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It's funny - a few months ago I was in one of the world's biggest shopping malls located in west Edmonton, a sprawling, theme-packed plaza decorated with giant ships, wave pools, water slides, and a fantasy-land hotel with outdated theme rooms. The hustle and bustle of the buzz was chaotic. On top of that, I had just finished three days of upgrading spiritual energy systems while working with a group of souls who felt they needed some spirit-lifting and energy optimization in their lives. However, I recall observing the mall's buzz from a very peaceful and content state of mind, deep in knowing that not one person in the whole place was actually getting what they were really looking for. The reason I was in the mall in the first place was to get picked up by the shuttle service that runs between Edmonton and my home town of Jasper, Canada, a simply serene place of natural beauty, surrounded by Nature's vibration. After visiting Edmonton almost every month for the last four years for work, I would be lying if I said I didn't make a few purchases upon departure for some necessities that I may not have actually been able to find in Jasper. And just maybe the odd cupcake and random sparkly item that caught my eye.  

Oddly, sometimes people assume that because I am a spiritual catalyst, I should somehow be omitted from the consumerism obsession in North America. Those that know me understand that I playfully decorate my home with high heel shoes as a valence decoration and pink rhinestone boots as art on walls. I make sparkly masks and hand-written phrases framed in jewels, bursting out the random humour of my girly personality.

 "Yeah. I AM a super-Barbie. So what?" Somewhere along the line this part of me exploded onto the scenes, I truly began to really own my inner princess, without any guilt whatsoever. I think it was a good thing getting over any prior self-judgement to acknowledging that it is completely okay to fire up your inner diva - with pink fires that shine through the grey areas of life. There was a time in my life when I actually became overwhelmed with the amount of things I had collected, annoyed at how much "stuff' I owned and bewildered by how our society was materially driven. 

More times than I can count, I have completely abandoned most of my physical needs to prove to myself that you can be blissfully happy, owning absolutely nothing at all. I won't argue for a second that it is true. Some of my most profound experiences in life have been when I was living in a warm country requiring nothing but the bare essentials to live. A part of me greatly admired, in astonishment, a family of six or eight who lived in a one-room dwelling, or the mothers who would cook abundant, flavourful meals in a kitchen the size of a small walk-in closet. I was absolutely loving the simplicity of dining with friends, relishing fresh fish cooked over a home-made grill, plastic chairs rooted in the sand, and a spacious view out to the open ocean. In a place like Mexico all you need is a few pairs of flip-flops, a few tank-tops, and a pair of shorts or two, and you are good to go. Right? Yes. Actually. Until you end up in Mexico City, Monterrey or a city like Cancun or Playa del Carmen, where shopping and fashion are a big deal in a simple sort of beachy sense. In our own modern world, no matter where you travel, everywhere else is just the same, everyone is seeking a standard of living that is portrayed in the movies and in magazines. It's all shopping malls and city lights, seemingly, and no one actually wants to live in a hut anymore. Is it sad? Maybe. Or is it simply a world evolving  much more quickly than our old, slower moving, and often fear-based programs can handle?  

This is a tough question we all have to face, and certainly the answer is different for everyone. I can tell you my own search was a difficult one. As I stared out to the sea, and asked what the hell I was doing on this planet anyway, I was negotiating with higher-self alright, and asking why I couldn't just stay where I was, living simply with nothing more than a suitcase full of belongings, less than one set of dishes, and a toaster oven. The answer I received shocked me a little bit when I clearly saw a vision of my potential future, it became clear to me that I would need to make an abundant income to do what I needed to do. If I stayed there staring into the sky just asking questions, then clearly that was not going to happen. The fact of the matter came hard, yet clear as daylight, I was supposed to teach people about spiritual prosperity and the manifest of material abundance! The booming voice in the sky turned into a Hollywood movie of past-present-future visions on a deep level of understanding. This melding of a spiritual world within a physical one did not include any materialism judgement from spirit, whatsoever to my prior beliefs such as that evil corporations were ruining the planet for the sake of taking over humanity with machines. Yes, it was clearly true that there was a major imbalance in the world as far as where the wealth was situated, as it is blatantly true that there is a certain type of narcissist in control of that wealth.

