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A view from the nest

A view from the nest
Wherever you are perched right now remember your ability to soar higher!
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Oh hello my dear friends and readers! Wowza! It has been months since I wrote a blog; I hear that, I always do. A gentle little voice in my head that keeps whispering, “It is time.” Time to get those fingers whizzing through the keyboard again.

I am sure some of you have been wondering where I have been, and those that know me best are quite aware that I have been cozily and happily more still than usual, nesting with my wonderful partner, Ian Sheldon. (See links at bottom of page) Sometimes spirit finds a way to take your hands off of the reins of that inner wild stallion, to sit you down for a minute to re-evaluate the next step of the journey, and to actually ride gently into the path you have selected, with the ease of a good, broken-in saddle, a saddle that actually needs to be hung up for a second while the wild stallion becomes tame enough to just graze for a while in stillness.

I look back to a year ago, when I made a serious commitment to myself to accept a major change, one that I knew I need to make. I had a profound session which was life-altering because of a powerful healing method called Spiritual Response Therapy. I am still in awe of the changes that have come about in my own life, as well as watching the shifts of clients, friends and loved ones after I decided to become a certified practitioner. After my first session, I recommended this method to everyone I knew, and that resulted in a whole group of women becoming certified themselves; I am very happy to see many of them using this technique to seriously change lives for the better. To me, it was an answered prayer, a modality that goes as deep as a person needs to go, to really clean up the roots of discordant energy. Those of us that have been doing the digging these last few years have really been through some wildly intense changes, and I think that very few people are separated from this experiential moment in time where the world seems to tip upside-down, and a little too rapidly from one moment to the next.

I have participated, observed and helped many to evolve quickly, full-on in the last six years since fully accepting my psychic gifts and allowing them to lead me full force. Not always did I listen to the quiet, wise voice of spirit when it came to following what was recommended in my own life, and I can tell you it took me to some very wild places. Through some unrecognized program of self-punishment and the truly brutal lessons that came with it, I did what I always help others to do: I took good care of myself to the very best of my ability, I loved myself as much as I possibly could and I truly stepped into my self-worth to set my sights and standards higher for myself - in all areas! It is truly amazing when you do this, because when you do, do you know what happens? Eventually, you grow quite tired of your own shenanigans. As much as you know that you are doing the very best you can in life, from time to time when you take a close enough look, you realize the truth that far too often you are resisting the always-offered truth - the truth of love, ease and grace. Sometimes we go through what seems like long periods of soul torture. The fact is that all of us have deep subconscious issues. No one is escaping this right now because the world has been healing collective pain for a long, long time. Everyone’s life is demonstrating this in some way, and each of us is programmed uniquely to deal with this illusion in different ways. I have seen that there is only one way to truly heal from these patterns that we have developed, which often include imbalances leading to self-sacrifice from lack of self-worth, and bringing up feelings of self-doubt which always end up creating energies of self-punishment or sometimes worse! These are experiences where we find ourselves putting up with situations that no one should ever allow. We end up ignoring our inner voice, which leads us down a painful and brutal path as we try to rise above to see the truth behind our own demons. When you finally get to the end of your inner war, you have no choice but to surrender in fatigue. Sometimes this brings up some very ugly shadows such as beliefs of failure, feelings of denial, energies of self-judgement and a sense that you could have, or should have done things differently. I am using the word "self" a lot here, because with an enlightened eye, you become aware, aware that there is no one else to blame. Ever. I don’t care what you tell me. No one is ever causing you pain except for yourself. Tough love? Or maybe you are actually the creator.

Certainly you have cast a role of characters, you've hired them all and allowed them to participate in your life to whatever extent they have. They treat you well, or they treat you badly, they squeeze you and test you, challenge you and defeat you, and the day comes when you can no longer tolerate what you know is not in your best interest. You eventually have to ask, “Why am I doing this? Who are these jerks who are pushing me to become the better side of myself?” Hopefully with this question in mind, you also ask what part of you is wounded enough to allow people into your space who don’t hold you up to where you really should be standing? And if you are really taking responsibility by taking your power into your own hands, you come to the daunting conclusion that you are really the only one who can make a change big enough to take you out of the inner chaos you are attracting in your life. You realize that although you are the one who has to seek the change, you begin to see that you are not alone, and that every single one of us faces some deep soul shit from time to time. Sometimes you are so deep in that poo, that you really do need to avoid going down the toilet as you flush it all down in an attempt to release some serious life dysentery. That is right, you need to reach one hand out of your own stinky mess and take the hand of someone who has the skills to help you get out - once and for all. The patterns and scripts eventually need to be re-written!

