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Love? Or drowning in it?


Simplifying relationships.
Can it be the fantasy?

This depends. 
What is your reality?
What world are you creating in your present situation?
Recently I have seen dear friend struggle. Struggle a little more that I see necessary. 
As I pondered what to answer the angels would give, as she explained her torment, I realized that what she is going through, is far too common. As angelic words ran through my conscious state of balance, I heard clearly. 

"Your dear friend is fighting for love" 
Fighting for love. This surely was to become a blog. Not just a simple text back, saying not to worry about it.
Simply ponder this statement for a second.  Fighting. For love.  In truth, this statement is a complete and total contradiction. Understandably, life is full of them. I would not be able to type this for you today, if I had not been able to come to some profound understanding myself, to live it, to squeeze it, to fight it, and finally to throw down my arms and surrender the battlle. Loudly, proclaiming to the universe that I was over struggeling. I no longer wanted to 'fight' for love. First though, I had to dig deep, and change a whole set of beliefs. 

The good news is, I can see your future! 

You don't have to work so hard.

You are a love bomber. 
Quite different than a soldier, on the bloody-heart lines of battle.  When you decide to resign and throw in your combat boots, with the same stubbornly will, which you use to fight, you will finally come to terms with the fact that it is time. Time to quit that job. Eventually, and not far from now, you will sit on top of a mountain. Wings wide open, free as a bird. You will breath a gentle, self loving understanding, clear in what you do want. At that point you will have no fight left in you, so what you do want will come to you. Simply. There will be no resistence, because where you are right now is simply the way you are choosing to learn. You are learning, that it is much, much more lovely to let go of the fight, to surrender and to finally, just love. To simply allow the kind of love you really desire. To no longer fight for love, to longer 'fall' for love, instead, you will blissfully rise into it.  

Sounds too good to be true?  Remember, as there is no question. 
YOU are in charge of your fairy-tale. You are scripting every second of your reality. Maybe it is time to look at some new resume's? 

But before I wear my director cap too seriously, suggestively showing you a new role, I will take your perfect, loving hand as you have done for me. Walk you through that puff, and sit, overlooking a different picture. Here. Those wings are wide, and everything down there, looks pretty small anyway. You know how to fly. Those wings? They are there so you can soar above the tricksters, the ones we know so well. Here we go. Want to fly?  Even your tricksters are divine!  

Human suffering. I have seen much of this, as a clear seeing para-psycologist. 

In no way would I want to take away from your human experience to live whatever you need to live, but if you were walking along a path, with a whistle and a skip, then suddenly I saw you curled up in a dark part of a trail, surely I would poke outward, with a fire-lit lantern so you may see that there is another way to walk.  

I am deeply grateful to my own experiences of suffering, although at the time you would not have been able to hear me say that. I am also extremely grateful to have a clear connection with spirit, an activated ability to see beyond suffering, into the realm of truth. Remember you have that ability too! 

One of the biggest scapegoats of suffering, can often be due to circumstance of human relationships. Considering that we are a species who require love to survive, it would be a pretty ugly world if no one mingled togehter participating in creating the spin, which creates this web of life. After all, the purpose of life is to experience from a perspective of wanting, as a built -in need to feel fuelled by a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging, as well as a feeling of being needed, a satisfaction which every human requires to some degree. Surely, relationships are fundamental to life. So when you find yourself madly in love, slightly in lust, or in a simply bliss-filled kind of union, you wonder if there is a possibility to sustain these moments, the ones where you feel on top of the world. 

We understand the ebb and flow of nature, like a river sometimes flowing as a stream passing through, other times the rapids are a little higher, with mighty waves of emotion winding through a valley of memory. Suddenly you find yourself going over, falling down into the depths of a high-pressure, toilet bowl like suction, possibly not such a fun place to be. In the good movies, you come out alive, and love begins again. You float effortlessly down the stream, sun in your hair, reflecting the light that you are.  

So that toilet bowl at the bottom of the long fall? Is really not such a bad place to be.  Surely if you are here, all thrown about, with one part of your heart way off in the wake of the side lines, as you try to swim to the surface, with the other part of your heart just trying to keep you breathing. Then you know, or at least I do from this perspective, that the life raft of grace will pop up any moment, and all you have to do, is get on.  

Time for a float through the emotions? God knows. We need to be light to fly.
Present reality. A shift from what is no longer working. How do we keep up?
If what is old is turning new, sometimes we need to re-write the pages of what we think we know. 


Generally speeking when we enter into any relationship, any job, or another type of agreement, it is natural to have an expectation. Letting go of expectation is definitely a new concept, when we live in a world based on expectation. The world we have built has been created on this. What is right what is wrong, what is accepted, what is not. A general public view, where everyone is trying their best to do what is right, only what is right, crumbles in front of us everday. Millenniums of belief's built around humanity, a way that we think we should live, as apposed to a new vibration, pointing to a different potential. A way that we could live.  Our very own existence is up for some major discussion lately. This alone creates a resistance in the psyche of every human being, as a participant in what is to unfold. Do you feel shook up? Of course you do. You are a love bomber who deep inside is seeking a love we know of, a love that wants to touch our pretty blue planet. A love that we all seek. An open, unconditional, no boundaries, no rules, kind of acceptance, that allows each person to be who they are. Sounds really great, but applying this level of understanding from a physical/emotional perspective is like trying to pry open a rock with your own breath.  