However, what was more powerful still was a fact that I always knew was true. In my own journey, I had chosen this planet as my place of birth - just like you did. Unlike other lifetimes, where I had chosen to learn what it was like to be poor, or very wealthy, or even taken care of as royalty, I also had taken on many lifetimes where I was a woman in service to the greater good, where I had absolutely no independence over the power of earning income. This time, I was clearly shown that I had carefully selected Canada! 

Canada is a liberal and democratic society where I would, as a woman, have the power to create and earn my own income and spend it in whatever way I saw fit. After watching a few psychic scenes that were shown to me, suddenly the sky parted, and I knew that money was a friend, and not an enemy to be feared. I was told by spirit that part of my life-mission here was to overcome old belief systems, as well as old programs of fear and lack, and that l am here to help others do the same. Earth has every intent to give us everything we need and more, and yet somewhere there is a disconnect with allowing the flow that is found in nature.

We must remember that the Earth knows what she is doing. The planet sustains herself believe it or not. I will not argue for a second that imbalances are happening within our global community, I am simply guided to offer a broader perspective. First of all, the world is not going anywhere, and the human civilization is quickly evolving as well, as we begin to see that there actually is no lack whatsoever. Believe it or not, we cannot destroy this planet no matter how hard we try. Trust me. If we had that kind of power, we would have done it already. Think of Earth as a training camp, with a whole lot of bouncy walls, which look like hallways and mirrors where no one is actually mortal in infinite truth. Somewhat like a bigger version of paint ball………. okay, let me stay on point.  

So what then, about materialism and abundance? Do you dream of driving a sports car? Or taking a few vacations a year? Maybe two homes or three? Good goals! Don't judge yourself for it, and definitely don't see it as far away. Own it now. See it now, live it as if it were already in your life. You are naturally an abundant being, regardless of what you own. You have full access to endless joy, and this world is a playground you are here to experience.

You are not what you own, but you are surely here to live a good life, whatever that means for you. It takes some work to get out of lack mentality and see that yes you are a creator of your reality on every level. 

The world looks like it is out of balance when it comes to mass production, and of course it is wise to shop as responsibly as you can, when you can. Yet, when you boil down this yummy sauce of truth it all reduces into a tasty reduction of intention, as there is a WAY bigger picture behind all imbalances. Imbalances are what creates the need for balance. If there weren't any imbalances then there would be no human intention to propel the changes we need for balance. Remember that your higher soul is very wise; your higher self knew exactly what it signed up for! Your destiny, just like everyone else's destiny on this planet, is to experience a material world. Do you get that fully? I hope so! When you do, your worries will turn into a much more playful version of the actual reality we flipped into, back in 2012. When you see the truth of your power to manifest abundance, you will use the perfume you have been saving up only for a special occasion, you will know that everyday is a special occasion, and that there is more money to buy more fragrance or whatever you need. All the time. What about your old fence that needs fixing? Manifest a new one! Don't worry about how, just intend. When you go into the questioning of how you will make enough to support your lifestyle, stop worrying! Abundance is nothing more than a frequency you vibrate into. Sometimes we are really there vibing high, making it all happen with little effort, and sometimes our old files want to be re-read. Well, change your mind, and tell your brain to agree. You must install a new program.
For just a brief second today, I found myself slip into an old lack mentality when I was shopping for practical items, like sharp knives and pillows. Upon arriving at the cash register to pay, I noticed a glittery black frame, with a sketched pair of swanky, rose-coloured shades in the middle. The calligraphic script read, "Le 'Must Have'."

Are you kidding me? I heard a loud inner laugh radiate from my tummy. Surely I did not need yet another frame to hang in my new little cat den. But sparkly, pink shades? Even the script said "Must have." The practical aspect of me thought twice, but the consumer in me could not resist!  I had, however, caught myself justifying a purchase in my old lack mentality! AHHHH! Where did that come from? 

This is a file in an old program which I deleted quite some time ago. Yet, somehow it had snuck up on me like a shadow in the moonlight..... Oh right, it's Mercury retrograde! Once I decided to buy this cutesy little piece, I was prompted by my inner voice to look closer, and that's when I noticed the name of the artist scribbled at the bottom of her glittery-girly sketch: Margo Fabiano.