And so, after reading your story over and over, you start over completely and write a happy ending. It is just that easy if you let it be. Do you believe that? You won’t if you have never done it. And if you find yourself in absolutely any suffocating story, I highly suggest you read it again, burn the pages of bullshit and re-cast the characters of your true wanting. You need to look at the full cast, assess your director's role and really look at what you are creating - what do you like in your movie of life? And what tortuous part is hard to swallow? Who and what needs to go? What part of your script has been done over and over, and where are certain characters getting boring, annoying, or impossible to deal with? If you are having a hard time with the elimination process, likely the issue goes deeper than that which you can touch consciously. Perhaps underlying all of this is a set of stubborn, possible unconscious beliefs that you may or may not even know you have. Perhaps there are connections and contracts that are hard to break, for at some point in time you held promises and vows near and dear to your heart. And with my experience as a psychic healer, this is always the case. Well the good news is this: it is time, dear. It's time to change the scene, re-vamp the set, alter the lighting, polish all the lenses, or upgrade your equipment! All you’ve got to do is get your pretty butt off of the viewing couch and declare your worth to the world, “THE TIME IS NOW! I want an easier ride!”

If you truly believed you had the power to create the situation you found yourself in, which you do, then you also must realize that that same power is the power you have to re-create it. This is the way it is, my friends.

In my own life, apart from casting out a major character who had become quite a nuisance to my peaceful, empowered world, I also realized that I actually had to allow a break from taking so much on. Although my career was rocking upward I also had a whole whack of people who seemed to be reading a sign that was lit up brightly on my forehead that read “24 hour psychic help line.” I would receive texts, e-mails, personal calls at random hours, and messages via social media from people just expecting a quick answer to the dramas that were coming up in their life. “Margo, help…. Margo, this happened or that happened...” Or a more casual, “Hey, Margo, I am out with a guy, do you think he is the one for me?”
Really? This stirred up some frustration for sure. Surely you wouldn’t text your doctor at any hour of the day and seek an immediate answer, any less a solid solution. Most certainly, if you knew that that doctor was on a date drinking wine, you likely would not really want an answer or an assessment under these circumstances. Surely you would book an appointment and allow the doctor to give you the full attention you deserve in the time and space allotted for it. So, rather than yelling to the world that I was not the "be all and end all of all answers which magically just land down from heaven," I looked in and decided that I need to clear up my own complex -  the one inside that believed I needed to save a broken world and everyone in it who was drowning in normal, moment-to-moment stress. Stuff we all have to assess from time to time, from a self empowered perspective. So in my SRT session, I asked, “Why do I feel so compelled to help everyone, and why is it so hard for me to let go of certain people?" The answers came alright, and they absolutely made a ton of sense. It was refreshing to do the research and know the reasons; mostly it was incredibly freeing to say good-bye: good-bye to my messiah complex, good-bye to my saviour complex, and good-bye to the character’s associated with some pain that really wanted to hang on! I no longer wanted to do this job. So what did I do? What have I been doing for the last six months? SO MUCH!

I agreed to let this new energy fully sink in, and then I agreed to take a real break, and I shut-up for a minute; I sat down and collected new pieces of wisdom; I built a nest with everything that I had gained from a wild ride called life. I found all the feathers to a broken wing, and borrowed a hot glue gun. I pieced them back together one at a time so I could fly up into that nest where I had already laid the eggs. New eggs. Unscrambled, strong-shelled eggs. Eggs that needed some nurturing and inner warmth, a warmth that was not meant for the world. I flew far and fast out of the old story by allowing the happy ending to unfold - the one that I had scripted to replace the horror show that was certainly no comedy. I used my strength and wisdom to fully heal, and fully forgive myself for being so mean to myself for too long. I took a risk to trust love again, to really be loved the way I wanted to, and I settled in fully. I can tell you from this view, life is much more than sweet: I am very happy and I am still, both in movement and in change, and I am settled and trotting in new directions with everything in my life. And all because I agreed that I wanted everything good and wonderful to come much more easily. I agreed to fully participate in that, rather than fighting with the goblin in my head. I started saying yes to an easier path in life and no to ridiculous drama. I cleared old programs and installed new ones with a teacher that I had been seeking, because I was a ready and willing student. Then I learned this SRT technique; I upgraded my own offerings to attract the people that are ready for serious change, easy change. These are the people that don’t need answers handed over to them, but the ones who know and are able to recognize that they have the true power, and that they, too, are ready. You may have done all the work already, and released so much on your own, but sometimes you need a technical director, to fully help you empty the trash bin that has become full with the crinkled-up papers of those old stories. Sometimes you need to go bigger, you need to talk to the CEO’s of heaven and make things very official! Let every being in the galaxy know that you are serious.

