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The Golden 8 ball Part deux

I know you are saying "MARGO, I wanna hear about my connection. I want to know about this 8th chakra!" Okay! Lets get to it! PartONE of the Golden 8 Ball. A series of energy, climbing up the ladder. Sink that ball and go up to a whole new level! 

Wow! You guys are keen! Web analytic's hit a high today!! Although when we were in the heart, I saw the biggest spike of all! Which happened to be on 07/07/14. Cool sequence of energy! 7 is all about pathways, divinity and well, of course, seven before 8!! Unless you are counting backwards. ;) 

We always love to see results! I am sure you are seeing your own results as you seek your path to understanding your part on this beautiful place we call Earth! 

Alright, here we go! 

               Part 2

We will travel, back in time for just a heartbeat, to gather a sense of energy we can bring forward. 

I was shown a very clear vision of life as energy, a balanced world where we were an actual reflection of the divine, like a mirror looking at itself, there was nothing in between. Meaning, all of our physical aspects were at one time in balance. It was clear none of the negative aspects were yet affecting the perfect dance of creation. Creation intended to experience itself in physical form, so BANG! It happened. We found ourselves in awe, looking at manifested cells and life forms. We evolved into our wiser selves, participating in the garden of life. 

My invisible, visible guides speak to me now, saying that this is where the true seed of the bible started. It has been a little convoluted (a little?!) since the beginning of time as we know it. The true story is more simple than man has made it. Why are so many of us so resistant, so anti-religion? Is there a Devil that is the anti-Christ? Or is it that we just have imbalances, a collective dis-ease. Why have we been fighting? Because we know there is a thread of manipulated stories. As a mater of fact, there is a BIG chunk of truth missing from our story. Perhaps there is an emotional longing to know, and seek the truth? What if we were the creators of this realm? What if that part was evicted? What if all of the stories which spoke of our innate powers, just jumped out of history? Surely we would be looking for that piece of the puzzle. 

Simply stated, Adam and Eve represent the physical aspect of feminine and masculine energy, a double helix DNA strand of creational energy, manifested into a body, and a species now able to birth another human being. And from a pleasurable, physical  experience -  a melding of two energies into a  pleasurable physical experience. Can you say manifest? MMMMM. Mirage. Miracle? Woah Mmmmaaaammma?  

So what the hell happened? 

What we knew inwardly, we tried to put it in words, we have been doing this forever and in every language under the sun. What happened? Language happened. We forgot how to see each other, we forgot how to telepathically communicate, we forgot how to look into each others souls to see the truth. We forgot to see perfection, in physicality. Communication got us a little confused (a little). Roar! God is surely a comedian. Watching us figure it all out, hardly as worried as we are.
What I know is that we have incredible powers. All it took was one single negative thought to magnify an energy that was unknown, an energy of fear, an emotion of jealousy, and a mere observation that someone was more powerful than another. And so the mirror, reflecting perfection, was shattered. Now, it seems, we are all floating around in gravity, between here and there, broken pieces reflecting each other, as we point the finger, then stop to connect, and to re-
 -member, that we are all members, of membranes……. looking for the glue.
Well happy birthday sweetheart! 

The glue? It's the 8th chakra!! Where all of creation meets. Imagine. Everything moves infinitely, and in truth the perfect template of creation is shattered, but never,ever  destroyed. The original blueprint is in tact. YOU are part of the puzzle, and you are here for this. A king's horseman, putting it all back together again. Welcome to the Year of the Horse my friends. Who came to get giddy and go up?
Everything moves in a pattern, all of creation dances, and what happens in the middle, where the energies colaborate? 

The 8th chakra is where everything that has and ever will exist is born. It's the womb of creation if you will, completely non-physical, a crossing of energies so powerful that if you were fully in it, you could not be living a physical experience. You would vibrate so high that, like the unicorns, no one could see you and you would have no worries because everything would vibrate so beautifully that you would have no care to even be in a physical experience. Perhaps you were so aware that you came forward to forget. So you could remember again - the glory of what you are missing. Except for now, the new you, conscious or not, is being activated back into source, through clear seeing - you become aware of this truth! A crisscrossing of energies, transcending physicality? Where have whole civilizations just disappeared to? Through the smurf hole vortex?  Did they possibly become fully enlightened, consciously raising consciousness beyond physical belief? Ascending physicality, did they raise lower chakra energy, going through the spectrum, and then back into source energy?

