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Bank on 8.

Choreography of the 8 dance 
Class was boring. Structured into pages of repeated history, tidbits of information brought about by the past. EEEEIIIIIIIIKKKKKKK!! 

With my flowing ink, I would draw 8's, paying attention to the thoughtless flow of connecting them all together precisely. Line upon line for pages.Sometimes, weaving the energetics of writen design to come alive. Energy. Dancing in a geometrical pattern above my page. A pattern that no one else could see. 

"Margo, did you get that down in your notes?" The teacher would break my bubble.
UHHHGGGGGGGG! Frustration in my sequence.  
"Excuse me!" I would think. "Who are you anyway? Do you see you just destroyed my geometric manifesting bubble and turned it into a bolt of frustration?"  

Oh the power of 8! With the energetic break in concentration, turned frustration, AND with the power of an 8 ball, in manifest? WOAH! What actually just happened?  
I had ended up energetically zapping a teacher again! OOPS.  

Who is the teacher now?  I suppose we both are. The student and the teacher. We all take turns. Oh, I am so sorry to those brave souls. To all the teachers who didn't allow me to be in a cosmic wonderland when we were learning about historic wars. 
I know now, that somehow it was my job to give teachers a hard time. To challenge a leadership roll, with new questions. Back in my high school days, it was in no way unusual for me to ask something that promoted an un-answered response. 

"If we keep talking about fighting, perhaps we won't see the energy that can be created instead?" 

"Alright, class. Lets focus. On what we need to learn" Would generally be the response.

Structure. In learning. Meh. 

I was back, to drawing figure 8's! All connected, in alignment within the perfect spaced lines on paper. Small measured spaces, in which I had to contain my penmanship on to.

Now it is rare, that my doodles are contained to small spaces.

Numbers, vibration, sequence and activations. 

Did you know that In China, the going rate for negotiating a licence plate with various 8's throughout, is worth millions of dollars to the governing forces. Do you wonder? Has China got the abundance energy figured?  How many barges of trinkets, toys and toxic erasers get shipped out, moment to moment from China? How does all of this even connect?  

Margo what are you saying here? 

Good question. Lets play, and go around and around for a minute? See yourself in ice skates, dancing with the push of one leg, guiding yourself into the point where intersection becomes flow. Or simply use your power finger, which is your index finger, to draw the figure of an 8 on the surface beside you. Do this for a minute, and watch how peaceful you feel. Meditative.

Notice that whatever way you spin this number, it remains constant, in flow. Flip it upsidedown or sideways, and unlike any other number, the eight seems infinitely untouchable. Superimpose this shape upon itself over and over, and watch the petals expand beautifully. Creating, and re-creating the flower of life.  

All that is, in geometry.  

A no-ending kind of connection, that dances in loops throughout all of time. Infinite creation. Eight is power, that cannot be broken. 
Earth and 8's, money, abundance, flow and prosperity. Infinity. 

First things first. Money. 
We like that sign. But hold on one second. Look at it. Then let me bring it back in a minute. 

Did you perhaps notice, that the money symbol, looks like an 8? Only incomplete? With a line through it?

One thing that I do know, because I was told by some wise, abundant masters who understand the laws of the universe better than I do (in my partial state of being.) 
When I began to see energy again, after shutting it all down for quite sometime, I really had to wake-up and see the truth. The truth of who we are, the truth of why we are here, and mostly, the truth pointing to any blocks that were holding me back energetically, from receiving more abundance in my life. So with an invisible team, I jumped into some profound teachings, which I had to piece some concepts together, little by little. 

The bigger, juicier version of this story, is unfolding in divine order, but for now. Here we are. So I will give you a piece of the infinite pie! With an easy to relate to vision of what is going on, here, on our pretty blue planet. 
What I know: 
The money game present here on Earth, is a system.  
Like a game being played to see if we 'buy into it'. In truth,  yes. In truth, we are all extremely rich! But if you cannot ever see this, by resonating into it, you never will be rich. Because abundance is a frequency you tune into. 
What do you mean? Could that be true?  
Could the truth be, that we are actually divinely infinite? Divinely abundant, in the constant flow of a never ending source, that meets in the middle of a galactic crossing point?

