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Eye Ball Laundry

Aliens have three eyes! Or do they have one?

Okay, okay. You don't have to be an alien to have three eyes.

Meet your Indigo frequency friend! 

Anya in Sanskirt is either a word meaning "inexhaustibility" or a pronoun meaning "other" or "another person" 
That is right! The third eye never gets tired! It loves to see!
Even when it sleeps. Which is never. 

Your third eye can definitely close up, or become "clogged." Not usually a good thing. Since this energy centre is all about the "cog' So what do you say, we stay cognitive and unclog?
Interestingly, I believe that the hindu translation re; "other person" is actually the ability to see into the other part of you. 

The popular greeting 'Namaste', meaning  'I am another you" or "I honour the you in me"
This centre, is where we tune in to meet Clair.Ity. A wonderful personality! 
The four Clair's of psychic knowing are: Clairsentience,Clairaudience, Clairvoyance
Clairconizance. Otherwise referred to as the 'sixth sense' The ability to hear, see and know spiritual and psychic truth's.

Essentially, this is the ultimate connection that wires us into the pathway of enlightenment, allowing us to access higher realms of consciousness. With an open, functioning psychic eye, you are able to see beyond the veil of physical perceptions. 
This is where Hollywood takes off the shades and shows the true self. 
As we have discovered, everyone has their own timing with truth. 

Now that we have covered the primal chakras, you have learned about being grounded in confidence to your physical self. Activated in your creative and personal power to express.Hopefully openly. Here we become truthfully aware, in seeing that we are in fact spiritual beings, actively participating in a physical experience.
Humans are the lucky beings, that too often feel unlucky, living in four realms of existence. All at once! Well no wonder!  
No need to wonder, when you see! We are physical, mental, spiritual and celestial beings in fact. Welcome to wonderland. Where is the rabbit hole? Let's take a trip!
If your third eye is closed, it is possible that this celestial statement, as a fact would freak you right out! Which is what brings up the challenge of this Anja energy. Sadly, there is so much fear regarding psychic seeing. Even though we are all 100% psychic since birth, we shut this centre down, day by day as we merge into structured patterning made up of belief systems. Systems, now moving/moved out of our root/sacral chakra storage units.
Opening of the third eye will ensure that you awaken to the path of enlightenment, which promises a more full understanding of life, and beyond.
As a full-time clear knowing psychic, I have experienced a plethora of profound psychic experiences. There is no room for doubt when you see clearly. It is not to say that I am exempt from fully experiencing the human experience. It does mean, that generally speaking I am able to see, what lies behind the facade of what the earth illusion is. Including other peoples illusions. 

When people come to me, I see that most everyone wants to open their third eye. People pay thousands of dollars to go to spiritual retreats and seminars hoping that they will walk away enlightened. Although engaging in spiritual awareness will keep you on the path  toward 'seeing the light', I will tell you why spontaneous enlightennemnt does not happen in the course of a week. I will also shed light on why this is a good thing! 

 Imagine walking down the street one day, then all the sudden the light goes on. Suddenly, you see everything! Earth bound ghosts, spirit guides, stories of past lives, recalling a memory to everyone that you have ever known, and how you knew them, suddenly angels are everywhere, as well as animal spirits, and maybe even extra terrestrial UFO's, that hover outside of your house. Only no one else can see them. You may be able to 'see' a hurdling energy vortex coming toward you, from a mile away as you clean your windows or vacuum your house. You may choose to open the door and wave, other times just ignore it and continue cleaning. That is the good thing about knowing how to open and close your third eye. Mostly, it is great to have it open, all the time. Then you can see what is coming! 
With an active psychic eye, you would see much more beauty than you could ever possibly imagine.  If you were not fully grounded and balanced  in your first three chakras, you potentially would  feel extremely crazy! Have you ever seen someone loudly proclaiming they are talking to Jesus or perhaps someone else beside them? Ya.You know, the 'crazy' person on the bus or the bench? Well, this is someone who is actually experiencing communication with a spirit. The thing is, they are operating with a wide open third eye, and their lower chakras are closed. People are terrified of being crazy, but when balanced, crazy becomes brilliance. 
This is the simple reason why so many people might feel terrified to open their third eye. There are other reasons which keep this area blocked, (Oh my, I could write a whole book on this). I will use my third eye focus to be very clear with the most important information needed for this group! 

First of all, millenniums of social programming and misplaced religious power have ensured that there would be a whole lot of fear - (False- Energy- Appearing- Real) that would keep us shut down from using our clear seeing eye. Media, movies, television, magazines and fictional stories can produce an intense-sense of terror, created by the fear based imagination, coming from primal/collective memory of cataclysmic events. More than that, the way that spirits, ghosts, or demonic personalities are portrayed in movies, is horrific! That alone would make most of us quite terrified to open the third eye.

