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The Quantified Golden 8 Ball

The 8th Chakra 

Meet Your Quantified Golden Self

A template to accessing source, the ultimate power tool to ascension. 

I have yet to find the sanskrit meaning.

Any information that I have found on the 8th chakra is not in the clearest alignment with what I have seen myself. From what I know, when I accessed the energy I speak of. 
I simply saw it, felt it, and then vibrated into it. With a whole sequence of events which propelled me to seek something more powerful than any other modality of healing that I have ever experienced. First, I perceived Golden beams coming down into my hands, months later, I was guided to call two close friends to participate in a healing/channeling, where I clearly saw all three of us activate the golden 8 ball. Above the crown chakra. Then, this vibration became most profound, when I experienced this grid like energy, prior to 2012 . An energy which I believe is the same energy which Jesus was accessing, only now, It is available to all of us. Don't be so hard on the guy! Jesus was a cool dude. A fully activated human being who does not mind if I refer to him as dude. At the time what he was able to do, was unheard of, however, this is the infinite space of creation where there are no soul wounds. 

As a healer, I cannot see you as wounded anymore. One day, the door opened and I just started to see you as perfect, every single client whom walked through the door, had their own unique connection. I was no longer seeing the 3D world issues. I was only seeing powerful,profound dancing vibrations of geometric patterns above the head. 

I was told clearly, that this is the energy I needed to access, in order to ground it in to the root energy, where this frequency would re-bith and spread, like a golden honey through out the time lines. 

There is so much information that wants to come through regarding our 8th chakra. Our clearest connection to source energy. Thank-you for joining me in the journey! Here, I write from the heart of experience.

Let's dive in to the pot of gold!

Whats up with the GOLD rush? 

Why is everyone in such a rush to ascend?
I had to ask. The answer did not come simply.  To me, my own existence here is proof that we learn much better through experience. I can say this because I have clear recollections of lifetimes on other planets. I also have recollections of many, many lifetimes on this planet. Actively participating in the many stages of Earth's evolution, I also recall a more sad memory of a very destructive time, when Humpty Dumpy, the egg of creation, had a great fall. (Or perhaps the creational  aspect of male energy became out of balance?) 

So when I asked why we were in such a rush to ascend, all of these fairy tales we know of suddenly became alive somehow. Each and every one of them was the same story in another version, only I had to rake through some clues. Yup. This was not a quick sit-down-and-meditate kind of map with easy to follow instructions. After going down the rabbit hole, I cried some tears, and then found a key. I was not sure how to use it - I needed a newer version, a code and one that was not consciously requested, but generously given.

Although getting quiet was an initial push, followed by so many profound experiences, spirit showed me the way, eventually putting me on a train to Niagara falls, to empty my vessel. Well who knew the wonders of the world are actually wonders! When you tune in, and tune up, you realize the perfect order to everything. After the light goes on, many underlying truths become simple, but what about this bigger picture? What is the longing that every single one of us has? Are we missing a piece of the puzzle?

So, what about physicality? What about spirituality and this pathway to ascension? What about us? Why are we here and what are we doing?

Are we just here for the ride? Simply living day-to-day for nothing but experience? That would seem to be an easy answer. Perhaps we would become distracted, in awe of our physicality, and so busy looking at each other that we would forget that we have a key in our pocket.A code to some pretty cool doorways of understanding.

Perhaps we are actually "here" for a reason. So what then, is "here"? That would imply that we were from somewhere else at some point. So today, we expand our beauty. We go beyond the physical chakras as we fly into the violet frequencies, understanding oneness a little more clearly. You have noticed that each energy centre has a definite district. A distinct connection to various emotional, physical, and psycho-spiritual aspects to our emotional and spiritual bodies. Our physical vessel must be connected and grounded fully to our earth experience. Although being in a human form, living an experience is mostly quite exciting, but it also comes with a lot of figuring out. 

Clearly, most of us are hurting, in the search, not knowing exactly what we are longing for. Maybe, just maybe, we are sad that Humpty the egg man had a great fall. Could we be the king's horses? Trying to put him back together? Maybe we are the egg? While I am asking so many questions, why not one more? Who came first, the chicken or the egg? Who is the chicken? Mostly, and more importantly, WHERE IS THE GLUE?

What do you think? How has all of this information affected you? You clearly have intended to clear your vessel, and now that you have to whatever degree you were able, I won't leave you empty! You cannot deactivate energy, but you can recreate it! To fill up what was emptied, you will want to fill with something else. I am certain by now that you have become more aware. You realize your own positive and negative tendencies, or areas where you need some fine tuning. Good for you to have made it this far! Looking into the emotional parts of yourself is easier to put off. Most people choose not to look in. This is changing; eventually we will all have to do this.

The spiritual path is not about religion, dogma, rules, persuasion, or even structured beliefs. In truth the spiritual path is completely the opposite. After seeking truth for a very long time, experience has showed me that prayers do get heard, and answered. The light goes on, and suddenly the access to truth is as clear as day. Spiritual truth is about free thinking, the right to search, and to ask and to experience in liberation, of finding that there certainly is a moral code of consciousness. Clear psychic seeing shows what we all know inside. There is no hell or no sin, therefore there is no punishment for sin, except for the torment you put yourself through. When you hurt someone, intentionally or not, you ultimately hurt yourself. This feels crappy; deep in there, you, like everyone has a 'sense' of moral code. It's written in your DNA - along with many other codes. Some are still dormant. This is what we mean when we say, humanity is "waking up".  First we need to release old patterns, those fears and negative aspects which I spoke of in each energy centre, a negative energy that potentially stops us from being who we truly are: we are balanced, incredibly loving beings. 