I know, I know. You hear this all the time. But do you get it? 

Perhaps nature represents an energy of an 8. Two circles joined. 
Surely you have watched, or been in your vehicle within a moving traffic circle, with perfect order, you know to stop, so that one moving stream of traffic can go. I stop, so you can go, in and out movement, creating a weave, so that everything can flow. If one person decides to resist, or if fear comes up, and someone slams on the break, then BOOM! A crash! Suddenly this flow is not flowing, but is all caught up. No longer flowing with ease, but becoming a damed up, a block in flow, creating more cars, and more chaos. MMMMMMM. Interesting how this flow can be stopped, in a realm in where structure rules. 

So who is controlling the traffic lights? Who is behind the wheel, and more importantly, are you obeying the laws of the green light and the red light? Maybe you have your foot on the break when you could be moving into abundance? 
Surely I have given you something to think about. Let's play visual sybolisim just for a second, to see how this connects. Or to see if something doesn't. Then, you decide how you feel about the 8 energy in your life. 
Alright. Back to the money symbol again. Does it not look to you like a perfect forming 8?  Only not complete? With a line through it?  I don't know about you, but to me, that creates a very, very cut and dry kind of energy. Like a mad man slamming down his hand and saying; "That is final. THIS is the way it is."  

S is for structure, with a line through it, which breaks the flow of the ever moving 8. Weird right? 
I have trained myself to go beyond symbolism, yet I know the importance of it. 
"Signs can be tricksters" My wise-owl-like creator friend and I concluded today, in a profound discussion around symbolism. There is a fine art to tuning in, to the messages of sacred geometry. Is there a universal language? Oh yes. In the higher realms, and in our REALm, patterns,mathematics, energy and sequence all create itself over and over. Into physicality, which is a small, small part of the energy game, which inadvertently is connected to the money game. Highly misunderstood by the masses.
Currently I am composing an e-book on ALL of this. that will be available for purchase toward the end of the year. Practiced wisdom, which will go deep into detail of all of this. A pathway to becoming rich, in a way that will assist you in getting the frequency you are seeking. 

Sure. You want money. This is  GOOD THING. Sadly, many people have major hang ups with the frequency of money. With good reason when you see how the lack of it, or the abundance it, it has so much power over our day to day lives. 
Like a traffic circle, the flow of movement is always there. However, if someone puts their foot on the break, that flow can be stopped. 
Money is actually just printed paper. A symbol. A note of value, depending on the face that holds structured significance. What about credit? A structured system, made up of check points. A system, that defines your worth based on your contribution to the system. An evaluation, in regard to your assets. What are you worth? What about the doom and gloom of the word bankruptcy? When everything crashes, and all of your assets have suddenly become obsolete, do you still have worth? I guess this depends on who you ask. One day, the bank might say you are worth a $500 000 line of credit, and six months later, if your flow has somehow stopped, you could be a millionair one minute, and bankrupt the next. I imagine, the thought of that, might stir up some fear.   
One foot on the break, of having a system tell you your worth, and BAM! Just like that, there you are. Feet on Earth, feeling very, very distraught that suddenly you have no worth! 

Oh but you do!  

So what do you do then, if you find yourself starting from scratch, to re-build your temple of illusionary security. Surrounded, sustained, supported by a world full of recourses, abundant with creative intelligence. Who says you can't go out to a pristine lake in the midst of the mountains, and use the recourses available to you? To chop, and cut, and chisel, to start a fire to keep you warm, to build a shelter and live off the land. 
Someone says.  

Getting back to the truth. Of infinite abundance.  