Well, I have to say that is a lovely name!
I will tell you, that when you ask if you are on the right path, the material world has a funny way of answering you. The trickiest trick? You just have to learn how to listen, and how to see. Clearly life is much more fun in rose-tinted glasses! Somethings you keep, others you throw away, sometimes you hoard a little more than you need to and always we are reminded that symbology is part of who we are. 

What I learned today in the mall was simple: it is not in the things that make us whole, but the experience of them that makes us feel at home, because, where all of us are really from, we actually never need "things."
As I sat down slowly sipping a glass of wine to people-watch, something became very clear. I knew more than ever that life is not made to be what it is not. Life is meant to be fully enjoyed for what it is. Craze, chaos, disorder, unruly structure, unordained order, uncontrollable control, and yes, even the day-to-day normal things. Even shopping. It remains true, you rarely get what you


need at the mall, but sometimes you do. Finding material trinkets is a good reminder to get out and participate in a part of life that calls for us to be part of a modern world. Certainly the old, wise Buddhist inside would like to sit on mountain tops in silence or in a room with no belongings, but the modern mystic needs to be out weaving energies, wearing rose-tinted glasses of course! A little less rustic than the days of our tribal ancestors, with a little more sparkle in just allowing what is to be: jewelled. 

So, are you ready to fire up your inner diva, or polish your inner prince? 

PS. In heaven, we are all equally royal. Write yourself a memo, and remember. You deserve the best! 

NEW LEVEL Reprogramming techniques! 
A little taster for the next juicy chapter...
So it's time to get serious about old programs! Don't ya think? Are you having issues in your relationships, maybe even your self-relationship? Having a hard time making money to support your lifestyle? Fear of commitments or perhaps your own freedom? Fears of being seen in the world? Perhaps you are feeling "off" with all the new energies swirling around the world right now? Hopefully not! Usually these fears are buried deep within your subconscious, so if life is throwing some curve balls and you are not hitting a home run, it is because there are some blocks that need to be cleared.

The energies are so powerful right now that they are knocking some of us out of our usual loops of comfort! Myself included! I recently attended a six-day training session to learn Spiritual Release Technique. I had no idea what I was in for! Well, okay I did…..but not to the level I experienced. I have seen profound changes in clients, in myself and in the world many times, but nothing ever so profound as this! I am pretty sure I am not the same person I was two weeks ago, and if I am honest it is taking me some time to settle in to my new self. I have been writing a blog about this technique since April, when I had my first session, and let me say for a girl who is rarely short on words, trying to put this into logical terms is a challenge. Which I love! So thank you for your patience as I rearrange and settle into my brand new life, in order to go up a level and take you with me! If you feel guided to add a big air balloon to your bouquet, then this is the balloon you want.
As far as my personal life, high self says I am in the midst of a major spiritual re-vamp and all that I really know right now, is that whatever is about to land, is a happy looking, very high level energy for the next level of purpose! What I was able to do in three or four sessions before, I will be able to do in one! SRT is an answered prayer for me, and for everyone! (I asked for the technique that could change the world to be delivered, and so it was!)

Spiritual Response Technique is a detailed session, very different from a reading. SRT is a communication between spirit and your higher self, which cleans out your akashic records, shelf by shelf, dusting off the moldy pages to re-write your life-book completely! Higher self guides the whole process as to what programs you may be running, both on conscious and subconscious levels, right up to programs you may have installed at a soul level aspect. This technique also gets to the root of any discordant energies you may have picked up in the womb, in childhood or in any timeline of your existence. The beauty of this baby is that you do not necessarily need to be psychic to do it, because we are working beyond the psychic realm. YEY! I was truly getting bored :) Don't get me wrong, it is just that the psychic realm tells the stories that we don't always need. What we need is to be cleared of the stories that re-create the programs, which run even if we no longer need them. Without rambling further, to put it simply, you are kind of like a mac computer, and you would not think twice to upgrade your system for optimum utilization. This is the mac store of spiritual clearing, baby! So now I have a brand new tool, what I believe to be wisdom re-surfaced from the ages of past, channeled back into the now! A complete re-boot, and a new GPS installation for your soul - kind of like what I was doing before, only on a WAY deeper level. So, as promised I will be posting more information, as well as adding this to my menu of services. Hoooooooray! 

Stay tuned starship enterprise! Earth is waiting for you. 

Always with love,
Margo Bereska

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