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The teaching of the cave

The teaching of the cave

Wisdom beyond victimization

The world has been spinning faster lately!
A week ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a sensation of being way too drunk, the room was spinning and flipping as I tried to hold myself down to the bed, which was not working. There was no alcohol in my body. The uncomfortable sense of being totally ungrounded and out of body was not helpful. I had a full day of sessions booked the following morning and when I woke up, this profoundly dizzy sensation had not yet ceased completely.

Return to Niagara.

When life is too much, why not sleep by the falls?

On life, death, grieving and somehow, accepting what is.
A humanly spiritual perspective.

A few weeks ago, I had a firm conclusion that the absolute worst experience ever that a person could go through was to lose a child. It's true. It has happened to me twice. I know. Then all too recently a friend from town also lost her child to stillbirth; it broke my heart all over again and the tears began to flow like an overflowing lake breaking already unstable land.

Born still. Still born.

We brought our baby boy home yesterday. Not in the little car seat that we expected to but in a tiny box wrapped in red ribbon, a little bag inside containing all that is left behind. A small handful of dust. Nine and a half months of nurturing expectations, visualizing the joys and happiness of new life, a strong, beating heart, a whole life, full of potential. Only to be pronounced stillborn. A heartbeat lost and not found. A perfect 7 pound red head who was born with his eyes closed, still warm, and still born.

Spring & the Sacral chakra. Orange power!

Spring has sprung!

Everything is growing, coming to life and expanding beyond! The cold frozen roots are thawed and life is living at large! 
I loooove this time of year.

So..... how is everyone doing? Long time no write ;) 

Life is beautiful BEaUtyFUL! 

I love how the word beautiful contains so many hidden beauty's! FULL of life, full of the energy to be YOU and to be full! The trees and flowers are blooming into their fullness and guess what? So are you! 

Life is by no means a simple walk in the park, oh but it can be!

A view from the nest

A view from the nest
Wherever you are perched right now remember your ability to soar higher!
                                               six minute read

NEW YEAR? not quite yet.....

Collective excitement is so fun! I wake up today feeling the mix of the city energy. Collective nostalgia is cute to me, and of course I am getting sucked right into it :) My horoscopes keep saying I should stay in and be quiet this year, but I argue, "UH what? I did that last year!" So I negotiated with my high self and decided it would be more fitting to go out and play! To celebrate a monumental year. Like you, I took a major climb up Earth mountain! I huffed and puffed a bit to reach the destination, then I opened a parachute of faith and took a BIG leap to trust love again, after some brutal teachings we call life.


It's funny - a few months ago I was in one of the world's biggest shopping malls located in west Edmonton, a sprawling, theme-packed plaza decorated with giant ships, wave pools, water slides, and a fantasy-land hotel with outdated theme rooms. The hustle and bustle of the buzz was chaotic. On top of that, I had just finished three days of upgrading spiritual energy systems while working with a group of souls who felt they needed some spirit-lifting and energy optimization in their lives.

23 Things A Mom Can Teach Her Son

23 Things A Mom Can Teach Her Boys 

Flashback to Saturday night... A song pops up on my Facebook page; my best friend from high school has randomly posted a familiar tune on my wall and I cannot help but laugh at the timing. It's 3 a.m. and I should be sleeping, instead I am inspired. I don't truly respect the word should, so I follow my guidance which came in a few days ago: "The blog you write next will be inspired by a question from a friend." BOOM. Gotta love divine timing.

Feelings. The Human Experience.

Life has a better game for you.

There is something about holding a cup of coffee, while wrapped tightly in a fluffy robe, sitting alone in sun beams. The world is quiet when no one is around, yet the conscious mind perceives a busy world moving outside, and I wonder. Circles of traffic represent where my mind goes, I cannot help but process everything as a defining order that, like a joke, repeats as an unanswered reason for being. I know better than to look too deeply for reason now, simply because I know without question that looking too deeply for reason is nothing but resistance to what is.

Goblins, Worms and Ascension Parties.

Actually. It is party time!

So, you're on the path to ascension - the bliss-filled flowery aroma that comes with being aware, like a big smiley face that shows up on your door. YEY! 

Only it doesn't always feel like an enchanted path, but much more like an experience, akin to jumping on a trampoline. With each momentous flight through elasticity, you realize perhaps that there is some elastic barrier up there too! It's like a reflective net of black nylon, woven together tightly, as you try to poke your head through it.
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The teaching of the cave
Return to Niagara.
Born still. Still born.
Spring & the Sacral chakra. Orange power!
A view from the nest


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When the heart hurts. Stillborn. Born still. Still born.
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