Like I said. Abundance, is a frequency that you rise into. Abundance is not about a system, that tells you your net worth. 

Your soul's capital, is connected to a source. The very same source that never stops giving. Abundance is a natural state of everything in existence. 

Do you see lack in a sea full of fish? Do you see lack in a world full of oceans? What about in layers of frozen ice? It seems frozen, like your bank account might, but is it? No way jose! That ice is capped with perfect order, to slowly melt, and feed the world. There is no lack in nature. Until we think there is. So we dig and dig and dig, and take and take and take. We give back everyday, but to what extend are we conscious? 

Have you ever gone to heaven to ask for a loan?  I have. 

After an emotionally tramatizing event in my life, I thought I would need to claim bankruptcy. The sheer fear of feeling worthless was horrific! The energy of the whole procedure was so out of my world, as a teacher of spirituality, abundance, and receiving. How could this be? That I had allowed myself to become so drawn under emotionally, that for once, I had found my own emotional state of mind more important than working? I had stopped answering the phone, stopped saying yes to opportunity's, throwing all of my energy into the past, which came up on me like a bat out of hell! Triggering a past life, where everything I counted on for survival revolved around one person, who decided to walk out, and leave me alone.
You think our pasts are not influencing us? Think again.  

Clearly, there was need for resolve.  

My inner rebel kicked in, and I told the creditors to f888 off!  

I was a woman who did what I wanted to, when I wanted to, with class and sparkle to boot! Even when I was just getting by, I had to get my nails done, and eat lavish foods. I bought plane tickets whenever I needed to, and shoes any time I felt I needed to fill a space. 
I didn't actually owe that much. I had immaculate credit, and never missed a payment. 


As someone who supposedly understood abundance, then why did I owe money in the first place? 

What is nothing?

Nothing is everything. Because there is no such thing as nothing. Everything is energy. Including your divine ideas.  When the knock on my door came, and two dudes took away my UFO like, top-notch washing machine, because I had missed three payments. I was devastated. God forbid I had to take my poor-ass ego to the public laundry-mat. Where I washed a months worth of clothes, and found over $100 bucks of clean  money in the bottom of the dryer! With a message from the big guy upstairs that said: "Oh no honey. Not this life time." 

Suddenly I had no credit, for a trip that I so badly needed to take. With a wish granted, I knew again, that the true banker was not the bank, or the credit card devil's. I was assured that if I got back to being myself, that I would manifest easily again, the life style that I was used to. The free flowing one, only this time. I would not be in the hole. 
I had a plethora of ideas. Infinite power to create, a gift that provided a service, and always had a return. I promised to pull myself off of the couch, but first, I had to agree. I needed to learn how to recieve better. 

Heavens bank, has no credit checks.

The good thing about heavens bank, is that the finance angels only say no once in a while. No assessment of your assets, no assessment of your achievements, no assessment of your past credit mistakes. They say YES. Yes, you are abundant, yes you are worthy, yes you are rich!  

When you approach the big wig's in heaven, all you see is clarity and abundance. An endless vision of stacks, stacks upon stacks of golden bricks. 

Your payback? Is already being paid back. Everyday. 
You are here to be in a physical world, contributing to a new world, where we begin to see from this perspective.  
Your assets? Are your personal gifts. Your passions, your abilities, your physicality.  Your achievements? The fact that you wake up everyday, and show up for your job. Your job of being here, right now. Past credit mistakes? Forget it! Everyday is a new slate. You are tuned into a blueprint. One that looks like an 8!  


Let's just say I opened my arms, and ended up taking a trip back to my heart. All I had to do was take a small, tiny action step. Which was following my internal guidance. I had to make a call, to receive a prize that had my name on it. I pulled myself off of the "Poor me" couch, and hit a button. My request to go on a trip was granted! All I needed to do was to manifest again. To connect to my gifts and leave the past in the dust, to draw some figure 8's and re-member. I had a flight to catch, and suddenly I knew again, my ability to create something from nothing.  

