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Pearls Of Wit, Turned Wisdom

Pearls Of Wisdom  

You knew. The day would come. In your still clarity, based in your inner sense of silent understanding, your 'Aha' moment would arrive, then pass. Beyond the stretch of life's natural cycle of rejuvenation, your full frequency rainbow would shine brighter through a tormenting storm. Flying through passing specks of coloured lessons, the pot of gold would be found - a moment where you wake up in a world of stillness.

Rested eyes live in a clear view of what stood so boldly in front of you, a passing glimpse as a small thought leaves you with a simplicity of nothingness. Without question, you peer through the veil that held you apart, in confusion. Questions no longer linger above the tops of hills; there's less need to climb up in a breathless push to reach the top. 

Beneath layers of ocean, a seemingly insignificant grain of sand found its way into a hardened shell. Growth arises from Earth's cycles, the grain becoming covered in layers from persistent irritation. Found eventually is a misunderstood treasure, sunken beyond the depths of human emotion and yet you somehow knew that if you stayed present in your own patient search that digging deep would eventually pull you up.

You might then finally see that the world is in fact your oyster.
What layers of the psyche have developed into your sacred jewels of awareness? How many of you wonderful readers have felt aware, especially in the last three years, of an intense shake of worldly shifts? Or perhaps you felt overwhelmingly frustrated with the process of becoming a fully actualized human being?  

We have been lined up with a major planetary karmic cleanse during the last few sun cycles. With no need to sugarcoat planetary reality, the real deal has been intense! So if you felt like you have been on a tumultuous ride of your life, on a raft with no paddles, churning within the ebb and flow of more emotional energies, then you have definitely completed your part, engaged fully in a profound Earth energy detox!
YEY YOU! Put up those sails and let the wind usher you into the new cycle of the fiery lion! When the universe makes a roar, it makes a roar! Welcome to your destiny. 
Those of you who have done the work will find that life will get better and better. With the recent lunar transitions, as well as Jupiter moving into Leo, the stellar line-up of of planets influencing our world right now is profoundly positive! 

Open your arms and heart open as wide as you can, because Jupiter is the Santa Clause of our galaxy! Jingle jingle! Rudolph is a cat. Meow! 

Get ready for some megagifts, sit back and open them patiently, fully enjoy the process. What is here now, will be quite smooth in comparison to the last few years.
I truly love the new vibrations! Clean, keen, forward. It's a passionate fire-moving energy that says, "Show me where my own irritations have created the wisdom in my memory." 

You are a pearl created by experience, a jewel now to be admired. You would not serve your purpose if you stayed in the box. Open up, and let the world really see you fully. This is the time in our evolution where humanity will complete tasks, purpose-orientated missions, personal feats, and overcome global obstacles through the attainment of collective co-operation, and fly into a much higher frequency of understanding. If you resist the beauty of destiny, it will not feel like a pleasant ride for you. So what spirit is saying is that the fantasy is here. You, need to play your part and not fight with the cosmic director.
After seeing extensive, brilliant results from some of you that had participated in my free, on-line colour cleanse, I am thrilled to see how effective this has been! It is notably true that when you are ready to really allow your experiences to pass through, on all your levels of awareness, you can truly climb the ladder into a higher, more conscious state where nothing needs to make sense, as sense becomes uncommon. Inward reflection, rather than outward projection. 

Do you know you are a weaver of time? And that within you is a code that gives you a satchel of jewels in which to lay upon the Earth. Everything that has ever existed here as a golden, weaved web where you place a piece of your pure wisdom, is planted in time to rearrange energy, transforming chaos into peace. The human journey is profoundly sagacious when you see the big picture from above and eventually realize that you, as one grain of sand in an infinite cosmos, have the potential to create a major transformation. 

Harvesting a pearl takes some work. Weathered within such layers of time, unveiling this jewel naturally makes it all the more mystical, all the more special. 

So how can we apply the teaching of a precious pearl to our daily lives?  What essence of our own experience brings enlightenment to settle the illusion of an irritated soul?  Remember, irritation is what causes a pearl to become polished.

When something no longer seems to fit in your space, you push it out, over and over, trying to evict whatever feels annoying, but it doesn't work. The more you try to push something away, the stronger it becomes, stubborn and standing in your shell. Intellect results in thickness, covering up what feels uneasy. Layer by layer builds up, until some experience pries you fully open. When you finally look closer at all the layers of polished reason, you see only beauty. Suddenly, experience becomes the jewel and you know without any question that you are a pearl made from irritated creation. Think about this for a minute, so you can truly give gratitude to every annoyance, to every frustration, to every experience that made you become who you are today.

Healing beyond time 
You will continue to become irritated until you seek the jewel that represents the lesson you needed.

Once you have completely accepted each experience as a brilliant marker on your pathway to treasure, with full realization comes your 'Aha' moment. Once you have it, you place it back in the web of life.

Here there is a guarantee that beckons your soul's true urge, layer upon layer you become grander, willingly allowing a final layer to be polished. At that moment, you choose to open up, vulnerable and fully naked as that shiny jewel you came here to be. All the elements of you reveal truth, each step another jewel. Within your web of life you are connected to many others, some who will trigger this sense of irritation, which is to be respected without judgement. Place a pearl there. Watch it grow, as you attract like-minded souls that reflect your sacred nature.
Now that you know the process of how nature works, grace becomes the overriding joy that opens you to the next phase of creation. 

Each one of us is fishing for something; each one of us is a pearl waiting to get caught.

If the world is your oyster, then you simply intend where you want to end up. The easy part is the part our human ego likes to make tricky. Once you become clear in where you want to end up, you must let go of the way you think you will arrive. Simply envision your heart's pull, as the tides of life gently move you across the ocean floor. You will eventually be exactly where you need to be. 

From time to time we end up in the wrong net. However, in this sea of life you often need to come up to the surface to be preyed upon and pried apart by some jewel-hunting pirate: observed, admired, and possibly part of you consumed, you are finally polished and set free by your very own will. Until the correct master jeweller comes along and spots you in the window, you might seem small and insignificant, but when you know that the world is your oyster, you have actually claimed your place. Amongst a billion other potentials swirling in your world, you too can spot a jewel as remarkably beautiful as you. 


Shine on little pearl. You are part of one big necklace. 

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Kamia Shepherd on July-23-14 7:50 AM
Thank you for the beautiful sharing of wisdom Marog!
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