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Goblins, Worms and Ascension Parties.

Actually. It is party time!

So, you're on the path to ascension - the bliss-filled flowery aroma that comes with being aware, like a big smiley face that shows up on your door. YEY! 

Only it doesn't always feel like an enchanted path, but much more like an experience, akin to jumping on a trampoline. With each momentous flight through elasticity, you realize perhaps that there is some elastic barrier up there too! It's like a reflective net of black nylon, woven together tightly, as you try to poke your head through it. Too often it bounces you right back, and then suddenly you feel trapped between two worlds, fully knowing that beyond that elastic barrier is where all the good stuff happens. 

You simply want to be there all the time! In that place beyond the veil where there is no drama at all. 

So what is ascension really? 

Some magical moment in your life where everything becomes clear and easy? 
The land of OZ, where you float gracefully in a bubble of understanding, with a smile on your face, and a crystal wand that makes all of your wishes come true?
Well, not so fast, cricket! Before you jump ahead let me share a secret.

The path to ascension always includes enlightenment, followed by an awakening, meaning that you become aware - very aware that you are living in a 3D illusion, a time-trap, like a painting being created anew everyday. You begin to see with daily proof in your life that you are in fact the creator of your reality, and you start to sense that there might just be more, much more, beyond the moon, on the other side. And, unless you are someone in a high ranking member of NASA or some other governed system with loads of cash-money to spend on discovery, you may not truly trust that there is a whole new world right there, once you break through that barrier of the bounce-back illusion. 

I know you wonder what all of that even means in truth. What is 3D illusion anyway? And how do all these new-age words fit together to make some enormously profound concept make sense and actually work for you? Well, experience is what brings the best awareness, and awareness brings enlightenment, which allows you to participate in a bigger reality. Once you truly awaken those foggy eyes full of sandman's magical dust, it doesn't mean your life becomes perfect. Nope! You are still here, you are still are an emotional being physically bound here by time and space, as a participant in the illusion. You are here as part of this unraveling, and if your job was done, you would be one of the clear, happy, young, vibrant souls on the other side. And, well, I wouldn't have to type this for you. Luckily, I am meant to be here still as well. 

"It's all make believe anyway, Margo. Don't think about it too much," said my passed-on childhood buddy Sean Divine one day, after a big day of readings when I sat down in his huge shower, questioning human suffering. 

Sean was the boldest, most witty, charismatic character I have ever known. An 80 pound, genius, barely bound to his motorized wheelchair as he created his reality with his sharp mind, hilarious attitude, and intelligent sense of sarcasm. He was a guy who the world loved to perceive as suffering, feeble in his appearance. He was judged by physical perceptions, but suffered much less than anyone I know with a fully functioning body. So when he showed me who he was beyond the wheelchair, and beyond the shoes he wore, I knew exactly what he meant - but from a physical perspective, not the whole picture that he was now in.

"Don't think about it???!!!!" I questioned telepathically. "I am a heady gemini! Turning off my mind is like cranking down a triple turbine jet engine, powered by millions of galactic unicorns!! Forget horsepower when you see ten thousand angels to everything all the time! How do you not think about it? I mean really!?"

He laughed, and showed me that we all have a magical power to create whatever we want. He did! He was supposed to die before the age of 5, and lived to be 36 years old instead, and he created so much fun in people's lives. I knew it, I always have, ever since we were kids, that we were both on a ride from another planet to play yet another game of make-believe. Maybe this time to teach our parents a thing or two ;)

With ascension, you must learn how to delve into the depths of the emotions, for no other reason than to find your jewels and your treasures of lessons, to not allow old experiences to tie you down, but to allow buoyancy of faith and trust to keep you up! Then you get to swim beyond gravity! You get to go beyond that surface, to grab a breath, and a ray of sunshine, which will get you through to the next layer of consciousness. 

Eventually it really sinks in. The truth is, IT IS ALL IMAGINARY. But... it did all happen. 

Imagining a problem?

So what are you imagining, what are you making up in your head? Do you watch yourself? Do you consciously observe your thoughts, paying attention to the emotional compass, to see what is really going on in your temporary state of insanity?

What are you painting in your luscious land of fairy tales? Does your life flow, or does it get crazy and stormy? Do you find yourself in repetitive chaos, or have you mostly learned to train your dragon, that inner strength inside that has the power to create forest fires? Maybe you ride that purple dragon right into the cave sometimes, where you meet all kinds of gremlins, little egoic characters that shout at you, reminding you of your old wounds, your broken inner child or your abandoned sense of neediness. You think you can do it all alone? You are tough that way, you don't need anyone anyway.  Relationships are for the normal people you reckon, you don't need anyone anyway, because you have a cave full of goblins that you can visit anytime, where you can cover yourself in emotional snot, and hide. And forever if you want to, hoping that someone will come with a flashlight and show you the way out. Only there, in your cave of wounds, there is no place where anyone can enter. Unless you let them... That is what your inner fairy says! Your inner fairy and your goblin are good friends. Your fairy has ego parties too, only she has asked that you invite the special people in. She knows that sometimes, it is better to keep an open heart, and not shut the door when someone wants to come in. However, the inner fairy also thinks that EVERYTHING is all about her.