You know with correct intent it might actually be possible. 
As a practiced magical being, trapped in a human body, you also know that completing such a feat, would leave you very exhausted, extremely defeated, and most likely very frustrated with yourself, thinking that somehow you had failed. You might expect, that as a loving person, love should win. because you have seen these fleeting moments of that truth, so you hold on, trying to pry open that rock. You expect, with all the words of emotion, all the discussions and all the effort, that finally something should let loose. A puff of magic understanding would explode, and then settle into easy. When that doesn't happen, you wonder where you went wrong. 

Do you remember, that expectation is not where we create magic?

What creates the final outcome, is the ability to be able to let go. To let go of what you think should happen, to open to a way bigger potential, releasing the barrier of time and space, so you can go beyond. So you can release all of that pent up questioning, give it away completely, and see what huge, infinate power is there for you. When we can forget the expectation of what should be, what could be, eventually becomes. 

A new possibility. Way better than you can see right now. 

We expect the fairytale. Good!  Are you choosing your cast with care and precision?
Intend the fairytale. Let go of the expectation

Likely the script you wrote before casting yourself onto this set, was easier than you are making it. Where is your sparkle wand?  

Reality check points. Breath-alize!

Saying it is easy
Language. Ah the bliss of words. Have you found yourself going in circles, discussing in repetition, saying the same things over and over again? Maybe you say it differently, maybe you try it more gently, more fiercely, with more tact, or with more fire and flair. You know what you are trying to say. You are that wise. You know what you want. Saying it over, and over, and over is making you drained and tired, because there is nothing worse to the human energy field , then not feeling heard. 
Sure someone may be listening, but are they hearing you? 
Are they responding to you? Really truly?  

Have you found yourself in the same discussion more than three times? 
If your answer is yes, and you have found yourself in the same place again, you are likely getting dizzy, as well as quite annoyed in emotional circles of torment. Not only are you trying to grab the other part of your heart way over there on the sidelines, you are also fighting for your own life to stay above this torment, and from where, will you grab your strength? 

All the while, talking your voice box right out of yourself! In this state of strife, you may not even see that there is a life raft right there waiting, perched upon a big bouquet of blooming flowers. Like vines of awareness waiting for you to be lifted upward. 

It becomes easier to say what you mean with so much practice! What really happens, is that as you try to stay afloat, your words are hardly heard.  It is much easier for someone to sit back and watch, as they scrip together a set of words in hope that it will be what you need to hear. They too have become quite practiced in calming you down for a moment. But have they reached in? Have they come to your level in this? Have they jumped in and shown some sort of action? They may not completely agree with what you want, but as you give it your all, have you looked? What are they doing? Be honest with yourself, and look at the patterns of the past. Sure you want to  move forward, but action is the only thing that will get you there. Do you want to swim back up from where you have fallen? Do you have the energy?  If the other person is not in there with you, holding out their hand to help you get in that raft, then their words are meaningless.  

We all have an inner poet, and words can be a very, very good trickster. Words are a step. Nothing more. Remember, that it is within the depth of the eyes, without word, which speak to the soul, with no common language, we all understand action. Go beyond the words, and look into the truth. Are you staying afloat while the other person is chasing butterflys?  

Defining your own needs. In this union, are they respecting your needs, or not?

While you are in this place, suffering fighting for love. Reflect for a moment. What would happen if you stopped in this torment of contradictory fusion? What if, just for a second you stopped explaining yourself? Stopped hoping and wishing, resulting again, in finding yourself confused? Asking what you had done to create this pull, in attempt to use a compass to get you through these waters, only the compass has sunken under this currant. It is no good to you right now. Forget the cards, forget the oracle, forget asking the stars. YOU need to get on the raft. You wouldn't hear the quiet answer of source, within the wild rush of all of this watery furry. 

Do you know there is a warm fire already built, red hot embers just waiting to warm you up? This fire is not so far from here. 
Stop. Get clear. 

You will have more energy to get clear when you are not fighting. Just give all of those precious muscles a break, and decide to let this story go. Just for now. Like a potion made of too much momentum. When you stop the fight, the emotional waters will feel smooth again, if you stop, just for a moment to see, you will locate your raft, and your compass. The compass with need to dry off, and you will need to know where you are headed. You need not know how, you just need to know what you really want. 