You’re totally worth it! Eventually you realize that there is no cost for self-love. When you know your worth, the price is a non-issue. You accept what you need, you see what is presented, and you simply say “YES.” You do not second guess, instead you say it louder, with some boldness to back you. Not just yes. You say “Fuck yes” and then you ask, “Where do I sign up?” And you do that instead. You agree to have it better than you can imagine and you go in that direction instead of backwards. You agree to participate. You agree to fully agree. You settle into non-resistance,recognizing when the goblin arises, you push him aside and you let yourself be loved. You let yourself become rich, with all of the precious aspects that life offers you every day.

In conclusion, I know that I have a lot of wisdom. I know that I have endless access to the ever-changing wisdom that is fully available to all of us. I know this because I have taught myself to become quiet and listen to the voice and prompts of spirit. When you are quiet, you can hear yourself better. I know why I am here. Nope, it is not to save a broken world, or to save you from it. Simply, that's because I know the world is not broken. Sure, I have access to high vibrational wisdom. I don’t have all the answers, you do. My job is not to hand them to you, but to help you by silently pointing to the path that lights up your soul. You more than anyone know what sucks in your life, just as you know more than anyone what you want to be better in your life. Sure, I can see your absolute best blueprint and activate you into it, but the fact is, that under all of your layers, there are some old Atari programs running, and well, the good news is that we have new technology! The world computers are moving faster just as your consciousness is changing every minute. What worked before no longer does. When you find yourself suffering in any way, in any situation, what is truly going on is that you need to be upgraded. You need to be brought up to speed. You need to pull yourself out of old roles! Sometimes you need to peek into the past, to see what patterns have been lived already, you cannot just cancel them and delete them with the snap of your hand or a magic wand, you need to revamp them completely, on all levels, or you will find yourself repeating self-defeating programs over and over again. Aren’t you tired of that? You are, or you would not still be reading this.

“One thing is clear. Energy psychology can induce radical changes in behaviour within minutes and in many cases, these changes produce permanent alterations in subconsciously programmed behaviour."
I love these new technologies because they completely undermine the prevailing (and behaviour controlling)  belief that change is hard or difficult.
Bruce Lipton

We all go through life to learn what we have to, so we can eventually surrender all of the tough, gruelling lessons to eventually accept with ease the flow that is meant to be lived here. All the masters say it, and all of us internally know it. We are all masters of disguise. You did not come to suffer in contrast, you came to create ease and allowing. You just forgot for a second. But now you are ready to remember! And now that you are ready for a view from the nest, I challenge you to put your bold wings back on, to forget the disguises and set some boundaries for yourself. Make your nest truly divine and perch in it. From that perspective, you can see exactly what you need at every moment, you can express it, and you can own it. You can soar above all the murky illusions and hunt for exactly what you seek at every moment. Rumi knows! Rumi always knows that what you seek is ALWAYS seeking you. Once you clear the discord of your deepest, darkest energies, you will make a very clear path for yourself, one that will line you up for that brilliant blueprint of your wanting. The good stuff is always there, you just need to get out of the way, and know when to accept a little bit of help from someone who has a bright lantern to illuminate your path when it seems dark. 

Commit to yourself first. really, truly commit and sit back in ease as you watch how your life changes!

Now that you are ready to stop being like a pigeon, and fly higher to build a new nest, all you need to do is say “YES” and the rest will figure itself out accordingly.
See you on the others side!

When life gets too confusing, just ask to be led to the will of your higher self.
Bless you, bless you, bless you!  You are so deeply loved.

Stay tuned for a more detailed description of why I feel that EVERYONE needs to have SRT done! In the works….I promise. For now all you need is trUst!

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AND who is this Ian Sheldon fellow?
Ian is a Divine man who is not only a very gifted artist, he is also an extremely talented  soul doctor
Also, be sure to check out some of his artistic creations here

One more note from me, for all the women out there ready for a healthy relationship:

Love ya!

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Melissa on April-16-15 10:17 PM
Loved this entry Margo! It doesn't get more real. Your words truly spoke to me and made me think about the role I play in my own life and how old programming is coming up and I'm facing it head on. Thank you for being so transparent and open so we too can grow from your experience.
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Margo on April-17-15 1:54 PM
Thanks Melissa! I appreciate your comment and your empowered sense of self responsibility! Let the miracles continue! Love to you

Annette on April-16-16 7:52 PM
Loved your blog. You are an inspiration to me. I want to enjoy the good life and you are helping me find it through SRT. The Divine connected me to you in my hour of greatest need. I thank you and my past present and future family and ancestors thank you as well. Hooray!!! My initial Soul Healing journey began with Ian Sheldon. I have had two amazing sessions with Ian and they have helped me immensely. Thank you Source for sending me both Ian and Margo. When you are ready the teacher will indeed appear.
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