What to be abundant? You MUST become a better receiver.

Flipping the past from upside down to right side up.

A year and eight months ago, that is what my reality looked like. 
Now, people ask me how I travel, and vacation four or five times a year, how I end up landing in a three level house paying next to nothing for rent, in an over crowded town with no accommodation availability in the summer? With a bathtub, a view an no roommates. How is it, that I do not owe any money to the bank, or to visa?  

I will tell you. I stopped buying in to the system. I became aware that I am part of a system, and that of course, I am happy to pay my taxes, and claim income, but under the clear understanding, that NO ONE declares what my true worth is. I no longer believe in credit cards, unless I have the money there to do what I want, if I don't have the cash in my hand I don't pretend I do. I just manifest more. Quickly. 

The funny thing is, that since then, it has been truly amazing to see that my life style has become even more abundant! Every single thing that I set my focus on, becomes so! Wether it be a shinny new necklace, or a trip somewhere, a place I need to live, or receiving a compliment or a gift. I get very specific with details, then I let go of how it will happen. This works every time. I am so deeply rooted in  my belief that there is a higher source, connected to our wealthy planet. I spend my time co-creating rather than worrying. I still have tonnes of time to go for walks, to do yoga, and write. I know that I am the creator of my reality, and that there is so much support spiritually, emotionally, and physically because I am operating from all angels. With all angels!  

Everything comes to me with very little effort, I have more than enough, because I have learned about the traffic circle of life. Like you, I am infinate abundance. 
Sometimes, you need to dump out your cup. Wash away your old energy, and to start again, empty. With a clean sock to hang by the fire, so that when Santa comes, which he always does. You have made a place for him to put all of those gifts.
Passive income

These are your cups. These are your stockings.
Stocks are an option! 
But the real deal is this: 

Your ideas, your passions, and your soul capitol is what creates the true flow. Endless flow, like a blueprint of never ending idea's, born from you, and not dependant on a system.  

This is where we are going with this 8 energy of abundance.  

You need to put out your stockings. Meaning, that what you love to do, needs to be capitalized! Do you really want to work eight, nine or ten hours a day until you are sixty something? Or do you want a great life-style now? Do you love to sew, or paint, or dance or write? Do you love to help others? Or maybe you love to organize others? Do you love to talk, or play music? Do you love to create video's, or bake? How can you create a service with all the gifts that you have already? Do you want to save up for a trip, for a work-shop or for a home, or a new car?  Here is how you do it.  

2.Buy a nice bottle of wine right now.  
3.Sip it slowly and think about what you want to create. Look at plane tickets, or real estate, or the car you want.  
4.Put your credit card away. 
5. See yourself there. Feel yourself there.  
6.Don't get too drunk.You need slight focus. (You can do this with a nice, glass bottle of San Pellegrino too!) 
7.Empty that bottle. 
8. Manifest trust. In abundance. 
9. Eight creates, 9 impregnates. Give birth to your abundance! 
10. Order extra money from the bank in heaven. By simply asking. Now, let go of how this extra cash will come. How never matters, until you get an idea. Then follow it. Regardless of the outcome, your new flow will follow, IF you have taken a small action step. 

Here it becomes crucial to put a portion of your cash flow into the bottle. NO, you cannot break it. That would symbolize the breaking of your building. You are seeing your ability to manifest cash money. NO line through the 8 here. Just endless flow of cash. MMMMMM. Feel it see it, and be friends with it. Respect the symbol of abundance without fear of it controlling you.

