsh. Perhaps then, balancing this centre would be an important step to ascension.

"When wisdom and understanding are balanced in the supernatural realm through the expressional aspect of knowledge. A tangible idea is then expressesed, leading to the act of creation"

Lucid dreaming, nightmares, and dream visits usually occur when there is a lack of expression on the  physical plane. Bringing us to the truth of what needs to be revealed. 

So let's open and go positive, into balance shall we?

Positive aspects/ balanced 

- Transforming energy vocally, into manifestations in the physical realm
- Expression becomes successful endeavours
- Speaks out in constructive ways
- Expresses irritations openly without being demanding
- Views people by focusing on their positive aspects
- Speaks internal truth of feelings clearly and openly 
- Appreciation of what others bring into your reality 
- Enjoys expressing the spirit of truth
- Expresses personal passions openly
- Ability to communicate needs and requirements
- Accepts one's own originality
- Creates ways to express authenticity
-Seeks knowledge  that is true
-Goes beyond limitations of time and space
- Risks going beyond cultural and family conditioning
- Expresses through writing, voice recording, humming/singing or chanting
- Becomes aware in non-judgement of doubts and negative thinking
-Corrects un-true/false or flaky statements 

Balancing the throat chakra:

When you are balanced in this blue being centre, creativity feels inspirational. You enjoy seeking and sharing the truth, in whatever is true to you.You are able to stand up for yourself, you are daring with your wit, and wisdom. Openly expressing your knowledge with balance and understanding. You remain open to possibilities, you have pose, honour, integrity,respect  and virtue for yourself and others. You express what you stand for yet, you are able to listen deeply to another. You enjoy listening to people, enabling them to have an experience of being heard. You know how to apologize, or re-word your speech when you have overstepped, or realized you have caused pain or misunderstanding. You also have learned that sometimes, it is best to just be quiet, to go inward, and let go of having to react or respond at all. You know when you need to get clear, so that you can say what you need to in the most positive way you are able. You speak your truth lovingly, because you are balanced in the heart. 

Well, how is that for a mouthful? 
As we move up, you will see that spirit, becomes more simple.

Instructions for today: GET NAKED

1. Speak WAY out of your comfort zone. 
2. Post a minimum of one sentence on the Beyond Senses Into Infinity page. Say anything you feel like!
3. Try telling someone how you really, truly feel, in a clear concise way. Straight up. See what happens I bet you will be surprised! 
4.Identify in what areas of your life your expression needs balancing.
5. Observe why, what you have done in the past is not working.
6. Tell your husband/partner/best friend/or other human being how much you love them/or how much you don't, and tell them why.
7. Challenge: Sincerely say that you are sorry to someone if you feel you have hurt them. Only if you feel that you mean it of course.
8. Make wild, weird, crazy sounds if you are having a hard time talking.
9.Make dolphin sounds.
10. Listen to dolphin sounds, bird song or get chanting. I always laugh when I chant, which is the best medicine.
11. Tell someone a worthy joke.

That is all for now. 

This is a tough chakra for a lot of people. Most of us are mostly concerned with the first three areas of survival and personal power, but in these next few days, you will see that our connection to spirit, is what ultimately what assists us in being balanced, loving, and openly expressive human beings. 

A clear chakra system, creates a fully rounded human being. This is how we change the world. 

I would love it if you let me know today, how this cleanse is going for you.

YOU have a voice. Which is fabulous. Can you own your speech?

There are roughly one hundred people participation on different levels, perhaps many more. Imagine all of the power created within the group energy, what would the potential vortex of creation look like!?
 Need support, here it is!! YOU ROCK!! 

Sing you voice song! 

Follow the guidelines from day one to get clear on EXPRESSING your blocks. if you feel guided. Identify where you feel stuck with allowing human or spiritual love into your life.

Give yourself a big blue shaped star! 

Take a deep, confident blue breath breath, with intention to purify all of your thoughts, using unconditional, divine energy. Imagine/visualize all the spectrums of blue coming into your throat. Notice where you have resistance. Then go into the heart and work it out. 

Using all the senses, go beyond.... Be brave! Say what you really need to. FLY out of your confront zone. Expect miracles. 

Taste, touch, smell, hear, and see as much blue as you can. Then GO BEYOND! Sit still for a minimum or five minutes, and a maximum of thirty minutes, do your best to FEEL the frequency of this amazing expressive YOU emerging. 

This energy centre is our vital connection to creation.We must have trust to speak our truth.  

Your mission:
Define your truth. 

YOU ARE:Creatively, openly and honestly expressing what is true for you, without any judgement of yourself whatsoever! GO!!!  

YOU GOT THIS! Because you are a centred speaker! And you know what to do! So what do you do? Have any questions?

Please do feel OPEN to share! The group will benefit IMMENSELY.

We need your voice! NOW. 

Throat Chakra Affirmations

I am open, clear, and honest in my communication.
I have a right to speak my truth.
I communicate my feelings with ease. 
I express myself creatively through speech, writing, or art.
I have a strong will that lets me resolve my challenges.
I nourish my spirit through creativity.
I live an authentic life.
I have integrity.
I love to share my experiences and wisdom.
I know when it is time to listen.
I express my gratitude towards life.
I listen to my body and my feelings to know what my truth is.
I take good care of my physical body.
I am at peace.


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Anna on July-07-14 4:37 AM
Oh, Margo! I am covered in goosebumps and smiles as I read this blog!!! Tonight was the first time that I took to myself to sit and spend time with your words. Sadly I missed the beginning of the cleanse...or I simply can't find it? Or I was meant to read this at this moment?! Yup! Jumped right into the lovely shades of green and pinks of the heart chakra. Found myself giggling and amazed at how intensely I've been living this these past couple of days!!! And the blue of the throat chakra...! I am so here right now. Guided by some amazing universal, connected energy. So clear now as to why!!! Thank you. I love you, friend!!!
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Maureen Allard on July-07-14 10:25 AM
When I started this chakra workshop, I had no idea how profound it would be for me. It hasn't always been easy, but I'm sooo amazed with the results so far. And the timing was impeccable! Thank god, spirits and Margo!! I really (REALLY!) needed this!
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