TRUST me. It is not even close to the truth. NOTHING in the spiritual realm is truly that scary, and I have dealt with some pretty dark stuff. No worries! There are more workers of the light here now, than ever before! SO you are not alone. You are perfectly safe, and nothing can harm you except for your own fear. It is true.
Let me tell you, your path to enlightenment is a guarantee.
There is no escaping this. Which is why your soul chose to hear the Earth call! You knew from your higher perspective, that earth would be the quickest route to potentially attain a level up in conscious enlightenment. Depends on you, as a student. You either pass with flying colours ;) OR you may get a little off path for a minute in a tangle, you may decide to have a whole lot of fun here, or get distracted and forget why you came! In that case, remember that there is no failure in truth. However, you may choose to come back and try again. Have you ever experienced Deja'vu- doo? Perhaps you have done this before. You may want to psychically check in.  Are you on repeat? repeating a grade? 

Well good for you! You are determined. Now skip a few grades and let's get to work! 

It is meant to be fun!

Luckily, when we negotiated our plan, we made sure we would be allowed to party, to play, to get wild and crazy, AND that there would be pizza, good food and even a splash of wine from time to time. If you are really disciplined, your choice might be a toxic free type of Party, consuming a live fruit elixir instead! Even better for clear seeing! The free'er you are of toxins the clearer you will be to see and to know. 

You will want to awaken with ease. Enjoy the process, it is not meant in anyway to be terrifying. As a matter of fact, your life will be enriched greatly, when you learn to see all the glory behind the human experience! I am so glad you came! 
Balanced alignment along with clear seeing, will ensure that you feel rich and abundant in every waking moment- even when life throws you a curve ball. You will know how to catch it, and how to play the game. Then you will make wise, clear seeing choices, that take you out right out of the outworn,  dramatic, non-reality/reality show. Let's get real! 
We always have a choice to learn without suffering, by choosing the right teachers, and really being straight A students. We have the option to learn the easy way. When we don't reap a lesson the easy, gentle way, generally what happens is that we create an experience that will make an impact. A gruelling experience, perhaps a less easy walk, that will ensure that we learn what we came here to SEE. Then we can move on and soar! Ensuring that we never do it again, enough of the karmic cycles. Close the door to old trouble, take the lesson in gratitude, and remember not to look back in. You want to see from a higher perspective, not stay in a dungeon of hidden secrecy. EW!
Are you ready to jump in, and see where you are at? Would you like to clearly know what you need? To lessen the heavy lesson? To clearly be able to discern truth from a lie? To know if you actually need that prescription, or if there is a better doctor for you? Would you love to be able to scan your own aura, in order to know exactly when you are out of balance at every moment? Would you love to see behind someone else's dis-honest motives and see exactly what they are up to? You can! 
Of course you want to! Or you would not have made it this far!   
Let's have fun with this shall we?  

How about a transformation with ease and grace? Why not welcome enlightenment with a magical, blissful lightness. Anja energy, awakens an underlying truth behind EVERYTHING seemingly scary, awful or freighting. Sit down and look it in the face. Use your psychic seeing eye! The truth is so stunning, that you could not believe it. If you could see, which you can,there would be no hesitation whatsoever in embracing your endless potential, as a fully-activated human being. 

Personal note: I had to laugh, when I landed in my new nest yesterday. After dropping my bags and getting to work, I plugged into to my internet connection. Paying attention to the power bar. Two lights flashed, one was ON and one was not. Now, that. IS FUNNY.

Clearly I was protected, but,apparently not grounded. I love how the world talks. Yes. I am always protected.

Of course I have been flying all over the place the last few weeks. So I spent sometime with one of my favourite tree's in Jasper, to do what I needed to. 
Now, I am almost settled. Although my wireless connection  is not working still :( Interestingly when I am partaking in the cleansing of communication!@#?

The universe is so supportive! I was being told to be very focused! So I am here washing my third eye (S) at the laundry mat. Full-cycle. At the Snowdome in Jasper, my home town. One of my favourite hangouts to write in. 

I am presently positioned/grounded in Jasper for a few weeks, charging up a new area of the grid!  This is Interesting.

Please bear with my lack of posts, as I go inward with spirit, to assist you from the higher planes of accessing spiritual power. From this place of clear knowing, I  will be able help you even more!  FEEL FREE to put your name/and or intention into the new vortex that I will be co-creating with you! Get ready to fly high!