Someone is busy chasing butterflies. You know what that is like. You have been through the chalices of coo-conning, and your wings are just slightly wet. No big deal. Navigate a new course. What are your needs? Have you given yourself time to assess? This is where this raft of nothingness can help you. If you allow the river to take you, as you look off into the sunset, with all the slow moving breath going through you, in your definite clarity you will know your true needs. 
Clearly if someone is singing to you all the right lyrics, as they chase off in another direction, your needs are not being respected. This can really hurt, when you have spent so much time and effort to make it as far as you did. Sure you love them. That can be enough. That has to be enough. 

Because I know you want to be free, it is you then, that must respect your own needs. You are taking action. That is all you can do. Your expectation is clearly different than theirs. Is it fair? Maybe not. Can you change it?  

Maybe this attempt to alchemize, is alike to trying to crack open a rock with your breath?  You know it is possible. Everything is. Your will is strong, you know you are a creator.
Is it worth the fight? 

Actions speak louder  
How many times have you waited? Once or twice you jumped right out of your own ride on the river, to compromise, to research, to discuss. To plan how to paddle.  Yet here you are, again. Not a victim. A fighter of love. 
Are you feeling loved? The way you want to be loved? 
Is there a team on this raft floating with ease?  
Is love really supposed to be a fight? Or perhaps there is a belief there? What are you really fighting for? 

If actions speak louder, then what actions are backing your belief? Where is it inside of you? In what places within you do you believe you need to fight? What are you really defending? You won't be clear yourself, until you stop resisting this turbulent toilet bowl. When you can slow down this emotional, built-up momentum, the river will change for you. Just like that. 

You can say you want peace, but if you find yourself in the same mental or physical discussion again, you are allowing the opposite. What about taking a break from the same conversation?  Act on what your feelings are trying to tell you. They are always the best compass.  

When love goes mental 
Seeing through the wildness of minding. 
When love goes mental, stop lying to yourself. 

The mind is a brilliant romantic.  
A cellular make-up of stored memories, true stories, visions of what you have lived, words you have spoken, poems you have written, fantasy's you have created.  If you look at them all, it is likely that you have written many poems. Perhaps saying the samething in different ways. There may be a pattern there. A loop, a structure, that brings you back to that place in the river. Is this familiar to you?  

Your heart knows the love that you seek. 

Your mind remembers the panic that love has created.  All you need is a small little trigger. Like the vision of someone chasing butterflies, while you look for your raft, and your heart….. where is it? Maybe sunken to the bottom with that compass? Somehow that hurts. You need that heart! It is your floatation device! Both that compass and your heart,both seem to be very connected somehow. If your heart is sunken, you figure you need your mind. So your mind processes everything you know, like pieces of a large puzzle floating around in there with you. A million stories, a million potentials, a whole lot of 'What if's" and "Why not's". As you cause yourself just a little more torture. 
The mind does not get you out of this one. You know it.  
All the thinking, all the processing. Your map is not your brain. Your brain is not your map. Your heart knows, it just doesn't always like the truth. 

Yes the truth is love. The truth is always love. But, because you know what you want, because you want to be free, because you want to float down that river of ease, you know, that lying to yourself is hurting you. Your fantasy has not yet unraveled.  Because there has been no action towards the words you have spoken. There is too much resistance built up around what you don't want.

At this point, let the truth hurt. Let it bleed out of you, let it pour from your veins. That river will become red with passion. Show the world your heart. It doesn't always need to be a pretty little box with pink ribbon in a neatly tied bow. You signed up for this. You also signed up for the life boat float!  

Eventually, the river will run clear. You will see it as beautiful, you will look to the bottom, through brilliant clarity, and those rocks? They will be wide open. By the brilliance of natures wisdom, natural opening, is what always unfolds. You will no longer need a paddle, a compass, or a map. Your resistance will be minimal, and noted. Your choices will become easier, because you will not feel the need to repeat a cycle. You will know, without doubt, that ease actually does come easily, when you stop fighting.
Love is there for you. 

On that very same raft. Just waiting patiently for you to agree.  
Love is all around you. What are you really fighting for? 

Why have you come here? 

You are here to remember how to honour your boundaries.  
You are here to know your ability. 
Separate yourself from your partner. What is 'theirs" is generally not yours. 
You are an empath, it is not your job to be a sponge for both.  
You have absorbed enough water.  
You are here to take yourself seriously.  
You are here to alter a cycle. 
You are to allow ease. 
You are here to find your highest path to truth, to love and to enjoying this life with less burden. 
You know where your true fuel is.  
You have a divine relationship to source. 
You are within a mecca of universal laws, which govern your reality, based on your emotional compass. You always know what to do. 

Your raft is ready! 

I love you. You are loved.


"Suffering is part of our training program for becoming wise." ~ Ram Dass 

At what moment will you accept your diploma of wisdom? Let go of the suffering, and become the trained teacher of what you know? 

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Gretchen on July-31-14 2:09 PM
This is the most beautiful, poignant, powerful, wise piece of writing I have/well ever read. I have never been so moved. or so deeply grateful. This is an act of the purest kind of love and light. Margo Bereska, you are beyond words. This art changes the world. Love and blessing from my new raft
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