Where do we go back to when our physical selves decide to become tired? 
I know! I was there for a brief moment in my awareness. We go back into source. Back into that infinite space beyond time, that IS where you meet the you of you, the same you of everyone. This is what I mean when I say collective consciousness.
Are you still with me? Yes you are. You are so cutting edge!
The 8th chakra is the template to connect us back in to the quantum field, beyond time - the 8th chakra is the glue! We int-
end- ed (intend- to- end suffering?) - that is correct, we intend to put ourselves back together, and here is where we can do it right here right now! Drum roll please! This parade is so fun!
When Humpty Dumpty fell, Earth's grid-line went out of balance, we went 'off-line' and we lost our connection - how annoying and frustrating when we have no internet... Communications went haywire. Someone is trying to talk out there. Only we are so terrified to seem "out there" and that continues to create an energy of fear. So we are kept 'in" the small little box, just wondering. But not you! You are seeking, and what you seek is also seeking you, right Rumi?
This old fear does not reflect the ultimate truth! So our illusions of what was and what is "real" has became quite distorted. Since then, the crystal grid has replayed these illusions, time and time again, until each one of us actively changes our own patterns. Do you think you are not important? Think again superhero.

Maybe there is an urgency -  to reprogram yourself, and maybe, no not maybe, this is DEFINITELY why you are still reading these words.How do we say what we know? How do we demonstrate what we know? We live it! We jump right in, to the matrix, yup! You took the red pill, that was the taste of cosmic cinnamon, clearly the red candy hearts that exploded all over the place! You asked to remember, you heard the Earth call. You became a love bomb!  We experience each other in whatever way we need to, in order to create a new story. We go "back" in time to infiltrate a new vibration, which is the reprogramming of time itself, to design a new grid. That part is already done! Whew! Took a little sweet sweat.
Keep working on those chakras! You have access to some divine juice now. Let it pull you forward and upward. This energy makes you want to stand on a mountain top absorbing the sun. No need for shades and sunscreen, simply a need to share some aspect of your experience. Be present exactly where you are. Right now.
OKAY - The 8th Chakra Revealed! 

 This is your vortex to infinite organizing power, the high-powered voice of creation!  This is a gas tank that  never empties, where we plug into FREE energy. We are the cord, needing to stay on the ground, to plug in to our essential essence. Who needs electricity? What fuels electricity? Lightning! Bolts of power coming from the sky to charge up our planet so we can see the light. Winkitty-wink.

Wow. Creation is so intelligent. Technology is arranged by this source, unfortunately with so many humans still living in the illusion of imbalance, it can become a little tricky to consciously stay on path. Shed some light, and watch how your world changes. 
Tell me more about the 8th chakra!  Okay!
There are no negative aspects here. The fact is, because most of you have been here before, we are very emotionally connected to fixing and reprogramming the shattered motherboard. You really wanted to recall. That is right. You want to call yourself and say, "Holy shit, it's true! I am wide awake."
There are many aspects of you within this program. By now you are aware that possibly, at an unconscious level, you are beginning to remember that all of time exists simultaneously, like a circular loaf of bread. If one slice has mold, you may not want to be eating the present slice. Your root chakra is/was/may be holding a fear program that remembers the torture and pain or abandonment. YOU have suffered, and you don't want to anymore. So you jumped into a life experience, where you could re-wire your own programs. This would be important, in order to complete your part, like a characteristic minion to glue up your fraction of the shattered mirror.
If the 8th chakra had a voice, which it does, it would resonate like music that cannot be heard in a physical body. Here, physically speaking, music is our expression of transforming suffering into something beautiful, music is also our expression of joy, or, of our frustration. Music transcends outward in ribbons of frequencies meant to carry heaviness outward. Music, with tones and frequencies, creates something new. Every chakra has a tone and a frequency and because you have gone through each one, your mission is complete. Now you create the concert by playing in the field of real life! When you are connected, there will be absolutely no more need for suffering. You accept the ease of life, and happily go with the flow, powered by what you need at every given moment.  
If the 8th chakra had a voice, it would say something like this: "I know you. You know me. That has always been." Here, there is no need for words. Words are simply a template to the divine language of non-physical existence. When the 8th chakra activates, you are so thrilled to be alive that you have no big rush to get anywhere. You understand that your mission here is not complete until you reprogram your section of the grid. Each experience that you attract, just like every person whom you attract, is your present-moment assistant, perfectly capable and reflecting where you are at. If you are enjoying your present experience, then focus there. If your desire is to share an experience with someone, on any level, you will need to vibrate into an alignment of truth and here is where you will see that positive energy attracts positive experiences. You will become very aware, when you find yourself suffering, that you will remember it is all an illusion anyway. Your new world is make-believe, and what you believe becomes so. You are making it.You cannot change your outside reality until your change your magnetic field. Full spectrum!