ALRIGHT lets see what is in store. Using clear psychic vision. Lets get right into the positive and negative aspects of our third, energetically visible eye! See you there.

I am very excited to be here with you today, moving into gentle ascension. Balancing and opening your beautiful psychic sense. 

Located between the two hemispheres of your brain. Between your brow. 
Get a  little check marker here and see whatever you need to.

Negative aspects Unbalanced Anja energy  
-Experiencing fatigue
-Sleep issues
-Lack of assertiveness 
-Inability to listen to others 
-feelings of being disoriented 
-Feeling like you just can't see your path 
-Living or being immersed in a world of fantasy  
(which actually brings you out of balance) 
-Difficulty understanding the spiritual side of the world 
(or your connection to it) 
-Fear based hallucinations 
-Tendencies of being judgmental, or unsympathetic 
-Over intellectual in thinking (Lacking right brain creativity) 
-Lacking empathy
 -Sarcastic view of the truth 
-Lacking common sense or intuition 
-Memory and learning is often affected 
-Lack of your connection to your inner and outer reality 
-Inability to decide what is best for you 
-Physical manifestations: Brain cysts, blindness, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, learning disabilities, migraines, depression, addiction, dizziness, nausea, sinus problems, ear issues, or equilibrium dysfunction. 

It is not unusual for these issues to come up from time to time if you are ignoring your clear seeing. Pay attention to what you know. Are you ignoring what you see? Many people whom are psychic get migraines when they are blocking their spiritual channel.
Get to work and watch how that changes! Here you are.

Be gentle on yourself. Remember you are doing this to seek balance. 
"What you seek is also seeking you" Mr Rumi so get's it.
Now, the positive aspects:
Positive/Balanced aspects of clear Anja energy
-The way of the third eye is seeing as an observer. Being witness of mind, moment to moment. Tuning in, to see from above, with the vision of an eagle. 
- Ability to examine your self limiting ideas
 -Consciously developing wisdom 
-A perspective which transcends duality 
-Ability to see beyond what is black and white, good or bad 
-Helping others to see the deeper meaning of upsetting life situations 
-Both hemispheres of the brain function in synchrony 
-Ability to see intuitively into future possibilities 
-Ability to see into the past with clarity to assist you in the moment
-High mental ability 
-Wide awake at night, with the knowing you have something to create/hear or do 
-Ability to separate between imagination and truth  
-Ability to define logic and emotion 
 -Clear thinking and focus 
-Empathy for others
 -Deep trust in oneself 
-Sharp senses 
-Ability to receive non-verbal messages 
-Keen sense of observation
 -Positive sense of self image 
-In touch with life goals/dreams/values 
-Through seeing and thought, dreams are seen unfolding in your waking life 
-Understanding that everything happens for a reason
-Seeing everything for what it is (not what we think it is or what we want it to be) 
-Knowing what is truly best for you

With an open and balanced third eye, you see how magical life really is. You begin to see that you are the weaver of your dreams, and the actual creator of your reality. Welcoming higher states of consciousness to access divine knowledge of truth.
Your activated third eye is a warm seat of wisdom, you inner sense of conscience. Not only can you see what is going on, but you know what it means. You understand what is underlying, holding a solid sense of ethics, justice and morality. You appreciate realizations which move you into the melding of two worlds. As above, so below!  

In clearly seeing, you get to see AND know your guardian angels! You meet the enlightened beings whom stand with you at every moment . You are never alone, and rarely feel that way when you can see all the love that surrounds you! You get to access astral travel when you feel homesick, and receive all kinds of messages to hep you!  You will feel clear and awake, and be able to learn without a problem. You get to know all kinds of juicy and yummy tidbits that help you connect the dots in your life. You see purpose in everything.

How does all of that look for YOU? Doesn't that all sound great! 

I am so grateful for having consciously chosen to open my psychic gifts. Although at the time it was not conscious. Seeing back into the past, I would not change a thing as far as accepting the spiritual path. Although I might have listened to a few warnings, which would have definitely altered a few scenarios in my life. For the better. What about you? Do see regret or lessons? Do you change or repeat?

You can see it is not so easy to face yourself and really get honest! 

BUT, the good news is, it can be!! YEY! 

So if you are ready for an easier walk, keep all three of your eyes open!

Close them when you must, for rest and rejuvenation, then start fresh with wide open eyes, and a balanced chakra system. Now you are closer to accessing miracles. You will be able to see them! 

HOW DO I DO THAT?Let me count the ways! 

Here are some tips on how to balance/open your third eye.