YOU control money. Money should not control you. If money is controlling you, you are buying into it. You are being tricked.
The bottle is your stocking. You have created a place for the money to go. This is important. This obviously can be a bank account as well. Although I find that when people are learning the art of manifest again, that it is great to have a visual. The idea with this bottle is to see it STUFFED with money that you may have thought you didn't have. 
GO BIG You are a bawler. 
Put $50 and $100 dollar bills in here. None of this small stuff. Roll all those fives up too, but cover them with a big bill. It just looks sexier. Don't you think? Clearly, all of it is great! Also, call your bank right now. Ask them to put aside $5 for every interac transaction you make. If you are like me, and you love to spend, that is not the problem. If you love to spend, you need to make more, to create more. Simply balance your spending with your building. Does that make sense!? Of course it does. It makes tones of sense! Allow the build up of five dollars with each purchase, to continue building, with no intention to spend it. 
The idea is that you are not feeding a false sense of abundance. You will create the habit of seeing your ability to manifest. 
This is the flow of the 8 ball. 
When it is time to break your bottle, you will be thrilled with what you have done. Then do what you want! Keep one $50, and start a new bottle. That way, you see that there is no lack. Just like a plant, that keeps growing.  Start a few bottles if you want, or a few bank accounts. No more $200 dinners on your line of credit!! Just make a reservation, and put an envelope in your drawer. Watch, how it will be full by the time your reservation comes.  BOOK your trip. Pay for the flights with money that you do have. Even if you don't have the cash yet for the trip. When you commit to something you want, you are in the traffic circle flow. The flow will come back, rest assured, if you don't put your foot on the break, in fear. 


Who is your Daddy? 

You see, wether you believe in God or not, wether you do angel work or not, you have pure potential to create huge abundance! To live a life you enjoy, without worry.  
To a non-judgemental source of creation, referred to as the universe, the source of creation, which wants you to remember divine flow. There is no judgement on who is more worthy.
Look at someone like P-Diddy. 
Who clearly is one of many musicians who has, and continues to manifest major abundance. No one is judging if he is a bad guy or a good guy. He is abundant. 
That is where his focus is. He is doing what he loves, and so the universe knows where to send the big check. He is not worried about spending $800 bucks on a bottle of Crystal. He knows there will be more, where that came from. YOU TOO must know this. You too, have a talent and an ability. 

You know why?
Daddy don't care if you are retired with a limited pension or not. Daddy don't care if you were rich before or not, and Daddy definitely don't care if you are a woman or a man. Daddy also knows no different between a shack in the alley or a mansion on the beach. It is where you set your frequency to. Are you settling for a minimum wage, when you want to be making six figures?  Ouch. how is that for a foot on the break?

Get clear.

The bank is not your Daddy. Some rich guy/gal is not your Daddy, your boss is not your Daddy, and your business associates are also not your Daddy. If you are in any unhealthy relationship, dependent on money to define your worth, you are tricking yourself. If you are not happy, even though you might have everything, then my friend, you are settling for a false sense of security. YOU, and you alone have intense potential to create your own blueprint. Because being happy is the energy of abundance that you are really wanting to tap into.  

Tap tap. Daddy is rich alright. He lives upstairs. In the energy mansion. The centre of all things in creation. The big ass bank is there too. The source of everything that you really need, is right there. Right here. Right now.  In the middle of that crossing point. 

It is not too late, to dance in the eight! 
You are infinitely rich! THAT is the truth. Now. Take a big deep breath. 


How does all of this make you feel? Your emotional energy to this is a perfect indication!

Need a financial boost? I have some jumper cables!  
My ability is to connect you, into your own innate wisdom. Through clear seeing, together we can access your soul's battery power! With purpose to discover the details, on how to capitilaize your souls purpose and fly into freedom! 

Are YOU really Ready? Give me a shout. 

Coming soon: 
A Millionaire Lifestyle On A Buddhist Salary
A path to feeling. RICH.

Part deux
Beyond Millions
Creating your soul's palace
By Margo Bereska

The best doors in life? Are surrounded with sparkle! 

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Melissa on August-09-14 7:21 PM
Wow Margo! Talk about divine timing! Really needed to read this today. I've been off the beaten path for a little while now and struggling to find my way back. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom with us!
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