Judgement day?

FYi see, judgement day is here, right now. Everyone is judging everyone else, and everyone is beating themselves up for everything, rejecting our own human nature. We have been fighting with our own guilt for sometime now, and if you look at it like this, you would possibly consider the human race acting just a little bit crazy -  wouldn't you? 
That is why we are here. As doctors, surgeons, catalysts, puppets and masters in disguise, wearing whatever mask we need to in the show of life, to look at each other deeply, and peer in, through fragmented personalities of who we think we need to be. Divine personalities in fear of judgement. When you think about it, this is just weird. However, it is part of a plan. If the show was out of control, and the symphony was lacking a conductor, and no one knew their part, or their lines, then the show would be in disarray. At some point, each actor would realize this and somehow they would seek to rectify the inner knowing, longing for their truth and to know their role and to change it if they wanted to. Could it be that we are collectively attempting to balance a global mental disease? 
Would we not ask for the cure?
Well, along with realization of an illness comes a cure. Every time. It is our very own choice to take the medicine or not. 

Thank-you for allowing me to share a little something that I know about the planet.

Simplifying physicality and spirituality. Defining a pathway to ascension.
Re-wiring the crystal grid. A memory board.

The mother board. An interwoven-net. Invisible communication. A series of tubes, containing information, traveling quickly. The minute you hit send, out your message goes. Crystal technology, when you think about it. How does a watch work, what is time, how do we beam light through a crystal into a visible spectrum?

Like a computer, Earth is a grid board of memory, like a gigabyte of stored information, only billions of them. Maybe you are a chip of information? Have you ever though of that? Technology is often misunderstood, yet fascinating when you see how we are actually all connected. Everyone is on-line. Those who are not, might be missing out on something. Maybe not. 

Now, think about what is laying around us all the time, when we dig a just a little deeper. Our whole planet is layers of minerals, crystals, and of course some lubrication. Layers upon layers of oil produced by fossil fuels. Without getting too complicated, simply imagine energetic memories within these layers of earth. Each layer has a different density. To give you an energetic example, I am going to go light. Just like a computer holds memory, so then would the planet. 

When a medium or a psychic sees a ghost going down a flight of stairs, and perhaps, another medium sees the same exact ghost, on a different day, maybe even years later, repeating the same thing, it becomes apparent that some aspect of memory is stored. Clearly, this is not a physical being, but why then, would someone with their 'sixth sense' activated be able to see the same thing? Clearly some aspect of a memory is residing within a system. To put it bluntly, an aspect of a living memory is stuck in a program playing over and over on repeat. Somewhere, along the time line/on line, there is a storage unit where a game is being played. 

Now, if we had a history in the search engine of life, we would be able to recall information. Correct? This is what I do every day for people. I look into their memory codes, to see what information is repeating itself in order to identify where old patterns or old programs are still alive, and where they are still connected to positive or negative experiences. Most of us are more than aware of time segments as portions of Earth's history. Imagine, then, many years of cataclysmic events, wars, political debates, rule over land masses, torturous fights throughout the ages, inquisitions, religious power struggles, and brutal killings. All of these scenarios are still within the codes of memory upon the planet. We still talk about these events, teach them in school and recall stories of pain and suffering of our ancestors. Clearly the past is a program that in some way is still active within the crystal memory board. 

Maybe, just maybe, we are here to wipe the slate clean? And reprogram a shattered ideal? Look at that word. RE-program. Re-set the program, re-activate a charge. Re- incarnate. Incarnate, back into a system. And why? Explain to me, please, how I
-member, as a member of society,
- call past, present and future events. Could it be possible that we are the experts? Or could it be that there are aspects of ourselves all living at once, or more fragmenting perhaps could it be that we are looking for the ghosts of ourselves? Haunting our own consciousness until we
-member? Are parts of who we are lost in a program? "I have to go find myself" - how many times have you heard that before? What does it really mean? Does this freak you out? OR does this really EXCITE YOU?

Earth remembers everything. Earth also responds to us. She is the mother board, listening to the programs we input, and then responds to our requests. If we choose to kill, Earth creates famine and disease. She is co-operative and wise. If we seek peace and solution, remedy and sustenance, Earth provides.

Would you then say that perhaps there is a glitch in this system? Look back to each chakra that we went through. Where did you have memories come up? Where did you stall? What was holding you back?Where did you nod your head to the aspects of imbalance. Where did you feel good, in the positive aspects and say "That's me!"

I know you are saying "MARGO, I wanna hear about my connection. I want to know about this 8th chakra!" Okay! Lets get to it!

Re- lax! Lol. We are all the worker bee's re-creating the grid.

I am going to tease you just for a minute - with intention. I am going to post part two of this blog very soon. In the mean time, simply ask to tune in to this 8th ckakra. Imagine a golden ball of light pulsating, string-like, or tube-like energies. It is important that you become still and quiet. Even if it is just for a few minutes to put in your request. Wait, and see what happens. This is profound energy, yet subtle. Just pay attention and see what happens. Pay attention to every feeling, thought, and visual prompt you receive. If you feel resistance, where do you feel it? 

Stay with me. I need to give you one more piece of juicy information, so that you have a clear picture of what is taking place here. Why ascension is important, and why there is a sensation of feeling "rushed"…

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Anonymous on July-11-14 10:00 AM
This is the most motivating piece I have ever read Margo. There are so many truths in here (from my knowing) it is that breath of fresh air I have been waiting to take.
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