It's all about me syndrome: Wake up princess!  It is not always all about you. Sure YOU can drop everything to take care of yourself, when you are free and without responsibility, children or a nine-to-five job. BUT seriously? Do you actually expect the world to revolve around you, presenting silver and golden trays of sweets every time?  Even if you do have your hands full, with children, work, and worldly tasks, you also have needs that you know are deserving of being met. So you wonder, if it's not all about me, then who? Who is it all about? 

You might have any little trigger go off, because that is how life is. Some ridiculous little thing - unexpectedly your partner, or your boss, or your child doesn't respond the way you wanted, and suddenly a whole can of brain-worms opens up. Maybe an old relationship that was horribly abusive, and mentally and emotionally disturbing, or energetically draining, pinches a nerve in your memory storage. Something you thought you had dealt with comes up. One of those warty-nosed goblins, to tap you on the shoulder and ask you if you are sure that you don't want to play? Prodding and poking from afar, asking again if you really want to forget the past, to let it be dead to you. The inner war begins, and now, not only do you have to let those worms crawl out all over the floor of your psyche, but you and only you, need to go deep in order to let those worms crawl around and irrigate the soil of your soul. 

It IS actually all about you, you see. Because if you are not doing well, you are not serving your purpose to the extent in which you could be. 

YES. That is right. It is NEVER about them. It is actually always, 100% of the time all about you! Let me tell you why that is a good thing. 

Taking responsibility.

The tricksters hate that phrase. 

To the goblin tricksters, it is EVERYONE else BUT you. The ego trickster's only agenda is that the world doesn't change. They have no time to make time for what is important, a trickster might wonder if it will offend others, but prefers to be selfish, taking no action in finding another way. The ego goblin looks you in the face and sticks its tongue out like an immature child, demanding a dramatic reaction. It needs to explain everything nasty that ever happened, in detail, and re-hash who did what to who and when, and explicitly mention how it wants to really get detailed with the painful, torturous stories of suffering, betrayal and victimization. These goblins get right up in your mind, opening the BIG book of reality show records, to make sure you remember the pain that once existed. This pain is different with every relationship. Sometimes, it simply feels like a tiny pin prick, other times, major daggers! It really depends on what you have experienced together. Only, where you really are right now has nothing to do with what happened before. 

Like a bad dream passing, you wake up to see that you are actually in the fairy tale of your creation, that all these stories are actually dirty water in the gutter, filtered by grace, purified by your ability to use your own gifts. There are wizards and there are sorcerers alright. You better believe it!  These goblins, oh yes, they are all part of the party. They don't go away completely. You have made a contract that while you are here, those little sneaky illusionists would be with you the whole way - just like all the other invisible, imaginary friends are. The thing is, you can control the volume of the goblin voices. They are not really real. 

What becomes real then, are those friends and lovers, the special people who want to share your experience, who want to co-create beauty, love and intimacy, the ones you also wisely contracted, who you knew would be right. They are the ones who you knew would be the gentler aspects of your mirror image, the ones who would be exactly who they need to be for you both to become the higher, more ascended version of yourself. These are your soul mates, your tribe, your soul group, your allies. These are the lovelies in your life who are wise enough to let you do what you need to do without taking it too personally; they allow you to unfold like a rose, revealing each petal as you feel ready. 

Once you are awake, sure, you can nap. But you cannot go back to sleep. You know, without room for doubt, that you are the creator of your show. So when drama knocks, and it will, you know well how to say, "No thanks, my table is already full. I only invited the tricksters to the pre-party. They leave at 10pm." 

10. The number of order and ordain. The power to be responsible for yourself, your actions, and your reactions. The power to create each moment of your reality.

I know. You need results! You need a practical, tangible step if you want to keep flying upwards, beyond the barrier:

Can of worms and irrigation.

This can of worms is there for good reason. Let them out, watch as they become caterpillars, tightly wrapped in some part of your memory. Once these worms irrigate the soil, they surface into truth, opening a wider wing span, and more awareness where your 3D world is clearly illusion anyway. You are actually jumping for joy on a trampoline, breaking the barrier between your higher, happy self, and the illusion of issue, which has actually already happened. A long, long time ago. Now, you are here. When really there isn't an issue. Unless you shut the door to awareness and choose to re-live it. Then, your life will be tough. You can expect changes, but they will be slow and painful. You will feel like you are going in circles.  

The cruciality of ascensional healing.

Everyone is in this ascension process! I don't care who you are, or what you believe in. I see the truth everyday, and everyone is on this path to awakening. Just like we ALL have past lives that have the power to affect us now.