See through your illusions, seek balance, sit back, and watch how miracles show up for you - everywhere! Re-member, you create exactly what you need to. Your physical self has free will to to create or to destroy. Only here and only now. Interestingly, both energies have a purpose to bring us back into infinity, where all of creation is born again. Better and better each time, taking us beyond time, where we know that life is just a short second in all of infinite eternity. Don't sweat the small stuff. You are a miracle.

Any imbalance can be repaired, when you know where to go. We, as humans must all eventually come to this place of awareness, there are a million pathways. The one you are on is right. If it feels good, you know you are in alignment. If not, then simply look at what you are attracting, vibe high and use the brilliant conscious connection you have to produce a force in this world. Remember, every-single aspect of you is a conduit of giving and receiving. What frequency are you operating at?

When you throw all of your worries to the cosmic wind, you allow spirit to lead the way. Much better from this place of understanding. Would you agree? It has been a pleasure to share this dance with you! Enjoy the rest of your journey. I will see you, on the flip side.
There you have it! The proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! 

Do you need an activator to speed up your connection? We are not meant to do it the hard way, when you choose to go up a level, you will. Sometimes you need to ask very specifically. When you are ready, whatever you need will easily manifest and appear into your present moment "reality".

Why the rush to find the gold? It's a simple equation actually: the sooner you clean up, the sooner you move up = the sooner Earth reprograms herself and takes out the aspect of suffering! Humans are the ones pushing the buttons, so when we come into personal alignment, Earth will no longer be a dual argument, but a very blissful experience. For everyone! If you feel that way already, then YAY YOU! You have reprogrammed your energy grid. If not, give me a call, and make it easier

Triple Helix; The missing piece 

Get into your vortex! Everything you want is there! Need a lift? Sometimes we need to hear the juicy stuff over and over, and over. Abraham is a collective energy of many souls, who know what they are talking about. Confirm what your higher self knows!

             I love you so much! 

 There will be a surprise for you today. 

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Anonymous on July-15-14 2:58 PM
Many thanks, Margo, for your chakra clearing workshop. It was just was I needed, at just the right time, always a good indication of spirit involvement ;). I had just been feeling that there was some "sticky stuff" in my psyche, but I never thought to address it chakra by chakra. It was exactly the aura scrubbing I needed! I wasn't sure what to expect but soon realized it was much more profound than I'd imagined. Clearing stagnant energy and musty old behaviour patterns was quite a chore and not always easy, but I was pleasantly rewarded at the end of each day with very tangible physical and mental results, as well as cute external confirmations from spirit. It was then that I really felt your energetic assistance from afar. Navigating these "sticky" times is when I am so grateful for the boost provided by experienced healers/teachers like you. A little cosmic intervention was all I needed to unveil the lesson this "sticky" time was trying to teach me in the first place. A shortcut to clear away the dross leaving only the gems. Like a giant "golden grid" learning curve! Thanks again, Maureen
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