I love to listen to classical music when I feel foggy. Mozart, Beethoven  I also love Bach, as well as listening to other composed brilliance without words.  

Purchase a LED blue light, and bathe in the frequency. It is truly divine, and totally clears and shields psychic attack. As well it is extremely calming and supportive to both the third eye, and throat chakra!  

MEDITATE, relax and sit still in silenece. Seriously the BEST way to connect to your clarity,and divine wisdom. 

Obsess with everything purple and Indigo! Okay release the obsessive energy and surround yourself with indigo energy! I love purple !! A lot.  

Avoid flouride, artificial flavors & colours, and artificial sweeteners  

Try your very best to avoid medications and prescribed antidepressants/sleep agents (Please seek professional healers, as well integrity driven doctors, who suggest meditation as well. With a clear eye you will know what you need and what you don't) 

Reprogram your negative beliefs  

Consume brain foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, eat lots of berries, and make sure you are getting all your vitamins and minerals if your diet is not sufficient. 

DRINK water! Lot's of vibrant,fresh spring water if you can. Fluoride free.  

Tell yourself you are safe to see, hear and speak to angels, and higher conscious beings, your invisible friends are trustworthy, and you can discern with an open and balanced third eye. 

Use purple fluorite, lapis lazuli, amethyst and aqua aura. research or intuitively collect and use other gemstones  that will help raise your intuitive perceptions.   

Healthy amounts of sunshine, and lots of time in nature also help immensely   

Remember that your sixth sense is a natural ability! A muscle that needs practice and work-outs.  

Purchase some high frequency Oracle cards and start giving readings to yourself and to others! 

I personally LOVE Doreen Virtue Decks, as well as Decks by John Holland, and other wonderful card decks that you can find on the Hay House website! 

Instructions for today:  
1. Come to terms with the truth that YOU ARE 100% psychic 
2. Recall any experiences where you had a vision, which produced results 
3. recall a time where you saw a tough road ahead, and did it anyway 
4. What did you learn 
5.Make a HUGE GIANT list and give thanks to the journey that you will not need to take again! 
6. Get centred, now that you know how. ASK a question to spirit, pay attention to your first vision. TRUST what you see.   
7. Call on your angels to help you with this! 
Visualize an activated laser beam in your fingers, put one on your prefrontal lobe and one at the centre of your occipital bone, see and feel a pure white light with swirls of indigo colours. Like a tunnel being cleared. Walk out and up into the light!  

8. Ask what you can do to activate this area, as well as what toxins/relationships/or habits are causing your clarity to become foggy? TRUST what you know. 
9. Affirm affirm affirm!  

YOU ARE WORTHY OF SEEING THE TRUTH. YOU ARE SAFE AND CLEAR. You are clear, gifted, lifted, and shifted!  Your intent is important, trust the timing. It is all divine. Your clear vissions, are correct, and it is up to you to follow your intuition, take guided action, and let the universe do the rest.   Follow the guidelines from day one to get clear on EXPRESSING your blocks. if you feel guided. Identify where you feel stuck with allowing clear seeing, and clear knowing  in your life.  

Give yourself a big INDIGO shaped star!   


The best way to get clear:

Take an indigo salt bath! Stay in there for a long,long time.
Get pruned.

Take a deep, confident Indigo breath, with intention to purify all of your thoughts, using unconditional, divine energy. Imagine/visualize all the spectrums of indigo and violets coming into your throat. Notice where you have resistance. Then go into the heart and work it out.  

Using all the senses, go beyond.... SEE, and then? Expect miracles. 

Taste, touch, smell, hear, and see as much blue as you can. Then GO BEYOND! Sit still for a minimum or five minutes, and a maximum of thirty minutes, do your best to FEEL the frequency of this amazing expressive YOU emerging.  

This energy centre is our vital connection to everything! We must have trust in our vision to own our truth, and purpose for being.  
Your mission:Define your biggest vision for yourself and the world. No limits allowed!    

YOU GOT THIS! Because you are a clear seeing being ! And you know what to do! So what do you do? What do you see? What do you know?

Third Eye Chakra AffirmationsI am in touch with my inner guidance.

I listen to my deepest wisdom. NOW.
I seek to understand and to learn from my life experiences. Now, and always.....
I am wise, intuitive, and connected with my inner guide.
I nurture my spirit.
I listen to the wisdom of elders.
I trust my intuition.
I forgive the past and learn what was there for me to learn.
I forgive myself.
I love and accept myself.
I know that all is well in my world.
I am connected with the wisdom of the universe.
I am open to inspiration and bliss.
My life moves effortlessly.
I am at peace.
I am the source of my truth and my love.

This is all true now. 


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