One soul at a time, we are going through a collective growth into a whole new perspective of being. Awareness definitely makes this process easier. In our intelligent nature, we have discovered parts of how this world works. More and more information everyday is being revealed as you open your pretty, starlit eyes. Deep inside of you is a tapped-in being who has many cosmic tools. 

You definitely want to know your birth chart, and your life-path vibration, through a detailed astrology forecast or numerology search, this will help you greatly to understand the many personality traits you have taken on, to assist you in your own understanding. 

You had better believe that if the moon can affect the tides and all of the world's creatures, then surely the moon, the stars and the planets are definitely affecting you. At times there are going to be cycles in which you feel way more emotional than others, just like there are times when you will feel very motivated and passionate. Honour those cycles. Just as there are cycles in the cosmos, there are cycles here on Earth, and yes, that is all connected. 

Every single person here is a mecca of energy, memories, cellular programs and physical structure. This is also connected. We have been here many, many times, and anyone who knows our history as humans, which is most of us, you are aware that the past has created some major crazy rules. We did some pretty nutty stuff to each other in the dark ages! So if for example, you are connected to an evil sorcerer from the past and you have done the work to clear it, then it is clearly not about the past either. There are no qualms there. You feel like you have moved on. So what happens when one of those brain loops triggers a memory, which triggers an emotion which opens a can of worms? Well, then you go into your crystal cave of wonderment and wisdom. You do your best to sort out your feelings, first. Before reacting. Here you will see that these worms have surfaced with the emotional water of the cleansing rain. This is great. It means you are ready to face the truth! Your emotions are the best indicator! So, what is off? 

You may not be able to pin it. You won't find it on pinterest either, or on google! Nope, this is why there are millions of healers on the planet right now and many of us with open eyes who can see beyond time and space.

Why spend thousands of dollars on past life regression? Why pull yourself through the trenches of toxic relationships with old skeletons, to try and figure it all out on your own?

Welcome to the new age! 

This, my friends, is why we want to access ascensional healing. I am talking the real deal. 

What do you really need? 

You want someone who can take you into the karmic surgery room and deal with all the many layers that show up. The good thing about all of this connection to spirit, to angels, and to other highly intelligent beings, is that we are being given new techniques every day. Clearly doctors and psychologists have tapped the mind and body, but western medicine has not yet engaged as fully as we need to, in the spiritual aspect, which is the root of EVERYTHING. 

I don't have to go on to convince anyone, it is simple logic. How do you grow a garden full of flowers if the roots are rotten, and weeds are taking over? That's right, you need to tend the garden - worms and all!

How many life times do you think you have participated in that still carry a negative charge for you? You would be shocked. As an old soul who has been along for a big ride, it is crucial. YES. Crucial to seek ascensional healing if you want to change your life. 

You can go in circles for another millennium if you like, or sign up for another lifetime, BUT that is not why you signed up again! This time, you knew. This time you knew that you would pick all the challenging characters, and clean up the old messes first, so you could create a life time of ease, joy, pleasure and happiness, with others who are willing to do the work, and without all the karmic rubble to disturb you. 

The more of us who are embracing soul-level healing, or who are becoming open to receiving and giving psychic insights, the better! Why? Because that is why we call it a gift! It's a gift we all have access to, an ability to see beyond all of the stories which have created major collective damage. When we access the stories, we can re-write them. Do we always need the story? Not always. Yet most of the time we do. We, as humans love everything to make sense. Here we access all levels of mind, body and spirit to come into core balance. This is awareness.

Once you let go of the fear to see your own shadows, you take responsibility for yourself, and when you do that, you are doing your part. You are taking responsibility to clean up your little compartment on the planet.  YEY YOU!

Relationships are your catalysts, your mirrors. Everything is easy alone, because you don't need to look in the mirror. You can see your perfection and there's no need to justify it. The real deal? There is no alone here. Nope, that is not the way it is to supposed to be. We are all stuffed here together to figure out our shi*! 

You will attract everything you need and more to help you find the peace you seek. You can access the sheer power of love as a strong foundation to build the relationships you deserve.

When you find yourself opening a juicy can of worms, you always have choices. You can give power to the illusion that your inner goblins would like you to create, or, you can know your power to bounce back! And quickly. Have a party, then let the balloons of reflection go free! 

OH and by the way………
You can be a Princess, a Queen or a King on the pathway to ascension, rising in a bubble with a magical wand! One that makes all of your wishes come true! The deal is, you must remember to keep your wand charged!

You are creating as you go.

Oh, and another thing…….
Frogs are everywhere. The prince? He's already a prince, you didn't even need to kiss him! You just know. 

Who then, is ready to work on themselves? Book your session now, and let's create a new place for everyone to live! Happily. Ever. After.

And another thing.....


Coming soon:

The power of purpose
Finding your techniques to inner balance
Why you shouldn't have a session;
Three reasons = none. 
Spiritual Release Technique 

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